05. Cults, Movements, Religions and Deliverance

Preamble: The following story if from my good friend and sister in Yeshua, Lori. She posted this article on Facebook just after the second election of Barack Obama. Having escaped to the United States with her family during the early days of Communism she shares some interesting insights for those who think that Obama’s Communism will somehow “save” America. My question to my fellow Americans is; where will we escape to?

From Communism to Freedom – One Family’s Story of
Courage, Survival and Divine Providence in Yeshua (Jesus)

I was born in Cuba two years after Castro took over. He came into power wearing a cross around his neck preaching HOPE AND CHANGE. Sound familiar? Anyway, Cuba had been communist before him but American companies were allowed into the Island so it wasn’t too bad. Castro quickly took over the schools so as to spread his poison to young minds. From the time I started school I was afraid because my teacher was a die-hard communist and knew that my family wasn’t so to punish me she grabbed me by the shoulders and threw me in my desk, causing me to fear schools for the rest of my life. The teachers taught us that there was no God and to prove her point she would ask us to pray to God for a bicycle and we would not get one but if we joined the communist party we could have any toy we wanted. Unless you had family at home to show you the truth, you just believed their lies.

Before the Cuban government knew that we were planning on leaving (by the way, we couldn’t leave freely, we had to be rescued) my father made some preparations by copying his medical diploma and smuggling it out of Cuba before anyone knew. Knowing that we were not allowed to give any of our belongings away, my mother would dress my sister and I in layers of clothing and walk to friends and cousin’s homes and take the under layers off and leave them with our loved ones. We were children and couldn’t be trusted not to speak of anything at school so my parents wouldn’t tell us what was going on…one wrong word and my dad would have been arrested because in a communist country, the government owns EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING!! If they want to come into your home and take anything out, there’s nothing you can do about it.

When the time was right my father entered our names into a Catholic relief program. If we were chosen to be rescued then my family who lived in the US had to come up with $200 for each of us (there were 5–mom and dad, my dad’s great aunt and my sister and I) to pay as a ransom to the Cuban government at which time our name was placed on an enemy’s list and we were put on a two year probation until our names were called to have passage out of Cuba. At the beginning of the two years a government official came into our home and did an inventory of everything we owned and at the end of the two years, he would come back and do another inventory and if there was anything missing or broken, my dad would be arrested as a political prisoner and the rest of us would be homeless because once you are on that enemy’s list, you are NEVER ALLOWE HOUSING IN CUBA AGAIN. If we made any mistake the same scenario would happen, dad would be arrested and we would be homeless. Also, at the beginning of this two year period, all our rights were taken away, what little we had I mean. including the right to buy and sell anything.

For the following two years as the Cuban government meant for us to starve to death, God fed us. Like manna from Heaven, every morning on the back window sill of the house, we found enough food to survive for that day….no more and no less. Just enough (like in the Bible…God is sooo GOOD!! (happy tear)….In Cuba, everything is rationed, you are told how much food you can buy and when you can buy it according to the number of people in your family. A family of five is allowed 5lbs of rice and 3lbs of chicken PER MONTH!!!! Milk is considered a luxury….yes, you heard me right MILK IS A LUXURY….You are only allowed to purchase milk if you have a family member under 7 or over 60. The people that snuck food to our house SACRIFICED their provisions for us!!!!! The first miracle!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!! My dad’s great aunt had lived in his house for a total of 15 years. she had rented her little shack in the country for $5 a month for those 15 years. Someone turned her into the government and we were made to pay her back rent before she was allowed to leave with us. Another sacrifice!!! Relatives, neighbors and friends collected that money to pay for my great aunt to leave with us. Had she stayed she would have died because my dad was her only living relative. She died in Kentucky 6 months after we arrived in the US…she had a short change to taste freedom!! THANK YOU JESUS!!

During our probation my sister and I were punished in school for being children of “traitors”…we were not allowed to use the bathroom for the entire two year period; if we had an “accident” the teacher would call attention to us and ridicule us in front of the entire class….I WAS 6 AND MY SISTER WAS 8 WHEN THIS STARTED….just kids!!! GGrrrr!!! The teacher would tell us that when we reached Miami there would be a firing squad at the airport to kill us….we believed her because firing squads were common in Cuba. The schools resembled prisons. There were rows of razor wire along the top of a chain link fence and an armed guard at every entrance. Parents were not allowed past that point. Schools are little communist factories!! .

While we were waiting to leave my father was forced to go to work in the hospital. EVERYONE WORKS FOR THE GOVERNMENT IN CUBA….even though we couldn’t drive the car, use the toaster or anything because we couldn’t take the chance of something being missing or broken at the second inventory….my dad would leave most of the food for us so a couple of times he passed out at work from lack of food and come home with stitches in his head. A while before we were to leave we were made to leave our home…..yup…we were kicked out of our own home so friends and neighbors took us in until our time had passed. My mom had to ride a bus to a government office where she would sit for hours waiting for our name to be called. Once she heard our name, she had just a few hours to gather the family and head to the airport…with no money, living in a cashless society we had to gather enough gas for a friend to take us to the airport. At the airport we were searched and my parents were stripped of their wedding bands (crying)…when we were on the plane and the wheels were in the air my dad began to sob. When mom asked him what was wrong all he could say is “We’re free!!! We’re finally free!!” When we touched down in Miami my sister and I clung to my parents in fear….we were expecting to see guns drawn and a firing squad. But instead the stewardess gave us a toy and a piece of gum…which we swallowed because we didn’t know what it was. Everyone was so nice but we were still so scared. We didn’t know the language or what was going on. All we were allowed to bring with us was the clothes on our backs…that’s it!!! My mom’s aunt and uncle took us in for the next few months until we were able to move into the slums of Miami. we had to hide in their apartment because if the landlord knew we were there they would have been charged more rent.

When my father found his first job he was thrilled. After being a doctor in Cuba most of his life he drove a taxi to put food on the table. He was 63 with emphysema, two cataracts and coronary heart disease. We moved in to an apartment in the slums, infested with roaches and rats but we were so proud that we were finally in the US. Mom slept during the day because we had to sleep on the floor while dad and his aunt slept in the only bed…mom sat in a chair all night with a broom to swat the rats and roaches away from my sister and I. One day mom was walking us to school and crying out to God out loud asking him for our next meal. As we walked up to an intersection, the food service truck that was trying to make the green light turned too quickly and the back door of the freezer truck swung open and a block of frozen fish fell out and slid right up to our feet!!! Mom raised her hands thanking God and praising him!! ANOTHER MIRACLE!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!

My dad used to study with a magnifying glass every night after work so he could pass the state board exam and be able to practice medicine again and feed his family. The board tests were expensive so he HAD to pass it on the first try which I am told is hard to do for an English speaking person, dad had to learn enough English medical terms to pass the first time. Dad passed the board test in Florida, Kentucky and Texas. We moved frequently because dad was always looking for a job that would pay more to support us so mom wouldn’t have to work. Mom never learned English…she was distrustful of most people until the day she died in 2002. When most people were ready to retire, dad had to start over in a strange country with no money and a family of 5 to take care of!! To this day I don’t know how he did it!!!!

Dad got a job in Kansas State Hospital and his job included an apartment on the grounds of the hospital. All he had to pay is utilities. Some of the bullies in our school zeroed in on my sister and I. I’m sure we stuck out like a sore thumb with home made clothes, no make up and frizzy hair since all we could afford to wash our hair with was ivory soap. I never knew about make up and conditioner till I was in High School and got my first job. Back to Kansas. The bullies made our lives a living hell for 4 years. They would stack furniture from the lobby of our apartment building in front of our door when they knew my dad was on call so he couldn’t get out and get fired. We weren’t allowed to have a dog in our apartment but we found a dog with a broken leg, dad mended his leg and asked the superintendent if we could keep the dog on the porch, the bullies found out about our dog and killed him. In the summer when mom would walk to the hospital post office, the bullies would link arms across the road so mom would have to walk through the briers while calling her sickening names in Spanish…some of them were from other Hispanic countries, some were Americans (my dad’s boss’s daughter was the leader). When my dad finally got a job in Kentucky we were thrilled. My parents never complained about the harassment because they didn’t understand that we had rights in America. They would tell us “Don’t complain, just take it….we are the foreigners here. They will ship us back to Cuba if we complain and that means death or jail.”

So we moved to Kentucky and I was in my first year of High School. I was behind in school and afraid of my shadow, not to mention angry and bitter at everyone!!! All I had known all my life at that point was fear and distrust!! I felt so angry that I would be ashamed to tell you of my daydreams about going back to Kansas and having my revenge. I felt dead inside. I was raised a catholic and was told all my life that I would go to Heaven when I died by way of purgatory depending on how “good” I was in life! I would do all the things I was told to do and still felt dead inside. I went to my priest several times and each time he would give me scripture to read and a “penance prayer” and was told I would be fine after that. I obeyed but still felt like I would go to hell if I were to die. I even enrolled in an Experiencing God” class at the catholic church…(laughing out loud).

When dad died I was dating a guy from my home town…I married him 3 months later…MISTAKE!! We were divorced a year later….when I met my husband of 29 years I was a mess!!! POOR GUY!! (Laughing out loud). He was saved and I was not…..I was always taught that even visiting another church was a mortal sin…so my husband would come to church with me but I resisted going to his until he said, “Hey! I go to your church so why don’t you go to mine…” So I did and heard the gospel for the first time in my life!! I was 28 years old and had just had my first daughter. We had opened up a Bridal shop and as I sat there alone with my baby beside me in her swing, the Holy Spirit got hold of my heart and every sin that I had committed came crashing down on me….I cried and cried trying to find peace by reading the Bible like the priest had told me….then I stopped, put my hands in the air and cried out…”JESUS HELP ME….SAVE ME!!” Just at that moment something changed!! I felt peace!!! I KNEW I HAD PEACE WITH GOD but I wasn’t sure what just happened……but I was a new creature!! Even my sister noticed that I was different but I’m not sure if she saw it as a good thing.

I KNOW I AM SAVED, THERE IS PROOF…..YOU WOULDN’T RECOGNIZE THE OLD ME IF I WERE POSTING HERE!! Jesus saved me!!!! And all I had to do is believe!!!! I LOVE JESUS SO MUCH…I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL I CAN FALL AT HIS FEET!!! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HIS FACE WITH MY PHYSICAL EYES!!! HE IS MY LIFE AND I WILL BE ETERNALLY GRATEFUL!! Cuba is predominately catholic and Santaria so if I still lived there I might be dead or dying in my sins because I might have never heard the gospel!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!

I am now happily married to the love of my life for almost 30 years. I have two daughters, Heather,26 and Hillary 21…and two wonderful son in laws, Kyle and Wes!! They are who I have prayed for since my children were toddlers!! God has gifted me in Art, I have no formal training so I owe it all to HIM….Thank you Jesus!! My life is a miracle…I KNOW IT!! I hope everyone that reads this considers the sacrifice that Jesus made for your sins and the sins of the world. All you have to do is believe that he died for your sins, was buried and rose again according to the scriptures (1 Corinthians 15:1-4)….believe this and you will also be saved!! May we be in Heaven together for eternity praising our maker, the Lord Jesus Christ!!

As most of you know I host a blog-talk radio show called Opposing The Matrix. The other host, Frank Castanette is both my pastor and my brother and he’s fastly becoming a best friend. We touch on many subjects that the Church fails to talk about in addition to other subjects that seem to divide believers in Yeshua.

One of those subjects is the celebration of Christmas. When I was a kid it seemed that everyone celebrated Christmas and the Jewish people in our neighborhood celebrated Hanukkah. Though of Jewish lineage I was brought up Episcopalian through my mother’s insistence that I go to church. Anyone who knows the Episcopal faith knows that it is just a stone’s throw away from Roman Catholicism where tradition is concerned. We just didn’t worship saints, Mary and we didn’t recognize the Pope as the supreme authority or Christ’s vicar here on Earth. It was alike in its boring doldrums of lethargies and to an adolescent boy it was sheer torture that I felt I was being put through. Thankfully it did give me some working knowledge of Mashiach, his work on the Cross and other key tenants of the faith. It also was very big on celebrating Christmas and Easter.

Right from the beginning I questioned Christmas. From a very young age I just couldn’t equate Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas Trees and decking the halls with all sorts of lights. What did these things have to do with the birth of our Savior. There wasn’t anything that I could see in the Bible that showed all of these things. My dad saw through this part of Christmas too; mainly seeing it as a way of merchants turning people who were barely making it into poor people who spent months catching up on debt only to repeat the cycle over and over again each year. OF course this went against the traditions that the womenfolk of the family had been engrained in the celebration for generations so dad was seen as a Grinch who had a bad attitude. I however understood him. I’m not going to say that I didn’t tear into the presents under the tree and I’m not going to say that I disliked the family atmosphere that was afforded during this season, but something just seemed wrong.

Adults in general don’t give credence to the feelings of kids or how they can discern certain things. I suppose that if I had asked questions or expressed my opinions to my mother or many others they would have just thought that my dad had gotten to me and such, but my feelings were mine apart from my dad. I often wondered why the adults had told me about some big elf named Santa who worked on presents all year long and who made lists of who was naughty and nice. I noticed from an early age that it seemed that Santa was in competition with the child who was supposedly born on December 25th so many years ago. Then, when they nearly had me hoodwinked they sat me down and confessed that Santa wasn’t real and never bothered to explain why this fraud had been perpetrated on my psyche. The same thing happened with Easter. Why tell me that there is an Easter Bunny who leaves gifts inside of eggs and such, only to tell me a couple of years later that it was all a fraud too. The bible tells us that we’re supposed to bring up a child in the way that he should go, and when he gets older he won’t depart from it. So I guess you can say that my parents brought me up to be a skeptic, and I have not departed from it; bad at first but a righteous skeptic after my conversion. And, to quote a phrase from Richard Nixon, “let me make the perfectly clear…” I do not blame my parents for these things. They were merely doing what all other parents were doing; practicing societal customs that were passed down to them. I love my parents. They did the best they could with what they had, and who can ask for more really, right?

I can only wonder if, why later in life when adults; especially my parents and grandparents told me that taking drugs and drinking and smoking cigarettes were bad for me, I didn’t listen. I mean, if the Santa and Easter Bunny were things that they lied to me about maybe taking drugs, drinking and smoking were really good for me and they just didn’t want me to have fun. I don’t know if others operate like I do in this vein, but when lied to at such an early age it left an impression of mistrust of adults. On the flipside it did cause me to question what I was told and to examine things to see if they were right or wrong, good or bad; fruitful or unfruitful. It’s just a shame that the latter part came after I made a lot of mistakes in judgment.

Like I said above, I always had nagging questions about Christmas. I didn’t doubt the Christmas story because it was scripture and I knew scripture to be true, even in my days of rebellion. However, after my rebirth in Yeshua and being filled with the Ruach Ha Kodesh I began to study about Christmas. After reading several sources I was shocked. First I came to realize that the Church in early North America; the Puritans and such never celebrated Christmas; it was frowned upon as being a tradition started by the Vatican and passed down through the Reformers who failed to reform totally, or should I say “recant” from some of the practices of the Vatican. The practice of Christmas only reemerged during the late 19th century, probably the product of an influx of Catholics and marginalized Christians from Central and southern Europe whereas before then most immigrants came from the more strictly Protestant English speaking nations.

Later I read some excellent works that explained the origins of the articles that are hung or placed in the home at Christmas. I learned that the Romans celebrated a day near the Winter Solstice which they called Saturnalia; in honor of their god Saturn. I learned that the Yule Log was a tradition that the ancient Scandanavians brought into the season. They thought that the sun died the night of the Winter Solstice and they would burn a large log to their god named Yule who would bring the sun back to life the next day; or something of that order. I learned that the Romans exchanged gifts during Saturnalia. Also learned was that the Christmas tree, although it is ascribed to having started in Germany goes back much farther. In fact bringing trees into the house was a practice of the ancient Egyptians and even the Israelites when they were in rebellion toward Yahweh before the exile to Babylon cured them of pagan worshipping practices:

Thus says the Lord: “Do not learn the way of the Gentiles; Do not be dismayed at the signs of heaven, For the Gentiles are dismayed at them. For the customs of the peoples are futile; For one cuts a tree from the forest, The work of the hands of the workman, with the ax. They decorate it with silver and gold; They fasten it with nails and hammers So that it will not topple. Jeremiah 10:2-4

Granted the scripture above does not specifically speak of a Christmas Tree. How could it anyway because Messiah was centuries away from his first advent when this was written. It does however speak of the ancient practice of using trees as objects of worshipping foreign gods. Cutting down a tree, placing it in one’s home and adorning it with all fashions of ornaments lends more toward the ancient practices of the pagans than it does the worship of Yahweh come in the flesh in the Baby Yeshua. Other things, like the use of Mistletoe, holly, and wreaths have pagan origins but time restraints keep me from going farther into this whole thing.

The thing is, speaking personally, and I know that many agree with me on this; these things have absolutely no connection in any way with the birth of the Savior of Humanity. Even the day of celebration comes under easy suspicion. Talk to any shepherd in the Middle East and they will tell you that by the time that December comes they have their sheep in sheep pens near their homes, not out in what sometimes can be a cold and brutal winter atmosphere in December. Shepherds watch over their sheep, like they were doing in the Birth of Yeshua account in scripture usually at the end of summer and into fall. This would correlate with the time of the fall Jewish holiday’s, specifically the Feast of Tabernacles, or as we call it Sukkot. In prophetic terms, while Yahweh told the people of Israel to build Sukka to remind them of the shanty homes that they built out in the wilderness while they returned to Israel after the slavery in Egypt; most will agree that Sukkot; of the Feast of Tabernacles denotes a time when God will come and dwell with men, which is exactly what happened when Yeshua came into the world. Many of us also think that his second advent will be during this same time.

