01. Preliminary Articles

Any of you who knows me knows that I take the Bible literally. Every word, every sentence, every paragraph, every chapter, every book and the whole of Scripture is inspired by Yahweh; a dictation of His thoughts, His intentions for humankind and creation, His plan for the ages and of course, His love story for mankind. It all points to Yeshua, past, present and future.

So, when some miscreant decides to pollute scripture with lies, suppositions or plain lunacy I have to counter with the truth. There are many forces lined up to malign scripture and Yeshua along with His Knesset (Church), but the worse of the worst are people who masquerade as believers who lead people astray via half truths and suppositions that are not backed up by Yahweh’s Word. If it doesn’t match up with scripture then it is wood, hay and stubble and it will burn up in the fire that will consume all things ungodly.

So when some mixed up little girl (who calls herself a genius) tries to hoodwink good and honest believers I have to speak up. When this person equates a modern physical anomaly with Nephilim genes I have to speak out further because now she is equating the anomaly with sin, and it is not sin when it has a perfect scientific explanation as a genetic defect that is uniquely human.

First of all, let me explain who the characters in this saga are. The Nephilim were (are) genetic hybrids created by the mix of fallen angel and human DNA. How many chromosomes they had could be argued and nobody will probably ever know, but it probably was not the 46 human chromosomes that each and every one of us has. If you are a Nephilim and are reading this perhaps you could get a blood test and let us know how many chromosomes you have; but how would you even know if you were not quite all human. Again, that is a call that I really don’t want to make, ever. The Nephilim existed before the Great Flood during Noah’s time and afterward. Bear in mind that Noah lived about 500 years before the flood and he also lived another ~450 years after the flood. So, the days of Noah that Moses describes in Genesis chapter six were before the flood and well after the flood. Yeshua tells us that when He returns, the world will be in a state, “just as in the days of Noah,” and since He saw what happened during Noah’s time, I’m sure that He knew what He was talking about when He said what he said. Hence, Yeshua affirmed to us that in these last days, there would be Nephilim living on the earth. If you believe that the occupants of UFO’s are really fallen angels (like all evidence seems to suggest) and you know that they take sperm from male abductees and ovum from female abductees then you have to wonder what they are doing with those items. Perhaps making Nephilim?

There is a ragtag group out there that are insistent that there are no modern day Nephilim, Actually, you have to see what day you catch them on because in one sentence they say there are no Nephilim, but in the same article they say that modern day Nephilim can be saved through the blood of Yeshua. That doesn’t make us want to go out on a modern day Nephilim Hunt, but to do what we’re told to do and to preach the Gospel of Yeshua to “every creature.” This ragtag group, Guy Malone, Nicole Malone (AKA Paradox Brown), Joe Jordan all proudly proclaim that there are no modern day Nephilim, but they all claim that they can be saved. Go figure, huh?

Recently, I have had the occasion to go through nursing school and in the course of our study we have gone into DNA studies as well as disorders of the Pituitary Gland. Let’s look at DNA first, shall we. DNA dictates who we are; that is a known fact. It is a code written by the master code writer, Yahweh. The complexity of the human anatomy and physiology of how the human body works is truly amazing. I thought I knew a lot before I went to school and I was so wrong. The complexity of how DNA was written and how it dictates who we are is nothing short of miraculous and demands that the code writer was Divine. Sometimes DNA gets corrupted because of one of any variety of different means. When this happens, a mutation occurs. This is not to be confused with adaptation, sometimes called micro-evolution which is a change in a “kind” that allows it to adapt to environment. Those changes are almost always beneficial because they are adaptations for a specific purpose. The beaks of finches that Darwin noted and called “evolution” were really adaptations that allowed different finches to survive their environment and if anything this process disproves the “survival of the fittest” bovine scatology that ardent evolutionist try to inculcate within us at an early age. Genetic mutations are a different story and are at best 99.999 percent harmful or fatal to the recipient of the mutation.

Mutation should never be confused with hybridization, which is what happened before the flood, and is happening today. We read in the news without ceasing, how scientists are crossing kinds with other kinds and creating chimera’s (animals that are really two different animals). Interestingly, the Book of Enoch states that this happened before the Great Flood, and it was one instrumental reason why Yahweh destroyed all of the animals except the ones that went on the Ark with Noah. Well, there might have been more uncorrupted animals, but Yahweh only needed the ones that were on the Ark. Scripture says that flesh has become corrupted, even animals, thus Yahweh had to bring things to an end.

Paradox Brown states that after the Great Flood, the only giants that were around were those who suffered from what scientists call Giantism. However, with such claims should come good science and resources, not speculation and innuendo. Of course Brown is proud to claim that she is a genius, and when one does an entomological study of “genius” one comes to the conclusion that she is probably right on that account. Genius comes from the same root word as genie, which is “gin.” Gins in Middle Eastern lore are what Jews and Christians know to be demons. In olden days a person was called a genius because it was thought that their knowledge came from demonic sources. Enough said.

