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Here at the Delusion Resistance we like levity. I think that if it wasn’t for humor many of us would need some serious therapy. There have been numerous times when I would be in distress, worrying about my situation or the situation of others only to find something humorous to make me feel a lot less burdened. Laughter is good medicine, so they say.

With that in mind, let me post here my rendition of the Hokey Pokey as it relates to Rick Warren and his dancing the Hokey Pokey in remote parts of Africa. I hope you enjoy this sarcastic rendition of the truth.


The Hokey Pokey – The Story of Rick Warren

Copyright: David Ruffino 2013


You put your own words in,

You take some scripture out,

You throw some heresy in,

Cause you are a devilish lout,

You do the hokey pokey with a great demonic shout,

That’s what Christlam’s all about.


You twist some scripture here,

You twist some scripture there,

You twist some scripture here,

And you shake it all about,

You do a hokey pokey with a great demonic shout,

It’s purpose driven without a doubt.


Insert some New Age here,

Insert some New Age there,

Insert some New Age here,

And you use a reverend’s clout,

You do a hokey pokey with a great demonic shout,

And deception is all you tout.


Insert deception here,

Insert deception there,

Insert deception here,

And you shake it all about.

You are a boldface liar and the truth you try to rout,

Your ego is really stout.


Rick Warren you’re a shill,

For Satan’s evil will,

So many souls you’ll kill,

And you think that you are safe,

But there is a lake of fire and I hope that you can swim,

Your future is oh so grim.

Anyone who knows me knows that I really dislike Hollywood. Now that could be an open-ended statement couldn’t it? Some could say that I hate movies, and some could say that I don’t like the culture in Hollywood. Some could say that I’m inferring that the way that actors and actresses glorify themselves and their art (art?), and some could say that I hate the Spirit of Antichrist that is so blatantly acute in Celluloid City. So which is it you ask? My answer to this “choose all that apply” question is I choose all. Hollywood sickens me. In addition to the above, I hate Hollywood because it is one of the greatest propaganda machine that the leftist, liberal and anti-God crowd have at their disposal; exceeded only by the New Age Media Complex which is tightly interwoven into the Hollywood culture.

I very rarely go to see a movie because of their New Age propaganda properties. I do have the ability to filter out bad things but I don’t want to push the envelope that the propaganda wants to perpetuate within all of our lives. There are enough things coming against our faith without adding another factor to deal with. There is a caveat however in my way of thinking. That caveat are my kids and grand kids. My stepdaughters are grown with families of their own and they have produced a plethora of grandchildren that need to be nurtured correctly so that they can thrive. I’m not suggesting our daughters and their husbands are slacking in this aspect, but in this day and age they need the extra rudder to help them steer the ship on which our grand kids ride upon.

There are so many forces coming against families of those of us who believe in Yeshua. If the kids go to school they are constantly bombarded by their peers who do not have a working rudder. These friends have their rudder stuck at ninety degrees and their ships are spinning in circles; and this causes them to be victims of the tide of New Age thought that is so prevalent in our society. Anyone who goes to school nowadays is peppered with evolution, sex, rock-and-roll (or one of it’s many offshoots), and a general, “you must be like us to be one of us,” mentality. For centuries, when children had the world come against them, they could retreat into the arms of our faith and the finisher of our faith, Yeshua, however society has deemed that such an action is “cowardly and girly” and many spurn it. Added to that is the factor that many churches don’t teach the Gospel of Yeshua anymore, or they offer a greatly watered down version of the Gospel that isn’t appealing to most and/or is appealing for all of the wrong reasons.

I love my wife so much. When I married her and accepted the responsibility of being a stepfather as well as a grandpa to our grandchildren I took that responsibility very seriously, and always will. Yahweh has blessed me so much with a wonderful wife, and a quiver full of arrows that seems to perpetually grow. While on my own merit I don’t deserve so many blessings, Yahweh knows what He is doing and He knows that I will go down in flames if that is what I need to do to protect those whom He has put in my charge. This makes for an interesting job on my part. My stepdaughters are wonderful women of Yahweh and their husbands are awesome men of Yahweh. They have a lot on their plates and they have so many more obstacles to overcome than our generation had to hurdle over. Being young they tend to look at things differently than me and others of our generation see things. As a rule, when people are younger they see things not the way that many of us older folks do (black and white), but they see things in a variety of shades of gray. Actually, this is a nice balance because the younger generation can help us older folks to see people and things with more graciousness and we older folks can help them to see that all that glitters is not gold.

When you have grandchildren you sometimes have to bend. Hollywood is a good example of how this bend occurs. The process occurs when the friends of our kids or grandkids see a movie and tell our grandkids that the movie is worth seeing. Another way that they are enticed to see products of Hollywood is they are bombarded by the media via commercials on TV or other ways that they need to see a particular movie. The same applies with video games and the grand mother of all enticements, advertisements before and during holiday seasons, that talk about all of the wonderful toys and contraptions that our grandkids need to have in order to make their lives complete. When it comes to the grandchildren I have to pray for wisdom. In a perfect world I would sit them down and explain why we cannot go to see a movie because it is New Age, it promotes a One World Order and the bottom line is that they want to tear you away from faith in Yeshua; chipping away at our faith one hammer blow at a time. But, let’s face it, would a ten year old really understand that? Unless a child is brought up with knowledge about such things they aren’t going to know about these things and my speech would be akin to listening to the parents in a Charlie Brown cartoon; whaa whaa whaa.

So what do you do when asked to go to a movie that you know is bad for your grandkids. If you love your grandkids you want the best for them. You pray for them unceasingly and when the Ruach Ha Kodesh leads them to ask you questions you are ready, willing and able to answer those questions in a way that children can understand. Children are interesting and they do possess a rudimentary form of wisdom. Many of the things that we teach our kids and grandkids comes from our own experience that we have learned from in the course of our lives. Had we not experienced those things we would not have adequate knowledge to pass on to our children. A good example is our story of Salvation. I can walk up to someone and say that Yahweh is real and He is God. Most people would ask you can be so sure of what you have proclaimed. You could say that you have come to that determination by reading the Bible and from what you have heard. In a world that demands proof or a sign of the assertions that we make, our statement would mean little to most people. However, if you say that you believe that Yahweh is real, that He is God, and that you’ve come to that determination because of the Bible, what you’ve heard, and by the experiences that you have had in your relationship with Yahweh Yeshua, then you have a person’s ear. If you further back it up by saying that before you came to faith in Yeshua you were a vile person who hated everyone, had a vile mouth and did everything that I could to violate Yahweh’s Laws (or Common Law if you prefer), then you can further back up your assertion. Finally, if you say that you can produce people who can verify your assertion, who knew you before you were saved and can verify that you are a changed person, and you prove your assertion by living a righteous life, then you have produced evidence that anyone seeking the truth will gladly accept.

So, when my wife said that my grandson wanted to see the Lego Movie last Monday, I decided to take him, his mother and my wife to see the movie. It has been probably six or seven years since I had been in a movie theater. I was not ready for all of the changes that I saw. I was used to a few previews before a movie, but half an hour of previews and commercials for products was a bit too much. Think about it for a minute. A group of  high profile vendors, multinational enterprises paying big money to advertise their products on a gigantic movie screen to millions of people, and they have the gall to charge me ten dollars a person to see the movie? They should be paying patrons to see the movie and view so many ads. But, I digress.

I am a man that grew up way before computer aided graphics came on the scene. When I was a kid, Godzilla was awesome and movies like “Earth Vs. Flying Saucers,” were produced by cutting technology. I was impressed by the graphics in the Lego Movie. Everything was melded into everything else and gone are the cut and paste scenes like we saw at the beginning of the original Star Trek series. For a person that grew up in an age where rudimentary graphics technology existed (by today’s terms) I was impressed with the graphics. My grandson was impressed too. His mother has decided to nix television from her home (which has elated me), so a big screen movie impresses my grandson. This was good quality time with my grandson and I was happy that I went. I was also glad that I could see what the message of the movie was. I look at everything worldly so as to see the message that the world’s god is trying impart to our loved ones. I want to know what they are planning to tear my family away from faith in Yeshua.

I have noticed over the years that the governmental powers have been trying to mold our young people (and all people as well) into a worker drone mentality. People nowadays believe that there is a certain way to live and that all other ways are wrong. My generation was leery about being told what to think, although we fell into the trap of being molded into the hive, so to speak, but not as dramatically as the young people today. For instance, we were brought up to think that the government was out for our best interest, but many of us knew to look between the lines and to Resist. Our nemesis was and is liberalism and we became patriotic. The problem is that by becoming and being patriotic, we fell into the same trap, but on the reverse side of the coin. We worshiped patriotism, I think in most part because we saw what the lawlessness of the 1960’s brought about. We saw society going wrong and saw that in an attempt to become more “liberal,” society became rigid in liberalism, which turned liberalism into a sort of religion. The whole “political correctness” line of bovine scatology is a good example. The hippies of the 60’s who wanted to be so free have turned liberalism into an edict that demands that you be liberal or you are intolerant, a hater and a bigot, simply for wanting to be different. In an effort to become more open minded, they became more rigid on the opposite pole.

It is because of the rigidness of the liberal thinking people, that we have our kids being inculcated into thinking that working hard for ourselves to be better people by providing for our families and making a better future for our families is a bad thing. Working hard and loving our families is seen as bad, as not being part of the collective of hard working drones for the hive. This is exactly why those who believe and follow Yeshua are seen as foreign and strange to worldly people. We want to serve Yahweh and His Kingdom; to live up to a higher ideal and to thrive in faith; all things that the world sees as dangerous to their ultimate goals. They know that you cannot serve two masters, just like Yeshua said, and their ultimate goal is to convince Yeshua’s believers that we can live for two masters; which we just cannot (and should not) do.

With this in mind, what does the Lego Movie suggest that we do? Well, the movie starts out by showing people (portrayed by Lego characters) as workers in a hive situation where all of the characters are mindless drones who are deceived into thinking that working hard for the betterment of themselves is really working hard for one elite person who has deceived them into thinking that working hard is for them, but is really for him. I can sort of see this as being true. We all work hard so as to pay taxes to a government that could care less if we existed. We are enslaved by our bills every month and we just have to celebrate Christmas and other holidays where we Have to go into debt to fit into the mold that society has made for us. This has become a way of life for us, and few know otherwise. Yes, we sort of work in a hive, and we fool ourselves into thinking that we are free, but what is the cost of that freedom? On the flip-side, we do enjoy a good life in spite of being indentured to our society. In the past, and presently, we have food to eat and we enjoy our little toys, but the noose is getting tighter every year, as we are told what we can have, what we can say, and now they tell us what we must think. However, it seems better than the alternative, which looks good now, but is leading into a deeper form of slavery.

The thing that I want my grandkids to get, the thing that I want them to understand is that nothing comes free in this life. I want them to understand that, just like scripture tells us, “if you don’t work, you don’t eat.” I don’t want them to be government junkies that have to suck from the government tit in order to survive. There is an adage, that if you feed a man a fish, you’ve fed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish, you’ve fed him for a lifetime. I want my grandkids to know how to fish, not to be dependent on someone to feed them. I want them to learn a trade or a profession so that they will have a future and be independent. I want them to excel in decent education so that they can be smart, so that they can deduce things for themselves and not have other think for them and tell them what to think. I want them to know liberty, not dependency.

The thing that the Lego Movie does, is that it makes it looks that if you work hard and you want to be productive, you are a slave to society. It makes it look like if you work in what society has traditionally calls normal, you are a mindless worker in a hive. The movie conveys the message that living as a member of a societal norm is really slavery. The movie demands that people be individuals, that they be creative and question authority. These are all things that I agree with. I think that people should be free thinkers, that they should be free to invent and create as they are gifted. But what the movie subtly does is it convinces “children” that they should defy authority in order to be creatively free thinkers. Don’t get me wrong, I do agree that children should be creative and that they should use those God given strengths to excel, but they must be under an authoritative adult (parents) who can correctly mold them to be good members of society.

I saw a movie years ago called “The Chosen.” The movie had to do with a young man whose father was a Rabbi in a Hassidic community. The father was rigid with his son, so much so that he doesn’t talk to him. When I watched the movie I was angered at what seemed to be the lack of love coming from the father. The son was a genius and had total recall of information. The son hooks up with another Jewish boy whose father is much less rigid and who shows outward affection toward his son, but who also sets limits on the son’s behavior. At the end, the Rabbi tells why he was so rigid with his son. He explains that when his son was young he noticed that the boy was so smart that he was becoming arrogant. The Rabbi explained that the reason he was so rough on his son was so that the son would realize through silence, that the hurt he experienced from the silence of the father was to keep him humble. He was too smart for his own good, and the spurning of the father would make him realize that he wasn’t so smart because he could not deduce why his father was treating him the way he was being treated. The Rabbi said that the boy was humble now and he was ready to go out into the world.

Having been a boy that grew up under the authority of a loving but rigid dad, I could understand what was being conveyed in the movie. The problem with kids today is that they are being recoginized for their aptitude, but they are also being praised for that aptitude and it is causing society to raise a generation of sociopaths. Back in 1999, before my dad went to be with Yeshua, we had an interesting talk. We were watching something on television and it had to do with discipline. My dad grew up under his father who made my dad look like a mellow person. My grandfather was very rough on my dad, but my dad later came to know that the roughness was to keep my dad in line. I too learned the same lesson. During our conversation, I told my dad that I was glad that he used the belt on my bottom when I was a child. My dad looked at me and expressed sorrow. He told me that I was a good kid and didn’t deserve the belt. I asked him if he thought that turned out okay and he said that he knew that I did. I told him that the reason why I turned out well was partly due to getting hit with the belt when I was a kid. Spare the rod, spoil the child.