The most popular accepted account of why the date was moved to December 25 was because the Vatican, or the early Roman Catholic Church, or the Nicolaitan order (which ever term you choose, they all fit anyway) wanted to convert the heathen and they found it much easier to move the date to the day when they were honoring their god Saturn, and when others were thinking that the sun had died and been reborn; namely at the winter solstice. However, as the Vatican so often does when it tries to convert people, it tends to hold onto some of the pagan ways so that it makes their attempt at conversion easier to swallow for their converts. Therefore, the converts get some sort of convoluted gospel, sort of a cocktail of Christianity and paganism; a watered down form of the truth.

So with this all in mind what do we do with Christmas. Well, my wife and I don’t celebrate this day. We choose to celebrate Hanukkah anyway, because it is a holiday of rededication, just like the rededication of the Temple which is the story of Hanukkah. But what do we do with relatives who still choose to celebrate. This is where we are sort of backed into a corner, so to speak. We know the truth about the origins of Christmas and we choose not to participate in pagan rituals, but our loved ones do. Quite a quandary it seems.

Well, we have to look at what our friends and relatives do when they celebrate Christmas, or should we say the birthday of our Savior Yeshua. There is a difference between what people call Christmas and the what is the Birth of Yeshua. Christmas is a Vatican holiday combining paganism with the birth of Yeshua. Simply speaking, is it Messiah centered? Is their celebration of “Christmas” the celebration of the birth of the Lamb of Yahweh who came to take away the sins of the world? Do they gather together with that in mind? Do they teach their children of the true meaning of this date of birth and forsake the inane things like Santa, reindeer and those things that would like to make Christmas into some sort of New Age carnival of absurdity? Do you suppose that Miriam celebrated Yeshua’s birthday when he was a young child and maybe even into adulthood. Chances are that she probably did, along with her children born after Yeshua. Jewish culture is very celebratory and a boy’s 13th birthday is the biggest celebration; when He becomes a “son of the Torah.” I’m sure that Miriam and Yosef probably celebrated Yeshua’s birthday around Sukkot, not December, but they still honored him with special recognition for his place in the world; like all of our parents, relatives and friends did and do for us. If you think that a date like October 2nd of every year would be better then celebrate it then. Maybe you’ll cause people to change along with you and you can get it away from the Winter Solstice. Be proactive in a positive way, not judgmental.

All of these things have to be considered. There has been an increased movement in recent years where those who forsake the celebration of Christmas have become militant, even to the point of calling those who celebrate a Messiah Centered Christmas as being pagans or idol worshippers. Well, what I would ask those people is a simple question. When you were saved, did you become perfect? Maybe it took you a year or two to realize that smoking marijuana was wrong and then you ceased. Maybe you still think that taking a drink from time to time is okay, and in moderation it probably is; but we all know that during certain occasions we can drink one too many and that places us in a sinful state. What about gossip? I know Christians who still gossip and have been saved for decades. And here is the biggie; what about condemning a brother when Yeshua Himself said that we should not do it. We are allowed to discern and reprove, but only when we do so in love.

We often forget that Yahweh is the plowman and that He plows and plants the seeds. It is the Ruach Ha Kodesh that convicts. We forget that it is our first duty to pray when we see what we think is wrong. We don’t just pray for the person whom we feel is offending what Yahweh has for their lives but we also pray that He gives us the wisdom to speak when we’re supposed to speak and to keep quiet when we need to keep quiet. And, if you cannot say it with love then don’t say it at all.

Many of you have heard me tell the story of my cousin Larry. Back in the early 1980’s Larry came to visit us in California. I tried to tell Larry about Yeshua and Larry’s response was, “I will NEVER EVER do that.” Yahweh told me to hush and pray. I cry now as I remember how I wanted to tell Larry more; how I wanted to really nag him about Yeshua and put him in a headlock until he would submit to Yahweh. It wasn’t till 25 years later that Larry met and lived with a backslidden believer named Marcia. Marcia in effect, through love and tenderness led Larry to Yeshua. Yahweh brings people to salvation in HIS timing and through HIS methods, and Scripture is clear that nobody comes to Yeshua unless Abba leads him/her. In the same way the Ruach Ha Kodesh convicts Yeshua’s believers of ways that He doesn’t approve of.

The important thing is that people believe in Yeshua. Sure, some adhere to the traditions of men, but when you get right down to it, everyone does in one way or another. And, if you think that you’re perfect then you’re in much greater danger than those people that you condemn for having a few faults. Christmas is a tradition that has worked itself into our society. We cannot be the social agents for our relatives and friends. We can tell them about the truth, if they will listen, in regard to traditions of men, but whether they listen or not is between them and Yahweh. He is the judge, we are not. The question we need to ask and the thing that we need to observe is whether these friends and relatives and friends love Yahweh. People can live under a delusion and still love Yahweh. Let me give you an example. Do you think that you’re going up in a rapture because you’re part of the church of Philadelphia? Many Christians in America think that we will be pulled out of here before the tribulation starts. Look at the church in America today and if you’re honest you cannot tell me that the church here is the Church of Philadelphia. The Church in America is a mess; only a remnant is faithful to Yahweh. To think that you are perfect when you are spotted and wrinkled and to think that Yeshua will come back for a filthy bride is a strong delusion; yet some are quick to condemn those who celebrate Christmas? Does that make sense. No it doesn’t. You say that Yahweh doesn’t send persecution against his saints, and that is true. But there are saints around the world who are giving their lives for our Faith and they are not being pulled out of here in a rapture, not yet anyway. So how dare we think that Yeshua is going to bring the American Church, a polluted bride into his Chambers while those who are dying for the faith are dying for the faith and not being rescued. See the delusion here? My goodness, how messed up the Church really is.

So what do we do with Christmas? Well, if we don’t celebrate it for the reasons stated above then that’s okay. If friends and loved ones celebrate it and it doesn’t seem right to us we pray. We pray for them to see that relationship trumps tradition and religion and we pray for Yahweh to show them these things. We remain patient and we don’t act like the Pharisees who sat outside and belittled Yeshua and the disciples for supping with sinners. We remember that we ALL have little things in our own lives that Yahweh might not necessarily like and we work to clean up our own messes before we “advertise” the messes of our brothers and sisters. We don’t act like heartless backbiting fools who live in glass houses and throw at others who live in glass houses too. You realize that as much as you might think that someone else is messed up and is missing the point, in Yahweh’s eyes you are just as messed up and maybe worse and that it is only by the grace of Yahweh Yeshua that you little fanny is making it into heaven. If asked to attend a Christmas function then go; not to be a sneering buffoon, but to pray for those there and to be that light that you’re supposed to be. You realize that you cannot and have never been commissioned to fix things; that is Yahweh’s job. You will fail miserably at it; he excels in fixing things. Contend for the faith, but don’t slay people for it.

Some time back I wrote an article about reading myths, allegories and stories that are fictional and believing them to be true. I asked the question of how people could read the Chronicles of Narnia and justify reading it by saying that the whole thing was really the Gospel of Yeshua in a veiled form. I questioned why we would want to take the most beautiful love story and veil it so that, as it was explained to me, “unbelievers could see the Gospel of Jesus” without thinking that it really was a Biblical story. Well, to me that would be like taking the Book of Mormon and putting a Bible cover over it and handing it an unbeliever to read. They would think that the Book of Mormon was really the Bible.

How is presenting the Bible in the form of “The Chronicles of Narnia” ever going to click with someone if they have never read the Bible to begin with. Are they to somehow subliminally know that it is really the account of the Gospels? Is some divine revelation going to go throughout the whole world and all of a sudden, people who have never known the truth to begin with will equate the Chronicles with the truth that they’ve never been exposed to? I have NEVER heard anyone tell me that they came to faith after watching the Chronicles of Narnia. I have NEVER had anyone tell me that they saw a parallel. Heck, I read the books before I was saved and I had exposure to the Gospel before my conversion and I NEVER saw the parallel. SO as they say in the South, “that dog don’t hunt” when it comes to presenting pagan stories and “Christianizing” them. As Protestants we’re the first to condemn the Vatican for doing this same practice all over the globe, and we’ve seen how they have melded pagan tradition with Christianity and it’s never led to any good. NEVER!

I ran into something similar to this years ago when talking to a Jehovah’s Witness coworker. He was a young man, probably all of twenty years old. We were talking about the Bible and science. He was trying to enforce to me that the accounts of Genesis are the same as evolution; the “in the beginning” account. He mentioned that the Bible parallels the evolution account. I told him that it does not. One “for instance” is that the Bible says that God brought forth the land out of the water. Evolution says that there was land first then water later. I told him that the “days” in Genesis could not be “epochs,” it was impossible. For instance. Yahweh created all of the plants before the Sun, moon and stars. If the days were really epochs then how did the plants use photosynthesis to create food? Also, Yahweh created the pollinating animals on a latter day too; how did the plants pollinate? He decided to just walk away and not listen; sound familiar?

So, I’m sitting about a week ago listening to a friend of ours talking with my wife about something called “The Shack.” My ears perked up as I heard our lady friend talking about this book that is supposed to be fiction, and is supposedly written as such, and how it is being preached from altars in churches as being a message from Yahweh. I immediately flashed on The Di Vinci Code, another fictional book that took off a few years ago and also which many people took to be sort of a coded truth about another Gospel, or at the very least a gross perversion of the original Gospel of Yeshua Ha Mashiach.

I have to be honest and say that I am at odds with Christian bookstores. There was a time, years ago when such stores would only sell books that stood on good Biblical principles. However, for the past thirty years or maybe even longer, you have been able to find books about every subject under the sun, and if the title of the book has “Christian” within it or some other Christian buzz word it is on the shelf. True believers, upon entering such establishments are buffeted by books that are either pagan in nature or that pose “theories” that aren’t biblically sound. The Shack appears to be such a book.

I’ll be upfront with you; I have not read “The Shack” nor will I read it. I live in a college town and if I want to hear New Age dribble I will just go downtown and talk with some of the college kids; they’re ripe in that trash. I do trust many sources for obtaining information. These sources are accurate, have been accurate for years and they always seem to be discerning things that the Ruach Ha Kodesh is confirming to me. One such research site is The Cutting Edge. You can read their assessment of “The Shack” by clicking on the link in this sentence.

My purpose in this blog entry isn’t to critique so much “The Shack,” but to ask believers in Yeshua why they would want to read fantasy and equate it with Scripture Truth? The Word Of Yahweh is truth and we have 66 books to read that teach us lessons, history and the true nature of Yahweh. When we start to read fiction like The Shack, or The Di Vinci Code then we start to walk on dangerous ground. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t read fiction, but it should be that when you end the book you should not feel like you were spiritually raped and satisfied by what just happened to you.

I was sitting in a fellowship amongst a group of women and brought up “The Shack” and was surprised at what I heard. One woman said that she read the book. She said that there were problems with the book, but she still thought that it was a good book. In my estimation, the words “problems” and “good” do not go together. Only when someone knows that there is going to be a resolution of the problem can it then be seen as good. Simply put, a problem is bad and bad could never be good. It is a common practice of the New Age to sew in a little bad with a lot of good; that is how they operate. Not saying that the woman that I was talking to is New Age, not at all, but she bought into it. I know that I’ve used the analogy of rat poison many times, but it is such a good analogy that I use it again. The compound in rat poison is placed in good food but in very small amounts. It is a blood thinner that builds up in the body and over time it causes the rat or mouse to hemorrhage from inside and they literally bleed to death. Yeshua himself compared sin to leaven. Yeshua knew that just a little bit of leaven (yeast) quickly grows into a lot of leaven and it takes over the whole lump of dough. Within the pages of The Shack the author mixes in unbiblical principles so lightly and with so much fluff that it seems to be perfect common sense that appeals to the fleshly side of people without them actually thinking about it.

We here in America have grown up in prosperity, for the most part, and we’ve had it pretty good compared to people around the world. We somehow think that the prosperity that we have had is a good thing, and in most ways it is not bad; but we’ve grown up like the spoiled rich kid in the neighborhood who lives with blinders on his eyes. We don’t want to see the evil in this world and don’t want to recognize that it is taking over the world. Even Christians to day want to see Yahweh as a God who forgives without condition and whom all paths lead to for salvation. Ecumenism has crept into the Church in a big way and with the growth of political correctness and multiculturalism the enemy has achieved this quite successfully. The world has bullied us, in a sense, to believe that if we aren’t accepting of all we are bigots and haters and sad to say, this will only increase as time marches on. The question that every believer in Yeshua should seriously ask themselves is, “am I going to allow this in my life and seriously hamper my walk with Yeshua?” We need to call sin, sin; evil, evil; and deception, deception. We all want to emulate Yeshua and that is wonderful. However many only tend to see the Yeshua who was meek and mild; not the Yeshua who chided the Scribes and Pharisees and not the Yeshua who made a whip and whipped the traders in front of the Beit Ha Mikdash. If we want to be like Yeshua, let’s be like Him in all ways guided by the righteousness that the Ruach Ha Kodesh give us as we walk humbly with Yahweh in righteousness.

While in the company of the other believers I had another woman sitting next to me who, when challenged by my comments about The Shack gently rebuked me by telling me that the book was only fiction. I told her that the Di Vinci Code was only fiction and that she should remember what people did with that book. Almost overnight the book was praised as being a book that held veiled secrets as to what the world says “really” happened to Yeshua; that he survived the cross, married Mary Magdalene and raised a royal line of children. It fit very well with the replacement theology people who want to write off the Jewish people as well as the emergent church movement. For the first time since I’ve known this woman she was quieted by what I said and had to agree with me. To say that this action by her surprised me is a gross understatement.

But I wanted some more opinions about The Shack, so I decided to approach cautiously my Christian friends on Facebook. I thought for sure I would get the same reaction that I got at the church but was quite surprised to see that the few who wrote back strongly condemned the book. Here are some of their responses:

KF from Denmark says:

It’s new age. Why?
In the book his Jesus says he has many followers in other religions!
His God says he died on the cross together with Jesus!
Any one that knows the Bible and has the Holy Spirit will know this book is a lie from Hell to deceive people. The problem is that Christians get another view of God and Jesus – and that is the idea! Many read it as if it it’s news from God – it’s not – it’s a novel.

She continues in a further post:

In the book God is a big black lady, Jesus wears jeans and some times for fun walks on water and the spirit is kind of a nervous woman. Not at all biblical. I don’t know why so many think it’s a Christian book. It’s not. Rather a tickling book.

I’m assuming that by tickling she means that it tickles the ears of those who want a different gospel.

PM wrote:

Heard about this book a few years ago, bought it and could not, I do mean, “could not” read it. Finally threw it away. Along with the rick warren junk, out in the trash! Did not need to read this either, to know it was junk.  That’s what discernment is all about!

ML wrote:

Started reading it and couldn’t finish it!

JHS Wrote:

Had people try to give it to me after my husband (name withheld) died & I wouldn’t take it.  I can’t accept any “personification” of Messiah other than His actual personification as so clearly recorded in the Bible.  For me, I can’t even accept Narnia as Biblically valid, so something like The Shack is way whacked out!

So I have presented views of “The Shack” by people who have read it, or tried to read it. Why no men responded I can only wonder. Perhaps men are more into reality rather than fiction; we’re less emotional and more pragmatic when it comes to life and the things thereof. What I saw in the answers by the two different groups is that one group is very discerning while the other two ladies seemed to be more into the fluff of this world. To use an analogy, all women walked into an orchard filled with trees and beautiful flowers. The two who liked the book saw the flowers. The ones with discernment saw the flowers but also noticed that the trees that were supposed to be apple trees were growing nightshade mushrooms as fruit.

In closing, I’d like to say that I just don’t think that it’s important, I know that it’s important that we compare all things to scripture. We have to be in our Bibles all the time looking, reading and memorizing scripture so that when we’re handed a plate or rat poison we can notice that it is rat poison and not caviar. The very survival of Yeshua’s Church depends on our holding up to our end of our relationship with Him by serving Him faithfully and knowing His will in its entirety, not just bits and pieces that Satan can use to build a different puzzle in our lives than Yahweh intended for us to have.

The letter below was sent to me. The author is unknown, but the message is valid. I want affirm that I know of two pastors whom the letter below does not refer to: Pastor Tom Mooney of Last Days Harvest Ministries in Sacramento, California and Pastor Frank Castanette of Hosanna Christian Fellowship, in Eugene, Oregon. I know that there are others, but I know these men personally. Thanks to both of you wonderful brothers who hear Yahweh’s voice and preach His Whole Message.


Dear Church Pastors:

What a precarious position you may be placing yourself AND many others in.

Many leaders appear to be refusing to sound the alarm that we are in the end times, out of concern that  many church attendees may disapprove of the “negativity”.

The pastors fear that any perceived “negativity” by churchgoers may cause church attendance to dwindle and thus, income to drop. This mindset, focused on materialism, may have eternal consequences for the many in front of, as well as behind the church podiums.