What exactly is Giantism? Glad you asked. In our heads, below the anterior part of our brain, lies a gland called the Pituitary Gland. It controls so many things in the human body that it is often referred to as the “master gland.” The pituitary gland has two sections, the anterior (front) pituitary gland and the posterior (back) pituitary. The front releases a host of hormones that are essential for the regulation of the human body; TSH for thyroid function and a host of others. The posterior of the pituitary releases only three main hormones; oxytocin which is a hormone that stimulates lactation in women and helps in labor during delivery of a child. It also helps a mother to form a bond with her baby. The second hormone is ADH, or anti-diuretic hormone. The third hormone is HGH, or Human Growth Hormone, also called somatotropin. In proper amounts this hormone goes to the growth plates of a growing child’s bones and tells those plates to produce more bone so that the bones will lengthen. If a child gets too little HGH dwarfism could occur. Too much HGH before puberty results in giantism. If HGH is released in excessive amounts after puberty a condition of acromegaly occurs. In acromegaly the body doesn’t grow in stature, but the organs continue to grow as well as the bones of the skull and other areas of the body. If not treated, acromegaly leads to death. In the case of giantism, HGH is released before puberty where the major growth of the giant occurs. Some growth continues after puberty just like most of us grew most of the way through high school. In the person with giantism, after puberty when growth is complete, the HGH is still released which results in a giant with acromegaly. Organs like the heart, liver, pancrease and kidneys continue to grow until they grow too large for the body and/or they lose function because they cannot provide the body with what it needs anymore. All people with giantism die at a fairly early age because acromegaly kills them. They are mostly weak all throughout their lifetimes because their systems cannot function correctly. Basically, they are too big for their own good and it kills them. The tallest contemporary giant was Robert Wadlow. Here is a little about him. Information found at Wikipedia:

Robert Pershing Wadlow (22 February 1918 – 15 July 1940), also called “The Alton Giant”, was the tallest human in history. At his death at the age of 22, his height was 8 feet 11.1 inches.

Wadlow was tall, even as a very young child, surpassing six feet in height by age eight. At eighteen, his height had reached 8 feet 4 inches (2.54 meters) and his shoes were 18.5 inches long – equivalent to about size thirty.

While attending college, Robert also worked for a shoe company, travelling to show the immense shoes that they had made for him. His great height and weight – nearly 500 pounds – caused health problems; he required leg braces to walk, and, due to the unusually long distance nerve impulses had to travel, had difficulty feeling any sensation in his feet. Because of this, he failed to notice pain from an infection caused by a poorly fitting leg brace. He died of this infection on 15 July 1940, at the age of 22.

robert-wadlow-with-his-brother-in-his-housePicture of Robert with his brother

Here is a good question one would need to ask by looking at the picture above. If giantism is a recessive gene then how come Robert’s brother was normal size. In the case of Goliath, scripture says that he had siblings and suggests that they were giants too. Can’t have it both ways. The answer; Robert had a pituitary disorder while Goliath and his brothers were real Nephilim.

People like Nicole might argue that Robert died at an early age because he had an infection. Well, it’s true that he had an infection, but he got the infection from leg braces that he needed to wear because his legs could not bear his weight. Goliath was a warrior that scared the tar out of Saul’s army; I doubt that he was spindly like Robert was.

I mentioned acromegaly earlier. I mentioned how the bones grow in the skull as well as the organs in the body until there is organ failure. Here is a picture of a giant with acromegaly. Although he looks like a tough fellow, he was probably weak and fragile because that is what acromegaly does, in each and every case where it is incurred:

Nikolai ValuevTypical look of person with acromegaly

The case of Andre The Giant always comes up when this subject is brought to light. He was a strong individual, but only towered to 7′-4″, not quite a giant. He did die at the early age of 46 of congestive heart failure; the victim of acromegaly.

Another problem that Nicole didn’t mention is that giantism and acromegaly almost always lead to sterility. However, in her writings she mentions that there were giant men and women and she suggests that they bred and had children. The problem with this is that a simple knowledge of the birds and the bees shows that if you can’t fertilize an egg you don’t have offspring. In this case, the death of any line of giants (because of giantism) would have been imminent and the problem would have reversed itself without the intervention of Yahweh or the Armies of Israel. To say that men and women with the pituitary disorder of HDH overproduction could produce “mighty men” who bred with women or giant women is ludicrous because they would be too feeble to breed, they would not be strong enough to fight in any sort of battles and they all would die at a very early age. To say that giants might have been stronger, more virile and “mighty men,” because their gene pool wasn’t as corrupted is ludicrous too because giantism and acromegaly aren’t genetic disorders, the same as being a little person isn’t a genetic disorder (two little people can make a normal sized child); both stem from either too much or too little somatotropin during growth and development.