The Lego Movie was presenting to a much too young audience the notion of questioning authority. To me, it seemed that the movie was telling their target audience to spurn correction and to break out and enjoy themselves. The movie says that we should not become “worker bees,” and to use their given gifts without telling children that there needs to be someone who show them how to properly use gifts and talents. Let me use myself as an example. I was born with a mechanical aptitude. I can naturally fix things and build things. When I was growing up I watched my dad, my uncles and my grandfather fix and build things. It is because of their prowess, and my observation that my mechanical ability was realized. When I graduated from High School I went to a vocational school where I trained to be a pipe-fitter. It was only after five years of apprenticeship that I became qualified to be called a pipe-fitter. All along the way throughout the years, it took the direction of my grandfather, my uncles, my dad, the teachers in my trade school and the journeymen who taught me on various jobs, to hone the skills that I was gifted with.

The Lego Movie however teaches young people to not learn from others, It teaches them to just spurn society and be creative. It teaches them to think for themselves and not fall into the mold of their parents. The movie teaches them that their parents are worker drones in a hive that the children should not want to aspire to become part of. Granted, there are prodigies out there. There are artists that can paint like Picasso from childhood; there are genius’ who can do Einsteinian math in elementary school and so on, but those kinds of people are rare. Now, do I want the best for my grandkids? Sure I do. I want them to live up to every ounce of potential that they are gifted with, and to hone the skills that might be hidden or weak. What I don’t want them to do is to live in some fantasy world where they want to become something that they are not gifted in. I don’t want a grandson who is gifted in mechanical ability and who would prosper by being a high payed pipefitter to try to become an artist if he has no artistic ability. I don’t want Hollywood to build up his hopes to be something that he cannot be and to have his “implanted hopes” dashed on the rocks because his genetic structure does not incline him toward what someone else wants him to be. And on top of the structure, I don’t want him to try to be something opposed to what Yahweh wants him to be. Same goes for the granddaughters. If their purpose in life is to be a good wife and mother, I don’t want her pressured to be a business executive. The Lego Movie tends to tell kids that what normal society has for them is wrong, which in some cases could be true, but in most cases isn’t true.

Another thing that the Lego Movie tries to enforce is that working as a team seems to be wrong. It is another attempt for the New Age to show that working together and being productive is the wrong mentality. The movie suggests that if you work alone and are creative you are better. Even more clear is the ending of the movie where the characters, who finally break away from the rut of social living (and through a violent coup) can then get together to form a new bee hive of creative people. I don’t know about you, but creative people who tend to band together also tend to break apart because each person thinks that their creativity is more important than the creativity of the other people. Just look at how many rock bands split apart because of in-squabbling. Artists in the painting realm are the same way. The person who paints in oil thinks that the watercolor painting isn’t quite up to par with oil, and the classical artist thinks that the contemporary artist isn’t quite on par with his painting. There is no cohesion when everyone thinks that their creativity is unique because the very idea of being unique creates pride and pride always divides.

Now, take as a polar opposite, people who work together in a work setting. I’ve worked in many such places and people always seem to come together to make their jobs easier. My job is easier if the other people do their jobs correctly and on time. When this happens people tend to hang out with each other outside of work. People were created by Yahweh to fellowship with each other and to have healthy social interaction. Creative separatists cannot do this because each of them is more special than the other. If a bond does come into being it is usually to see what one can get out of the other, and vise versa. The main song for the Lego Movie makes such people seem like mindless drones, morons and the most uncreative people in the world.

Finally, we have to look at things as we should and realize that Yahweh has a purpose for all of our lives, and especially those who haven’t been shown their life’s journey yet. If my grandson is preordained by Yahweh to be a missionary then I don’t want the liberal system to tell him that being a missionary is wrong and try to convince him that he should knit purses for a living. If my granddaughter is preordained to be the wife of a loving husband and to give birth to one or more children, I don’t want the liberal, New Age system to tell her that being a wife and mother is a waste of time and put pressure on her to be a public defender. I want Yahweh’s purpose in their lives to be accomplished and I want to be around to help them to make the right decision, not by inculcation, like the world does, but by being there to pray with them so that Yahweh can reveal His purpose for their lives. I want my grandkids to be victorious and live victorious lives in Yeshua; but I see things like the Lego Movie as roadblocks being placed in the road to that success.

I’m going to finish this Journal entry by posting the lyrics to the theme song of the movie. You look at it and see if it makes any sense to you. I will say one thing. It does make sense if it is being used as some sort of sociopathic rally cry. The only other thing that it proves to me is that there are (creative) people who can take any variety of words and make them into a song that doesn’t even make sense to a child (or any adult who hasn’t dropped acid). I’ve heard adolescents write better lyrics.

Everything Is Awesome

Tegan And Sara & The Lonely Island


Everything is Awesome,
Everything is cool when you’re part of a team
Everything is Awesome when you’re living out a dreams
Everything is better when we stick together,
Side by side you and I gonna win forever?
Let’s party forever
We’re the same unlike you, you & me we are a working in harmony
Everything is Awesome,
Everything is cool when you’re part of a team
Everything is Awesome when you’re living out a dreams

[Verse: The Lonely Island]
I just heard the news
Everyone’s talking: Life is good!
‘Cause everything’s awesome
Awesome jobs and new opportunity
More free time for my awesome community
I feel more awesome than an awesome possum
Put my body in chocolate frosting
Three years later I shot the frosting
Smelling like a possum, everything is awesome
Accept to look at new brown shoes
It’s awesome to win and it’s awesome to lose

Everything is better when we stick together,
Side by side you and I gonna win forever?
Let’s party forever
We’re the same unlike you, you & me we are workin’ in harmony
Everything is Awesome,
Everything is cool when you’re part of a team
Everything is Awesome when you’re living out a dreams

Everything is Awesome,
Everything is cool when you’re part of a team
Everything is Awesome when you’re living out a dreams

[Verse: The Lonely Island]
Blue skies, bouncy springs, we just named a few awesome things
A Nobel prize, a piece of string
You know what’s awesome? Everything
Dogs with flees, allergies
A book of Greek antiquities
Brand new pants, a very old vest
Awesome items are the best
Things, dogs, clogs, they’re awesome
Rocks, clocks, and socks, they’re awesome
Figs, and wigs, and twigs, that’s awesome
Everything you see or think or say is awesome

Everything is Awesome,
Everything is cool when you’re part of a team
Everything is Awesome when you’re living out a dreams


When I was a teenager I was so very ignorant. I remember listening to many songs on the radio and singing along with them, even if I didn’t know the words. I would hear words that I thought I understood and I would sing the song with the songs that I inserted. I was so ignorant. For some reason, I liked the beat more than I cared for the words and this caused me to miss a lot when it came to the meaning of the songs and the message that the bands were trying to convey. I think that a lot of people did this very same thing. The musicians drew us in with cool sounding guitars and “different” types of music styles and it really didn’t matter to us what the words meant.

Although I am of Jewish stock, my mother brought us to church every Sunday when I was very young. I later resisted going and later I was not “forced” to go anymore. So I knew the basics of who Yeshua was and I knew a rudimentary form of the Gospel. Although I knew of Yeshua, I didn’t know Yeshua; there is a big difference.

I still cringe when I remember singing along to George Harrison’s song, “My Sweet Lord.” Like many, I thought that the song was talking about Yeshua and when I sang it I was relating to Yeshua, however the song is very Hindu in meaning and the “lord” that the song is praising is actually the Hindu god “Vishnu.” The catch-word in the song was lord. With a very watered down knowledge of Yeshua, who we always called “Lord,” when the song related to lord I thought it was talking about Yeshua. That is why I feel that it is very important to use the names of Elohim (God), rather than the generic name God. In my ignorance way back then, I was actually praising Vishnu with my mouth while I was relating to Yeshua in my being. Outwardly I was honoring a Hindu false god for everyone to see. It didn’t matter that I was relating to Yeshua inside, I was outwardly witnessing for Vishnu. Ancient Israel did the same thing in a way. They had foreign gods in the Temple of the Living God, and they even proclaimed Yahweh and claimed to be a People of Yahweh but they served foreign gods. Like Yeshua said, you cannot serve two masters for you will love one and despise the other. Later in my youth I did just that, served the god of this world and mocked Yahweh, the true God.

Whenever I hear that song, “My Sweet Lord,” I immediately flash back to the times when I would sing that song, so innocently, but so very wrong. It still grieves me to this day, and when I hear that song now, I am quick to tell people about it, especially when I see believers in Yeshua singing it. I am glad that I can be a resource to them, something that I never really had.

As believers in Yahweh Yeshua we are duty bound to guard ourselves against the wiles of the evil one; the garbage that is out there that is looking for any nook or cranny so that it can enter into our lives, or into us. Believers have become lazy and many tend to just sit and absorb unwholesome things without looking into them to see if they are good for us, or if they are harmful. We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded by worldly things that want to enter us via our eyes, ears and the other three sensory organs. We go to movies and place ourselves before a large screen that is often (more than not) feeding us worldly ideas that oppose Biblical living. We sit ourselves in front of a television that does the very same thing. Many of us go to school where we are indoctrinated in foreign ideas. Some believers choose to hang out with worldly people and take on their ways instead of bringing them to a knowledge of Yeshua. Some go out to bars with workmates after work. I’ve run into several people, who claim to be believers in Yeshua, who like to smoke marijuana for recreational use, opening up a doorway to the demonic realm that gives demons a right to enter into their lives.

It is easy to notice the people who have allowed the world to get into their lives. When I hear a believer in Yeshua using terms freely that no believer should be using it gives me a clue.

But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man. Matthew 15:18

I’ll be the first to admit that not all things that come out of my mouth is wholesome. There are times when I am under stress that I use unwholesome words. Driving around Eugene is terribly hard and it drives me to anger sometimes; especially when I am running late and I get behind what seems like the ten thousandth person with tortoise nervosa. I admit that driving brings out the worse in me, and I pray for the day when Yahweh will help me to overcome that personality flaw. I will say however that I never use any word would be classified as using Yahweh’s name in vain. I’ve done that in the past and it has grieved me greatly. I think that this is what separates the true followers of Yahweh from those who merely honor Him with their lips. When we blow it, does it grieve us? If it does then then you know Yahweh heart and you have the Holy Spirit telling you that what you did just hurt Yahweh Yeshua. If you are grieved by such things then you know that you grieved the Ruach Ha Kodesh; you can feel Yahweh’s feelings on the matter. That is a wonderful thing.

Now, I don’t know the heart of anyone but myself, and sometimes I have to wonder if I have a clue about my own heart. I believe that Yahweh reveals our hears to us and He fixes things a little at a time until the work is finished. I also know that there are many people who do things out of ignorance; because they never learned or because they do not like to learn. It is sort of grievous that we have the manual for living a holy life right in front of us. We have the words of Scripture to see what Yahweh requires and the many mistakes that those in the Bible have made. We’ve been given such a complete manual, such a detailed guide, yet so many refuse to read it for themselves. People are like electricity, it takes the path or least resistance. Electricity will always take the easiest rout to connect to a ground. People are so the same. If a person can go to church and get a message from a pastor then they feel that they have gotten the answer and they don’t need to do anything else. After all, the pastor is a man of God, and he knows the Bible, so he broadcasts the truth right? Well, not necessarily. The flaw in that way of thinking is that people tend to forget that pastors are people too, with every flaw that you and I have. There is no God-Man except for Yeshua, who incidentally, has promised to give the Ruach Ha Kodesh liberally to anyone who asks for Him.

Jim Wilhelmsen and I have taught for years, that when anyone hears us talk on the radio or on the phone or wherever, that they go back to the Bible to check the validity of what we say. We challenge people to do that very thing. We recognize that we are mere men, and we are capable of making mistakes. We have helped each other to see errors in each other’s lives using this same principle. If we, being pastors tell people to check us, then each pastor should exhort their parishioners to do the same thing.

I guess that I’ve digressed a little bit, but those things needed to be said. The thing is this; are the things that you say, and the things that you do matching up with scripture. Let me give an example, or several examples. Several years ago I saw in horror in a church when a pastor, who wanted to make a point, quoted Buddha. Now, why would anyone who has anything to do with teaching Biblical principles and the goodness of Yeshua, teach anything from any foreign god or foreign religion. There are many great lessons from Biblical scripture that could have enlightened our congregation. The congregation just sat there and accepted what that pastor had to say.

Before we go any farther, let’s look at something. Back when I was a kid our nation was basically inhabited by Americans. By that I mean that all of us had either been born here or our fathers and grandfathers had been born here. We, for the most part honored Christianity and we spoke using a “Biblical” way of looking at things. When we said “God Bless You” when someone sneezed, we knew God to be Yahweh, the Lord God of Israel. When we told someone that we would pray for them, we meant that we would lift up petitions to Yahweh and so on. We knew that all other gods were false gods, therefore using the name God had only one meaning.