The flocks are looking to their shepherds to guide and direct them. Most laypeople (the flock), are not watching as commanded themselves. They assume that their clergymen, being seminary-trained, steeped in Bible degrees/knowledge, are doing the watching for them. They naturally are presuming that their leaders are alert and diligently watching for the last days signals given to us by Jesus. Therefore, many occupying the pews are depending entirely on those behind the pulpits to warn them of the signs of the times.

The situation, wherein most pulpits are eerily silent about the last days, is primarily because the modern day Church has evolved into a business, or more like a Corporation instead of a ministry. There again are moneychangers where there is instead supposed to be the sharing of the FREE gift of eternal salvation.

Spreading the Good News was NEVER supposed to be a paid profession for a reason. It turns many a minister of the Gospel into something akin to a politician, trying to garner votes. Often, it morphs the ministry into a matter of popularity and telling people whatever they want to hear, in order to profit the man.

Being a paid minister of the Gospel makes one dependent on the salary afforded to them by the Church. Of course, maintaining the big business of today’s churches are sustained only through contributions of congregants. Church leaders therefore are forced to keep the contributions flowing, in order to maintain their lifestyle/support their family.

This need has enticed many pastors to stick to keeping the message “fluffy”, entertaining and bursting with sunshine. Not to mention the Worldly music and weird entertainment .
People in these Churches are so deceived and blinded to the fact that its all a false delusional service . It’s just a social club that makes you feel good because its not the true full Gospel. The saddest part , is that we are so close to The Lord coming back , that they don’t even realize how far they have gotten off the Narrow road .

Just as in the case of politicians, it is important to uplift the people and only tell them what “tickles their ears”, if they want the people’s continued attendance, along with the accompanying continued cash flow.

“A time will come when people will not listen to accurate teachings. Instead, they will follow their own desires and surround themselves with teachers who tell them what they want to hear.” 2 Timothy 4:3

This need for maintaining a regularity in financial support has lead to where a majority of pastors are totally negligent in watching, let alone warning, about the rapidly advancing fulfillment of last days Bible prophecy.

Those who have been entrusted with the welfare of the flocks need to remember that by assuming the role as leaders/teachers, that they will be judged more severely:

“My brethren, be not many teachers, knowing that we shall receive the severer judgment.” James 3:1

God, in His omnipotence, seeing the end from the beginning, knew that in these last days that the Church at large, would evolve into a business.

“Only I can tell you the future before it even happens. Everything I plan will come to pass, for I do whatever I wish.” Isaiah 46:10

As a result, God has called laypeople to be watchmen on the wall, to stand in the stead for the leaders of the churches; who have chosen to protect their family incomes instead of spiritually protecting their flocks.

These watchmen come from all walks of life and are primarily composed of laypeople. Since they are not trained pastors, most of the flock usually see the watchmen as either inept or incapable. Oftentimes, they even view the watchmen as eccentric and ostracizable.
Any of these perspectives cause the people in the pews to virtually ignore the watchmen and their warnings.

As we draw yet closer to the prophesied Time of Jacob’s Trouble/Tribulation and the Rapture of the readied Bride, God appears to be calling even more watchmen in, to man the walls for the last watches. There are watchmen of all genders, races and nationalities now sounding the alarm all over the internet.

From Facebook and YouTube to individual websites and Rapture based message boards, the clarion call can be heard all over the world wide web. God loves His people so deeply that He commanded us to watch for the plethora of signs that He foretold that would signal the end of the age.

It is up to each believer to choose to either heed, or to ignore, the watchmen’s cries of alarm. According to Ezekiel, obedient watchmen will not be held accountable for the choices of those warned. However, those in the pulpits, shepherding the flocks, will be held accountable for the blood of those in their care, if they choose to not blow the trumpet of warning.

“But if the watchman sees the sword come, and blows not the trumpet, and the people are not warned; if the sword comes, and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.” Ezekiel 33:6

Thus, the negligent leaders behind the lecterns are not only heaping more severe judgment upon themselves, but also leaving many in their congregations woefully unprepared.

If all pastors were faithfully warning their flocks, their flocks would be fully aware of the nearness of the coming of the Lord. Being convinced and aware, these believers would in turn, start sounding the alarm themselves. Eventually, the internet would be all abuzz with warnings by all believers that we are at the end of the age. Even non-believers would become aware that all the increasing abnormalcy on the planet is actually  Biblical prophecy coming to pass. Many of the lost would be saved and the lukewarm would be readied.

Due to all the preceding factors, it is imperative that all ministers of the Gospel realize that by disobeying the Lord’s command to watch, a multitude of souls are at stake (including their own).

It’s time to throw out the man made programs by Rick Warrens  Church Growth System , The Seeker Friendly Plan and turn back to God and let Him build His Church .
Repent , wake up and turn back to your first love . Warn the Sheep of the judgments to come and get them prepared for these Last Days and the Rapture .

Ezekiel 44
11 Yet they shall be ministers in my sanctuary, having charge at the gates of the house, and ministering to the house: they shall slay the burnt offering and the sacrifice for the people, and they shall stand before them to minister unto them.
12 Because they ministered unto them before their idols, and caused the house of Israel to fall into iniquity; therefore have I lifted up mine hand against them, saith the Lord GOD, and they shall bear their iniquity.
13 And they shall not come near unto me, to do the office of a priest unto me, nor to come near to any of my holy things, in the most holy place: but they shall bear their shame, and their abominations which they have committed.

Amos 8
11: Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord:

You know, I’ve been around for quite a while in Christian circles and as I continue my walk with Yeshua I continue to see more and more bovinical scatology coming into the church. I know that I just made up a word, and if it becomes popular I want to claim that I came up with it in February of 2013. If someone else has thought about it before me then I apologize. But what I’m talking about is the ways of the world are being adopted into the church at a rapid pace. Back in the last century we’d see some wacko from time to time and their wackiness would be addressed and dealt with. Most of the time they would not repent of their craziness and would be labeled as heretics or plain old knuckleheads who always had a few followers it seemed. For a period of five or so years I even stopped going to church because I was tired of all of the junk. I later started to go back to fellowship simply because Yahweh said that we need to be with other believers in worship and such; but also because I decided that I was going to go to church to pray against all of the bizarre stuff that goes on there.

I once heard a story of two or three Christians, filled with the Ruach Ha Kodesh who felt led to sneak into some sort of Satanic church practice. The leader of that satanic church came up to the front and made the comment that there were interlopers in the service and they would not start until the unwanted visitors left. Isn’t it sad that the enemy can listen to the demons who are controlling them but Christians have the hardest time with discernment and correct judgment; it’s sad, really it is. All sorts of pagan practices are coming into the church and those bringing them always have some convincing concoction of how it relates to the Bible and such. If believers know their Bibles they should confront such things but so many are afraid of being labeled as judgmental, mean and less than loving.

Most of you know that I was born and lived my early life in New Jersey. People back there, and back then were so different than the people today, especially the do-gooder’s on the left coast. My dad was not afraid to speak his mind, and he was known for being that way and people respected him for it. If someone was doing something stupid, he’d walk up and tell them that they were being stupid and that they needed to start acting correctly. My step-father was the same way, even more abrasive. I can remember him telling us kids, “I don’t know what the hell is wrong with you but you better straighten out.” You know what; we were embarrassed when we heard things like that. We realized that we were acting like fools and we decided that it was better to act more according to what decent society accepted. It was very common to talk to our peers when we saw stupid behavior in them and we addressed the issue. “Don’t be an idiot,” or “quit acting stupid” were common phrases, sometimes accentuated by words that I don’t speak anymore, if you know what I mean.

Today however, we have to worry about hurting someone’s feelings; hurting their self esteem or being accused of being (ta da) “judgmental.” Well, I’m through with worrying about what other people thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll act according to how Yahweh wants me to act, but I’m not going to sit around and worry about what people think anymore. I’d rather have someone hate me for telling the truth rather than love me for feeding them fluff. If someone is acting stupid, they’re going to be told so (in as nice a manner as possible). If they’re lying I’m going to call them a liar and if they’re bringing false doctrine, demonic stuff and/or heresy into the Body of Mashiach then I’m going to try to convince them, and then I’m going to expose them. We have to stop loving people into hell.

I had to laugh this week. I was looking over my Facebook page and noticed that someone had posted graphic image that read “You’re being judgmental (really means) Be quiet and let me sin in secret.” Isn’t that so true? When I was a little boy (trying to convey that I was immature) my mother told me not to reach for the teapot that was full of scalding water. I can’t remember back that far, but I probably mused that she didn’t know what she was talking about and I reached for it anyway; scalding my hand and arm. I recovered for sure, but it was a painful recovery. My actions were, in essence, telling my mother, “just shut up and let me learn the hard way.” And what word do we use for that action? We use the word disobedience.

Recently we were in the company of a young child who was in a sassing mood. We were trying to explain to this child how to eat properly in a restaurant setting. We were being nice, we really were; trying to explain in slow and methodical ways what was right behavior and wrong behavior at the table. The young person started to talk back and get almost mocking toward the adults so we removed his food plate. He’d eaten about half of it beforehand but we weren’t going to let him be rewarded for his bad behavior. We left the restaurant and the child proceeded to tell us how were being mean. He then started to manufacture things that really didn’t happen and he told us that we had ruined eating, which he claimed was one his favorite things to do. Now, this young person is a child and he was acting like a child so you couldn’t really get that upset with him; but firmness was needed. After things calmed down he was able to understand what had been done and he finally admitted that the whole bad event had been escalated by him. Ah, the satisfaction of seeing someone of that age accepting responsibility was refreshing given that people who call themselves adults and are many times his age cannot and will not be reasoned with in the same fashion. I guess that some people never grow up, sad to say.

Being a watchman for Yahweh is not an easy thing. Those of you who are called to the same office know that to be so true. We tend to see things in black and white; there are no grays. We try to convey the heart of the teachings and the Ruach of Yahweh to people and they are just set in their ways and refuse to change anything or to even look to see if they are doing something that is leading them or could potentially lead them down a wrong path. I really don’t think that on the last day, when all of our actions will be judged worthy or unworthy; that Yeshua will chastise us for trying to steer people back onto the narrow path and away from the wide path that leads toward destruction.

Every believer is called in a unique way to minister to a person or a group of people. I’ve known people who came of the Goth community who minister to Goths. There are former Mormons who called to minister to Mormons. There former members of Vatican doctrine who are called to minister to Catholics; the list is almost endless. I’ve known some of these people as they have come to churches that I attend and they are just normal people who worship like everyone else. As some of Jewish extraction I prefer to honor Saturday as the Sabbath, because Saturday is the Sabbath, or Shabbat as we call it. I prefer to eat Kosher and I prefer to celebrate Yahweh’s Feasts as He commanded the Children of Israel to do, and to perform perpetually; forever. I do not however flaunt it before the congregation that I’m attending. I don’t get up in front of the church and dance like a Hasidic; I don’t wear my Tallis and I don’t move from front to back while praying. I don’t do these things while I’m with my Goyim brothers and sisters in Yeshua. Why you ask? Well, I believe that the focus should be on Yeshua, and totally on Yeshua; not on who I am or where I come from or what I do.

Again, let me reiterate that just like it says in Scripture; when we are in Mashiach, we are a New Creature; old things have PASSED AWAY, and behold ALL THINGS ARE NEW. Paul said that through the inspiration of the Ruach Ha Kodesh because Yahweh knows that when people start placing labels upon themselves they immediately begin to think of themselves as special and set apart. The only permission that we have to do any such thing in this regard is to acknowledge that we are set apart in Yeshua; a peculiar people (set apart and special) because of Yeshua.

My ancestry is quite interesting. Sure, there is Jewish in there, but I have an Italian last name. My other ancestors come from a variety of places including; Denmark, Germany, Poland and Austria. Does that mean that I have to minister to those people. Well, sure, if Yahweh tells me to. Does it mean that when I go to church I have to wear lederhosen like the Austrians; sip my coffee from a beer stein, wear a viking helmet and eat potato pancakes; doing all these things while wearing my Jewish regalia? Heck no I don’t do those things because it would be ridiculous and I’d be a major distraction. People would have their eyes on me and they wouldn’t have their eyes on Yeshua.

I am in Mashiach, so I’m a new creature. Although the vessel that contains my soul and spirit does bear the DNA of all of those former national identities it has now become a Beit Ha Mikdash, or Holy Temple for the Holy Spirit to dwell in. In Scripture, Yahweh made it clear that there was only one place where the Temple should stand and also where the daily sacrifice would be performed. That place was on the Temple Mountain in Yerushalayim. After the tribes split, and the Northern Ten Tribes built their own temple in Samaria, Yahweh swore that he would never recognize those sacrifices and He made it clear that he had nothing to do with that temple. In present times, each person is a Temple of the Ruach Ha Kodesh and we meet corporately to become one Temple of the Ruach Ha Kodesh. The Spirit in me bears witness to the Spirit in other believers and we are one in His Spirit and one in His Love.

In former times Yahweh was very disappointed and angered because the rebellious Jewish priests and elders brought foreign gods into the Beit Ha Mikdash. They sacrificed to those foreign gods at the same time they were sacrificing to Yahweh. Today there are some believers who bring foreign ways into the Church under the guise that these “Christians” are witnessing to other peoples. This would be fine if the church was being attended by those “other peoples” but when it is not then attempts to bring foreign cultures into a church are in vain, or done in vanity. Paul said that he was all things to all men; yes, that is in scripture; but he was referring to the fact that when he was in Greece he acted like a Grecian so as to minister to the Greeks; a Roman when he was in Rome ministering to the Romans and so on and so forth. When Paul returned to a Jewish church he would put on the Jewish garb because he was amongst his own again.

Even people in the secular world understand this principal. If you go to most churches you get dressed up for church. If you’re going to somewhere casual you dress casual. If I went to a Luau in Hawaii dressed in a full tuxedo I’d stand out and would probably be ribbed about being too dressed up. Some would probably mumble that I was trying to draw attention or I might be too good for the more relaxed people. We all know how people talk. In my line of work, if I went to work dressed in my pajamas they would send me home, telling me to dress appropriately. There is a proper way of doing things, even in the secular world; and if they can understand this then why do some believers in Yeshua demand that they wear special clothing during church service. Personally, I think it is because so many people these days have an idenity crisis going on within themselves. What a pity.

Why would anyone, who is given so many titles, like; ambassadors for Yahweh, Sons of God, Kings and Priests and so many others; why would they insist on having an identity crisis. Are the titles above not enough for some people? Is being adopted by Yahweh; bought and paid for by His Blood and promised the resurrection not enough? Are they bored with their gifts from Yahweh? Well, only Yahweh knows the heart of every individual; this is true. Could it be that some people are purposefully trying to bring New Age beliefs into the church under the auspices of “ministering” to special groups of people. Again, only Yahweh knows the heart. But, we can ascertain things by looking at the fruit that those people are bearing. One sign is when a person “renames” any name of Yahweh, aside from what is traditional within Christian and Messianic circles.

For instance, when they start talking about the “great spirit,” or “universal truth,” or “many pathways” then we have to be on the watch. For instance, one person posted on Facebook that they were thankful to the “Great Spirit” for allowing them to worship Yahweh. When asked about it this person excused it away as ignorance, saying that they were thanking the “Holy Spirit” for allowing them to worship Yahweh. One can see the reasoning behind this because it is the Ruach Ha Kodesh that allows us to worship Yeshua and Aveinu. However, when asking this person their “Ancient Pathways Healing Room and other things on Facebook; because I really wanted to know where they were coming from; the person unfriended both my wife and myself. This is a suspicious act for sure.

I am a watchman for Yahweh; one called to sit on the wall of the city and call to the city when the enemy is encroaching upon the walls. I’m proud to be one of His watchmen and if asked about this aspect of ministry I’m glad to sit down and discuss it with anyone. If I felt that I had to unfriend anyone because they ask me about “ministry” I would wonder about myself; what my motives really are and if I really should be doing what I am doing. To cast away someone because they are asking questions about my ministry would make me wonder if I was really working in the “light” of Yeshua or if my intentions were of another nature. Personally, I’ve suffered a lot at the hands of unscrupulous people who have decided that what Yahweh has had me tell them really isn’t from Yahweh’s Ruach but have ascribed those words, visions and dreams as coming from familiar spirits and/or fallen angels. This sort of accusation causes one to reel back with circumspection and to ask Yahweh if He’s really talking or it is another. Right about that time one, or two, or three people will write to me in what seems like out of the blue to tell me that the things that have been given to me have ministered to them. That, plus knowing that the accusers are demonically and self-deluded (as confirmed by their own words and actions) that causes me to press on. From the time of Noah to John The Baptist and beyond prophets have suffered from such people. Most have been killed in the most horrible ways, so the words of a couple of deluded reprobates in Tennessee is mild in my estimation.

The crux of the matter, especially for this article is that we are New Creatures when we come to Elohim through the blood of Mashiach Yeshua. We wear new clothes because the old ones are of no use anymore. We drive new cars because the old ones have failed us and we buy new homes because the old ones are old and no longer suit us. Do we go back to those old things? NO! When I get a new car, for instance, I relish the new car smell, the new features and if I think of the old car at all it is to remember how worn out and in need of retirement. I show off the new car to my friends and exult in how happy I am that I’ve been blessed with the new car. I try to explain to people why their cars are getting old and that they might want to upgrade too. Everything is moving forward, not backward. Yes, the crux is that we are New Creatures, and we’re not to emulate the old things nor go back to the; nor are we to try to justify the old. We are to be living examples of the New Birth and all that comes with being new. We are to bring our new nature to those who don’t have it yet. I don’t take parts of my old car and place them on the new car, so to speak. I live my new life in such a way that the other people see the change and want to have what I have. To do otherwise would be like giving them a can of “new car smell” and telling them that they can spray that in their car and it would be just like a new car. In the Kingdom of Yahweh there is NO “just like” being born again and there is NO “just like” being a New Creature in Yeshua. Yeshua came to redeem the creature, not the created things. Things cannot be redeemed; only people can be redeemed.