So, if we are to entertain Nicole Malone’s assertion that giants like Goliath (and his other giant siblings), Og, King of Bashan, and her assertion that the “might men” of David all suffered from giantism we have a serious problem. First, their muscles would not be strong because they can never keep up with the growth spurts of their youth. Second, their organ’s would not have held out for very long. They would have died of splenomegaly, hepatomegaly, nephromegaly or cardiomegaly (CHF). They would not have been able to carry a giant’s sword across the compound let alone use one in battle. They would not have been able to wear armor because it would be too heavy and carrying a shield would have worn them out. They had to be something other than humans with a pituitary disorder. They could not have been a race of human giants that started out after the flood by a freak of nature because sterility and early death would have eliminated the race. The only thing that makes sense, and is Biblically sound, is that there was a second incursion of fallen angels sometime after the Flood, probably during the time when Noah was still alive; or, there were several incursions that occurred after the flood.

Those things taken into account, along with Paul’s warning to the Church in Corinth that women need a spiritual covering over them, “on account of the angels,” and the promise of Yeshua that when He returns, it will be “as in the Days of Noe,” all point out to second, third or a continuous incursion of fallen angels out to destroy the genome of humankind, perhaps in an attempt to somehow attain the salvation that is only accorded to humankind. We will have to wait and see what happens at the end of this story.

If you’ve read any of my blog posts you know that I get tired of the whole “we’re under grace” explanation from people when it comes to license to sin and be disobedient. I know that there are some who will never agree that the Law (Torah) is still valid and that some aspects of it still need to be followed. There will always be some out there who will continue to sin, claiming that ALL of the Torah was nailed to the cross and that Grace totally replaces it. There will also always be people who think that the earth is flat and there will always be those who believe that the Earth is billions of years old and we’re the product of macro-evolution. There are some who are unwilling to look at scripture in its correct light because they are comfortable in their bias. I mean, sure, it is much easier to believe that Grace replaced Torah because it relieves people of accountability. I do believe in Grace, but I also believe that it is coupled with Torah and obedience of both. Yes, you have to obey grace. I like to stand on the words of Yeshua, who said:

For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. Matthew 5:18

As far as I can tell, this is the same heaven and earth that have always existed, therefore Torah is still valid and has not “passed away.” If I’ve missed that even in the history books, please let me know, okay? Since they haven’t and they are still around, and sin still abounds, it appears that Torah is valid. Yes, Yeshua did fulfill part of the Torah. It is because of Him that we no longer are slaves to sin and we no longer need to sacrifice. The provision for sacrifice and forgiveness have been attained through Yeshua, but things like the Ten Commandments are still valid, aren’t they? I sometimes wonder if they are, judging the way that the Christian Church is doing things these days. It is interesting to watch the Church condemn the world for lying, adultery, fornication, idol worship and other such things while these same things are rampant within the Church at large. Again, if you’ve read my posts, you know that one of the strangest claims made by the “the Torah is replace by Grace” camp is that, okay, the Law is no longer in effect, but you had better tithe every week or God will put a curse on you, you finances and every aspect of your life. The Law is dead, oh, except for that one. This same “church” condemns Messianic believers who want to keep Kosher, celebrate the Sabbath (Shabbat) on Friday night and Saturday, and keep the Feasts of Israel; while at the same time celebrating pagan Eshtar (Easter) by holding Easter Egg hunts on the Church grounds; and erecting Christmas Trees (clearly pagan in origin) on the same “altar” which they call people down to accept Yeshua as Lord and Savior.

As Messianic believers, we tend to celebrate the “Resurrection,” at or around the celebration of Passover. Take Passover (the Time around the crucifixion) and add three days and bam, you have Resurrection Day. As Messianics, we ponder the birth of Yeshua Ha Mashiach, and we do so around the time of the Fall Feasts, when his birth really occurred. If you have questions, do an internet search about how the Feasts of Israel correspond as a foreshadow of Yeshua’s first coming and a prophecy of His Second Coming, it is fantastic. And finally, we really (my family anyway) really don’t prefer to be called Messianics, seeing all of the strangeness that comes with some who go by that moniker. We’re simply Torah Observant Followers of Yeshua.

So, getting back to this Law vs Grace argument that so many seem to have with each other. Christians are funny; you ask them four questions and you’ll get eight arguments. Nobody knows how to have civil conversations anymore. It seems that currently, if you don’t believe what the other person is saying, you’re a heretic and you’re not saved. Personally, I don’t want to wear those moccasins. That is condemnation, and it is exactly what Yeshua told us not to do when we judge. We’re to judge with correct judgment; to judge by discrimination. Ooooh, he said discrimination. It’s really not a bad word, although it’s meaning has been changed over the years to mean one thing, racist. When someone correctly discriminates, they discern using the senses and/or they judge by seeing if something is what it claims to be. If your neighbor tells you to go out into his or her backyard to pick some peaches, but you find that there is an apple tree because the tree bears apples, you have discerned that your neighbor either doesn’t know the difference between peaches and apples, or they are just plain crazy. The Church is very quick to judge on things that are not really important and they’re afraid to judge on the things that really matter. For instance, Joel Olsteen says that he prefers not to teach about sin and hell because it offends people. But wait, Yeshua talked about sin and hell more than any other subject in the Gospels. However, the “faith movement” that teachers like Olsteen belong to say that you can name and claim anything that you want, that you should expect it and that when (or if) your prayers are answered then you are blessed. He teaches that people should be happy and full of joy because this life is so wonderful and that if have enough faith, you will not have any misery in your life. That’s a big difference from Yeshua, who said that we will always have the poor with us, that people will hate us for out testimony for Him and that we should look forward to the life to come because this world has nothing lasting to offer us. Hmmm, I choose to believe Yeshua, not Olsteen.