With the advent of a greatly increased immigration policy from Africa, Asia and non-Christian parts of the world we became a multicultural society. I never really thought about this until I was placed in working situations with people from other places. One day I was walking through a pharmacy and I happened to sneeze. I was told “god bless you” by quite a few people. I went back to my workstation and realized that the name “god” had become a widely used generic term. In that workplace I worked with people from Laos, India, the Islamic world and many other places. So, when the Hindu blessed me for sneezing, they were actually blessing me in the name of Vishnu, or Shiva or Kali. They weren’t blessing me in Yahweh’s name. When the Muslim blessed me for sneezing, they were blessing me in the name of Allah. When the Buddhist was blessing me, they were blessing me in the name of the a New Age god. I quietly rebuked those blessings while recognizing that those people probably buy into the lie that “all roads lead to god” and that “all religions are the same.” I didn’t fault the people, because in their hearts, they meant well, but they act out of ignorance, like so many others do.

In our multicultural society, the name “god” has become a generic term to relate to any number of deities. Therefore I have stopped using that term. That is why I use the name Yahweh when talking about the Lord, Elohim when I’m referring to the Father and Ruach Ha Kodesh when referring to the Holy Spirit. I can’t and won’t buy into the “multicultural god” lie that this world system wants to indoctrinate us with. I don’t expect others to do likewise and don’t fault people who still refer to Yahweh as “God,” because He is the only God, but I just want to affirm clearly who I know “God” to be, and He is Yahweh Elohim, the Lord God.

So, you can probably imagine my consternation when I hear people using terms like “karma,” “magic,” and other words that do not belong in or even near our faith, or our talk. What is Karma exactly. Karma is a process where the “universe” dictates that a person build up a good score or a bad score. This score determines if that person will be awarded or penalized in the next life. It is a tool of reincarnation. Those who truly believe in Karma really do not question what happens to them in life. For instance, a good Hindu realizes that when they suffer in this life, they quite possibly will live a better life in a life to come. They suffer and don’t question it because they feel that they will be rewarded in the next life. That is why, when I hear people here in the States talk about believing in Karma, and they are the first to complain when something goes wrong, they don’t even know what Karma is supposed to be. Basically, the term “karma” has been bastardized to mean “payback.” When a person says they’re experiencing “bad karma” they mean that they’re having a rough run of luck. When they come into money, have a baby or gain acceptance of people they state that they are having “good karma.” Sometimes, worldly people will state that a person who is being a real ass is storing up bad karma, and that is more akin to what the premise of karma is all about.

So, what about a believer in Yeshua using the word, Karma. First of all, if you truly believe in Yeshua, you don’t believe in reincarnation. Scripture clearly states that we live one life, and then there is a judgment. That’s it, one life and only one life. When we die, and we know Yeshua and He knows us, we go to be with Him in heaven. There is something that is like “karma” in a believer’s life, and it is called, “the law of reciprocity.” Yeshua talked about when He talked about casting bread on the water, and it will return to you.” What you give out, you will probably get back, whether it is good or bad, but it is either in this life, or in the glory to come, not in life after life after life after life. If you treat someone like garbage, it will probably happen to you. If you bless someone you will be blessed. Also, if you smoke cigarettes, you will most likely die from a disease related to smoking but if you live your life helping others you have a rich reward in heaven. THERE IS NO KARMA AND BELIEVERS SHOULD NOT USE THAT WORD. It is a word that is a doctrinal to Hinduism, Buddhism and other polytheistic eastern religions.

I’ve heard a lot of believers using the word “magic” too. ANYONE who has studied at all knows that this word has absolutely nothing to do with our faith in Yeshua. Look the definition in the dictionary:

A power that allows people (such as witches and wizards) to do impossible things by saying special words or performing special actions

And, what does scripture say about using such words, or celebrating Halloween, or getting into the fads and ways of this world?

Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you. And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty. 2 Corinthians 6:14-18

Some are probably saying that being yoked together with unbelievers means hanging out with them, fellowshipping with them. Well, it does mean that, but it also means doing the practices of the unbelievers. Doing with the world does is being yoked to the world. If you use the word “karma” I will automatically have inclination that you are either a Hindu, or a Buddhist, or you are a believer in Yeshua who doesn’t really know what to believe. If you use the term “magic,” it would not be wrong of me to wonder if you have a very shallow faith, or perhaps you’re a Wiccan who is trying to infiltrate my church. I mean, think about it. If I come up to you speaking with a southern accent, you would ask me if I came from the south, right? If I drove up to you in a high-end Mercedes sporting gold jewelry, you’d think that I had money, right? So, if you walked up to me, saying that you had bad karma that day, it would be acceptable for me to think that you were a Buddhist, or at least you were a believer in Yeshua who is very mixed up, right?

What I’m trying to convey here is that we need to look at everything that we do, everything that we say, and even everything that we think. If you can’t find it in scripture it isn’t from Yahweh. In everything that you do, hear or say, see if it aligns with scripture. Find scripture, text and verse for everything. Yahweh looks for humble and contrite people, and He looks for people who want to obey Him and honor Him. It’s time that we start taking our walk with Him serious. It’s time that we open up our eyes to see Him and open our ears to hear Him and open our lives to accept Him. The time of playing games is over. Very soon society is going to turn against believers in a very evil and evident way. Make yourself strong now. Exercise your faith so that in the hard days you will be able to stand. Forsake the things of this world and cleave to the things of Yahweh. Your earthly life and your eternal security will depend on how you walk with Yahweh through faith in Yeshua.

People always amuse me. You think that you have them figured out and they wind up and throw you a curve ball every time. Actually, that has been the story of my life. For instance, in school we go over study notes and such and the professor tells us what to study for the test. I go home and study and voila, the test is on things that I didn’t study for. I think that most of you know how it is.

For the three years I’ve had a internet radio show that aired once a week on the Blogtalk website. I started the show with Jim Wilhelmsen and aside from a couple of breaks, we aired faithfully for the past three years. We felt a need to share information with people; things that they won’t hear from most pulpits; things that concern us all and will prepare those who listen, with the truth about the strange things ahead for those living on our little planet. For the past four years I’ve gone solo, continuing with the “Opposing The Matrix,” theme. The archives of the show can be found on this website.

We started out at the beginning of our radio career by talking about the Nephilim, the Fallen Angels and other things that the Bible refers to, but again, things that aren’t preached from most pulpits. Almost right from the beginning our listener base went sky high. We were amazed at how the show caught on and how many people both listened to and/or downloaded the show from the archives. We talked about things on the fringe for the first two years. But you know what? You can talk a subject or subjects to death and we figured that this is what we were doing. But the interesting thing was that we never lost the number of people who listened or downloaded the show.

It was at the end of the second year that I sought Yahweh in earnest (much more than usual) because I sensed that we were beating a dead horse and that Yahweh wanted us to talk about other things. We felt that at this point we had talked way too much about the fringe stuff and we needed to help people to get prepared spiritually for what was coming up. It is one thing to know that the Nephilim have returned, and that we are at the end of the age, but it’s another thing to know what to do and how to prepare yourself for the weirdness ahead. I mean, it’s great to know that a spiritual war is going to get much worse, but it does no good to know these things and not know how to fight, or how to prepare oneself to be used by Yahweh during these times. Yes, there could be a Pre-Trib rapture ahead, but what if the harpazo is going to be more toward the middle of the Tribulation period? How does one survive if such circumstances occur.

So with these things considered, Jim and I decided to help people get prepared for what is coming on. We noticed that there is an increasing amount of people who are willing to fight the system in a physical manner, and if that is what they are called to do, then that is what they will do. However, fighting physically and spiritually are different things, to say the least.

Now, here is the sad part, but not totally unexpected part. As I said, I have been prepared for curve balls in just about every aspect of life. So, when Jim and I started to broadcast about being spiritually ready; how to pray and seek Yahweh’s face in the time of adversity; all of a sudden our listener numbers started to plummet. I don’t know, perhaps we started to sound like the ministers that we are supposed to be, or maybe we weren’t entertaining enough for some people, but we needed to stick to what Yahweh Yeshua wants us to do. We do answer to Him and nobody else. It’s sort of sad that people were listening to us for a sensationalist reason, but I guess that some people are that way. Jim said that he even got an email asking when we were going to start talking about the Nephilim stuff again.

There are some people out there who know that being a sensationalist gives them the numbers and draws new listeners. But, one has to ask how long it can be kept up with the teacher maintaining the integrity that they started out with; if they had any at the beginning. For instance, I could broadcast a show talking about chocolate ice cream and could probably keep the subject interesting and new for five or six shows; but after that it would be just the same repetitious dribble drabble. The same thing is happing in the talk about Nephilim and fallen angels. When Jim and I started out talking about this stuff, even way before the radio show, it was a new subject, or a subject that wasn’t talked about at all on the internet and surly not in the pulpit. Now, there are tons of people talking about it on the internet, the radio, in other written media and yes, even on television. We were like pioneers exploring strange new lands, untouched territory, but now many people populate those lands and territories, so it is not so much important to repeat the redundancy that is so prevalent out there.

The fact that people don’t want to know how to be ready is rather bothersome. I’m reminded of those verses in Ezekiel where Yahweh tells him to be a watchman on the city wall. He is instructed to warn the city of an approaching danger. Yahweh tells him that if the people listen to him, and they don’t prepare then the blood was off of his hands. He is also told that if he didn’t tell him then the blood would be on his hands for all of those who perished. That is what our mission is, to tell people and to prepare them for what is coming up and is already here. I can only imagine what Ezekiel would have thought if the people of the city would keep asking him to describe the coming invaders, over and over again, and not how to prepare to fend off the enemy. That would be sort of stupid, wouldn’t it? But, isn’t that the mentality of those who write to me or us and say that they don’t want to hear about how to prepare, they just want to hear about those who are intent on destroying them.

So I said all of that to say this. If you listen to our radio show, please do so with the knowledge that we are not here for your entertainment purposes. We are not on the air to be redundant and/or to say what you want us to say. We are there, charged with a mission by Yahweh Himself, to sometimes bring to you new things about the players in this cosmic chess game, but more importantly, to prepare you on how to move your pieces and how to play unto victory.

Preface: This article is probably four years old at the time I am moving it from my journal blog to the main ministry site. I’ve been out of nursing school for at least three years. I just wanted to present a reference to give you a time frame.


As many of you know, I’m going through a course in Nursing School. I’m really enjoying it because of all the things that you wouldn’t think it is helping me to understand, it is helping me to understand people and more importantly, how wonderful Yahweh is in his creative process. The anatomical and physiological complexity that Yahweh made can in no way be thought of as having any way been a creative process using evolution. I have to laugh when I hear my anatomy teacher using evolution on the same day that he uses “how we have been created,” and not even notice that he’s a living and walking hypocrite. Either you believe in evolution, a process of mistakes and dumb luck; or you believe in a divine creator who wrote DNA code and made it so that every cell is like a complex city in the way that it is structured and how it operates.

Now, seeing that my teacher is a walking contradiction could cause me to sit him down, call him an idiot and explain to him how complexity cannot just happen. However, I can take another approach and just remark at how complexity causes “me” to think that there had to be a plan, and one who implemented the plan. I could be brutally honest, or I could throw things my teacher’s way so that his mind can be primed to be talked to by the Ruach Ha Kodesh, who is really the only one who can talk to a man’s heart and not lose an argument.

We have a person in our class who is brutally honest. This person tends to know everything that there is to know about everything and they’re not afraid to proclaim it before the whole class. In most people, there is a filter that causes us to do a few things before we talk. This filter causes us to wonder if what we are going to say is wise. It causes us to wonder if we are going to be offensive to other people and it is the filter that tells us that “perhaps this is not the right time to bring this up, or if I should bring it up at all.” People who lack this filter seem to be drawn to me for some reason. Perhaps it is some sort of test to see if I can endure when inundated with hypocrisy, or perhaps it is a strengthening tool to make sure that my filter is intact and that I use it before I make an ass out of myself. When all is said and done, only Yahweh knows why he allows these sort of people to enter my personal domain.

There is a caveat in all of this. Yahweh has been gracious to bless me with a wife and children who possess this filter. They also know how to implement this filter and they will generally care about the other person before they care about themselves. I too am blessed in that my mom, sister and several relatives (not all however) possess the filter and use it wisely. I’m also thankful that my three step-daughters, who are endowed with this filter, are passing the filter manual to their children, all who are growing more and more in Yeshua in a daily basis.

The nice thing about being around people with the filter (and most do have it by the way and use it effectively) is that when someone enters our realm, we all tend to be disgusted by the filter-less people and it causes us to band together in a united front to confront the brutally honest person. However, this united front is often seen by the filter deficient person as an attack by a group of mean people. Guilt transference is often a sword weilded well by filter deficient people. And, isn’t it nice of me to call them filter deficient, rather than the titles of narcissists or sociopaths that they really are?

Getting back to the pain in the rectum that we have in class, it never ceases to amaze me how people like this person, with major filter deficit, always seem to have to cover for themselves because of filter absence. I truly think that people lacking the filter actually suffer from a mild form of Turrets’s Syndrome. I mean, let’s look at it, shall we? With Turrets’s Syndrome the people truly cannot help themselves from yelling out obscenities and inappropriate words and/or sentences. People with filter deficit do the same thing, but often camouflage themselves to imply impunity. I saw this a lot when I lived in North Carolina where people have turned it into an art-form, so to speak. Something like this would occur during a conversation, “she’s an adulteress, a whore and will sleep with anything with two legs, but she makes a wonderful apple pie, bless her heart.” See how it is character assassination with frosting and a cherry on top?

This happens a lot in churches too. A group of women will get together and totally dress down another woman, or a man that they really despise and they’ll end the conversation with, “so that is why we really need to pray for him or her.” Men aren’t immune from it either, however they tend to me more one-on-one and things are resolved quickly.