For the love of Christ compels us, because we judge thus: that if One died for all, then all died; and He died for all, that those who live should live no longer for themselves, but for Him who died for them and rose again. Therefore, from now on, we regard no one according to the flesh. Even though we have known Christ according to the flesh, yet now we know Him thus no longer. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. 2 Corinthians 5:14-17

“All Things” refers to the nature of the New Creature, not his or her belongings, but the Creature only. Again, who, having become new, would want to become old again or would want to emulate the things of the old. When my dad got saved it was because he saw a new David; the same with my sister, my mother and some other relatives. They saw the change in me and they liked it. They liked it so much that they wanted to be just like the changed person that they saw in front of them. That is what we’re supposed to be like. In the Book of Acts it says that the worldly people saw the change in the people who became New Creatures and they remarked, “see the love that they have one for another.” They were tired of the old and wanted the new.

What does Scripture say about people who wanted to go back to their old ways and still follow Yeshua? Well, here is one example:

And it came to pass, that, as they went in the way, a certain man said unto him, Lord, I will follow thee whithersoever thou goest. And Jesus said unto him, Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head. And he said unto another, Follow me. But he said, Lord, suffer me first to go and bury my father. Jesus said unto him, Let the dead bury their dead: but go thou and preach the kingdom of God. And another also said, Lord, I will follow thee; but let me first go bid them farewell, which are at home at my house. And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God. Luke 9:57-62

A farmer plows in order to plant seeds. The seeds then germinate in the soil and after a season of growth the crop is harvested. Why did Yeshua make the plow statement above. Plowing back in his time was much different than it here in the modern world. Today we have tractors with GPS units that drive the tractor pulling the plow, by remote control. In Yeshua’s day you hooked up the plow to one or two animals and the animal pulled the plow while the farmer rode on the back of the plow and steered the animals in a straight manner. If not steered, the animals would pull the plow off of the straight and narrow path that was intended and they would plow crooked, or if unevenly yoked they would plow in circles. In other words, if you looked back, your field was ruined and the crop would not yield what you intended it to yield. Also, when you would flood the furrows to water the field it would be impossible because the water could not reach all of the plants. You would have a disaster on your hands.

Yeshua compares winning souls to crops many times; that is the believer’s mission in life. If you or anyone can’t get the first part right you’re worthless to Yahweh’s Kingdom. If you can’t plow right, you won’t grow your crop right and you won’t be able to harvest. Therefore, you can’t go back to old things or use old things to bring people into the Kingdom of Yahweh in an effective manner. Also, you cannot really meet with the other farmers and have true fellowship with them because they will see you as odd. If you’re bringing weed seeds into the fellowship you cannot expect those who are planting wheat to take you seriously. In fact, you will be shunned because weeds tend to grow faster, spread their seed faster and your weeds will work their way into your neighboring farmer’s fields, ruining his field also. You’re not only unfit for the Kingdom of Yahweh; you’re corrupting it with foreign seeds, so to speak.

I’m urging people, begging you for goodness sake. If you are involved in doctrines of foreign cultures and/or their religious practices; leave them immediately. You’re serving two masters and Yeshua said that this practice is impossible and not profitable. If you’re involved in ministering to such people then practice your ministry in their fields, far away from the wheat that is growing in Yahweh’s garden. DON’T bring leaven into the Church of Yahweh and don’t force us to try to accept foreign and dangerous practices. If you want to fool around with false doctrines then get out of Yahweh’s Church on your own because I can promise that Yahweh Himself will remove you from the presence of His People. Yahweh is jealous for His People and He doesn’t tolerate corruption very well.

For the Elect; if you have such people in your fellowship I encourage you to pray that Yahweh will reveal them for who they are. This works very well. Also pray that Yahweh will convict the pastors, elders and the regular congregants to put such people out of the church. The New Age in any form has no place in any fellowship where Yahweh’s people meet to worship Him. Foreign ways, foreign items, dances, chants and such CANNOT be redeemed; only people can be redeemed. Yeshua didn’t come a a ceremonial item and he did not die as a ceremonial item to redeem them. He came to save men and women who want to be redeemed and who accept His free gift of salvation. Enough said. Bless you in the name of Yahweh Yeshua

Note: This article was written in 2013.

This July will be my 34th birthday in my faith in Yeshua. I was born again on July 21, 1979 and aside from a short time of rebellion I have walked with Yeshua and aside from that one time haven’t wavered in my relationship with Yahweh through Yeshua.

In my time I’ve seen many things; sometimes I think I’ve seen too many things; I’m tired. Back in the 1980’s if you mentioned that you had read the works of Nostradamus people would really grill you about it. You don’t really believe those things do you, they would ask? Of course not was my answer, but I still read them out of curiosity. I never liked Edgar Cayce but was familiar with some of his writings, but I didn’t believe one word of his supposed prophecy. If you talked about the bizarre character of the Pyramids or anything else akin to them people became concerned. And you know what, it was right for them to become concerned because those things had nothing to do with our faith in Yeshua. They were all falsities used by the enemy of our faith to get people to fall away; sadly it worked in some instances with friends and such.

If you mentioned back then, that you read about all of the false apparitions of the Virgin Mary people would question you. It was quite clear that they were demonic and/or fallen angelic in nature and reading the messages that these entities conveyed always bore out that assertion. Then we started to hear about the visions and messages that were supposedly given to some little girls by what was later labeled as The Virgin of Fatima. Supposedly these were prophetic in nature and they were being kept in secret. People who walked in the Ruach Ha Kodesh knew that these again were just more demonic visitations that were promoted my some of the Vatican faithful. We would watch on television as someone would find a knot in a tree that looked like Mary or someone would drop some paint on a floor and the splatter would look like Mary and most Christians would mock the lines of Catholics who would stand there waiting their turn to see what they thought to be a “sign and miracle.”

But then the end of the 80’s came and the weirdness started to come into the Protestant Church. In 1997 an author who was very heavily into the Rapture wrote a book stating that there were 88 reasons why Yeshua would rapture the Church in 1988. On January 01, 1989 we were still here. Many bought into this false prophecy and were disappointed. Many sold their belongings, their property and their dignity for a lie. We watched as Jonestown happened in South America where so many died because they believe a false prophet. We watched as David Koresh had his followers so enmeshed in his false prophecies that they would rather die in a government made inferno rather than give into common sense. Many ascribed stupidity to the followers of these men; people ignorant of Yahweh’s Word; how could they believe such lies; was heard many times in churches all over America and probably around the world.

In the late 1990’s a group of techno-geeks bought into the lies of Marshall Applewhite. They believed that there was a UFO hiding in the tail of the Comet Hale Bopp and that when it was closest to earth it would translate them into the spaceship and they would go to live with their godlike space-brothers. So many in the Christian community questioned how people could believe such rubbish. They forgot that it happened to supposed “believers” a few years back but they couldn’t be believers if they believed such lies; or so they reasoned.

The problem with asking such questions will most of the time bring about answers. Those answers might not come in that “still small voice” that Yahweh uses to often talk to His Own. Sometimes it comes in real life illustrations; things brought out to show us in our own lives. Back in the 80’s I was reading a lot in the Books of The Prophets and I verbally expressed a question. I looked toward heaven and asked how a people; one who had such a history of miraculous events with Yahweh; crossing the Red Sea, God on Mount Sinai; the Manna in the desert and so many other things could turn away from Yahweh, not once, but time and time again. The answer came in the way of a time of backsliding for a period of about four years. The strange thing was that I thought I had a good relationship with Yahweh, but I was living in the world, doing worldly things and compromising the ideals that I held so dear in my heart; the Laws that He had written on my heart and mind.

Thankfully I was brought back to my senses and came back determined that I would never mock a people every again, especially The Apple of His Eye. About this time I was involved in the Vineyard Church. At first this church was wonderful and many great things came through it; but it started to change. People were demanding to see signs and miracles. The problem with that is that we were and are living in an adulterous and sinful generation and Yahweh doesn’t give signs to such people. So, I started to hear about people going into uncontrollable fits of laughing and that made me uneasy. Yahweh is a God of order, not of confusion and services should never be uncontrolled. Those of us with the unction know that Yahweh’s ways are different from the worlds ways and this laughter was not of Yahweh. Then I started to hear that people were barking like dogs, snorting like pigs and mooing like cows during these events; definitely not of Yahweh. This wasn’t enough for people; they wanted to see things too and after a while people started to hear angel’s feathers and see them fall from the ceiling of churches. They never bothered to research angels and realize that angels really don’t have feathers; that is a human contrivance. Then people started claiming that they were receiving gold fillings in their teeth and they were finding gold dust in the church along with diamonds laying on the floor. From my own experience, Yahweh will always communicate in supernatural way; in a spiritual way, and not in the “signs and wonders” that people were demanding.

So this has all gone on for quite a few years now; people demanding a sign from Yahweh. The Holy Spirit has left many churches for a variety of reasons so the next best thing is a physical manifestation, even if it is not from Yahweh. Why, I even saw one church that was talking about the pretty orbs of light that were coming into the church every service that they had. They were attributing these lights to angels; but lest we forget that these same manifestations accompany many UFO sightings and other psychic happenings. Yes, they are angels, but not the good guys. The good angels always appear as men and they are always messengers.

Where has this all taken us? Well, it’s produced people who want the world to come to an end so desparately that they are looking at worldly things and words said by many who are far from the truth being held up almost in the same reverence as the Gospel of Yeshua. In 1999 the threat of Y2K loomed and many so called “believers” in Yeshua were proclaiming that when the electronics world ended so would society and the Revelation Period would begin to bring about order through a Satanic savior. When nothing happened these “prophets of doom” were never held accountable. In Biblical times, they would have been stoned to death, but in an age of Grace anyone can say anything and we have to forgive them and bring them to correction; but no correction is brought about and if it is, the person who caused the offence is often given a get out of jail free card by the sheeple who believe their pseudo-prophetic nonsense.

Yet still there was a time, just a couple of years ago when we heard that there was a mysterious object approaching the earth; that it was maybe a planetoid or the infamous Nibiru. We were told that when it passed close to the earth there would be a polar shift; that there would be earthquakes, tidal waves and other calamties that would change drastically the life that we know and cherish here on Earth. It was surmised that the flurry of earthquakes that happened in Chile, New Zealand and Japan was proof that when this thing aligned with Earth and the sun it did cause problems here; but as the time for it’s passing came and went there was nothing. I’ll be the first to admit that I bought into the “possibility” that there could be some merit to this and even interviewed one or two people about the possibility and they sounded credible; but again it was a false prophecy.

And who of any of our contemporaries could forget that for a number of years we had to hear how the world would come to an end on December 12, 2012 because a Mayan Calendar ended on that day; those proclaiming it either ignorant of the fact or purposefully lying that they didn’t know that there are many Mayan calendars that go many years still into the future. Christians picked up on this and this was going to be the “day of the rapture,” when we would all be whisked away from this evil and wicked world. Christians are starting to show an renewed interest in the prophecies of Nostradamus again also; too ignorant of the fact that the guy was as far from a prophet as Andromeda is from Earth.

But the one that really cracks me up; that makes me howl with laughter but also weep with sorrow because I see the sheeple falling for lies all over again, is how many are proclaiming that the prophecies of a “Black Pope,” given centuries ago by a supposed Catholic Prophet are intrinsic to end time prophecy of the False Prophet of the Book of Revelation. Let me return you to the start of this article. For many years, if you said that you believed anything “Catholic” you were spurned, belittled and called a heretic. But in our present time, when this so called “prophet’s” falsities can fit into the imaginations of those who can use it to write books and produce videos; all of a sudden the Catholic Prophecies are sanctioned and okay.

According to their theory regarding the Black Pope, they contend that the last Pope will of of Roman or Italian extract. They call this Pope, Petrus Romanus, or Peter the Roman. The recent election of a new Pope from Latin America, who happens to have a last name that sounds Italian has caused many to backpedal and change their story. Their claim, that the new Pope, who has taken on the moniker of Frances of Assisi, “Francesco di Pietro di Bernardone” only proves that he is the Black Pope. First off, claiming that he is Italian (which he is not) and therefore he has to be the Black Pope is akin to saying that because I have an Italian last name I am in some way connected with the Mafia; it is ludicrous. Secondly, his name translated into English is Frances, son of Peter, Son of Bernard. The “one” at the end of the name makes it a family surname; it is like a title. Does this mean that anyone in Italy, who’s father’s name who just happens to be Pietro (Peter) is a candidate for the false prophet of Revelation? After their error was revealed, the authors of this theory, or some of those promoting it, the man is a Roman. Well, there is nothing in his name that says he is a Roman, and even if he were of Italian extract, he is still from Latin America. This theory just doesn’t add up; and in the stead of the authors, who have probably made a grand mistake, God forbid that they say that they were in error. They’ve set themselves so high up on the pompous scale that to admit error would cause their pride to come crashing down on the rocks. It’s too bad that they esteem their Christian brethren with such disdain to think so many to be so unforgiving.

The very same people who have said that most of the ancient societies were either fashioned or influenced by fallen angels are now taking the things that were given by the fallen angels and they’re saying that “perhaps there is some truth in these things.” My goodness, have they gone mad??? The dark side always lies, and they use their lies to enforce their ways, and not the ways of our Yahweh. They’re fantastic bluffers and liars. When Yeshua asked the demoniac at the Gadarenes what his name was, the lead demon replied that they were Legion, because they were many. A Roman Legion, with all of their helpers numbered as high as five thousand men. In the account in Mark, chapter five it turned out that there were only two thousand demons because there were about two thousand pigs. The demon was lying. Instead of saying they were half a legion, they said they were a full legion to make themselves look larger in number and make Yeshua’s work much harder (if that were possible, I think not). So taking stock in anything that has been written under demonic influence or in a society that is heavily influenced by demonic influence should never happen; yet why do these (Christian?) researchers do this very thing?

Well, only Yahweh knows the heart. However, when you establish your living on selling books and appearing at seminars; sensationalism sells. When you establish yourself as having all of the latest news and revelation’s and when or if the true source of revelation, the Ruach Ha Kodesh stops providing that information then other things have to be turned to to keep up on the sensationalism. I’m not pointing fingers at any one person or even a group of people. I just know what fear of paying the house mortgage, keeping the business going and saving face in a community it is amazing what good and honest people are capable of. We’re all living in difficult times now and having lived through them before I have seen people twist this or tweak that to make things fit. What a shame it is on anyone who used lies, deceit and other things that believers are supposed to loath, and use them for capital gain and/or fame or fortune. Hope that they like their reward, because they’re getting it now. I’ll opt for later, thanks.

It is time for the Elect to wake up. It is time for us to realize that the only truth we will ever find is in Hebrew Scripture; all 66 books of it. Yahweh warned us to stay away from “vain imaginations” and to spurn “rumors” and to stick to the original. It is so very important that we study scripture for ourselves; each and every one of us. There are those out there who proclaim that they know and have studied the Bible. Many of these people twist and contort Yahweh’s Word to conform to their lifestyles or their doctrines. If you don’t study the Word of Yahweh then you can easily be duped; and many have. Wake up brothers and sisters or you’ll find yourself sucked into a sinkhole of spiritual deceit and you’ll be funding the prophets of this deceit. Wake up before it’s too late. The day is coming when every valley will be exalted and every mountain be brought low and all will be exposed; but until that day we need to pray for discernment, and lots of it. Pray for wisdom but most of all pray that the deceivers will be shown for who they are. Pray for this in your daily life, at your churches and especially whenever you hear of another book or seminar where “truths” will be revealed. You already have the truth. You hold it in your hands when you read Scripture and you have have Him in your heart when you have the Ruach Ha Kodesh residing within you. So, will you trust Yahweh or will you trust men? As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord God of Israel!

Sometimes things happen in our lives that grieve us; make us so sad that we feel like we’ve experienced a death in our family. When we attend a fellowship and we feel at home there they become our family. Just like every family, there are those whom we are attracted to and we become close and there are others who we do not grow too close too. There are others we prefer to only see on special days like; holidays, birthdays and such and it doesn’t bother us too much if we don’t see them the rest of the year. Sadly, there are a few, a slight few that we’d rather not see at all; you know, the contentious relative that has an opinion about everything that you do, say or act upon. Thank goodness that the last kind is rare in most families, and in most churches too.

With the end of the age occurring here and now we are starting to see more and more pastors and laymen going astray. People that we thought were stable pillars in the church community are exposed for what really lives inside of them; misguided hopes or plans that just don’t seem to go along with scripture and scripture’s correct interpretation. Sometimes people have been hurt by others in the Christian family and they find scripture that they feel soothes that hurt, and that is fine except when the scripture is taken out of context to prove that person right and others wrong.

A friend of mine, within the last year or two started to attend a fellowship that seemed pretty exemplary. It was everything that my friend could ask for. He has a ministry that caters to many that most of the church would not even dare minister too and he’s had some success bringing people around to the truth and helping them to get set free. The pastor of his new church had a burden or at least accepted what my friend was doing and my friend felt safe and secure in this fellowship.