Well, getting back to the Torah vs. Faith debate. Really, there is no debate. If there is no law, then we fail to know what we need Grace for, right? The Torah shows us what is offensive to Yahweh; Grace shows us how, through Yeshua, we can overcome our flesh and its sinful tendencies through Faith that Yahweh will work all things out for His Purpose. So I mentioned that I’ve been looking for a way to explain Torah vs. Grace in a simplistic way. I’ve asked Yahweh to show me how this can be done. Little did I know that Yahweh would cause the City of Springfield, Oregon to give me the answer. This answer showed me that there had to be Torah for there to be Grace, and that in fact, the only way that there could be Grace is if it was built on the foundation of Torah, or the Law. In the same way that the Cross had to have a firm foundation in order to hold Yeshua upright, Grace has to have a foundation in order to hold Grace upright. Many people say that a good definition of Grace is, “God Did It,” and that is so true. Yahweh had to show us what he gives us Grace over. For instance, if you walk into a field and pick an apple from a tree, you’re just picking an apple from a tree, right? However, if Yahweh found that offensive, he would put a sign on the property that trespassing was not allowed and that picking apples off of any tree on that land was unlawful.

Using the illustration above, let’s look at what happened in the Garden of Eden. Chava and Adam were told not to eat of the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil. That was a Law that Yahweh laid down for them to obey. Eve was beguiled by the Nachash and Adam followed suit. Later, Yahweh was looking for them so that they could walk together in the Garden and called out to them. When they were discovered, they were afraid and knew that they were naked. Well, how did they know that they were naked? They knew that they now had the knowledge of good vs. evil and they knew that by breaking Yahweh’s command, they had done evil. Their innocence had died and they now possessed a sin nature. There was cause and effect, and their failure to obey Yahweh led all of their descendants down the trail of separation from Elohim. Later, a system of atoning sacrifices were instituted to cover the sin, but although it was covered, it was not removed. It was sort of like the farmer who was working out in his field on Wednesday and didn’t have time to take a shower before Wednesday night Bible Study. So, he washed his face, combed his hair and put on different clothes hoping to appear somewhat clean. His dirty body was covered, but the dirt was still there. That is what sacrificing animals did; it provided a covering so that Yahweh could see His People (still dirty) but not see the dirt. Later, he sent us a shower from Heaven, through a perfect sacrifice to remove the dirt that only He could remove. Simple, isn’t it? The thing is that a person has to want to be clean (Kosher) and they have to accept the cleansing that Yahweh can only provide. Just think about how clean that farmer feels when he gets home from Bible Study and finally takes that shower. He feels clean, refreshed and renewed, and he knows that he can finally rest.

Okay, so I was long winded for a reason. So I was driving in Springfield the other day and I see this sign. It is the perfect illustration of Law and Grace working together. Let me present the picture and then explain.


The Cross, based on Law with the provision of Grace

First of all, I became interested in the word for the street, Kruse Way. Knowing that words like this, that begin with the letter “K” are many times of German origin I did a word translation and found that the German word for Crucifix is Kruzifix, and the German word for Cross is Kreuz. In Spanish the word for Cross is Cruzar. Do you see where I’m going here. The street is named Cross Way, if translated from German into English. The fact that the name in English is spelled Kruse could possibly have been a misspelling that happened at Ellis Island or another place of entry into the United States. Many surnames are misspelled, which causes nightmares when doing genealogical searches. The word Kruse spelled with a “s” does not translate from German into English, this is what made me come to the conclusion about a misspelling upon arrival here in the states.

Now, notice that the Law sign (the stop sign) appears to be the foundation that the cross is placed in. Also notice that there is a provision that allows the law to be skirted, but only in one direction. The sign that allows a person to blow through the sign, making a right turn without stopping. This is great, however a prudent driver will always look to the left anyway, just to make sure that the way is clear. To me, this application is shown when, say, I want to participate in something with a worldly person. A good example would be going to a place that serves alcohol in order to celebrate a graduation. There are many places that serve food with alcohol thrown in as an added feature. So, I go to the place and order food, then I remember how much I used to enjoy drinking a beer when I was a young man. So I consider having a beer, however I remember what it used to do to me, and I also remember that I am a witness for Yeshua, a light shining in the darkness and we are told not to put a bushel over the light. Drinking the beer might ruin my witness for Yeshua, or it could cause me to stumble and do something stupid, again ruining my witness for Yeshua. So, although I am able to participate, just like the sign gave license to turn without stopping, I still look and check to see if what I am about to do could cause me or someone else danger. I have the grace to turn right without looking, but I just want to avoid an accident and look anyway.