I have to admit that I love to react with women who are brutally honest. They like to offer opinions and some will even be brazen enough to tell you how to run your life. This woman at school likes to tell people the “correct” way to run their lives. On one occasion she was quick to offer advice to me on how to conduct my life. I quickly reminded her that I was married, and when it comes to changing my character or telling me what I might be doing wrong, there is only one woman who has the right to do that, and that is my wife and she is the only one whom I allow that in my life (our life). She quickly turned around, mumbled something and didn’t turn back toward our table again. The next school day she moved up a table and informed people that still listened to her that she made a list of four people that our class would be better without, inferring it was me and the guy who shared my table. By the way, he welcomed this change and conferred with me that he’s probable on the “list of four” undesirables. We Jews have been on lists for thousands of years, and her list is trivial and trite.

One thing that this sort of person does is they present a persecution complex when things start to get rough and people start to call them out for who they are. So, when the comment, “people are starting to treat me like I did something wrong and I don’t know why,” to the teacher during our class time, this did not surprise me. It is a common worldly tactic to scorch the earth and then blame others. You know, I must be getting older because I can pretty well predict what psychotic people are going to do before they do it. I think it’s because I’m a student of history and all of the villains in history have been sort of psychotic in one way or another, and their boss (Satan) is the ultimate psychotic. Study the ways of psychotics and you will get through life much easier because you can stay, for the most part, a step or two ahead of them.

The queen mother of all comments came the other day when this woman approached me in the break-room. We were all giving presentations on disease conditions and we were all doing peer review. The forms that we filled out were handed into the instructor and we weren’t supposed to discuss our conclusions with anyone else. So, this gem of a human being walks up to me and says, “I hope you don’t get mad at me concerning the review that I gave to your presentation, but I was told to review everyone honestly.” I just looked at her like I couldn’t believe that she had said that, although it didn’t really take me by surprise. My reply was that I was getting an A+ in the class and that a bad review on a peer paper wouldn’t affect it much. I also told her that the reviews were going to be graded and that any bad thing on her review of my presentation would reflect on her grade, not mine. She gave me that “whatever” look and I walked away.

You see, when people are brutally honest like that, the one thing that really gets their goad is when you act like you don’t really care. If you make their comment seem trite and insignificant it heaps hot coals on their heads. Well, enough of my life and the little annoyances in my life. I did want to find out why people act like they have to be brutally honest and I found a good article about it. I’d like to present it to you and I’ll give the source at the end of the article. Here it is:


Few people can successfully sail through life without receiving a single piece of constructive criticism or brutal honesty. Some people can become so driven to be brutally honest, however, that they lose perspective on when such advice is not strictly necessary or helpful. Some brutal honesty delivered by a trusted friend or mentor can be the push a person needs to effect a positive change, but some people enjoy being brutally honest simply for the brutality.

One reason a person may become brutally honest is upbringing. He or she may be the product of a hypercritical set of parents who used harsh criticism as a motivational tool. There may not have been many examples of discretion or tact when it came to expressing opinions of others. A parent or sibling may have looked at a piece of artwork and pointed out all of the flaws instead of praising the child for his or creativity or originality. This negative, critical programming from childhood may survive into adulthood as a brutally honest demeanor.

Some people become brutally honest as a defense mechanism to deflect criticism of their own deficiencies or shortcomings. By putting on a good offense through brutal honesty, they minimize the risk of others judging them equally as harshly. These people often seek out careers as professional critics or judges, strongly believing the only way to help professionals to improve is to be brutally honest. Harsh criticism is seen as a necessary evil, not a lack of tact.

For others, being brutally honest signifies a lack of emotional growth. Many people would love to be brutally honest more often, but a sense of propriety keeps them from overstepping their bounds. Some people who pride themselves on their brutal honesty, however, have a poorly developed social filter when it comes to tact and politeness. They aren’t always aware that their critical comments could be personally hurtful or socially embarrassing. They may feel justified by publicly saying what others were thinking privately, but they simply lack the sense of propriety which should prevent such incidents.

Some famous celebrities known for their brutal honesty, such as the acerbic British judge Simon Cowell on American Idol, may do it to prevent future disappointment in an industry rife with even harsher critics. Some may be brutally honest because they believe the recipient won’t take criticism seriously unless provoked or shocked. There may even be some people who are brutally honest simply for the sake of watching other people suffer emotional blows from harsh criticism, whether or not the critique has any actual basis in fact. [Source: http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.wisegeek.org%2Fwhy-are-some-people-so-brutally-honest.htm&h=nAQGKZXOt

Here at the Delusion Resistance we’re constantly researching ways that the modern Church is in Error. Below is a list of 21 contrasts between what many contemporary Christians call Church, and what the Bible calls Church.


The following are contrasts between commercial Christianity and biblical Christianity:

1. Commercial Christian pastors preach culturally accommodating messages. Biblical Christian pastors preach culturally convicting messages (Acts 2:37-38; Acts 24:24-25).

2. Commercial Christianity encourages adherence to the status quo. Biblical Christianity encourages reformation of the status quo (Acts 17:6).

3. Commercial Christianity invites. Biblical Christianity proclaims (Acts 17:23).

4. Commercial Christianity converts people to their churches. Biblical Christianity converts people to Jesus (John 1:12-13; Acts 8:35).

5. Commercial Christianity encourages congregational membership. Biblical Christianity develops world-changing disciples (Acts 6:7; Matthew 28:19; 2 Timothy 2:2).

6. Commercial Christianity separates faith from public policy. Biblical Christianity applies the gospel to policy (Matthew 5:13-16).

7. Commercial Christianity is defined by the state. Biblical Christianity redefines the state of affairs (Daniel 4:19-37; Acts 8:4-8).

8. Commercial Christianity is complicit with the powers that be. Biblical Christianity casts down the ungodly powers that be (2 Corinthians 10:3-5).

9. Commercial Christianity is a sweet-smelling savor to those who are perishing. Biblical Christianity is a sweet-smelling savor to those who are being saved (Philippians 2:15-16).

10. Commercial Christianity is not distinguishable from the world. Biblical Christianity lives in the world but is not of the world (John17:14-15).

11. Commercial Christianity often uses biblical language for secular reasons. Biblical Christians often uses secular language for biblical reasons (1 Corinthians 9:20-23).

12. Commercial Christianity is man-centered in its goals. Biblical Christianity is God-centered in its goals (Colossians 1:15-18).

13. Commercial Christianity elicits praise only from people. Biblical Christianity brings favor from both God and people (Acts 2:47).

14. Commercial Christianity leaves a temporal imprint. Biblical Christianity leaves an eternal imprint (Hebrews 11:4).

15. Commercial Christianity leaves a legacy of compromise. Biblical Christianity leaves a legacy of sacrificial commitment (2 Timothy 4:6-8).

16. Commercial Christianity attracts followers by compromising the truth. Biblical Christianity attracts followers through the promotion of the truth (Acts 2:40-41).

17. Commercial Christianity is one step away from being irrelevant. Biblical Christianity is always in or near revival (Acts 9:31).

18. Commercial Christianity accommodates a backslidden lifestyle. Biblical Christianity accommodates a lifestyle of faith, fidelity and freedom (John 8:31-36).

19. Commercial Christianity emphasizes hyper-grace without moral obligations. Biblical Christianity preaches a radical grace that produces radical sanctification (Titus 2:11-12; Romans 8:3-4).

20. Commercial Christianity brings about a commitment to Sunday services. Biblical Christianity brings about commitment to a life of service (John 13:13-27).

21. Commercial Christianity invites people to make Jesus our personal Savior. Biblical Christianity admonishes people to surrender to Jesus as our Lord so He can save us (Romans 10:9-10).

[Source: http://josephmattera.org/21-contrasts-between-biblical-and-commercial-christianity/]

Today I was looking at a Facebook post that someone forwarded from Ben Carson. Ben was a presidential candidate early on in the Republican contest for presidential candidate but he later dropped out of the race. Ben proposes something that I feel Yahweh has been telling me for at least four years. What Ben was saying is that Obama is going to somehow either nullify the outcome of the presidential elections this coming November, or he will prevent the elections from happening altogether.

I think that we can all agree that this is a valid assertion. Obama is to the presidency what John Gotti was to organized crime. John Gotti ruled New York’s crime syndicate for many years. Every time that the Feds would take him to court it seemed that he would get off on some technicality or witnesses changed their testimony and/or disappeared. Obama has been the same way. In a purge that would rival Kremlin practices during the Twentieth Century, Obama has purged military leaders that would have opposed him, has silenced and manipulated senators and representatives and has capitalized on the sub working class and what Soviets used to call “useful idiots.” Obama has broken many campaign promises, but the one that he has kept faithfully is the one where he promised to “fundamentally transform America.” Many people didn’t see that promise for what it really was, a plan to transform, or change or replace the whole foundation that our nation was built on. Every attempt to unseat Obama has failed and it appears that he carries on the Teflon tradition. If that tradition is to be passed on, who can take the baton and run with it?

When it comes to Teflon leadership there is one person, or should I say family that can that can make the claim of being truly untouchable? The answer to that question is the Clinton Family. I have capitalized both words in their title because it is a title, no different from other crime families like the Bonanno, Colombo, Gambino, Genovese and Lucchese families of the Mafioso. The Clinton Family along with all of the others listed all came to power and retained it because they used fear, power, money and intimidation to coerce and control people. Truly, if the Clintons can be allowed to get away with their spree of terror, then law enforcement officials in this country should apologize to the Mafia, or give the credit for using their tactics because let’s face it, since the Clinton Administration back in the last century, the government has jumped on board with them, each person or organization grabbing for their piece of the American Pie.

Politics today is like farming. During the Clinton administration of the 1990’s Bill was hooking up the plow and showing Americans that plowing would begin. Bush hooked up the plow to the horse and ordered the seed of corruption. Obama disturbed the land with his plow and turned everything over. The next president will do one of two things. A good president will sow good seed in the loose soil. An evil president will sow wicked seed. If it is not Yahweh’s will for Obama to become dictator of America, and if it’s His will that a new president He will use the election (and those voting) to bring in a new leader. If it does come down to Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump then Christians have to make a decision; do I vote or not vote and if I vote who is the best candidate for Yahweh’s purposes. Important too is the fact that voting could ensure a little more time of freedom or plunging headlong into persecution in a Clinton FEMA Camp or some sort of death by her hand.

Last week on our Opposing The Matrix radio show I got quite emotional talking about the way that Christians are viewing the coming elections. I was very firm in my assertion that voting for Hillary Clinton was detrimental to society as we know it. I also explained that not voting Trump because you dislike him is the same as casting a vote for Hillary. I stand firm in those assertions because they are true.

I also addressed the bonehead assertion by some in the Christian community that since Donald Trump isn’t a believer in Yeshua that means that we should not vote for him. I’ve even heard some assert that they would not vote for an unrighteous man to be president. Well, I assume then that they never have voted then because there never has been a righteous president and there probably never will. There are some that suppose that George Bush was a believer and I find that laughable. I am selling the Brooklyn Bridge for rock bottom prices if you believe that Bush was any sort of believer in Yeshua.The saying goes that people that fail to study history are doomed to repeat it, which is an echo of scripture found in Ecclesiastes. Not using the discernment that Yahweh gave you is even more inane. If you are ignorant enough to claim that Bush was a believer, especially after he ended Posse Commentates (study what it was) and he tried to sell the operation of our ports to a Muslim nation, is even more insidious then your feelings about Trump.  In addition, I constantly hear that Ronald Reagan was a believer in Yeshua. Well, allowing psychics to come into the White House on an almost daily basis pretty well puts an end to that idea. And, no, it wasn’t only Nancy, but old Ronnie listened to them too.

I have at least two times read to the radio audience what is known as the Clinton Body Count; a list of close to fifty people that have died under mysterious circumstances because they were associated with the Clintons or they witness or heard something that the Clinton’s didn’t want to be known. By the way, I don’t think that the list is finalized either. There are bound to be more deaths attributed to them simply because so much hubbub is going regarding her lying to Congress and the FBI and her scurrilously suspicious background in nearly everything that she says and does.

Yes, it is true that I also called the Clintons snakes, vipers and other names that they seem to be great at living up to. It is not uncommon to refer to liars as snakes. I mean heck, Lucifer deceived Chava in the garden by lying to her and he’s described as a serpent and Yeshua said that Satan is the “father of all lies,” so calling the Clinton’s snakes is certainly acceptable in context of who and what they are.

I mentioned on the radio show that the Clinton’s have Wiccan connections; Hillary being a higher degree Wiccan than Bill. So isn’t it stupid to not vote for Trump because you think that he’s unrighteous, yet by withholding your vote you allow a Wiccan to get into the Whitehouse? The answer to that question is YES.

Sometimes the logic, or lack thereof that Christians use to make decisions befuddles me. One of the things that sets apart intelligent people from the mentally inept is the fact that intelligent people tend to think things out before they make a decision. Making a decision without discernment is in effect cutting off the nose to spite the face. Cutting off your nose to spite your face is indeed the act of an imbecile.

Uh oh, I think I might have offended some people by what I just wrote in the last paragraph. In today’s world you cannot label people for what they are because that is offensive and it hurts their feelings. When people put feeling above truth then society and yes, Church is its own society is in danger of failing. If you speak your mind to someone in the world you eventually are labelled a bigot, racist or some other name that shows their satisfaction with you. If you tell the truth to believers in Yeshua you are often called judgmental, uncaring and the queen mother of all labels, “a Pharisee.”