My friend is like myself, a watchman; someone who feels the call to watch out for Yahweh’s people and to sound the alarm when things don’t seem right in a message or a ministry or whatever the case might be. He told me that there were many times during worship when Yahweh would give him a Word to share from Yeshua and although allowed to give the word, which sometimes gave admonitions to the body to change their ways and walk according to Yahweh’s Word. The problem that he had is that there were those in the fellowship who would fluff over his Word from Yahweh with words of love, peace and acceptance. He often felt like the others shared what they shared in order to quash what Yahweh was trying to say through him.

As we talked my friend shared with me that his pastor had been involved in what seemed to be an ecumenical movement in his town and when he felt alarmed, the pastor would announce that it wasn’t really ecumenical, but just a lot of pastors who wanted to see revival in his town who agreed to put aside differences and focus on what they all had in common. With this having been said, my friend still felt strange about all of this but gave the pastor the benefit of the doubt because he thought he knew his pastor’s heart.

My friend told me that the pastor often spoke of something called The Tabernacle of David being restored. The pastor would refer to Amos 9:11 and other scriptures to show that it was a new Tabernacle of Praise that Yahweh was going to institute and that He (Yahweh) would use this Tabernacle to break down the divisions within the pastoral and church communities of his city. As time progressed, the mention of The Tabernacle of David was often mentioned as a new and/or fresh movement of the Ruach Ha Kodesh that would break down the walls and bring revival to his city.

A couple of Sunday’s ago my friend was very distraught. He felt betrayed and he felt like he’d been thrown under a bus by his pastor. That day there was a guest speaker from another organization in his town that is heavily promoting this TOD (Tabernacle of David) thing and this speaker was recruiting churches to join in with them to help them to bring about the new and revived TOD in his city. My friend said that it felt as though he wasn’t sitting in his own church, but had been put inside a Unitarian Church. A strange spirit filled the place too. The speaker used a lot of New Age words; things like “great invocation,” “an awakening,” and once he even slipped and used the word ecumenical, which he quickly fixed with something like “coming together.”

As I mentioned earlier, there are many types in a family, and his church was no different. There are the older mature believers, whose who just sit and listen and a few loonies who are already bringing New Age dogma into the church under the radar of his pastor who he sometimes wondered if he even had radar or had it switched on. Those New Agenicks, along with some of the believers who will go along with anything coming from the pulpit were all saying hallelujah, praise the Lord and Amen during this whole event according to my friend. Most sat in shock it seemed, wondering what was going on. He said that it got even worse when, after the speaker talked, the pastor just stood up and said that his church would join in this obviously New Age ecumenical movement. There was no polling of the congregants, no vote; no discussion whatsoever. My friend told me that he had often heard the pastor mention that he wanted more involvement in the church by those who attended, so this added to his shock when this decision was made without the consent of anyone but the Amen Choir.

So, alarmed at what happened to my friend, I went home and did a little research on TOD and what it is all about. Between family events, ministry stuff and other things I have little precious time to do a study into it myself. I did however know that there are people who look into these things and use scripture, wisdom and common sense to investigate the “latest” things that are sweeping a sleeping and unsuspecting church. I found an article that I’d now like to present as an attachment to this editorial. I’d like you to read about TOD, where it comes from, what it is and how you need to watch carefully and try to head it off before it takes over a pastor or a church. My friend was duped, as was his fellowship, but you don’t have to be.

Having visited this author’s website and having seen no copyright I am assuming that there is no copyright on his material. If in fact there is I do claim my right as an editorialist to use his material as an expository against the heresy I mentioned above.


By Orrel Steinkamp, The Plumbline, Volume 7, No. 4, September/October 2002

Over the past decades music has gained an unprecedented prominence in the church.  So much so that music has replaced faith and preaching as the new means of grace.  The influence of music has become so dominant that it is not unusual for worship ministers and worship teams to spend more time in ministry with the congregation than pastors do expounding the Word of God.  The worship time often consumes up to forty minutes leaving preaching time shortened.  An Australian pastor recounts a conversation he had with his worship leader just prior to a 2 day seminar.  The worship leader asked, “How long do you want us to worship?  Twenty minutes?”  The pastor responded “What about two days.” “I don’t think I could play my guitar that long” the worship leader retorted.  The pastor’s response was “you’re talking about music and I am talking about worship”.  There is a subtle understanding now that suggests that music alone constitutes worship.

Barry Chant asks the question:

“Have we unknowingly, actually arrived at a position where music has replaced faith as the means by which we appropriate God’s blessings and where the worship leader, [or the worship team] rather than the evangelist is responsible for bringing people to God?”1  Jared Cooper describes a time when his church abandoned music altogether to test the genuineness of their worship… They learned to worship without music.2

Indeed if someone was marooned on a desert island would worship be impossible?  Barry Chant insightfully observes, “an unhealthy number of new songs focus more on rhythm and harmony than melody … Whereas a half century ago, Christians sang songs in which there were disciplined rhythms and rhymes, and both melody and lyrics followed an obvious orderly pattern, today’s rhythms are more likely to be disruptive and disjointed… ‘feeling’ is what matters.  So the pulsating rhythms throb through our beings, the compelling beat makes our bodies respond and the intellectual or biblical content only needs to be sufficient to justify calling what we are singing ‘Christian’.3

The worship debate is wide spread, and even liturgical churches are being forced to produce contemporary worship services.  This debate will be with us for some time to come.  Beyond this however, there is something more than personal preferences occurring.  There is a teaching in some charismatic circles which goes beyond the so-called worship wars.  Worship is taught as something which actually accomplishes something in the spirit world and is linked to prophetic revelation and spiritual warfare.  More and more believers look to music as the primary source of spiritual fulfillment.  New generations of charismatics are proclaiming that God is restoring to the overcoming end time church forms of worship that purportedly occurred in David’s tabernacle.

This special restoration is touted as a crucial element in God’s plan to restore His glory to the final church as a prelude to the Second Coming of Christ.4

“…Bible teachers of our day who are moving in present truth have discovered God’s anointed plan to restore the Tabernacle of David, which is the perfect pattern of praise and worship all New Testament believers are to follow. The restoration of the pattern of praise and worship that once prevailed in King David’s day will release a prophetic stream of praise in our day that will energize the church with new power and demolish the works of Satan.  Believers will approach God in new ways such as singing in tongues to activate revelations, prophesying in song, dancing rhythmically in the Spirit and all the traditional charismatic methods (hand clapping, raising of hands etc.). Those who resist this restoration of worship will fall short of God’s standard and will continue to operate in a faulty form of worship and will be in danger of the glory of God departing from their churches.”5

The Tabernacle of David (TOD) teaching is not new at all but was clearly a part of the restoration scheme of Latter Rain teachers.  George Warnock, writing during the hey day of the Latter Rain (early 50’s), often referred to the Tabernacle of David.  It was in the mid 60’s however, that Latter-Rain restoration teachers in Australia and New Zealand began to flesh out TOD teaching.  Graham Truscott claimed to be directed by God to TOD teaching in 1968.  The context of this enhanced TOD teaching was always in a Latter-Rain context.  Kevin Conner, in Australia, was among the first to apply typology and restoration hermeneutics to the Tabernacle of David.

The term TOD is a reference to the tent David pitched in Jerusalem for the Ark of the Covenant (2 Sam. 6:17; 1 Chron. 16:1). The apostle James quoted Amos 9:11 in reference to the restoring of David’s fallen tent at the Jerusalem Council (Acts 15:16).  Those promoting the restoration of Davidic Worship/Warfare base everything on the assertion that this refers to the form of worship that was employed in David’s tabernacle.  We will look closely at the Acts 15:16 passage and will find that with most responsible biblical authorities that verse does not refer to forms of worship but rather to the dynasty (house of) David and has nothing to do with worship whatsoever.  It may appear new to those promoting it today but it was first taught in Latter Rain circles in the late 40’s and early 50’s.  Restored Davidic worship is just a companion piece of the whole restoration teaching scheme in which apostles and prophets are restored to the final and overcoming end time church.  Along with restored apostles and prophets there is also a restored form of worship which they assert was part of David’s day, which had a short appearance in the apostolic church only to be lost until God’s restoration in these last days.

The Tabernacle of David in Scripture.

TOD teaching centers it’s teaching on the prophecy of Amos 9:11 quoted by James at the Jerusalem council in Acts 15:16, in which James refers to the tent David pitched for the ark of the covenant in Jerusalem (2 Sam. 6:17; 1 Chron. 16:1).  James quotes from the Septuagint (Greek translation of the OT). “After this I will return and rebuild the fallen house [tabernacle) of David.  Its ruins I will rebuild, and I will restore it and the rest of mankind may seek the Lord, and all the Gentiles who bear my name,” (NIV)

In Amos 9:11, in the Hebrew text there is an additional reference to “they may possess the remnant of Edom” (NIV)6 which is not found in the Septuagint.  James’ choice of the Septuagint surely reflects his desire to promote the inclusion of Gentiles.  Those promoting TOD teaching contend rather, that James is concerned about restoring Davidic worship to the church.  TOD teachers refer to I Chron. 25 where David appointed prophetic Levites to praise God with stringed instruments, harps, cymbals and trumpets.  These references to musical instruments are then recruited to show that the TOD is a reference to worship.

Conversely, if it can be established that Acts 15:16 is not a reference to Davidic worship forms at all, then the whole teaching of TOD is without biblical support and is rather a clever example of restoration hermeneutics.  If the context of both Acts 15:16 and Amos 9:11 demands that tabernacle (Heb.  Sukkah, “booth” or “house”) actually refers to the dynastic rule of David (as in house of Usher etc) then worship is not even a biblical consideration.  In Isaiah 16:5 the term TOD is without any doubt a reference to the “rule” of David: “In love a throne will be established in faithfuless a man will sit on it – one from the ‘house of David”‘ (NIV).

We will return for a more in depth look at James’ quote of Amos 9:11 later in the article.

A Summary of Tabernacle of David Teaching

Tricia Tillin has researched the ministry of Mike Bickle with special reference to the International House of Prayer (IHOP) and the associated ministry called the “Harp and Bowl.” Here is an extended quote from her findings:

“Here is one official description of the work: The International House of Prayer is a 24-hour a day, city wide worship and warfare, interdenominational prayer ministry serving the Body of Christ.  This ministry is modeled after the Tabernacle of David with singers and musicians being released to lead corporate intercession and worship 24 hours a day … The House of Prayer for all nations ministry includes continuous praise and prayer dethroning the principalities and powers over a region declaring God’s sovereignty.  This is in the spirit of Rev. 4-5 ‘Harp and Bowl’ worship and warfare prayer gatherings, the harp representing praise and the bowl representing the prayers of the saints which is at the heart of David’s Tabernacle … In Sept. 1999… they completed the full 24 hour a day schedule with singers and musicians leading each session.  They believe that this model is the most effective context to train and send forth others who will plant a House of Prayer (in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David) established in every major city of the earth before the Lord’s return.”7

Froujke E. Jansen further describes his view of the Tabernacle of David;

“His [John Painter] study was also about the Tabernacle of David being a type of the end-time church and about a transition between the two tabernacles, the Tabernacle of Moses and the Tabernacle of David.  In the Bible, the Tabernacle of Moses lacked God’s presence at the time the Tabernacle of David was being built, yet it continued to operate without presence.  For a time, the Tabernacles of Moses and of David operated simultaneously.  Dr. Painter said this represented the fact that during the end times there will be two tabernacles that also operate simultaneously. That is, the ‘church’ with unfaithful ministers and people who are content with empty ritual and the true end time church that is full of God’s presence.”8

David appointed 24 groups of 12 musicians (a total 880) who were set apart for prophetic worship.  It is assumed from this that these musicians served around the clock (24/7) every day.

An unnamed writer on the intemet concludes the following: “Now, in these last days … the TOD is going to be restored.  As it was in David’s time, once again God’s people will have free access to His presence.  Whenever the people of God gather to minister to God in worship and praise, He will be pleased to come in His mighty presence to meet with them.”9

The above quotes express the various common themes of TOD teaching.  Diverse versions of TOD teaching are now widely dispersed in Charismatic circles.  As various elements of this teaching move from person to person and group to group certain aspects are picked up or left out so that many who employ different versions of this teaching are not aware that TOD is the source of these ideas.  Nevertheless there seem to be four central ideas within TOD teaching.

1. TOD is a part of the present-truth/restoration view of church history.
2. TOD enhances and endorses the ministry of restored apostles and prophets.
3. TOD invokes (attracts) the manifest presence of God. 4. TOD is a powerful weapon of spiritual warfare.

Space does not allow for us to deal in depth with each of these themes.  So we will only address No. 3 and 4 in some detail.

Does TOD Worship Attract the Manifest Presence of God?

The addiction to physical manifestations in the current revival is often linked directly to TOD type worship.  It has been pragmatically discovered that long extended and repetitive worship will usually cause God to “show up.” So worship techniques often become the prelude for God showing up in power.  “Showing up” is shorthand for the whole catalogue of physical manifestations associated with the current revival.  The right kind of worship will attract the manifestations which are a sign that God has shown up.  Much of the teaching that praise attracts and brings God’s presence is based on an obscure verse in the OT which I believe has been misinterpreted.  The KJV of Psalm 22:3 states: “But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel.”

Does this verse really teach that if we praise God then God will come in His manifest presence to “inhabit the church” – sometimes as a visible glory cloud of blue haze or an overwhelming sense of heaviness (glory), or whatever?

Does this verse even suggest that God “inhabits” praise in some unique and extraordinary way?

First of all most modern Hebrew translations prefer “enthroned” to “inhabit.” Furthermore, the Hebrew Grammar is not in favor of the traditional understanding found in the KJV.  The Hebrew literally reads, “But Thou/Holy/enthroned/the praise of Israel.” The NIV translates it “Yet you are enthroned as the Holy One; you are the praise of Israel.” Thus the phrase probably means, “You are the One Israel praises.” In context this fits well because in vs. 3-5 it is God who is the One in whom “our fathers put their trust.” Bruce L. Johnson has summed the thought in this way: “But note that David’s appeal is to God.  He is not calling God’s people to praise Him so that God will ‘show up’ or act in their behalf. He is not saying, ‘God comes [fights, acts for us, etc.] because we praise Him, so praise him and he will act’, rather, he is telling God (and indirectly, telling us), that He is the one we praise and boast in because he HAS shown up for us!”10

Is TOD really a Spiritual Warfare Technique?

Michael Moriarity has responded to the TOD teaching as spiritual warfare:

“The new charismatics believe that God is teaching certain present-truth Christians ‘new insights’ to help the church in her struggles against spiritual darkness … One way to accomplish all of this is through certain forms of worship … God is putting together a present-truth army of believers that will worship Him with such power that all non-Christian philosophies will ultimately be wiped out and demons will be left trembling.”11

Bill Hamon, who is a fellow apostle with C. Peter Wagner, in the International Coalition of Apostles, and a long time Latter Rain writer, describes the power of praise choruses in this way:

“These praise choruses convey the words and spirit of a militant army ready to possess their promised land.  The “Joshua Generation” has crossed over their spiritual Jordan restorationally.  They are now marching around Jericho, preparing to fulfill their predestined purpose as one of the restorational, present-truth tribes that will be joined together in spirit and truth to drive out the ‘ites’ of Canaan.”12

Indeed, there are references to spiritual warfare in the NT, but there are no references to worship warfare.  By stressing TOD as a warfare technique, TOD teachers have reduced it to a formula.  The purpose of worship, however, personal or corporate, is not to employ a spiritual warfare tactic.  I recently heard a sermon in which the pastor asserted that every time we clap or beat the drum it allows God to beat on the devil.  We however, do not clap, shout etc in order for God to be freed to defeat the devil.  Rather we praise God because he has defeated the evil one and we have been rescued from his domain.  There is no power in any worship technique.  The power is in God Himself. If the TOD worship warfare is such a powerful warfare technique today and a mighty testimony of restored Latter Rain apostles, why did not the first church apostles have it at their disposal in the days of the “former Rain?” Why would God reserve this for the Latter Rain and its apostles and prophets?  If this Davidic worship warfare was not a part of the apostolic church (and it wasn’t) then how could it be restored today?

The Key Passage: Acts 15:16.

In order to understand why James quoted from Amos 9:11 at the conclusion of the Jerusalem council, the historical context is the determining factor.  The circumcision party among Jewish believers was insisting that Gentile believers had to be circumcised according to the law of Moses (v.1). Paul and Barnabus came to the council to participate in the debate and lobbied against the circumcision party (v.4, 6).  Peter witnessed before the Council that salvation is by grace through faith in Christ.  Paul and Bamabus recalled how miraculously God had worked among the Gentiles on their first missionary journey.  James, the obvious spokesman for the council, concurred with Peter, Paul and Bamabus and expressed his conclusion that Gentile believers were to be accepted into the early church without circumcision because their hearts had been cleansed by faith in Christ (Acts 15:9-12, 19).

In order to give OT credence to the decision of the council, James quoted Amos 9:11 which appears to have settled once and for all the question of Gentile inclusion in the early church.  Would it make any sense for James to depart from the only issue before the council (i.e., the question of Gentile circumcision) and predict a new form of worship?  This just does not fit contextually.  James did not change the subject to promote a perfect plan of worship modeled after David’s tabernacle.  The obvious refrence to the “tabernacle of David” is a reference to the dynasty or rule of David, which is often referred to as the “house of David” or the “tabernacle of David.” (2 Samuel 7:5-11).