Now, although I have permission to turn right without looking, I am not allowed to turn left without stopping first. There are reasons why I cannot turn left without stopping. First, the law tells me to stop and I have to obey the law. Second, a car that is coming from the left side, although they have to stop too, can go if he or she arrives at her stop sign before I arrive at mine. If we both obey the law, we both avoid making a mistake, we both avoid an accident and we both can proceed without damage to our cars or our persons. Looking at the traffic laws as a whole, all people have to stop at all stop signs all of the time; that is the law. However, special provision is given at our stop sign on “Cross” Way because Cross Way is special and unique. The City of Springfield has granted grace to those turning right, and it guarantees that anyone turning right is in the right and is not offending the Law.

This picture is fantastic, I think, because it shows the importance of realizing that Torah (Law) and Grace exist together. Without Torah, it would not be possible to know what a person is receiving grace for. Without Grace, the Torah is impossible to follow and thus it becomes a burden. This sign proves that, although Grace is available, it is conditional to the situation at hand. Torah says that getting tattoos and piercings are offensive to Yahweh because Torah (Law) breakers and pagans do such things. Grace exists when the Ruach Ha Kodesh finally gets through the thick skin of the believer and the believer realizes that they have grieved Yahweh. At that time, repentance occurs, the believer becomes ashamed that they have offended Yahweh and ask for forgiveness whereupon grace is granted. Torah says that not honoring your parents carries a penalty, possibly an early death. The Ruach Ha Kodesh uses the Torah to convict the offender, who if he or she is sensitive to the Ruach, will then mourn that they have offended Yahweh’s command, whereupon they will repent and ask for forgiveness.

Grace is shown through the ministry of Yeshua. Two of the main things that Yeshua said were, “your sins are forgiven,” and “go and sin no more.” Torah shows us that we offend Yahweh, we seek forgiveness and then we repent (turn around) and sin no more. How can someone know that they are sinning if they don’t know that they are offending Yahweh? That is why we have Torah and that is why it is important to read Torah, Neviim and Ketuvim. Yahweh has given us a “complete” manual and we need to read the entire manual to know how things work and how things are put together. Grace is shown all over the Tanakh. Torah showed us what not to do. The Ketuvim (writings) showed us what happens when the Torah is offended, and the Neviim (Prophets) pointed forward to a time when forgiveness, grace and salvation would come. Grace came through the person of Yeshua Ha Mashiach, the same with salvation and forgiveness. We no longer need to atone for sin. Someday soon, Yeshua will return to complete His mission of Grace by bringing spiritual and physical salvation to all of us Jews. Grace is Mashich coming back after more than two millennia of stubbornness, sin and rejection, and still for offering forgiveness and redemption. On that day, there will be a national repentance in Israel and Jewish people all around the world and on that day, Grace will be seen like it has not been seen since the last time Yeshua walked the Hills of Yisrael.

So, let’s not use grace as a license to sin. Let’s not proclaim that the Torah is dead, or that the Old Testament is of no value. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Tanakh is available for us to know what Yahweh requires, what grieves Him and that we cannot come to Him without Grace. The Brit Hadasha shows us Grace, and yes, Yeshua fulfilled all of the laws of atonement, but let’s not throw out the baby with the bath water, okay?

I’ve pondered for a long time why there is so much error in doctrine these days. I’ve always wondered how so many believers could become so calloused in their belief and dogma as to call other believers heretics without proof of the heresy, or, twisting scripture to try to prove heresy. I’ve been the subject of such accusation myself, the target for people who always need to have some sort of object before them in which to shoot arrows.

A big mistake that many believers make when reading and studying Scripture is that they are studying it using a Western mindset to understand an Eastern mode of thinking. A good example is made with what happened in the Pacific Theater during World War Two. The Japanese were Shintoists. Shintoists believe in ancestor worship. Their primary goal was to preserve the integrity of their ancestors by performing heroic deeds. When Allied soldiers tried to redeem the islands in the Pacific from Japanese hands they were befuddled by the tenacity of the Japanese soldier to fight to the death. Americans and other westerners believed on preserving life of themselves and their fellow soldiers. To the Japanese soldier, dying in battle was heroic and brought glory to their ancestors. In our common day, we see the same thing with Radical Islam. Their religion promises that if they die a martyr’s death, they will gain entrance into paradise and receive 72 virgins to make them happy throughout eternity. East and West have never been able to understand each other. There are some who do, and they are able to bridge the gap between the two, however these persons are rare, rare indeed.

The Holy Scriptures are Eastern in origin. They are Hebrew in thought and deed; this includes the Brit Hadasha (the New Testament). Yes, it might have been written in Greek, or it might have been written in Hebrew originally, but the thought was written by Hebrew men (except for maybe Luke), with Hebrew thoughts and intentions. This is one reason why so many people see a duplicity in the writings of Paul; they don’t look at them through Hebrew eyes. Paul, as an ambassador to the Gentiles was quite proficient in trying to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western thought, yet he is misunderstood, even to this day because people with Western eyes and mindsets are reading his words.