It is sad to see good Christians taking on the mantle of this world. As believers we are supposed to accept constructive criticism, especially when we are wrong, and if the charge is scripturally correct.

Yes it is true that Yahweh has appointed Barack Hussein Obama as a tool of correction for our nation. This nation has been prime for Yahweh’s punishment for quite a long time. Christians cannot step away from guilt during this time for scripture says that “judgment comes first to the House of The Yahweh.” Yes, that means believers in Yeshua. The last eight years has brought much tsuris (grief and woe) to Yahweh’s people, both Jews and Christians. My concern is that Yahweh’s full correction hasn’t yet come to us. However, we do not know the mind of Yahweh (in full anyway) and perhaps He has heard the full measure of cries that he needs to hear in order to bring us relief from Obamanation that has plagued our land. IF that is the case, and he has place Donald Trump there to bring us relief, then it is the responsibility of every believer that can vote to vote for Trump. If it is Yahweh’s will to continue the correction, and he places Hillary Clinton into office or if Obama does claim dictatorial power then we at least voted for freedom and what we hoped would be Yahweh’s will.

Walking with Yahweh Yeshua always requires action, dare I say, work. Yahweh has a perfect will yet he wants us to walk in faith. The Children of Israel, when they got to the Jordan River could have just sat there and waited for Yahweh to carry them over. They didn’t wait, they followed His instructions to cross over and possess the land of Israel. How tragic it would be to enter glory and find out that we could have voted for Trump and been delivered from this present wickedness, yet most just sat on their duff’s not wanting to make the choice to vote.

Yes, I want Yahweh’s will totally and in full.  Yet Yahweh has entrusted me with children and grandchildren to care for. Yahweh gives us families as a blessing to us and our families are our first ministry, so much so that Rabbi Paul tells us that anyone in any sort of church ministry must have his house in order before they can minister to Yahweh’s people. Looking forward I have to make decisions for what will benefit our kids and grandkids the most and what will protect them the best. Obama being a dictator (like he isn’t already?) does not benefit my kids or grandkids. Hillary being our president certainly doesn’t give a promising future to my family, but in fact, along with having Obama as a dictator puts my family in peril. However, having Trump in office does at least give me a hope for a future and also one for my family. It doesn’t matter to me what the enemies of freedom say about Trump. I’ve looked into the man and to be frank, he’s done some wonderful things for people that I doubt any Christians would do. You see, I believed Christians when they said that Carter, Reagan and Bush were Born Again believers. I took those lies in hook line and sinker because I thought that those Christians had veracity and they knew what they were talking about. Now that a lot of Christians are badmouthing Trump I think that I’ll turn aside from what they say and I’ll cast my ballot for Trump.

I am blessed in that I went to school back in the 1970’s and did so back in New Jersey. Back then and back there it seemed that teachers had our best interests in mind and they were tough, stressing that we learn the proper way to use the various subjects that they were teaching. I can remember being in math class wondering when and where I would ever use the mathematics that they were teaching us. Algebra sucked (and it still does for that matter) but it does play into our daily lives if we choose to work at more complex employment chores. For instance, it is easier to cross multiply ratios than it is to write them out in our heads, and it uses a lot less paper. And yes you youngin’s, people my age still do the math on paper. You’ll regret using electronic devices solely to do math when they are not usable anymore. More on that later…

Another subject that we all hated was English class. It was bad enough having to read those books that were assigned to us, but our lives were enriched by reading them. The book, Animal Farm, helped me to learn about communism, placing it in layman’s terms that anyone could understand. However, the real kicker was trying to learn proper punctuation. We use punctuation in our everyday speech and never really know it. We speak sentences and make clear demarcations between the context, hence the “period.” We put short pauses in our sentences, hence the “comma.” In addition, we ask questions, giving us the “question mark,” and we often elaborate on subjects with our sentences; hence the “semi-colon.” However, knowing what those little jots and tittles are a chore to learn. Looking at the way that some people write, and/or interpret writing makes me wonder if they chose to ignore the punctuation part of English classes.

It brings me great joy when I am sent little snippets on Facebook or in an email; things showing the mistakes that people make when writing in English. Sometimes those snippets are little laughable moments showing how those that use English as a second language make mistakes, and those things are not only funny, but they are excusable. If you can’t excuse the mistakes made by people born elsewhere then I challenge you to visit a country where you don’t know the language and look at the people as they snicker at you for your gross errors in their language; this is very humbling, and if you can laugh along with them it makes for enjoyable visits and sometimes leads to lifelong friendships with those people. I found the following amusing because it shows how ignorance of punctuation can be detrimental to the health of “grandma,”:



Without the punctuation, it appears that the grandkids are cannibals. With the punctuation, they are asking grandma to feed them lunch. BIG DIFFERENCE!

One of my pet peeves is when people write to me to complain about something that I’ve written; they having written a letter that is rife with misspellings and/or bad or missing punctuation. I don’t mind being yelled at, but if a person is going to yell, they had better use correct grammar and spelling to do it or I will either ignore their letter or send a letter back asking them to learn English before they attempt to use it to assassinate me in pen form.

Notice how I wrote “BIG DIFFERENCE,” two paragraphs above. Writing in all caps denotes to most people one of two things; either the writer is trying to accentuate an idea, or, the writer is pissed off and wants to yell at the reader. In most cases (excluding my intention) paragraphs and letters are done for the latter reason. One of my Facebook “friends,” refuses to write anything unless she can write in upper-case. There was a time when she was trying to rebuke me for something that I wrote. I considered what she wrote, seeing that I am human and make mistakes; however, the upper-case letter that she sent to me was belligerent and that letter that she sent was an unneeded rebuke and by using the upper-case content it seemed to show that she was angry with me. I wrote back to her, saying that I wasn’t going to accept her rebuke because of the anger associated with it. Right away some of the other respondents told me that this was the way that she writes everything. Well, one of two things can be assumed by this; one being that she’s perpetually angry, and the other being that she is too lazy to turn off the caps-lock key and type like the rest of the English speaking world. Laziness leads to the perpetuation of bad English and the misuse and/or no use of correct punctuation.

So you might ask why this bothers me so much. Well, one reason is that there is no excuse for the misuse of English, either in spelling or in punctuation. Especially in our current day and age when we have computer programs to show us where we have erred in our spelling and punctuation. Even as I write this blog I am constantly having words underlined in red because I spelled something wrong or the program thinks that I have made up a word. Often I will stop typing and go to a dictionary to see if the word that I wrote exists. For instance, in the previous paragraph, in the last sentence, I wrote the word perpetrator, thinking it would be the title of “one who perpetuates,” only to find out that the word does not exist, so I had to change the sentence. Any program that one uses to type using a computer has a spell-checker that screams out “ERROR,” when a word is spelled wrong. There really is no excuse. Many programs can be set to find grammatical errors, including punctuation.

What really bothers me is when people read scripture and they ignore the punctuation within the body of the scripture. A scripture can take on a whole different meaning when punctuation is ignored. Just this last week I ran across a misinterpretation of Daniel 4:27 while perusing Facebook. The author of the comment to a particular thread ignored a comma. Unfortunately, many people have ignored that comma and because of that ignorance, it singles out a particular people as being ignorant. Let’s take a look at it:

And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.

And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate. Daniel 9:26-27

I included verse 26 because it is integral to understanding verse 27. Without the former verse, it isn’t possible to understand who the “he” in the latter verse really is. Of course, it is the “prince” that shall come to destroy the city. We can determine that verse 27 is a future event because the prior verse states that wars and desolation will continue to the end. That phrase closes the past and moves verse 27 to the future.

Now let’s look at verse 27. A common mistake that is made is that the colon that comes after “And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week:” Without the colon, it appears that “he” makes the covenant with the people who are mentioned behind the place where the comma exists. However, the use of the comma denotes that something is being accentuated. Note that the remainder of the passage has no periods, so it is to be included in the entire sentence but is a period of time within a period of time.

This is done many times in Hebrew; the main point is made followed by further defining of that main point. We see this in Genesis Chapter One, where Yahweh creates all of creation and ends the chapter by creating Adam and Chava, and by explaining rudimentary rules about eating and animals. Then there is a short break and the Scripture again explains in more detail the creation of Adam and Chava and goes into more depth concerning his instructions to them and such. Believe it or not, some have taken the primary account and the expanded account to propose that there were two creations of mankind and that the first denotes a Pre-Adamic creation and the second account denotes the Adam and Chava that all current men know as parents. Some also use this “two creation” theory to try to explain where Cain’s wife came from, instead of using the simple notion that Cain married one of his many sisters that were born to Adam and Chava. Bible perversion is easy; to keep on the straight and narrow and take things in proper context is the hard thing to do, at least anymore.

Now let’s get back to Daniel 9:27. As I mentioned, there is a colon in the passage, the only colon. Colon’s are often used to start lists or lists of ideas:

Things I did this holiday weekend:

  • Friday I removed large rocks from the backyard

  • Saturday I removed a stump in the yard

  • Sunday I mowed the lawn

  • Monday I rested

I started out by stating that it was a holiday weekend and that I did things; then I progressed to show what I did each day, making four distinct periods of time within that one big period of time. Notice too that it was something that I did, nobody else, and all of these things fell under the auspices of one colon.

The same thing occurs in Daniel 9:27; one large block of time is broken down into several events. Another thing to note is that behind the colon it states that the other things occur after half of the time has expired within the whole time. While those events fall within the seven years, and they are loosely associated with the whole time, and with the covenant, they are related only in that during the time of the covenant the events occur.

Now note also that the covenant is made with them “many.” The word many here in Hebrew is “rab” and it denotes that the Covenant is made with those abundant in number; in other words, a vast majority of humanity, not a large amount of a subset of humanity. We see in scripture:

And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast. And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him? Revelation 13:3-4

Those who mistranslate Daniel 9:27 often speak that the Man of Perdition will make a special agreement with Israel for seven years. However, one small nation in the midst of the whole world can hardly be labeled as “the many.” Notice the scripture in Revelation that says that “all the world” will wonder after the beast. The Greek word for “wondered,” in the passage is thaumazō” which means to marvel and hold in admiration. That scripture does not mention a special seven-year treaty with Israel, but a seven-year covenant with the world to bring peace. Any person who could bring peace to the world, especially the Middle East would be held in the highest esteem, even worshiped by an idolatrous world that would make a deal with the devil if it had to in order to achieve such a peace. Granted, some concessions would be made to Israel to bring around this peace, perhaps granting security and allowing the building of the Temple. Interestingly, the things that the Man of Perdition does after the colon (halfway through the seven-year period) all have to do with the Beit Ha Mikdash (Holy Temple). This speaks to me that the erecting of the Mikdash would be one of those conditions of guarantee for Israel.

There is just too much ambiguity in the notion that the covenant is only with Israel, for the reasons that I cited above. Yes, as I mentioned above, there will be some sort of provision written into the Covenant that will include Israel because most of the world mistakenly seek Israel as the cause of the problems in that region. One has to wonder if the factions that make up the armies mentioned in Ezekiel 38/39 will still be around to protest much about this Covenant.  They might have been destroyed by Yahweh before or right about the time that the Man of Perdition comes onto the scene. It’s possible that he will take credit for the miraculous event that happened during Yahweh’s intervention. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Having worked in the Christian UFO Research community, and having researched much about alien abduction and its origins, I’ve had the pleasure to run into some wonderful researchers, and the displeasure of running into others. People in this community are lumped into one of two categories: the first being those who are into it strictly for the notoriety, fame and the money that can be made by selling books and/or appearing at endless conferences. The other group is made up of those who want people to know the truth so that they can be prepared and so that they can learn how to fight against this demonic phenomena.

I work closely with a brother named Jim Wilhelmsen, and both of us have suffered under the attacks of the former group, yet we have prevailed. I’ve always been of the belief that people can believe in anything that they want to believe in, just as long as they don’t try to take warped ideas and present them as truth. If you’ve been on this earth for any length of time you know that the world abounds with deceivers who want to lead people onto the wide highway that leads to destruction. It’s when these people twist and distort scripture that I have to step in and show where the deception lies. If people want to believe that the sky is purple with green polka-dots that is their thing, but when they try to say that scripture confirms their notion, I have to act.

I’ve been showing how simple errors in reading or interpreting scripture can lead to a world of hurt. The picture near the beginning proves my point; a simple comma made the difference between children being cannibals and them being loving kids that want a meal from their grandmother.

One of the main errors that occur in the Christian UFO Research community is found in Genesis, chapter six. Let’s look at it and then discuss it:

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. Genesis 6:4

The scripture in Genesis is telling us that giants (Nephilim or fallen ones) were on the earth in those days (the days before the Great Flood) and also at another time. That other time has to be after the Great Flood. There are certain uses for semicolons. The one that applies here is: Use a semicolon between two independent clauses that are connected by conjunctive adverbs or transitional phrases. The sentence segment before the colon is talking about a specific time period, which nobody argues was before the Flood. Then we find a semicolon which denotes a transitional phrase, meaning sometime after the flood. The scripture then goes on to state that the production of the Nephilim came about both times when the fallen angels of Yahweh had sexual relations with human females. There were obviously two incursions by these entities.