The prophet Amos had prophesied that David’s rule, with all its glorious promises, would one day collapse and fall being overrun with “breaches” and “ruins.” But Amos went on to promise that David’s tabernacle (the house of David) would be restored from its fallen state.  James purpose in quoting the passage is to demonstrate to the council that the restoring of David’s house refers to the spiritual incorporation of the Gentiles into the New Testament Church.  Indeed, it had been God’s intention to include Gentiles in His Kingdom from the beginning.  What Amos had predicted so long ago is now being fulfilled in that Gentiles are coming to faith and being included in Christ’s church. After the literal historical fall of David’s tabernacle (the Davidic Dynasty) God would restore David’s rule by including Jews and Gentiles in the same ‘house’ or family of God.  James, in quoting Amos is establishing to the council that the inclusion of Gentiles was not something new but was a part of God’s plan and was being fulfilled in the Church.  Consequently, James concludes, “Therefore it is my judgment that we do not trouble those who are turning to God from among the Gentiles” (Acts 15:19).

The only way to teach the restoration of Davidic Worship is to snatch the phrase “Tabernacle of David” in Acts 15:16 out of its historical meaning, isolate it from the context and give it a meaning that James, Paul, Bamabus, Peter and the whole NT would not have even recognized.


Beyond the fact that “Tabernacle of David’ teaching is simply wrong and an example of illegitimate restoration teaching, there are pastoral and practical concerns.  Rather than worship directed to God, simply to express praise, Davidic worship/warfare is practiced in order to produce a so-called spiritual effect.  It hints at a kind of spiritual formula or recipe.  The teaching that restored Davidic worship somehow allows or even attracts the physical manifestations of God’s presence seems to border on spiritual magic.

Finally, the identification of worship as purely musical is not biblical.  The Apostle Paul teaches that worship touches all the areas of life.  Presenting our bodies as living sacrifices constitutes our “spiritual worship” (Romans 12: 1).  Worship styles and musical preferences should never be put forth as God’s unique and authorized form of worship.  Cultural expressions of worship will always be different.  The central point is that worship is an expression of the heart toward God.

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About the Author

Offel Steinkamp is publisher of Plumbline Newsletter and director of Plumbline Ministries.  He has, served as a missionary to Vietnam, professor and pastor in Australia and most recently pastor of an AOG church in Redwood Falls Minnesota.  He received his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees from Bethel Theological Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota.  He currently resides near Renville, Minnesota.

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Over the past month or two I have received news by way of “Christians” stating that there are Hassidim in Yerushalayim who are stoning women and girls at the Western Wall Woman’s prayer section. It’s sad that when something happens against the Jewish people, the loudest “Christians” are mostly silent, but when something happens, or is blown out of proportion (false witness) the loudest Christians are the first to voice an uproar against Jews and Israel. So what is really happening.

I have also heard from many “Christians” that Israel is an apostate nation that is shunned by Yahweh. Well, they are like any other secular society that is true, and apostate from a Christian point of view; but there are a lot of Torah believing Jews and real believers in Yeshua who live in Israel. To label “All” of Israel as apostate is not only unfair, but an affront to all pious Jews and Christians everywhere. America is much worse off than Israel where apostasy is concerned; that is a hard pill to swallow for many. And in addition, it is an affront to me because I have a daughter, son in-law and 7 beautiful grandchildren that live in Israel, and you know what, they are all believers in Yeshua. The two adults are witnesses for Yeshua in a land that is sometimes hostile to Yeshua’s believers and they have more respect from me then all of you armchair believers living here in the States or anywhere else in this corrupt world.

If you know anything about Jews, you know that they (we) excel at just about everything that we put our minds to. Those of us who are bad excel at badness and those of who observe the Torah observe it to the inth degree. Christians often fault Jews because we are commanded to follow all 613 commandments. Of course, since 70 AD that has been impossible seeing that the Beit HaMikdash was destroyed by the Romans. There is no place in Yerushalayim to fulfill many of the Commands of Yahweh. Of course, those of us who have faith in Yeshua know that there is no need for sin sacrifices and such; however we still observe the feasts and festivals, observe Shabbat on the last day of the week and most of try to keep Kosher.

Now, part of Jewish tradition, at least for the more Orthodox Jews, is to have separate places for women to pray; apart from the men. While many people outside of Orthodox circles would argue with this practice, it is just Jewish custom to do things this way. You can argue, hem and haw about it but you would be wrong. Why you might ask? Well, many of those who are first to point the finger at Jews and Israel are the first to celebrate Christmas on December 25th, the first to teach their Children that a giant elf blesses them with gifts on that day and he has reindeer and a flying sleigh. They are the first to teach their kids that there is an Easter Bunny and that hunting for a rabbit’s eggs (explain that one to me) is a fun thing to do. All of these things are of pagan origin, yet for some reason it is okay for most of those who wear the badge of Christian, to teach such things to children and perpetuate paganism within the Church of Yeshua Ha Mashiach. The adage says, “when you point a finger at someone there are three fingers pointing back at you” is quite true in this instance. I know that what I just wrote will really tick off some people, but the truth often does. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Knowing people that live in Israel, I know some of the internal goings on there. For instance, there is an increasing gay and lesbian movement that is frustrating many Israeli’s. Just last year, the only Messianic Moshav was fined an exorbitant amount of money because a lesbian couple sued them in Israeli court. They sued the Moshav because they (the Moshav) refused to allow a lesbian marriage there. Now I’m sure that the fact that they are Messianic figured into the equation, but the loss of the Moshav in court set a precedence that affects not only Jews who believe in Yeshua, but any Jewish congregation that sees the homosexual lifestyle as being an abomination; just like the Bible reiterates time and time again.

Now, enter the “Women At The Wall” movement. They are a group of lesbians and other woman’s rights gals who are adamant about watering down the Jewish religion, especially the Orthodox and others who are more conservative. Knowing full well that Tradition states that men and women are supposed to pray in separate areas, these women are trying to subvert what has been for millennia and change it into something that “they” want. It should be noted that Orthodox and conservative women abhor these lesbians too and that the protest involved them too as they protested the protesters. You should also know that according to Torah, only men are allowed to wear Tefilin. What is Tefilin you ask? It consists of the tiny scrolls of the Torah that Yahweh commanded Jewish men to wear on their forehead between their eyes and on their left arm and hand. These scrolls are in black boxes and bound to the head and arm by leather straps. See the illustration below:


So, we have a group of lesbians and other hard core feminists who are trying to infiltrate and change the religious traditions that many Jews hold sacred. I have been told by quite a few “Christians” that the Jews are being unfair by trying to ban these females from praying on the wall. Let me reiterate, there is a woman’s section where women are allowed to pray at the Temple Wall, that should not be an issue, not at all.

Okay, I have not convinced some that just a few females are the problem. By the way, I like to use the word female instead of woman. To me, woman is a term of endearment and to call even half of these females “women” is an affront, especially since half of them want to take on a male role in their abominable lesbian relationship.

Now, let’s turn the tables a little bit, okay? Let us suppose that you’re a Christian and you’re comfortable in your church. You like it the way that it is. You like singing the praise and worship songs and the pastor can really dish up a good sermon. However, a group of women comes into your church. They start yelling that it is unfair that the Bible says that only men can be pastors and they start protesting by storming the church with many other of their “liked minded” sisterhood. They start to stand up in the choir section singing songs about equality and political correctness. Then, although you have tolerated them thus far, even though they go against everything that you stand for; they demand that since you’re a religious organization, you have to marry them to each other. All of a sudden you find yourself in the same shoes as both Jews and Christians in Israel. Now you can understand why there is such an uproar at the Temple Wall and why the Orthodox and Conservative Jews are so upset.

Now here is the real kicker. This scenario is going to be reality here in America very soon. The homosexual lobby is pressing for legislation to recognize homosexual marriage as a right that the government has to recognize. Some states have passed such legislation already. No big deal, right? Well hold on a minute. When the government recognizes their marriages as legal then they will be equal with those who have married in proper unions; that being a man and woman as a married couple. Still no problem? Well, when their unions are recognized as legal then they will have the right to walk into your church and demand that your pastor marry them, in your church, right at the front, just like you did when you had your Holy Union before Yahweh. If your pastor refuses to do this, what will happen? Okay, so your pastor says that he won’t marry them and/or he won’t allow the union to take place in your church. The lesbian or gay couple could go down to the nearest lawyer and file a discrimination law suit against your church. In our current society, and with their hatred toward Christians you would lose your case. Paying a heavy fine would be the least that the government could do to you. In all likelihood they would force you to marry the couple. They would make a spectacle of your church in the local media. The IRS would probably remove your 501c3, taking away your nonprofit organization status. In many cases the government would bar you from operating the church.

I know that quite a few people don’t believe that these things could happen. I know already that I’m going to get many letters calling me a hater, a bigot and my favorite one, “judgmental.” Well, that might be the case in your eyes. I’m merely trying to warn people who don’t seem to have much common sense or discernment of the things that are coming, and are already here in Israel. So, go ahead and knock the Jews for what is happening at the Temple Wall. Your words will turn on you and you will find them biting you on the backside in the very near future. Don’t say that you weren’t warned, because what you have read above was more than an adequate warning of things to come.

You know, I’ve done a lot in my life that under other circumstances I would have gotten recognition from the world and even many believers in Yeshua, but Yahweh has been faithful to let me look like a failure to the world. I’ve come up with some pretty good ideas that others have taken and capitalized on and I’ve published other things given to me by Yahweh that other have taken and published under their own name. This should get me roaring mad but it doesn’t. For, you see, I ascribe ideas and thoughts that are beneficial as coming from Yahweh so they really belong to Him, and not me. Anger against such things would be the anger of a mad plaguerist.

On this road of life and the road of ministry (they should be the same road if you’re walking with Yahweh) we encounter so very many types of people. Some people have no faith while others have what looks like a mountain of faith. Some people have the personality of a viper while others are like little lambs. Some are gifted in taking your money in any way possible while others scrimp and scrape by earning a meager existance. And, of course there are myriads of people that fall within the the extremes that I’ve just mentioned.

We will rejoice in thy salvation, and in the name of our God we will set up our banners: the Lord fulfil all thy petitions.  Now know I that the Lord saveth his anointed; he will hear him from his holy heaven with the saving strength of his right hand. Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the Lord our God. They are brought down and fallen: but we are risen, and stand upright. Save, Lord: let the king hear us when we call. Psalm 20:5-9

The sum total of what we are and who we are in Yeshua is “who do  you trust?” Who are you willing to put your stock in when things get rough and who will you trust to make you a success? The seductions of this world are so very present and so very tempting. I’ve had people write to me expressing a desire to support me and our ministry and they seemed pretty compelling. However, I have investigated those people and I have to say that with the exception of two men, all others wanted to help because they could somehow worm their way into the ministry to be able to change the course of the ministry or to downright take it over. The two brothers who are sincere have become friends as well as supporters and have not only contributed financially to the cause, but have been there to lend an ear and voice of support and to offer advice and constructive criticism when needed.

A few years ago Yahweh gave me a dream where he showed me something that I am sort of afraid to share the interpretation thereof. I am afraid because some reading this are not kind people and they will automatically ascribe to this interpretation that I am prideful or feel that I ascribe some sort of special anointing to myself. I cannot anoint myself, so that thought is ridiculous and also, Yahweh has seemed to make me His special project when it comes to keeping me humble and contrite. Most of you have been under the shadow of His wings whereas I have been shut up in the cleft of the rock, so to speak. He has quashed every attempt by me to become prideful and what the world calls successful; and I do not exagerate nor do I bewail it either.

In the dream I was with an associate and others. All of us were in a very high hotel on the top floor, probably the penthouse suite of something like that. I remember looking over the side and seeing that the part of the building we were in was out farther than the other parts of the building; sort of like the horizontal part of the letter “t” hangs out over the vertical part of the letter. I was looking down over the edge to see if there was an escape route for us but the shape of the building made that impossible; plus  the hight of the building was very great. We were trapped on the top floor and we knew that the FBI was looking for us and that they had the hotel surrounded and they were on every floor.

We finally decided that we should give up and surrender to the FBI. Someone opened the door and the agents swarmed in. We were escorted by the FBI down a stairwell to one of the floors where everyone but me was handcuffed. This particular floor didn’t look like a hotel floor because the floors were all tiled and the walls were white, almost like a hospital setting. As we walked I put my hands behind my back so that the officer could handcuff me whereupon he told me he would handcuff me after he went to the bathroom. He and another angent went into the bathroom and left me alone out in the doorway. I can remember seeing the others being led toward the edge of the hallway, all in handcuffs and then I saw them no more. I was all by myself in the hallway. I waited for the agents to come out of the bathroom and contemplated that I should make an escape but at the same time I felt that I didn’t need to escape. So, I waited for a while longer and started to walk down the hallway by myself and at this part of the dream I woke up.


Image from ca.finance.yahoo.com

Image similar to the building in my dream except the cross tee was up at the top.

I asked Yahweh what this dream meant because for a while I was confused as to its meaning. It came to me that the dream meant that I would be separated from the current associate and others in the “Christian” UFO research field. This was to occur because whatever is finally going to happen to the other researchers I would not have to partake in. I was not going to be led away in shakels like the others. The FBI agents symbolized Yahweh’s angels and the handcuffs symbolized the bondage of pride. Yahweh wanted me to know that the bondage that the others are bound in won’t bind me and that Yahweh was allowing me to be free so that I can fulfill the will that he has for me in my life. The fact that the angels brought us down from the highest floor symbolized the loftiness that many Christians in the UFO field  happen to feel will cause them to be brought low and the fact that the floor that I was left on was like a hospital means that I will be free to minister to the sick (those needing spiritual health and salvation).

This dream was given to me on March 07, 2009 which is about the time that I could have compromised my position and come into the limelight of the Christian UFO Research Realm. The previous July, I had spoken in Roswell at a UFO conference and I had just submitted my book for publication. I was rising to the top and the potential for pride was present for sure.


The book never did take off. Some say it was because it was too long; other say that it was written before its time. Some even said that it wasn’t well written. I think that Yahweh didn’t want it to take off at present because it was written before its time and because low sales would keep me humble. I also think that it was in part to the contributer, Joe Jordan’s attempt to steal the rights and credit and people’s dislike for that man. Only Yahweh knows for sure and someday I will know the whole story.

Back in the late 1980’s I was hurt in an industrial accident and became unable to work. Before the accident I was making well over thirty dollars per hour and single, and I was enjoying life and living the life of Riley. I can’t say I was high on the hog, for obvious reasons. There were others who were hurt also and everyone hired one law firm out of San Francisco. They were known for getting results, so we went with them because we wanted to see some sort of return after being out of work for an extended period of time. In 1991 we all received our settlements and it was a pretty good amount. In what seemed like overnight I was a changed man with enough money to keep me happy for a while and/or for life had I invested it right. Yahweh saw how the money changed me and within two year’s time all of the money was gone. Many of the things that I had acquired with the money were also gone and within five years of getting the award I was filing for bankruptcy. Clearly, I was not meant to have money, or at least that much money at the young age of 32. In addition to the monetary downward spiral came a similar spiral of my walk with Yeshua. Sadly, I was trying to serve God and Mammon. Let me testify to you, you cannot serve two masters. Yahweh was gracious to destroy the other master so that I again had to turn to him.

So you see that when I say that Yahweh doesn’t want me to have anything that could cause me to go off course it has been born out in my life that this tesimony is true. This is also true when it comes to fame, fortune or anything that will pull my attention away from him.

We now have to turn back to the dream that I inserted earlier in this Journal entry. Yahweh had seen that there was a possiblity of my becoming absorbed in a worldly aspect of ministry rather than a Godly aspect of ministry. I had noticed as early as 2005 that there were some very worldly people who called themselves “Christians,” who were involved in the Christian UFO Research Community. If Yahweh has endowed you with discernment you can see this quite easily. The real believers are humble, contrite and the air that they come across with is that of humility. They are rare indeed inside of this community. The others are the ones who seem to prosper. They write book upon book and speak at conference upon conference and they sort of ooze with pride and self edification. Even when they try to act humble the ooze of pride always makes itself present to reveal who they are.

What many people don’t know is that these same prideful men and women often get their rise in popularity through unsavory means. For instance, a collegue of mine has had his ideas constantly ripped off by other authors and entities. He has read his own ideas in books and publications written by people whom he thought he could trust. Many times he would be on phone calls with these plagueristic people and he would express an idea only to find it in their newsletter a month or two later. His own book was even pirated by someone who has offered it at a reduced rate and sold hundreds if not thousands of copies. Having had these things happen to me, I can attest that it causes sadness that people who claim to walk under the same banner, the banner of Yeshua, could do such things. In another vein, there are those who offer to publish the work of believers and steal away the work. Such people offer to front the cost of publication because they think that your work is important yet they do not fulfil the work of a publisher. They halfheartedly promote and then quickly drop your work because they see another school of bait in the water that they think will bring them money. They leave your work in limbo and when it fails they drop you like a bare handed man drops an iron skilled right off the fire. Yes, there are snakes in Christian publishing that masquerade as honest and caring believers.