A good way to describe how Hebrews see things differently could be illustrated like this. When asked to describe a pencil, a person with western thought would say that it is yellow, with a metal strip at the top that contains an eraser. When a person of Eastern thought is asked the same question they would reply, “I write with it.” Western thinks analytically while Eastern thinks of function. When it comes to Scripture, those of Western thought often think of the literal meaning or the spiritual meaning. Very few think of both applying to scripture. In Hebrew thought, there is something called Pardes, which breaks study of scripture into four modes of thought and/or function. Here is a description of Pardes:

Pardes refers to (types of) approaches to biblical exegesis in rabbinic Judaism or to interpretation of text in Torah study. The term, sometimes also spelled PaRDeS, is an acronym formed from the name initials of the following four approaches:

  • Peshat (פְּשָׁט) — “surface” (“straight”) or the literal (direct) meaning.
  • Remez (רֶמֶז) — “hints” or the deep (allegoric: hidden or symbolic) meaning beyond just the literal sense.
  • Derash (דְּרַשׁ) — from Hebrew darash: “inquire” (“seek”) — the comparative (midrashic) meaning, as given through similar occurrences.
  • Sod (סוֹד) (pronounced with a long O as in ‘bone’) — “secret” (“mystery”) or the esoteric/mystical meaning, as given through inspiration or revelation.

Each type of Pardes interpretation examines the extended meaning of a text. As a general rule, the extended meaning never contradicts the base meaning. The Peshat means the plain or contextual meaning of the text.Remez is the allegorical meaning. Derash includes the metaphorical meaning, and Sod represents the hidden meaning. There is often considerable overlap, for example when legal understandings of a verse are influenced by mystical interpretations or when a “hint” is determined by comparing a word with other instances of the same word. [Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pardes_%28Jewish_exegesis%29]

So we see that there are four ways to look at every scripture: Literal, allegorical, seeking (or comparing), and esoteric. So, where western thinking places scripture as either literal or spiritual (Peshat or Sod), and many times in a loose manner; Hebrew culture looks at each scripture not either or, but as both and also as allegorical and seeking. This is the only proper way to look at scripture. I’ve run into many believers who look at scripture as only literal and that is good, but only one quarter of the understanding that can come from interpretation. Then there are those who make every scripture spiritual, which is mostly done to omit literal interpretation of scripture. A good example of this is the Replacement Theology people that assert that physical Israel no longer exists and the Church (the Spiritual Israel) inherits all of the promises given to Physical Israel. This creates a big problem in the interpretation of almost all the scriptures concerning the Second Advent of Mashiach. Another interesting article was found online. No copyright existed in the article but credits are found under the title and the source is at the end:


The Hebrew Mind
The Western Mind

“Hebraism and Hellenism – between these two points of influence
moves our world.”

William Barrett, Irrational Man

By Brian Knowles

The Bible, in its original languages, is, humanly speaking, a product of the Hebrew mind. The first and original manifestation of what we now call “The Church” was also an expression of the Hebrew mind. At some point in ecclesiastical history, someone snatched away the inceptive Hebraic blueprint by which Jesus’ movement was being constructed and replaced it with a non-Hebraic one. As a result, what has been built since is at best a caricature of what was intended. In many respects, it is downright contrary and antagonistic to the spirit of the original believing community.

The Head of the Church, Jesus Christ, appears, in our time, to be returning his people to the original blueprint. The Hebrew Roots movement, led I believe by the Holy Spirit, is doing much to restore to the Body a sense of its first foundations.

In this research paper, we will analyze some of the fundamental differences in the mindset of the Hebrews of Biblical times, and the Western, Hellenistic way of thinking, out of which has emerged the bulk of Christian theology.

Doing vs. Knowing
William Barrett, quoted above, explains that one of the most fundamental differences between the Western, Hellenistic mind and the Hebrew mind is found in the area of knowing vs. doing. Says Barrett, “The distinction…arises from the difference between doing and knowing. The Hebrew is concerned with practice, the Greek with knowledge. Right conduct is the ultimate concern of the Hebrew, right thinking that of the Greek. Duty and strictness of conscience are the paramount things in life for the Hebrew; for the Greek, the spontaneous and luminous play of the intelligence. The Hebrew thus extols the moral virtues as the substance and meaning of life; the Greek subordinates them to the intellectual virtues…the contrast is between practice and theory, between the moral man and the theoretical or intellectual man.”

This helps explain why so many Christian churches are focused on the issues of doctrinal orthodoxy (however they may define it) — often at the expense of godly living. In many Christian circles, what one believes or espouses is treated as more important than how one lives – i.e. how one treats his or her neighbor.

In Biblical Judaism, it is precisely the opposite. Christians are inclined to subject each other to litmus tests of orthodoxy, while Jews are concerned mainly with behavior. As Dennis Prager writes, “…belief in God and acting ethically must be inextricably linked…God demands right behavior more than anything else, including right ritual and right belief.”