In the Book of 1 Enoch, we read about how Yahweh caused a delusion to come upon the Nephilim and they killed each other down to and including the last giant. Therefore, there were no more Nephilim in the land. Genesis 6:1-4 is a brief history lesson of the world before the flood. Verses five through seven are Yahweh’s thoughts on the evil nature of mankind and his plans to destroy not only mankind but the whole earth which had been corrupted because of the teachings of the former Nephilim. Notice that Yahweh says He is going to destroy mankind, and there is no mention of the Nephilim? That is because they weren’t around in bodily form anymore. So, if Nephilim were produced “in those days,” and “also after that,” then there had to be two incursions; one before the Flood and one after. It simply cannot be any other way. The semicolon denotes that there were, in fact, two different incursions and the context proves that one was before the Flood and one was after the Flood.

So why do I bring that up? Well, there are those who are of the school of thought that there couldn’t be Nephilim production after the Flood, that is by an incursion of fallen angels. One of those in question wants to further his notion that somehow Nephilim DNA was carried by one of the wives that were on the Ark. He doesn’t sell his book or go to seminars if his theory is wrong. Imagine how that makes Yahweh look; like a twisted God who would rid the world of a problem only to allow it to happen all over again by His own doing. Another person wants to further her notion that the giants that lived after the flood were just normal humans with what is known as gigantism, a physical condition where excessive Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is released into a person’s body causing excessive height and mass. She didn’t take into account that gigantism always leads to premature death in adults. She also failed to mention in her thesis that Goliath (one of those that she used in her dissertation) also had brothers who were giants. Gigantism is a hormonal defect that is not passed on through DNA, so her Goliath theory is bupkis. There are other theories postulated by people who twist scripture to foster their own theories that are out of the box where scripture is concerned.

There are some basic tenants that we have to follow when reading and researching Bible Scripture.

Scripture will always interpret itself:

Scripture will interpret itself in two ways. First, we see that one scripture will have a foreshadowing, an actual event, and post-event explanation. For instance, Isaiah 52:13 through Isaiah 53 talk about what was then a future suffering servant Mashiach; the Gospels talk about the actual event of the suffering servant Mashiach, and Rabbi Paul reiterates many times in his Letters, especially in Hebrews in regard to the suffering servant Mashiach that had previously atoned for the sins of mankind.

Scripture can interpret itself by the use of two distinct versions; for instance, using the Masoretic Texts to clarify the King James Version text of a verse or chapter:

The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them; the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown. Genesis 6:4 Masoretic Texts

ד  הַנְּפִלִים הָיוּ בָאָרֶץ, בַּיָּמִים הָהֵם, וְגַם אַחֲרֵי-כֵן אֲשֶׁר יָבֹאוּ בְּנֵי הָאֱלֹהִים אֶל-בְּנוֹת הָאָדָם, וְיָלְדוּ לָהֶם:  הֵמָּה הַגִּבֹּרִים אֲשֶׁר מֵעוֹלָם, אַנְשֵׁי הַשֵּׁם.  {פ}

We have already read the King James Version text for Genesis 6:4. We then use the Masoretic Text to verify that the content and the context is correct. Some of you are astute in English and have noted that there is a comma in the Masoretic Text where there is a semicolon in the King James version; right after the phrase, “in those days.” In this case, it is perfectly okay to use a comma because it denotes the same character of text as the KJV with the semicolon did. The use of a comma dictates:

Use commas to separate independent clauses when they are joined by any of these seven coordinating conjunctions: and, but, for, or, nor, so, yet.

We can see that the comma separates two independent clauses, one showing a former and one a latter. In this, we know that our interpretation of Genesis 6:4 is correct because both the KJV and the Masoretic Text say the same thing.

This verse can be used to verify another way to check scripture with scripture. In many seminaries, it is taught that the “sons of God” is actually the righteous line of Seth (Adam’s son) who had relations with the Daughters of Cain. The first litmus test is to look at the original languages. First, the phrase, “daughters of men,” in Hebrew is “bat adam,” and it literally means “daughters of men,” not daughters of Cain. The phrase, “sons of God,” is a bit more interesting and controversial. The first thing to do would be to see if the phrase is used anywhere else in the Tanakh, and if it is, what is the context in which it is being used. The phrase is “bene elohiym” and it can be found in a scant few places of the Tanakh; Job 1:6, 2:1 and 38:7; all which refer to angelic beings. So, despite what the supposed “scholars” teach, the “sons of God” mentioned in Genesis chapter six refer only to angels. You see how easy it is to interpret scripture correctly? In the Brit Hadasha, the term is used again, but in the context that those who follow Yeshua are given the right to become Sons of God.

A scripture is always in context with those around it:

There are those out there who like to use what I call Bible Bullets. In a previous blog, I illustrated this quite in depth, so I’ll just touch on it and use the scripture that was used by someone to try to assassinate me and the ministry that Yahweh has given to me.

I feel that I should give a little background before I move forward. I sent out a letter to the listeners of our “Opposing The Matrix” radio show. At that time finances weren’t great and there was a real chance that we’d have to cancel our show because we would not be able to afford the money that we paid yearly to the service that hosted our show. I received a reply from one of the listeners that since I had written in my appeal that finances were tight and I considered eating and taking care of my family first, that I was breaking what this listener saw as a spiritual law and he was going to let me know about it. He said that I was putting my family first and that the following scripture showed that doing so wasn’t putting Yahweh first, so in essence, I was cursed. Here is the scripture:

32 Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.

33 But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.

34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

36 And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.

37 He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

38 And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.

39 He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it. Matthew 10:32-39

The shooter of the Bible Bullet quoted verse 37 and inferred that it says that if you take care of your family then you’re not paying enough attention to Yahweh, therefore you have wrong priorities. This was a clear case of taking a scripture out of context, not only that but not allowing the scriptures before and after that one verse to define the context. It’s quite clear that this body of text in its entirety is talking about allowing things keep one from coming to faith in Yeshua; not taking care of one’s family, which incidentally scripture says that if a man is derelict in that duty they are worse than an infidel. See how important it is to keep things in context?

All scriptures have four meanings, referred to as PARDES by Hebrew Scholars. Here is an explanation of what PARDES involves:

Pardes refers to (types of) approaches to biblical exegesis in rabbinic Judaism or to interpretation of text in Torah study. The term, sometimes also spelled PaRDeS, is an acronym formed from the name initials of the following four approaches:

  • Peshat (פְּשָׁט) — “surface” (“straight”) or the literal (direct) meaning.[1]
  • Remez (רֶמֶז) — “hints” or the deep (allegoric: hidden or symbolic) meaning beyond just the literal sense.
  • Derash (דְּרַשׁ) — from Hebrew darash: “inquire” (“seek”) — the comparative  meaning, as given through similar occurrences.
  • Sod (סוֹד) (pronounced with a long O as in ‘sore’) — “secret” (“mystery”) or the esoteric/mystical meaning, as given through inspiration or revelation.

Each type of Pardes interpretation examines the extended meaning of a text. As a general rule, the extended meaning never contradicts the base meaning. The Peshat means the plain or contextual meaning of the text. Remez is the allegorical meaning. Derash includes the metaphorical meaning, and Sod represents the hidden meaning. There is often considerable overlap, for example when legal understandings of a verse are influenced by mystical interpretations or when a “hint” is determined by comparing a word with other instances of the same word. (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pardes_%28Jewish_exegesis%29

One good example of how this works is seen in the scripture where Yeshua talks about “The Rich Man And Lazarus.” It should be noted that whenever you read a story that Yeshua relates, and it looks like a parable that includes a person’s name (like Lazarus for example) it is a true story that Yeshua is using as an allegory. The story about Lazarus and The Rich Man tells an actual occurrence that can be used for spiritual teaching, that speaks of the dangers of being greedy and speaks to the heart about repentance.

If someone says that a scripture is spiritual only or literal only the are wrong and anything that they say should be examined for flaw using scripture as a basis.

If you’re still in doubt, check the original language:

We know that we need to look at everything through the lens of scripture. There are times, however, when the lens of scripture seems to be a bit cloudy. We should also ask Yahweh in prayer to help us to understand scriptures which are not quite clear. Many times, Yahweh will direct us to the original languages (Hebrew and Greek) in order to get a more clear look at the meaning and intention that the original writers inscribed as they received. There was a group of people mentioned in the Book of Acts that did just this; they were called the Bereans. In the following account we read:

And the brethren immediately sent away Paul and Silas by night unto Berea: who coming thither went into the synagogue of the Jews. These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so. Therefore many of them believed; also of honourable women which were Greeks, and of men, not a few. Acts 17:10-12

The Bereans were a group of Jews that checked everything with Scripture. It was because of their knowledge of Yahweh’s Word that caused them to believe in Yeshua Ha Mashiach when they heard the news about Him.

As I mentioned, checking the original languages is very important when things aren’t quite clear, or things just don’t seem to make sense. One such scripture is found in Revelation, and when I did a Greek study of the following scripture I found something very interesting:

And the angel which I saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven, And sware by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven, and the things that therein are, and the earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer: But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets. Revelation 10:5-7

 Doing a Greek study of the words that I have placed in bold in the scripture above we come to an entirely different idea of what the angel is actually saying. To anyone looking at the phrase it would appear to mean that the angel is proclaiming that the time of Tribulation has come to an end, and in some aspects, it is approaching an end at this point in future history. However, the Greek transliteration of those words reveals something very different:

There should be: esomai – shall be or will be

Time: chronos – time or space – space/time as in the continuum.

No: ou – no

Longer: eti – of a thing which went on formerly, whereas now a different state of things exists or has begun to exist

(Source: Strongs Exhaustive Concordance at www.blueletterbible.org)

So, instead of talking about the literal end of the Tribulation Period, it is saying that at the end of the Tribulation Period, Yahweh is going to take space/time and eliminate it, changing it into something else. Perhaps that by eliminating space/time as we know it Yahweh is going to open up the window of the spiritual dimension so that mankind can actually see the demons and fallen angels that they have been idolizing and serving. That’s just an assumption of course.

If you’re getting a message from a spirit and it contradicts scripture, it is a false message:

It stands to reason that since we’re walking in the Light of Yeshua; there will be spirits, opposed to Yeshua who will want to lead us astray. It is imperative that we test everything, like the Berean’s, did when it came to scripture, looking to see if what we are hearing can be verified by Scripture.

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. 1 John 4:1


Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; 1 Timothy 4:1

As I mentioned earlier, there are deceivers who will take one scripture and will use it to fulfill their lust or will use it to create false doctrine. If we know scripture and/or search things out before we take them on as fact, we will save ourselves a lot of grief and we’ll walk in the truth.

Prophecy is finished. There is no new prophecy and anything gotten must have a scriptural basis with two or more scriptures.

First off, I’m not saying that all prophecy has been fulfilled. I’m saying that what Yahweh has said in the way of prophecy is complete. Modern day prophets are bound by this and there is nothing that can be added to prophesy. We are warned in this regard at the end of the Book of Revelation:

For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book. Revelation 22:18-19

Some of you are probably saying that this warning only has to do with the Book of Revelation. But notice that these are the last words of the Bible itself. The whole Bible; Tanakh and Brit Hadasha is part of one book, the whole Bible, which incidentally means “BOOK.” Therefore I take it quite literally to mean that if anyone takes away or adds to any part of the Bible as a whole, the plagues and loss of being numbered with the Saints is valid.

There are those, particularly those in the NAR (New Apostolic Revival) who call themselves prophets and have laid out a hierarchy of prophets. They have said that there can be a new prophetic revelation; that is, new revelation as opposed to old revelation brought to light through dreams, visions, and words of knowledge. If any of those three are experienced or uttered, they better well have verification through scripture that already exists. One good source that talks in depth about the NAR, states:

The primary role of prophets, as taught in the NAR movement, is to receive new divine revelation. Thus, prophets are seen by many NAR leaders as filling the second highest office in church governmentsecond only to the apostles.

Though prophets are often viewed as second in authority to apostles, it should be noted that some prominent NAR leaders, such as prophet Bill Hamon, see prophets and apostles as equal partners. This difference aside, most NAR leaders, including Hamon, teacheither explicitly or through implicationthat apostles and prophets together fill the two highest offices in church government. The reason for their greater authority is because these two offices alone receive and implement new divine revelation. Pastors, teachers and evangelists — in contrast — do not generally receive new revelation, according to NAR leaders. Thus, their roles are limited to teaching the new revelation that has been received by the NAR apostles and prophets and the older revelation contained in the Bible.

NAR prophets are not expected to be 100 percent accurate in their predictions. Thus, they still can be considered legitimate prophets even when they make errors. Critics of the NAR movement believe this toleration of false prophecies is in direct contradiction to the Bible’s teaching that a key sign of a false prophet is giving erroneous, or false, predictions (Deuteronomy 18:20-22). Some NAR prophets who have made highly publicized, erroneous predictions — yet still are considered true prophets — include Kim Clement and Rick Joyner.

Yet, the majority of prophecies given by NAR prophets today are not specific predictions. Rather, most of their predictions are worded so vaguely that it would be difficult to determine whether or not they were ever fulfilled. Critics of the NAR movement view this practice — of giving vague, non-specific prophecies — as a tactic designed to cover up failed prophecies.

Not holding false prophets accountable for their falseness is unbiblical and dead wrong. If a person is hearing from the Ruach Ha Kodesh they will be right 100% of the time. Perhaps the problem today is that the false prophets aren’t treated like false prophets should be treated. If they were stoned, scripture tells us to do then there would be a lot fewer people running around flapping their lips and trying to gain recognition.

In Summation:

The sum of all things where this blog entry is concerned is that we need to be careful. We need to realize that those little punctuation points are there for a reason, and making a mistake by not reading them or not using them could mean the difference between correct and incorrect interpretation. If you are going to refer to a scripture so as to use it for correction of someone you had darn well better know the whole context of the body of scripture that surrounds the one that you’re focusing on.