As I mentioned earlier, I started to see these things early in the research community. The stench of dead Christianity can often be masked by those who are dead, but to those whom Yahweh has given a discerning nose the use of air freshener will never hide death and decay from them. Right from the start I had been given the intuition of who to hang out with and who was not right. Admittedly I was hoodwinked by a master masker for a short time but even this man showed his true colors sort of early on.

In the dream I had been alone and alone is not a fun place to be. Sometimes I would start to wonder if I was being too judgmental or perhaps if my discernment was off. Surely there could not be 98 percent bad and only two percent good? Yahweh however showed over the years how this was indeed true and how even the best of those in the masquerade were tainted. The dream was bearing out to be true; I was the only one in that great company who would not walk away in the shackles of disrepute.

As one would often think, I wondered if perhaps I’m paranoid about all of this. Even though I had the dream and things seemed pretty apparent to me, I often wondered if I was being influenced by the dream or I was seeing things like I wanted to see them. These speculations soon came to an end when I started to receive emails from people who liked my ministry. They would send me questions, asking me about certain individuals. I would get questions asking me if I had noticed that certain people didn’t seem just quite right, and other such things. I then began to see that I wasn’t imagining things, or at the very least, if I was delusional, other people suffered from the same delusion. But the one thing that stood out plain was the dream. It was as if Yahweh was sending me the letters from these people to confirm that what I was seeing was indeed the truth. Yahweh if faithful to give us confirmation; this has always been the case with him speaking to me anyway.

Yahweh said that we would know people by the fruit that they bear:

For a good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit; neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. For every tree is known by his own fruit. For of thorns men do not gather figs, nor of a bramble bush gather they grapes. A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh. Luke 6:43-45

Yeshua tells us here that you’ll know people by what they do, what they say and what comes from the things that they are trying to do. Yahweh has built a check valve into evil people so that they will always reveal what they are doing. Evil people always show you their cards. It is astonishing, but it always seems that the evil always show their plans. The trick is that you have to be listening so that you can hear them tip you off. So called “Christians” who work evil are no different. They will always slip or even brag about what they are doing; they cannot avoid the check valve, so to speak. And, because they tip us off it is important to hear what they are saying so that we can rebuke them, and if need be flee from the very appearance of evil.

The essence of all of this is that I cannot and will not league myself with people who are not fully committed to serving Yahweh and loving Yeshua. We’re told many times in scripture that we’re not supposed to be unequally yoked in anything; relationships, friendships, business adventures and especially in ministry. We’re told in word and through stories in scripture what the end result of these sort of unions will be. We’re told that the only one who will not fail us; the only one who has our best interest at heart and the only one who will be there through thick and thin is Yeshua. I’ve known him for well over thirty years and He has never failed me. In times when I thought that he was far away it was my eyesight that faltered because He has always been by my side. When people have tried to destroy the ministry that Yahweh commissioned me to do, Yeshua was always there to turn the tables on those people and protect the integrity of ministry and my walk; both of which are in Him.

So no, I will not league with people lacking integrity and lacking full contact relationship with Yahweh through Yeshua. If and when I find such people in my company they will be alerted to their lack of integrity. If they repent and return to Yahweh then praise Yeshua. If they continue on in their prideful ways then I will end association with them. Time is short and the enemy desires to steal people away into the the great delusion. I cannot and will not be part of that delusion no matter how sweet the agents of darkness make the pot and no matter how much they say I can prosper by joining with them. So, let the researchers prosper. Let them find fame and fortune and let them compromise in order to usurp Yahweh’s plan for them. I’ll have no part of it. What does it profit a man if he should gain the whole world but forfeit his soul? Hopefully, I’ll never find out the answer to that question, and I pray that you my reading faithful never do either!

As the founding member and minister of The Delusion Resistance I have been involved in many years as being a watchman on the wall. I have been called to be one who looks at delusions and deceptions in order to warn people of the wolves that are trying to interlope into the Body of Mashiach. This has not been an easy road to follow because so many in the Body of Mashiach aren’t willing to listen and/or investigate the bizarre things that our out in the world just waiting to ensnare people who lack discernment.

Surprisingly, many of the deceptions that are happening in our current time aren’t exactly coming to us from the outside, but from right within the Body of Mashiach. It used to be that the deceptions and delusions were coming from without, but the enemy has done a very good job of putting covert people within the ranks of our brothers and sisters. This has happened in great part because the Body of Mashiach has become worldly and to use a Star Trek term, they are flying with their shields down. We’ve grown to be so puffed up that many of us doubt that the enemy could ever place covert people within our ranks. Yahweh would never permit that, right? They forget that most of the epistles in the New Covenant are letters from Apostles warning people not to be duped and in some of them the churches are chastised for letting unholy practices into the Fellowship of The Elect. The modern church, in a prideful arrogance has ignored that this could happen and they even proclaim that it cannot happen. Were our brothers and sisters of the early church less holy than we modern day believers are; I think and the fruit of the modern Church tend to show it to be the opposite.

In the pursuance of signs and wonders and/or prosperity the Fellowship at large has left the back door open. The enemy, like any good thief constantly looks for ways with which he can enter in and steal the precious things of the home. Many have substituted the simple and fortifying things of the faith in order to gain what a few false shepherds have placed in front of them and they’ve left themselves poor and naked in the things of Yahweh while rich in wood, hay and stubble. While so called believers are stumbling over themselves to look for diamonds and gold dust on the floor, and while they’re barking like dogs and clucking like chickens the enemy has perpetrated the most daring home invasion takeover that has ever happened to the Body of Mashiach.

The Body of Mashiach used to be the entity that dictated to the world what was good and holy and right. However over the past hundred years or so they have allowed the world to come in and dictate to them what is good. There is a quote that is attributed to two different men; Edmund Burke and John Philpot. No one is sure who the original author was but that doesn’t matter for our purposes. The quote is:

“Evil prospers when good men do nothing.”

This is so true and the fact that our world is in such a mess is evidence of this very fact. Had Believers in Yeshua protested all of the evil that has come upon us; protested to the point of spilling our own blood, then perhaps the world and The Fellowship would have stood up and taken notice. However, it seems like people always want someone else to take action and to spill “their” blood and because of this nothing unholy has really been challenged to the point of stopping or preventing evil from prospering in this world.

We have also allowed the world to dictate morality to us, the Elect. There was a time when I was young that people would speak out about bad things plus they would not allow ungodly morality to even come close to taking reign in the Believer’s realm. Back in the late 70’s and onward “political correctness” came into being. This mode of thinking basically states that there is a boundary in which things are acceptable and unacceptable. This would be good if it was Holy, but it has been instituted by socialistic and communistic types who strive to dictate what society can and cannot say and do. Because of this, there are certain groups that have championed this banner to the point of ridiculousness and they have used it as a moral and political tool to shut the mouths of anyone who goes against their grain.

One big fault that the Fellowship of The Elect has done is that it has allowed political correctness to infiltrate the Fellowship and negate the Holy Scriptures. For instance, I have been told many times, when offering correction to a brother or sister, that I was being judgmental and that the Bible says that we should not judge each other. Well, this is bovine scatology because there are several Greek words for “judge” and the one where Yeshua said not to “judge” really is rendered in the Greek to mean “condemn.” Yeshua went out his way (maybe because He knew that political correctness would reign someday) to tell us that we could judge; in that we can judge the fruit that another is producing. He stated that if that fruit was not good fruit; if it was counterfeit fruit on the tree; then those branches should be cut off. Paul further states that people that do such things should be shunned by the true believers until they come to repentance.

So you see, the enemy has infiltrated the church and adulterated scripture much like he originally corrupted Yahweh’s words to Adam and Chava which led to the fall of mankind from their originally state of godliness with Yahweh. In the same way there are charlatans running around today using the same tactics to divide the races. Bear in mind that there will probably always be divisions between races and peoples that live outside of Mashiach, but we see it is arising in the Fellowship of The Elect now and it is bothersome.

There are two high profile individuals out in the world that seem to like to race bait and divide whatever good can be done through the blood of Yeshua and the power of His saving Grace. Sadly, these two men call themselves “reverends” and because of this it appears to the world that they actually are true believers in Yeshua, thus making the world take hold of their message, whatever way they choose to present it at the time at hand. I will not put the title of “reverend” in front of the names of these two men because as far as I am concerned they are false shepherds and they sow the seeds of hatred and discord.

As I said before, we are able to and exhorted in scripture to look at the fruit of these men and it is permissible to also look at the foundation upon which they stand. If their foundation is faulty and others try to build upon it then those others are in danger of being on the rooftops of these men when the waves come crashing against their houses and could perish. If it can be shown that these men are evil and they do not have the best interest of people at hand then they should be exposed. I hope to show that these two men are plants of the enemy of Mashiach and that their goal in life is to cause division and to make a lot of money while doing that.

I feel that the actions of these two men are quite evident because every time they show up at an event they seem to pour the gasoline of hatred onto people and ignite them into a frenzied fire of hatred and riotous dissent. They seem to be quite adept at knowing just how far to go so as to ignite a riot but not place themselves into harm’s way or in the light of suspicion. They have ensconced themselves so well in the population which they pretend to support yet they do not live within the confines of that population and they seem to disappear when the peaceful demonstration turns into a riot. They then are heard as a voice of calm from without the melee and far from harm. It is true that Sharpton has been arrested a few times but it usually has been for civil disobedience, not the mayhem that comes later.

We first have to look at the title that they have bestowed upon themselves.


Syllabification: (rev-erend)                                                                                                                   Pronunciation / ‘rev(a)rand, ‘rev(a)rnd


(usually Reverend)

  • used as a title or form of address to members of the clergy: the Reverend Jesse Jackson

noun – informal

a member of the clergy


late Middle English: from Old French, or from Latin reverendus  ‘person to be revered’, gerundive of revereri (revere) [http://oxforddictionaries.com/us/definition/american_english/reverend]

We see from the definition that a “reverend” is someone is to be revered. But let’s look at the word “revered” to see what it means, and especially what the synonyms to this word are:

Definition of REVERE

To Show devoted deferential honor to: regard of worthy of great honor <revere the aged> <revere tradition>

Synonyms: adore, deify, glorify, worship, reverence, venerate

So a reverend is someone who should be shown deferential treatment. That means that you show him honor above others. Deference means to show respect and esteem that is due to an individual in regard to their status. However, since respect has to be earned, we need to esteem someone based on the content of their character as it has to do with the position that they hold. For instance, I hold General Patton in a high honor as a general because he proved himself to be a great general by his actions and his victories. If Patton was a loser then I would in not hold him in high honor. I hold David Wilkerson in high honor because he was an awesome man of Yahweh, but I do not revere him like I revere Yeshua. A simple look at the synonyms of “revere” seem to suggest that the person that holds the title of Reverend should be adored, deified, glorified, worshipped and venerated; all of these words suggest honoring a god-man rather than just a great man who has earned his greatness. To be labeled as “reverend” seems to me to be a far reach over the edge and almost blasphemous.

A few years ago I was speaking at a conference and the words that I spoke and that another speaker spoke also, offended a lot of people who did not hold to the doctrine that we were trying to show them. We were showing that belief in UFOs and extraterrestrials were in fact a religion and we tried that religion in a court using Biblical Scripture as well as the testimony of some scientists and former victims of alien abduction. In essence, we proved that the entities that masquerade around as “extraterrestrials” are in fact fallen angels. When it was all over, and those whom we offended complained to the Roswell City Council we were in effect banned from speaking at any city sponsored seminar. You see, we were firm in our assertion that what we believed was true and we were not going to bend or compromise. Compromise is always the sign of a weak individual and weakness should not be revered for sure but instead it should be seen bad character trait; one that should be dishonored, not honored.

There was another individual who was known by these same people as one who would bend and compromise. I overheard one of the offended people speaking out in the foyer and he said this; he said “that is why we like *** ****** because he is willing to not be so rigid and he doesn’t force things down our throats.” The “world” recognized this man because he was willing to agree with them in order to get into their good graces, to drink with them at bars and to compromise what he really believed (if he indeed did believe it) in order to be popular; and he was popular because of that. If you tell the truth in this world the world will hate you. If you compromise it will love you and parade you before everyone.

I said all of that to say this. These two people; Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton do compromise. Now, I am assuming that they have at least one sanctified bone in their bodies to make that statement. They wear the title of Reverend on their sleeve and they light up when they are announced with that title. The world reveres them because they appear to care about people and they are self appointed spokesmen for people. They are basically messianic figures for the black community, however they are not lambs, they are more like jackals in their character. In essence, if they truly are believers in Yeshua and His Gospel then they are at the very best trying to serve two masters and as we know from scripture, that is impossible. They want to wear the title of Reverend so that it appears that they are Holy Men, but the fruit that they bear is not good fruit, but rotten and stinking fruit, and their branches will be cut off one day.

So what about these men. When they are not walking around inciting people into a froth of riotous violence what are they doing to prove that they are holy men. Again, we have to look at their fruit. The foundation of a tree is its root system. If the foundation is corrupt then the rest of the tree will be corrupt also. Let’s look at a scripture that pretty well describes people like Jackson and Sharpton:

For, lo, I will raise up a shepherd in the land, which shall not visit those that be cut off, neither shall seek the young one, nor heal that that is broken, nor feed that that standeth still: but he shall eat the flesh of the fat, and tear their claws in pieces. Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened. Zechariah 11:16-17

We also must examine that Scripture says about the character and life of those who choose to be called a bishop or deacon. While the title of reverend is not mention in these scriptures we have to believe that these definitions must reflect on reverends also because in the ecclesiastical order a “reverend” lies between the offices of deacon and bishop. So what does Scripture say should be the demeanor of a reverend? Let’s see what Scripture says:

This is a true saying, if a man desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work. A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach; Not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre; but patient, not a brawler, not covetous; One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity; (For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?) Not a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil. Moreover he must have a good report of them which are without; lest he fall into reproach and the snare of the devil.

Likewise must the deacons be grave, not doubletongued, not given to much wine, no greedy of filthy lucre; Holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience. And let these also first be proved; then let them use the office of a deacon, being found blameless. Even so must their wives be grave, not slanderers, sober, faithful in all things. Let the deacons be the husbands of one wife, ruling their children and their own houses well. For they that have used the office of a deacon well purchase to themselves a good degree, and great boldness in the faith which is in Christ Jesus. 1 Timothy 3:1-13

We can get a glimpse of what a person’s character is by what they believe and/or endorse. Scripture says:

And he said, That which cometh out of the man, that defileth the man. For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness: All these evil things come from within, and defile the man. Mark 7:21-23

Aside from race, which I think everyone knows what Al Sharpton’s views are; what are his feelings about some of the more charged issues. Since Scripture says that life is sacred and that Yahweh is all for preserving life, what does Sharpton believe about abortion? Does he hold a Christian stance, which he should if he titles himself to be a Reverend. What about homosexuality, which the Bible says is an abomination? What are his personal thoughts?


Q: How do you feel about abortion?

A: I think women should have the right to choose what happens to their own life, body and choices. [Source: Concord Monitor / WashingtonPost.com on-line Q&A Nov 5, 2003]


I want to conserve Roe v. Wade. [Source: Interview on FOX Mar 6, 2003]


My religion says that abortion is wrong. And while I may believe that life begins when the sperm meets the egg, and that only God should decide whether to take a life, I will not stand in the way of a woman’s right to choose. If women do not have a right to choose, then it’s a civil rights violation. [Source: Al On America, by Rev. Al Sharpton, p. 89 Jan. 01, 2002]


I would only appoint justices to the Supreme Court who are for women having the right to choose whether or not they will have an abortion. Now, I can believe something without having to impose my beliefs on others. That’s true separation of church and state. [Source: Al On America, by Rev. Al Sharpton, p. 89 Jan 1, 2002]

 So it’s pretty clear that Al Sharpton is all for abortion. He even chooses the decision of Roe vs. Wade and a woman’s right to her own body, over Yahweh and Scripture. Al is right about one thing, he has religion, not a relationship with Yeshua. Yet even with that, he states that his religion is against abortion, and, he states that only God can dictate when a person dies; yet he gives the political correct answer and says that if a woman is denied the right to what happens to her body (the PC way of saying abortion) then her civil rights are being violated. SO I guess that Al holds the civil rights in more reverence than he does Scripture, or the God of Scripture. Bad choice Al.

Views on Homosexuality:

Al Sharpton says that he is a American Baptist. What is the overall Baptist Church doctrine say about homosexuality?

As with most issues, there is a diversity of views of members of Baptist churches on homosexuality. However, the majority of established Baptist churches condemn homosexual behavior. Those Baptists who hold that homosexuality is sinful also teach that homosexual sin can be forgiven through Christ if repentance is shown.

Nevertheless, Baptists generally believe that homosexuality must be an issue that is approached with compassion and love. Dr. Albert Mohler, President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, emphasizes that: “Our response to persons involved in homosexuality must be marked by genuine compassion. But a central task of genuine compassion is telling the truth, and the Bible reveals a true message we must convey. Those seeking to contort and subvert the Bible’s message are not responding to homosexuals with compassion. To lie is never compassionate — and their lie leads unto death.” [http://www.albertmohler.com/documents/HomosexualityBible.pdf]

And in the words of the American Baptist Church itself, they state at the American Baptist Convention:

NOVEMBER 2005: “The General Board voted “To amend the document entitled We Are American Baptists by adding the following statement to the section A Biblical People: Who submit to the teaching of Scripture that God’s design for sexual intimacy places it within the context of marriage between one man and one woman, and acknowledge that the practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Biblical teaching” [http://www.abc-usa.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/homosexuality1.pdf]

Conversely, what does Al Sharpton believe about homosexuality?