It was gentile Christians, influenced by Greek philosophy, who both intellectualized and systematized Christian doctrine. Worse, they radically changed much of it. The Biblical Hebrews, and the Apostolic Era of the Church, had no formal theology as such. Nothing was systematized. The believing community had no entrenched hierarchy or magisterium through which all doctrine had to be filtered and approved. As with the unbelieving Jews, opinions varied from sage to sage.

What the apostles taught about any given subject was either learned directly from Jesus, then passed on, or determined situationally — on an “as you go” basis. They determined Halakha for believers in much the same way the sages of Israel did – as circumstances changed they rendered decisions about the application of Torah (cf. Matthew 18:18). Acts 15 provides an account of how at least one teaching concerning requirements for gentile believers was formed around 50 AD. Note the participatory nature of the discussion. The whole of the Church (Acts 15:4,12,22), not just an elite hierarchy, was involved.

In fundamentalist Christian circles, it is often more important to believe and espouse “the right thing,” than to live the right way. This is why we are so obsessed with creeds, doctrinal statements, Systematic Theologies, orthodoxy vs. heresy, and creating “Evangelical” or “Sabbatarian” or “Trinitarian” theologies. This mode of thinking is thoroughly Western, utterly Greek.

For many of us Westerners, the Hebrew mindset is so strange, so alien, so impossible to fathom, that we quickly snap back into the comfort zone of the Hellenistic mold when studying the Hebrew Scriptures. We then impose this distorting grid over the Hebrew text – or for that matter, over the Greek text of the New Testament.

We think, for example, in terms of “prophetic timetables.” Here again is the Western concept of time – points on a line. The Hebrew minds thinks of “the day of the Lord” – that is, the day or time when the Lord acts. The sequential order in which God will do things is of no concern to the Hebrew – only that he will act. The Western mind wants to have the “prophetic timetable” neatly arranged in time and space. We want to “tick off” events as they occur according to the pre-ordained schedule. This mentality is foreign to the Hebrew mind.

In Western theology, we have sometimes abandoned the literal interpretation of Scripture in favor of allegorical interpretations. This too is very Greek. It opens the door to a myriad of “creative” expositions that leave the student of Scripture confused and disoriented.

In the table that follows, we compare the Hebraic mode of thinking with the Western, Hellenistic mode in a variety of categories.

Hebraic vs Western Thinking
– A Comparison

Western Approach

Hebraic Approach

Life analyzed in precise categories.

Everything blurs into everything else.

A split between natural & supernatural

Supernatural affects everything.

Linear logic

Contextual or “block” logic

“Rugged Individualism”

Importance of being part of group

Equality of persons

Value comes from place in hierarchies

Freedom orientation

Security orientation

Competition is good

Competition is evil (cooperation better)

Man-centered universe

God/tribe/family-centered universe

Worth of person based on money/material possessions/power Worth derived from family relationships
Biological life sacred Social life supremely important
Chance + cause & effect limit what can happen God causes everything in his universe
Man rules nature through understanding and applying laws of science God rules everything, so relationship with God determines how things turn out.
Power over others achieved through business, politics and human organizations. Power over others is structured by social patterns ordained by God.
All that exists is the material The universe is filled with powerful spirit beings
Linear time divided into neat segments. Each event is new. Cyclical or spiraling time. Similar events constantly reoccur.
History is recording facts objectively and chronologically. History is an attempt to preserve significant truths in meaningful or memorable ways whether or not details are objective facts.
Oriented to the near future Oriented to lessons of history
Change is good = progress Change is bad = destruction of traditions
Universe evolved by chance Universe created by God
Universe dominated and controlled by science and technology God gave man stewardship over his earthly creation. Accountability to God.
Material goods = measure of personal achievement Material goods = measure of God’s blessing
Blind faith Knowledge-based faith
Time as points on straight line (“at this point in time…” Time determined by content (“In the day that the Lord did…”)

When we bring our Western “scientific” approach to the study of Scripture, without due consideration for the mentality behind it, we may find ourselves producing exegetical distortions. To understand the Hebrew cultures of Biblical times, as did those who lived through those times, is to experience culture shock. Their worldview was very different than ours. Their patterns of thought were often quite distinct from our own. Their values and perceptions were also radically unlike ours. The whole Bible was written in a pre-Scientific age. The Hebrew language itself is quite unlike our own in many respects. Much has been lost in translation.Sources: Irrational Man, by William Barrett; Christianity With Power by Charles Kraft; Hebrew Thought Compared With Greek by Thorleif Boman; Judaism and Christianity – The Differences by Trude Weiss-Rosmarin, Our Father Abraham, by Marvin Wilson, God in Search of Man by Abraham Heschel.