In addition, scripture is never intended to kill or destroy another brother or sister. It can be used against Satan and his adversaries quite effectively; just refer to Yeshua when he was tempted out in the wilderness; he always answered the enemy with the Word of Yahweh. Scripture can be used to judge the fruit of a person, whether they are bearing good fruit or bad fruit. It is the litmus test as to what is right and what is wrong. It then can be used to instruct those who are using it out of ignorance and to chastise those who are deliberately twisting to suit their own agendas or the agendas of others.

I believe however that whenever we study scripture and we think that we are being led to use it for instruction and/or reprimand, or just for plain old studying; that we pray for Yeshua to send the Ruach Ha Kodesh to instruct us in all righteousness. We should never be quick to offer a word or a reprimand and we should do as King David practiced; he meditated on the Word (Law) of Yahweh day and night. As we get to know the author of Scripture more and more we get to know His reason and intent for everything that He has dictated to man through His Holy Word.

At our church our pastor has led us through the book of Genesis for the past year. I know, that sounds like a long time to go through just one of the books, but it was well worth it. Our pastor, Kelly Graham doesn’t believe in rushing through things and possibly missing out on what might be a crucial verse or scripture lesson. It’s been an awesome study. I was just thinking that if we took a year for each book we would finish our first run through the Bible in 65 years. Well, I’m willing to sit and study for that long if Yahweh allows me to live to 121 years old. Imagine being called to live that long in this sick and dying world. It would be more like a prison sentence than a long life.

One of the factoids that can be seen in the Book of Genesis is that there are a few instances where Yahweh uses the lesser rather than the greater; or should I say he used the younger rather than the older, the one who is supposed to have all of the blessing.

The first such case would be when Yahweh chooses Yitzak over Yishmael. Any way that you look at it, the birth of Ishmael was a big blunder, first because it showed a lack of faith on Abraham’s part, second because he listened to his wife instead of waiting on Yahweh, and third because the birth of Yishmael brought about the people who are causing most of the strife in this world today, namely the Arabs and other descendants of Yishmael. Yahweh knew that the promise would come through Yitzak.

The second case where we see the younger supplanting the older is with the births of Esau and Ya’acov. Remember that Rebecca received a promise from Yahweh that Ya’acov would become great and that Yahweh would choose the him. There was contention even while the baby’s were in Rebecca’s womb; scripture telling us that the children wrestled within the womb. We may never know if perhaps Ya’acov was supposed to be born first and Esau supplanted him in birth, but we know that Yahweh knew the outcome because He told Rebecca that the older would serve the younger. In all situations, Yahweh prevails as victor. We know there rest of the account, how Esau sold his birthright to Ya’acov for a bowl of stew and later how Ya’acov, at the urging of his mother, tricked his father Yitzak into giving him the family blessing instead of Esau. This caused Ya’akov problems throughout his lifetime, but it accomplished Yahweh’s will throughout all subsequent generations.

At the end of Genesis, we see how the younger again received the double portion of blessing. Yehuda received the Messianic blessing; thus we know Yeshua as The Lion of The Tribe of Yehuda, but something very interesting happened when it came to Yosef’s sons. Remember that Yosef was two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim, both born to their Egyptian mother. At the end of his life, when Yisrael (AKA Ya’acov) was handing out blessings, Yosef brought his two sons to Yisrael to receive their blessings. Manasseh was the oldest and Ephraim the youngest. We’re also told that Yisrael adopted the two boys as his own sons. That seems strange, until you realize that they were born to an Egyptian mother, outside of the promise line and had to be redeemed by Yisrael so that they could receive a promise. Apart from the adoption, they would have been bastard children in the lineage of Yisrael and could not be afforded any promise or any other blessings. Later in the history there would be a split in the Children of Yisrael to where one kingdom would be called Yehuda and the other Ephraim. We see that the youngest son of the next to youngest son received a blessing.

As far as I can tell, through the research that I’ve done for quite a long time, it has always been the custom of most of the world to bestow blessings and/or money and power to the oldest child. And for the most part, the one receiving the blessing would be a male.

As many of you know, I am a Heinz 57 when it comes to my lineage. My knowledge is that I am German, Italian, Danish, Polish, Austrian and of course my paternal great-grandmother was Jewish. From what I can ascertain, the blessing of the oldest son was paramount in all of the cultures that I descended from. My surname is Italian, meaning that most associate me with having southern European heritage. Italians are notorious for the blessing of the oldest son. My grandfather was no exception. The first to be born was my uncle Warren, then my uncle John and then my dad, James Ruffino. Although it was not blatantly practiced, it was easy to see how my grandfather favored my Uncle Warren and his descendants. Warren was the image of perfection to my grandparents, as were his offspring. My cousins were always offered the best first and what was left over fell to my Uncle John’s son Larry and finally to my dad’s offspring. I’m not jealous about this, and never have been because I knew my dad’s heart and how he loved my sister and me. I saw the favoritism of my grandfather toward the older brothers and how my dad seemed to be a burden to my grandfather. I also saw how Yahweh was with us all the time.

So what do I mean when I say that I saw how Yahweh was with us all the time? Well, our family was different than all other families in our neighborhood. Our neighborhood consisted mostly of people from European descent, meaning that it consisted of Italians, Germans, Poles with a few Irish and Spanish thrown in. If you’re adept at knowing such populations, you know that for the most part, these ethnicity’s tend to be Roman Catholic where religion is concerned. My grandfather was the exception. When he was a young man he decided that he was tired of the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church and converted to become a Lutheran. I think that this partly had to do with my grandmother whose people were Lutheran, but the fact is that grandpa left Catholicism, something that Italians rarely do because when they do they are usually spurned by those that still remain Catholic. Personally, as my grandfather confirmed to me, he also felt led to leave his former religion, as though it was a calling he felt compelled to follow.

Another thing that always made me feel proud was that my grandfather was probably the only man of Italian descent that didn’t take bribes, graft and he didn’t bow to the pressure to break the law like many other Italians did. We always heard how grandpa was “into politics” when he was younger. I later found out that this consisted of him being the city health inspector, a position that was given out by the elected officials of our town. He was often asked to look the other way or take money so as to falsify reports, which he never did, much to the chagrin of those above him. Consequently, those same people tried to defame my grandfather and falsely accuse him of many things, all of those false reports falling by the wayside, I think, because my grandfather had Yahweh’s  favor. So, if our family did have special favor with  Yahweh, it was because my grandfather wanted to be righteous and act righteous and Yahweh rewarded him by showing grace and prosperity to not only grandpa, but his sons and his son’s sons.

My dad was a construction works, a plumber by trade when he was young and later a pipefitter. My dad wasn’t one to play politics either, which isn’t a good thing when you belong to a Union. Dad would quit jobs when he found out that certain nefarious people were running the job or if he knew that something crooked was going on. Frankly, dad was out of work a lot. Even though unemployment often hinders people and causes them to bend to the pressures that dad was put under, he never budged from his convictions. And, although he was out of work a lot, we always had money from one source or another. We never starved and we always had clean clothes on our backs and we always had a roof over our heads. I’m not trying to paint a picture that things were totally easy for us, but things could have been much worse. However bad it may have seemed at times, we always had our needs met and Yahweh’s provision was always for us and to us.

When my dad was an older man and he was born again we would talk a lot. Dad always gave Yahweh the credit for the times when Yahweh fed us, housed us and clothed us and dad knew that there was some sort of special calling on us. My uncles on the other hand always had provision through work. They had the big cars, the nice homes and all of the things that they could provide for themselves. My older uncle and his wife were known to be skinflints. They saved every dollar that they made and when they were older they never lacked for anything. The memory that their kids have of their parents are memories of always getting the cheapest clothing and such. One of my cousins told me that when she was old enough to work, she was responsible for providing her own feminine products. Her brother never had a new pair of Levi’s Jeans until he was able to work and buy them for himself. This sort of paints a picture of how their parents were when it came to providing for family. Where my dad and mom bought things for us sometimes in their poverty and prayed for the provision, my older uncle could provide for their kids and aside from the basic necessities, then never provided anything else.

I’m like my grandfather in so many ways. When I was a young child my mother used to take me to her church; the little Episcopal Church down the street. The Reverend was a nice man and my sister and I were friends with their two younger children. Irregardless, being a child in an Episcopal church is like being a child attending meetings at the Elks Club or some other sort of fraternity that caters mostly to adults. After a while I hated going and fought tooth and nail to stay home with my dad on Sundays. Even at that early age I knew that there really was nothing at the Episcopal Church for anyone that wanted to know Yahweh in any intimate sort of manner. So I went for the next few years trying to find fulfillment; drugs, alcohol and a variety of other religions that seemed to be “fun” and not the boring old stuff shirted religion that mainstream Christianity offered.

A few years later I felt yoked to things that weren’t fulfilling and I started to forage around for the meaning of life; the real meaning of life. Without going through the story again (which can be found on numerous places on my website), I came to faith in Yeshua on July 21, 1979. Right away I knew that this was the destiny that Yahweh had for me; Yeshua was without a doubt, the answer.

It’s almost odd how Yahweh works in saved people. You have to understand that my dad and I had what could only be termed a sarcastic relationship. He liked to rub me the wrong way and I did the same to him and it caused us to fight a lot. Looking back I think that the whole thing stemmed from the fact that I liked to disrespect my dad and before my conversion, I excelled at it. However, just a couple of months after I came to faith in Yeshua dad pulled me aside to ask me a few questions. He said that he noticed that I had become sort of withdrawn and didn’t go out a lot. He asked me why and with the same breath asked me why I had stopped giving him a hard time. I simply told him that I had become a believer in Yeshua and that the Bible said that I had to respect him. I kid you not, within two weeks my dad was in church giving his life to Yeshua, followed by my mom and my sister and, my grandmother who dedicated her life to Yeshua. Within one year Yahweh had saved most of my family and it was glorious; we fell like domino’s and it was glorious.

While in our family it seemed that we came to faith quite easily it isn’t always the case with other families. We all know family’s where only a couple of people come to the saving grace of Yeshua and they’re always known as the family oddities that are belittled and defamed throughout their lives by not so well meaning family members. However, I do think that if a family comes to faith in the simpleness and quick timing that our family did, there had to be some sort of promise that was being fulfilled. It wasn’t coincidence and it wasn’t good fortune that things happened the way that they did, there was a calling, a predestination if you will, to the calling of our line, from my grandfather, to my dad and to my siblings.

As I mentioned earlier, there are many parallels in what happened with the Patriarchs of Israel, in the choosing of the younger over the older and the subsequent blessings that come with a calling I feel that has been placed on my family. My dad was never the favorite of my grandfather, in fact, they bumped head quite often and many times it seemed that my grandfather loved my dad because it was his duty to love him simply because it was a family obligation. Although my grandfather fell into the trap of following a deeply ingrained tradition of honoring the oldest child, Yahweh had other plans and they played out fine and well.

I know that there are many Christians that choose not to believe in predestination because they see it as a Calvinist idea and they hate some of the steps of Calvinism. However, when you see predestination play out in your own family and you see how the things that happened in the line of Abraham tend to play out in your own family it pretty well erases any doubt that there are simply those who Yahweh chooses in families and some that he does not choose. You can have people born to the same mother and father and who are raised basically the same (with some idiosyncrasies like in my family) and yet some seem to get the Gospel Message while other fail to see it.

Now in all fairness to my uncles, I do have to make qualifying statements. My oldest uncle, who went the Jehovah’s Witness way seemed to come to the truth toward the end of his life. When I talked to him he assured me that he knew Yeshua as His way, truth and life and that he believed in Yeshua’s deity. That gave me great comfort for sure. My middle uncle I’m not so sure about. He didn’t really want to talk much about religion and changed the subject when it was brought up. I did write him a letter, telling him about the Love of Yeshua, Yeshua’s purpose, and the Good News of the Gospel. I asked him to consider all of those things and told him about my dad and my grandfather whom I’m sure are in Heaven with Yeshua. I told him that I would be sad if he wasn’t there, seeing that he was my favorite uncle and I was so much like him in many ways. I know he read the letter because he thanked me for it. I can only hope that he made a decision for Yeshua before he drew his last breath.

So, to say that the long Bible study was boring is so untrue. I got to see for the first time how much our family paralleled that of the Patriarchs of Genesis, and how when a line of people is called to Righteousness, there is no one and no situation that will stop it. Like my dad told me many years ago, it seems that there is a special purpose for our family and he knew, even before he knew Yeshua personally, that Yahweh was watching out for us and he knew that we were somehow called to something other than the simple circle of life that so many people live out in their day to day existence.

So, am I bragging about what I have asserted? Well, yes and no. No, we’re not any more special than any other believer in Yeshua, at least from my estimation. And then you have to consider the scripture that says “to who much is given, much is required,” which is a scary notion. I would be remiss if I stated that I am the sort of person that steps up and volunteers for things. The flesh would rather that others do the work and toil for things. That is just common human nature. However, knowing that there is a special purpose in our calling makes me want to step up for such things. I mean after all, Yahweh is standing at the end of time and He’s seen everything that has happened, is currently happening and will happen in the future. It is much easier to step up for tasks than it is to avoid them, knowing that you are probably destined for such things and knowing that being destined for things Yahweh’s going to work in you whether you like it or not. I’m reminded of Jonah who was told to preach to Nineveh but decided to head the other way instead, only to have to live in the belly of a great fish until Yahweh knew that He would comply with Yahweh’s wishes. It’s easier to go with Yahweh flow than it is to swim against His current; which is a stupid decision that never comes to any good.