Al Sharpton, a Baptist minister and Civil rights leader, during his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004 said that asking whether gays or lesbians should be able to get married was insulting: “That’s like saying you give blacks, or whites, or Latinos the right to shack up – but not get married […] It’s like asking ‘do I support black marriage or white marriage’. . . . The inference of the question is that gays are not like other human beings”. [Sharpton Chides Black Churches Over Homophobia, Gay Marriage, Dyana Bagby, Houston Voice, January 24, 2006]

And in an article written by Al Sharpton:



by Rev. Al Sharpton March 27,2013 at 10:33 AM

Our founding fathers created a nation built on the power of its citizens and drafted the U.S. Constitution to guard against tyranny by any singular or majority power.

As Americans, it is up to each and every one of us to fight injustice and inequality when we are faced with it. Today, we are faced with such injustice in the form of discrimination against same-sex couples, who deserve the same freedom to marry as anyone else.

We cannot be part-time advocates for justice. When we fail to stand up to tyranny, we leave an opening for an attack on our own civil rights. The issue is not about being gay or straight but about the civil rights of Americans who are seeking to have the same rights and protections as their brothers and sisters across this great nation.

We can’t stand on the sidelines

Certainly, having the same rights and protections must apply to marriage: the cornerstone of our families, our neighborhoods, and society at large. We cannot stand on the sidelines as loving and committed gay and lesbians are denied the freedom to marry. Our fellow LGBT citizens are faced with discrimination in their jobs, their communities, and their everyday lives. Because of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and state laws like California’s discriminatory Proposition 8 legislation banning same-sex marriage, gay and lesbian couples are treated as second-class citizens.

That’s why the American people are demanding change. According to a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll, a bipartisan majority of Americans — 58 percent – already support the freedom to marry. That number leaps to 81 percent among voters under 30.

The African-American community has played an important role in our country’s evolution on this issue. Our president, as well as our religious, civil rights, and community leaders have increasingly recognized the similarity in our struggles – and the importance of standing together in the face of oppression. A majority of African-Americans now support the freedom to marry for same-sex couples and recognize that equal rights for gay and lesbian couples change nothing in our marriages, our churches, or our faith.

Gay marriage is not a threat to religious freedom

One of the key questions before the Supreme Court this week is whether the freedom to marry infringes on religious freedom. As a Baptist minister, religious freedom is something that I believe in deeply and feel is intrinsically woven into the fabric of our nation. But just as I believe that religious freedom allows me the freedom to preach and believe as I choose, it also means that I do not have the right to impose my beliefs on anyone else. It should not be within anyone’s power to tell a religious institution that they cannot marry a loving, committed same-sex couple in their faith.

I am urging the Supreme Court to end DOMA and to extend the freedom to marry to all couples: gay or straight. It’s the right thing to do, and it is crucial for our nation to affirm that we are a nation that values freedom and the equal treatment of all our citizens under the law.

Rev. Al Sharpton is president of the National Action Network and the host of MSNBC’s “Politics Nation.”  [Source: http://thegrio.com/2013/03/27/rev-al-sharpton-on-gay-marriage-debate-equality-includes-everyone/]

So it is very easy to see that Sharpton fails to see the divide between what belongs to Caesar and what belongs to Yahweh. He places civil rights over Biblical Scripture and the thoughts of the God that he pretends to serve.

As I clearly said above in this article; we cannot serve two masters. Scripture says so:

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. Matthew 6:24

It is clear that Sharpton is trying to serve two masters. He wants to lean on his supposed Christian foundation but he also wants to champion civil rights by being the messiah for the African American Community. He wants to bear the title of one who is supposed to live in peace and teach others to live in peace while at the same time he whips individuals and crowds up into a riotous frenzy. He wants to have his cake and eat it too, so to speak. He is the antithesis of Dr. Martin Luther King. King was a man of peace and his actions showed it consistently. King’s drive and purpose was to bring people together and his marches were peaceful. King paid the ultimate price for being Godly; he paid it with his blood and nobody will ever forget the image of him; who he was and what he strove for.


Jesse Louis Jackson, Sr. (born Jesse Louis Burns; October 8, 1941) is an American civil rights activist and Baptist minister. [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesse_Jackson]

I have read quite a bit about both Jackson and Sharpton. I think that if I was asked to talk to one or the other I would choose Jackson. Why do I say this? First, Jackson was actually educated in a Christian (well it might have been Christian back then but not now) University and he received an ordination from this school. He wasn’t ordained by a pastor friend like Sharpton was. Jackson studied and did his homework, so to speak.

Other reasons why I would prefer to talk to Jackson over Sharpton is Jackson has been involved in a variety of things. He once held public office. He has on several occasions flown to other nations and procured the release of political prisoners and prisoners of war. He just seems to give a damn about things rather than being only a rabble rouser.

Having said those good things about Jessee Jackson one has to look at the other side. He in addition to Sharpton seems to show up when high profile black vs. white issues come into the limelight. He reminds me of a shyster lawyer that follows ambulances so that he can give his card to the injured so that he can sue, sue, sue in the cases where he thinks he can get the camera time and moral kudos.

One such case is illustrated below and led to quite an embarrassment for Mr. Jackson:

Involvement in the Duke Lacrosse Team Controversy

In 2006, Jesse Jackson promised the Rainbow/Push Coalition would pay the college tuition for Crystal Mangum. Mangum made false rape allegations against members of Duke University’s men’s lacrosse team who had hired her as a stripper. Jackson said it would not matter if Mangum fabricated her story, the tuition offer would still be good. [http://www.wral.com/news/local/story/1091599/]

As it turned out Crystal Mangum did lie and during the trial her testimony was torn to shreds. Originally the news media had made this story out to be a poor black woman who was gang raped by a few white college students. When it was found out that the young woman was a avid liar, Jackson sort of left town with his tail between his legs. To make it seem like his actions weren’t politically motivated he offered to keep the tuition offer on the table for the false accuser. Would a true man of Yahweh do that? Personally, I would have retracted the offer simply because it was made in good faith to someone who it turns out was a disingenuous person. However, Jackson’s motivations were pure or whether they were to save face we’ll cut him some slack I guess.

We looked above at Sharpton and how he feels about some key issues that face out society and we saw that he failed in so many ways, at least from the standpoint of being a supposed “reverend.” How does Jackson’s character hold up where these issues are concerned? Is he a genuine and scripturally based man, or is he just another politically correct shill? Let’s look at his beliefs and some other character traits shall we?

Stand on abortion:

Although Jackson was one of the most liberal members of the Democratic Party, his position on abortion was originally more in line with pro-life views. Within one month after the 1973 Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade, legalized abortion, Jackson began a PUSH campaign against the decision, calling abortion murder and declaring that Jesus and Moses might not have been born if abortion had been available in ancient times. Jackson’s strong rhetoric on abortion temporarily alienated one of his major supporters, Dr. T.R.M Howard, a black physician who made a living from performing abortions.In 1975, Jackson endorsed a plan for a constitutional amendment banning abortion. He also endorsed the Hyde Amendment, which bars the funding of abortions through the federal Medicaid program. Writing in a 1977 National Right to Life Committee News report, Jackson argued that the basis for Roe v. Wade – the right to privacy – was also a premise that had been used to justify slavery and the treatment of slaves on the plantations. Jackson and decried what he believed was the casual taking of life, and the decline in society’s value system. However, Jackson later adopted a pro-choice view that abortion is a right and that the government should not prevent a woman from having an abortion. [http://groups.csail.mit.edu/mac/users/rauch/nvp/consistent/   mccarthy_jackson.html]

So, at the beginning Jackson was set against abortion but as the tide of public opinion (at least according to the media) changed and stated that most Americans favored abortion Jackson’s opinion changed also. Seems like the tide of public opinion is more important to Jessee Jackson than Scripture, or Scripture’s God is. Another person that tries to serve two masters.

So what about Jackson’s “National Rainbow Coalition?”

Jesse Jackson was a Presidential candidate in both 1984 and 1988.

Jackson took on the idea of the Rainbow Coalition and ran with it. It its own, the idea of forming a political group for equal rights of minorities and the oppressed isn’t a bad idea and was probably needed according to many. However let’s look at the group and who it represented and even more importantly, the “expanded” group of persons that it became an advocate for:

The National Rainbow Coalition (Rainbow Coalition for short) was a political organization that grew out of Jesse Jackson’s 1984 presidential campaign. During the campaign Jackson began speaking to a “Rainbow Coalition”, an idea created by Fred Hampton, of the disadvantaged and welcomed voters from a broad spectrum of races and creeds.The goals of the campaign were to demand social programs, voting rights, and affirmative action for all groups that had been neglected by Reaganomics.Jackson’s campaign blamed President Ronald Reagan’s policies for reduction of government domestic spending, causing new unemployment and encouraging economic investment outside of the inner cities, while they discouraged the rebuilding of urban industry. The industrial layoffs caused by these policies hit the black and other minority populations particularly hard.At the 1984 Democratic National Convention on July 18, 1984 in San Francisco, California, Jackson delivered the Keynote address, entitled “The Rainbow Coalition”. The speech called for Arab Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, youth, disabled veterans, small farmers, lesbians and gays to join with African Americans and Jewish Americans for political purpose. Whereas the purpose of PUSH had been to fight for economic and educational opportunities, the Rainbow Coalition was created to address political empowerment and public policy issues.After his unsuccessful bid for the Democratic nomination in 1984, Jackson attempted to build a broad base of support among groups that “were hurt by Reagan administration policies” – racial minorities, the poor, small farmers, working mothers, the unemployed, some labor union members, gays, and lesbians. [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rainbow/PUSH]

Again, it would be a noble cause to champion for those who one thinks are oppressed; those who through unforeseen events, birth, race and economic reasons were seen to be oppressed. Let’s look however at these groups. Minorities are oppressed people who are denied rights because of race, creed or color. People of race and color are born into their race or color and discrimination against them is wrong no matter what way you look at it. People of creed (belief or philosophy) have taken on their belief’s because of philosophical or religious conviction and discrimination against them is wrong also; granted that their philosophy is peaceful and productive. The poor, small farmers, working mothers and the unemployed have been placed into their economic conditions because of societal conditions. Homosexuals, bi-sexuals and others who CHOOSE deviant behavior are discriminated against because their lifestyle goes against nature and especially against the Word of Yahweh. For a supposed “man of God” to champion for their rights and/ or their cause is plain wrong and not something that those who trust and love Yahweh should be involved in. We love the sinner but hate the sin. Hating the sin means we do not promote it or enable it in a person’s life; but Jackson seems intent on doing so, why? Perhaps because it is politically correct and like Sharpton, championing “civil rights” is more important to Jackson than championing the Word of Yahweh.

Jackson is Anti-Jewish and Anti-Israel and Pro-Muslim:

Jackson was criticized in the early 1980s for refusing to repudiate Louis Farrakhan, for his support of a Palestinian state, and for remarks made to a reporter where he referred to New York City as “Hymietown”. [Joyce Purnick and Michael Oreskes (November 29, 1987). “Jesse Jackson Aims for the Mainstream”. The New York Times.] [Larry J. Sabato’s Feeding Frenzy (July 21, 1998). “Jesse Jackson’s ‘Hymietown’ Remark – 1984”. Washington Post.] Note: Hymie is a racial slur toward Jewish people.

And in addition:

Jackson also made other remarks evidencing a negative attitude toward Jews including saying that Richard Nixon was less attentive to poverty in the U.S. because “four out of five [of Nixon’s top advisers] are German Jews and their priorities are on Europe and Asia”; that he was “sick and tired of hearing about the Holocaust”; and that there are “very few Jewish reporters that have the capacity to be objective about Arab affairs”. Shortly after President Jimmy Carter fired U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young for meeting with Palestine Liberation Organization representatives, Jackson and other black leaders began publicly endorsing a Palestinian state, with Jackson calling Israel’s prime minister a “terrorist”, and then soliciting Arab-American financial support [Frum, David (2000). How We Got Here: The ’70s. New York, New York: Basic Books. p. 273. ISBN 0-465-04195-7.]

And yet another thing:

Jackson has since apologized for some of these remarks, but they badly damaged his presidential campaign, as “Jackson was seen by many conservatives in the United States as hostile to Israel and far too close to Arab governments.” [Elliott, Justin (2010-12-16) A White House campaign funded by … Libya?, Salon.com]

In my estimation, anyone who is truly Born Again and has read Biblical Scripture and believes Bible Scripture to be the inspired Word of Yahweh all tend to believe that we are to stand by Israel. We don’t necessarily have to agree with what secular Israel does all of the time, but we are to stand with them, love them and pray for them. Jackson’s statements can only prove that he does not have a biblical knowledge of what is right and what is wrong. Again, he bears a title that says he should be revered as a sanctified man of Yahweh, yet he bears no fruit of being such, in fact, he is the antithesis of what a believer should stand for and support.

Member Of A Secret Society:

Another red flag that anyone with discernment should see is the fact that, where Jackson is concerned, he’s a Freemason:

On Memorial Day, May 25, 1987, Jesse was made a Master Mason on Sight by Grand Master Senter of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Illinois; thereby making him a Prince Hall Freemason. [http://www.phaohio.org/mwphgloh/likfm.html] [ The History of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Ohio F&AM 1971 – 2011: The Fabric of Freemasonry. Columbus, Ohio: Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Ohio F&AM. p. 414. ISBN 978-0615632957.]

I know I’ll get letters from Masons who will argue that the Masonic Fellowship is not Satanic but countless testimonies prove that it is truly Luciferian in nature and we know that Lucifer fell from grace to become Satan. If you’re a younger member, in the lower grades of Masonry, you’ll find out when you climb the ladder and I can only pray that you’ll have the gonadal fortitude to get out before it is too late. Here is a newsflash for Jessee Jackson and anyone who claims to be a believer in Yeshua and a member of the Masonic Lodge; you are serving two masters and if you don’t take that seriously you’ll end serving Satan and denying Yeshua and you’ll be damned forever. Don’t argue with me, take it up with Yahweh Yeshua. Jesus Christ, that is.


Yeshua said that we are never to condemn anyone:

Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. Matthew 7:1-2

The Greek word for Judge in this passage, and in so many others is “krino” and in the proper rendering it means to “condemn,” or to “give a judicial decision.” There is no doubt that some who have read this blog entry will contend that this is what I have done. In effect, what I have written is opposite of what you might assert.

What I have done is what any good prosecuting attorney would do. I have brought evidence, citing sources, showing that Sharpton and Jackson are false shepherds and maybe in some ways false prophets.

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?  Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Matthew 7:15-20

Some might assert that Sharpton and Jackson have never claimed to be prophets. Well, that might be true, but the “New Testament Prophet” is different in some ways from what we commonly know as a prophet from the time before Yeshua. Let’s look at one meaning of the word “prophets,” mentioned the scripture above


in the religious assemblies of the Christians, they were moved by the Holy Spirit to speak, having power to instruct, comfort, encourage, rebuke, convict, and stimulate, their hearers

Of course, a false prophet, using the terms cited above of a prophet, would do the opposite of a person called to pastor people; they would conduct the following:

They would have the power to give false instruction, cause strife, enforce discouragement, rebuke in unrighteousness, condemn instead of convict and stimulate their hearers not into peace and love, but into hate and discord. Does this sound like Jackson and Sharpton, of course it does. Calling them false shepherds isn’t judging them, it is pointing out that they aren’t acting like a true shepherd appointed by Yahweh. Their own actions point them out for who they are.

It is interesting that the word “know” in the “know them by their fruits,” also denotes that by the actions of false prophets and teachers, we will know them to be false. The Greek word for “know” is:


1) to become thoroughly acquainted with, to know thoroughly

a) to know accurately, know well

2) to know

a) to recognise

1) by sight, hearing, of certain signs, to perceive who a person is

b) to know i.e. to perceive

c) to know i.e. to find out, ascertain

d) to know i.e. to understand

So in essence, we can know who Jackson and Sharpton are by hearing what they say, seeing what they do and perceiving by certain signs that they themselves show us.

Sharpton says that he’s a Reverend but he whips people up into a frenzy to cause discord between black and Hispanics and whites. He does really nothing to foster peace and never really has anything nice to say about anyone who is not African American. He claims to be a man of Yahweh, yet he is opposed to Yahweh’s scripture where homosexuality and abortion is concerned. He has said more than once that he esteems “civil rights” over Yahweh’s opinion about the subjects above. He race bates and has done more to divide blacks and whites than anyone else in history. These are not the actions of a servant of Yahweh; they are the actions of a puppet of Satan.

Jackson is a mirror image of Sharpton but has done some good; hopefully for good reasons but maybe for image and political ambition. In addition to Sharpton’s plate of iniquity, Jackson also has a vile hatred for Jews and Israel and a unnatural love for Islam. He was probably an adherent to Christlam far in advance of Rick Warren. And lastly, Jackson is a member of the Masonic Religion; a person that is giving the air of serving Yahweh while at the same time serving Lucifer.

So there you have it. All of the fruit of these men served up on a dish for everyone to see. Know them by their fruit and know them for who they really are. They’re not what they purport to be, but if you judge them through any eyes other than Messiah’s eyes you probably won’t see their fruit and you’ll wholeheartedly disagree with the evidence that I’ve produced through my research. If that is the case, all I can do is pray that Yahweh opens your eyes. AMEN.