Again, am I bragging? Well, definitely yes. Yes I brag in Yahweh, whom, out of the almost eight billion people on earth, chose me and my family, and other families and individuals like me for special purposes. He knows that in my flesh I’m really a worthless good-for-nothing, but through His Ruach and through obedience to His Commandments, can be more than a conquerer through His Son Yeshua. From before the foundation of the world He knew that He would call me and all others like me; good for nothing people on our own accord, who were, through the Blood of Yeshua, destined for great exploits and bringing glory to the Name of Yahweh; Yeshua Ha Mashiach.

I know that there are others who know, feel or sense the same calling. I’ve met some of you already. I hope to meet many more before our time on this Earth is finished. And, if I don’t meet you before His return, I know I’ll meet you at that return, or sometime soon afterward.

Quite a few years ago I noticed that there was a strange sort of contrail that came from the back of jet liners as they flew over where I lived at the time. I noticed that the contrails did not dissipate after the plane had left our region of sky but instead they seemed to fan out and many of them would seem to join, turning a beautiful blue sky into a hazy gray sky. Of course the anomaly that I was seeing caused me to do some research. Early on it was hard to find anything on the phenomena and when I would talk with people about it I was dismissed as being a kook that wrote a conspiracy into a normal thing.

As the years went by it became apparent that many others were seeing the same thing that I was and that it was anomalous and unlike the contrails that we had been used to, even as young children. I started to read stories about these trails, that came to be labeled Chemtrails, were actually descending from the sky at times and settling to the ground. I learned that people that came into contact with the material sometimes became sick with a variety of different symptoms, some as simple as symptoms of the common cold but others with things called Morgellons. Morgellons have yet to be identified, but they appear to be some sort of particle or parasite that lives under and emerges from the skin from time to time. As you would guess, those who report having Morgellons are labeled as delusional. I have not personally seen a Margollon, but I have received many descriptions from people who have, and they appear to be real.

Around 2005 I became friends with Jim Wilhelmsen, a researcher from Roswell, New Mexico. Aside from being an avid researcher, Jim liked to ride his motorcycle. He tells a story of riding his bike somewhere near Roswell and during the ride he says that something started to descend from the sky; a substance that could not be avoided. Without protection and open to the elements, Jim breathed the substance in and continued his ride. Afterward, Jim started to experience mid to lower respiratory symptoms and was laid up for a while. He seemed to get better but from time to time his symptoms would flare up and he would feel sick again. Later he would be diagnosed with a precancerous condition for which he received treatment. Jim’s still alive and kicking, proving that Yahweh has other plans for Jim’s life.

When I was a  kid I had to attend gym class like all of the other kids. Whenever we had running exercises I would always feel a tightness in my larnyx (throat) but being a kid I though that this was normal and all of those that ran got the same feeling. Thinking back now I can deduce that I had a little bit of asthma, but nothing debilitating and it never really effected my life. Aside from that, I was a totally healthy child who grew up into a totally healthy man. As far as my lungs are concerned, I did get pneumonia back around 1985 but that was cured with a regimen of penicillin and I never had any ill side effects afterward. I rarely got sick as an adult. Oh, I had the occasional flu and some colds, but I always got over them quickly and completely.

Back in 2007 I met a wonderful woman online and we made plans to meet in April of 2008. It was a hard time for Lourdes because here sister died from colon cancer in December of the prior year and her mother died from emphysema late in February of 2008. We decided that toward the middle of April would be a good time to meet. I would ask for her father’s hand in marriage and propose at the end of this almost month long trip.

I boarded the only flight that left for Mexico City around midnight. The red-eye flight was the only flight offered from Sacramento airport. I tried to sleep but really couldn’t. It was at dawn that I looked out of my seat’s window and noticed that we were cutting through some funny looking clouds. The clouds were parallel to our flight plan and I could see about six pair of these clouds. It was then that I realized that we were cutting through a chemtrail that some airplane had left there previously. I didn’t worry too much seeing that someone that I thought was wise had informed me that jet liners never take in outside air, but they recycle the air that is in the cabin. Therefore I reasoned, the chemtrail material would stay outside and not affect me.

After a short layover in Guadalajara for a custom’s check we boarded back onto the plane to continue to Mexico City. My future wife met me in the airport and we were brought back to their home by their family’s driver. On the way to their family home I started to get a tickle in my throat which turned into a cough by the time that we arrived in the Florida District of Mexico City. To make a long story short, that little tickle turned into an unproductive cough that persisted not only during my weeks in Mexico City, but for about three months after I returned back to California. I remember thinking, “oh great, her dad is going to think that I have TB or something.” I am sure that the pollution in Mexico City didn’t help my condition, but I grew up in Bergen County, New Jersey where the air was constantly polluted and I drove through plumes of DDT spray when I was a kid and it never caused me this kind of breathing problem.

So after I finally recovered it was time for me to fly back to Mexico City to marry Lourdes. We decided to have an actual wedding for her family’s sake and then we would have a wedding in California three months later to satisfy the Immigration Authorities. We married just a few days after I arrived and then we went to Tepotzlan to spend out honeymoon night there and then for almost two weeks at a friend’s home on the mountainside of Acapulco Bay. I had not ill lung effects during that time. If it had been Mexico City’s air pollution I should have been affected during my few days there.

I noticed that while we were married and living in Sacramento I would get an occasional flareup of what the doctors labeled bronchitis. I had never had bronchitis in my life prior to this, EVER! When respiratory illness went around, if I caught the but it would last for months while others got over it in a week or so. I found this alarming but never put my finger on it. At the end of December of 2010 my Lourdes succumbed to meningitis brought on by a burst brain abscess. After close to a year of mourning I met and later married my current wife. I moved to the Willamette Valley of Oregon which is where she lived and we married a few weeks later. My wife has three daughters by her first husband and each of them have children, all whom are very dear to me. Two of the youngest’s daughter’s children have chronic asthma and often they would spend time with us. I remember one October her two younger children came to spend the weekend with us and her little girl coughed in my face. About three days later I came down with bronchitis and it lasted until around the first of the year. I had no sooner gotten better than the kids spent more time with us and the little girl coughed again which resulted in three more months of bronchitis. The next couple of years were relatively bronchitis free and I thought that I was on the mend, finally. At or around November of 2015 I was teaching at a local trade college. At that time a upper respiratory bug was going around that was nasty even to people without breathing problems. Of course I caught it even though I isolated myself from the students in the class and washed my hands like we nurses have always been trained to do. At the middle of February I decided to go and see a doctor who diagnosed me with asthmatic bronchitis. He gave me inhalers and sent me home. A month later I returned to the doctor because if anything, the condition was worse. I was given a stronger inhaler and sent home. Not getting results from a medical group that didn’t seem to want to fix things I saw an outside doctor who increased my inhaler strength again and gave me a script for Singulair. I actually started to feel better. Right around this time I started a new job and I had to climb some stairs to get into the building and found that I was very winded, so after taking the Singulair I actually got some of my breathing back. The problem is that even today my breathing is still a little diminished and I still wheeze quite a bit, both indications that asthma still exists.

Back during the time that my granddaughter coughed on me and I got the bad bronchitis I started to do more serious research. First, I found out that jet liners really do take in air from the outside, so it is very possible that I was exposed to whatever that chemtrail contained. I also compared symptoms with Jim Wilhelmsen and noticed that many of them were the same. I went online to research from the small and independent researchers, you know the kind, those who are not associated with any interests that could cause them to lie. I found one particular site run by a man named Russ Tanner. I found it very informative and helpful. I found something that I had never seen before, but that others have both suffered from and have named, they call it Chemtrail Flu.

The problem with the Chemtrail Flu is that it seems to be something that becomes a chronic condition. It is as if it waits in the shadows for a primary infection, like the common cold or the common flu and then it kicks into gear, making something that healthy people get over quickly into something that is almost debilitating. I have told my wife that during the fall, winter and spring that I really need to know that the grandchildren are not infected with any sort of virus or bacterial infection. We have resolved that if either of us gets sick that I will retreat to the living room couch, easy-chair or upstairs to the spare bedroom. Getting any sickness that has to do with breathing isn’t good for me. I have to be more diligent at work and outside the home to wash hands like my life depends on it, but it may well be that way.

So why would the government or any company want to spray something into the air that would affect people in such an evil way? Well, if you’ve ever read the edicts on the Georgia Guidestones, you know that the Elites would like for the population of the Earth to be lowered to no more than five hundred million people. Given today’s world population of 7.2 billion people, that would mean they would have to cause the deaths of just under 7 billion people. I would say that aside from dropping a nuclear device on large population areas (which would destroy the earth) the best way and the fastest way is to create an illness that will take out hundreds of millions if not billions of people. The plague in Europe back in the Middle Ages killed millions of people as well as the Spanish Influenza epidemic back around 1917. My paternal great grandmother lost four siblings from influenza during that time frame. One way to destroy a people is to take away their defenses, or to weaken them so that someone or something else can destroy them. By giving people like myself a predisposition to getting bad cases of bronchitis after simple flulike illnesses is a perfect way to rid the world of what the Elites call “undesirables.”

Another way that the Elites can destroy us is by the use of GMO foods. It’s a fact that all corn grown in the US has been genetically modified. Much of it is modified so that it has a much higher fructose content. Before we had a falling out with Cuba we imported a lot of sugar grown from sugarcane. It was a natural and untainted sugar source. When our population was smaller in the US the supply of cane sugar from Hawaii and Cuba was enough to sustain the demand in the US. When products from Cuba were banned the supply of sugar from Hawaii didn’t meet the demand of the US population so manufacturers started to use corn fructose made from real corn. When science caught up and was able to produce corn with a higher fructose content something called High Fructose Corn Syrup was utilized to sweeten products. The problem is that HFCS cannot be produced properly in the human body and it affects the liver negatively plus it causes fatty deposits to build up on our organs. A snippet from an article written by someone at Harvard University explains it well. Be sure to click on the link to the full article after you finish this blog entry:

The entry of fructose into the liver kicks off a series of complex chemical transformations. (You can see a diagram of these at health.harvard.edu/172.) One remarkable change is that the liver uses fructose, a carbohydrate, to create fat. This process is called lipogenesis. Give the liver enough fructose, and tiny fat droplets begin to accumulate in liver cells (see figure). This buildup is called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, because it looks just like what happens in the livers of people who drink too much alcohol.

Virtually unknown before 1980, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease now affects up to 30% of adults in the United States and other developed countries, and between 70% and 90% of those who are obese or who have diabetes.

Early on, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is reversible. At some point, though, the liver can become inflamed. This can cause the low-grade damage known as nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (steato meaning fat and hepatitis meaning liver inflammation). If the inflammation becomes severe, it can lead to cirrhosis — an accumulation of scar tissue and the subsequent degeneration of liver function. [Source: http://www.health.harvard.edu/heart-health/abundance-of-fructose-not-good-for-the-liver-heart]

What most fail to realize is that Corporate America is for the most part parasitic in nature. A parasite is defined as something that lives off a host life-form. With companies like Monsanto the produce products that destroy us from the inside while they work in concert with other companies that destroy us from the outside and with drug companies that keep us alive as long as possible so that every possible dollar can be taken before we finally succumb. All of the food is tainted, the water is rapidly being undrinkable and the drug companies are keeping up pace just enough to keep us alive to suffer a miserable existence through a variety of diseases and conditions that we all need drugs for along with food to sustain us, or so they say.

A few years ago I met a woman who was a friend of a friend. This woman is environmentally conscience and stands up for such causes. I asked this woman what her thoughts were on Chemtrails. She said that she knew that they are real. She also said something that totally blew me aside. She said that a friend of hers had a meeting with Barack Obama who confided in her that Chemtrails are real and that they are being used to protect us from the sun during our crisis of global warming. Basically, they are used to bounce radiation back into space and guard us from the sun’s harmful rays, according to Obama.

The thing is this, that is what clouds do. Clouds filter harmful UV rays. Then let me pose a question that blows the global warming theory out of the water. Living in Oregon I have flown from Portland to other destinations. We have a lot of rain in Oregon and also a lot of clouds. When leaving Portland and also arriving there I have personally seen chemtrails above the rain clouds. Why spray above something that is going to do what chemtrails are supposed to do, and much more effectively than chemtrails. The answer is simply that they want the ingredients in the chemtrails to mix with the clouds so that it can intermingle with the rain and bring whatever is in those chemtrails right down to our doorsteps, our lawns and our whole terrestrial environment. Those who are in charge of chemtrail spraying are insidious people and they know just how to affect us and infect us. They are implicit in carrying out the first of the Georgia Guidestone’s Illuminati Ten Commandments, “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

What I expect is that someday, when they are ready, we will witness one of the most devious and purposeful flu epidemics that has ever been unleashed against humanity. Many of us with weakened respiratory systems will probably not survive without divine intervention. Others, who have eaten beef tainted with hormones and antibiotics along with those who have eaten vegetables tainted with pesticides will succumb because they have compromised immune systems. Those who have insisted on getting vaccine injections will succumb too because their immune systems have been severely compromised because of mercury in the injections as well as the DNA of other plants and animals that are used to produce the vaccines. It will be a literal holocaust epidemic that very few will escape.

If you would like to read more about Chemtrail Flu then please click here to go to Global Skywatch where you will find a plethora of information.