When we study Scripture, or when we consider the nature of the early New Testament Messianic community, we must take into account the myriad differences between Hebrew and Greek thought. Intellectually, we are Greeks, not Hebrews. We apply Aristotelian and Socratic thought patterns to practically everything. It is surprisingly difficult to escape these patterns and enter into the Hebraic mindset. We insist on rendering everything into logically consistent patterns, on systematizing it, on organizing it into tight, carefully reasoned theologies. We cannot live with inconsistency or contradiction. We feel compelled to think antithetically. The Godhead must be tightly defined and structured. We cannot live with the Hebraic idea that God is simply ineffable, and that God’s Book doesn’t lend itself to systematization. As Abraham Heschel wrote, “To try to distill the Bible, which is bursting with life, drama, and tension, to a series of principles would be like trying to reduce a living person to a diagram”God in Search of Man by Abraham Heschel, p. 20.

The Western mind, when seeking to understand Scripture or what it means to be a “Christian,” creates its own exegetical and theological dilemmas. (“If God is all-powerful, could he build a rock too heavy for himself to lift?” or “If God is love then why does he allow…?”) We relentlessly attempt to organize everything into manageable intellectual blocks and structures. We want all questions answered, all problems solved, and all contradictions resolved.

In our relentless quest to turn Scripture into a systematized textbook of theological answers about God, we have ended up distorting its meaning time after time. We have turned it into something that it is not.

We have sought to understand the incomprehensible God in concrete, yet abstract, terms. But, “To the Jewish mind, the understanding of God is not achieved by referring to a Greek way to timeless qualities of Supreme Being, to ideas of goodness and perfection, but rather by sensing the living acts of His concern, to His dynamic attentiveness to man. We speak not of His goodness in general but of His compassion for the individual man in a particular situation” (Heschel, p. 21). In other words, God is not “known” in the abstract, but in the specific situations into which He has asserted Himself. God is what He has revealed Himself to be, not what we have theorized Him to be.

Heschel points to the reason for Western confusion about God, “The categories within which philosophical reflection about religion has been operating are derived from Athens rather than from Jerusalem” (ibid. p. 25).

If we are to understand the Bible, and what it means to be a follower of Yeshua ha Mashiach (Jesus the Messiah), then we will have to understand it Hebraically, not Hellenistically. This will require a philosophical and intellectual paradigm shift on our part. It will mean coming at Scripture from an entirely different angle. It will mean learning to think like the Hebrew who thought more like God.

Heschel also writes, “The Greeks learned in order to comprehend. The Hebrews learned in order to revere. The modern man learns in order to use” (ibid. p. 34). We want a religion of utility. We want techniques we can apply situationally to get into, or out of, some situation. We see much “technique-oriented” Christianity these days. We want techniques for understanding, systematizing and structuring the “prophetic timetable” so that we can know “what’s going to happen next” or so that we can know when to stock food and flee into the mountains to await the Lord’s return. Some people want to know so they can have something to market to other Christians who want to know. These are they who seek to gain from “godliness” or religion (cf. I Timothy 6:5).

We seek “Christian” techniques for inner healing, outer healing, exorcism, financial prosperity, or for receiving spiritual power. This way of thinking is alien to the Hebrew mind.

In our culture, we have commercialized everything, including Christianity. We no longer preach the Gospel, heal the sick, cast out demons and make disciples – we market tapes, booklets and trinkets. We make music, not to worship God, but to sell CDs. Evangelists are selected because they “know how to get the dollars in the door” or “attract the crowds” or “get the numbers up.” Ministerial power has been commercialized and politicized as much as that of regular politicians. Christian publishing houses publish celebrity Christian books – not because they are well written, or because they say something important – but because they will sell and make money for the company.

In the days when Jesus’ Kingdom movement was known as the “Sect of the Nazarenes” (Acts 24:5,14), being a “Christian” was about relationship with God and with fellow man (Matthew 22:36-38; John 13:34-35). In the centuries since, we have de-emphasized relationship, and at the same time have intellectualized, politicized and commercialized the “faith once for all delivered.” These three deleterious influences have radically changed the nature of the Church. The spirit of anti-Judaism and later anti-Semitism has done much to destroy the original personality of the believing community. This explains why it is so difficult for many to understand either Testament.

To truly grasp what it means to be a follower of Yeshua, one must return to the Hebrew roots of his movement, and of the documents we now refer to as “The New Testament.” [Source: http://www.godward.org/hebrew%20roots/hebrew_mind_vs__the_western_mind.htm]

I hope that I’ve been able to show where so many people err when they interpret scripture. It is no different than going to a full meal and eating only the appetizer and the dessert. Yes, those things are good, but the best part of the meal has been ignored and you don’t get the full nutrition that you would have gotten had you eaten all of the courses. It can be compared to trying to drive a car with only two wheels, or flying an airplane with one wing missing.

Yet another thing that many people do is they constrain Yahweh to the temporal, meaning that they try to constrict him to the time/space continuum. Much of scripture is written by an author that has seen it all happen already. When we read books like Revelation, or we read what seems to be two creation accounts in Genesis we see things from Yahweh’s perspective. In Genesis, we see the initial creation explained initially, and then we see an expounding of it a chapter later. We do that often, making ourselves guilty of what we see as duplicity in scripture. I’ll call my wife and tell her that I went with a friend to eat. Later, I’ll come home and I’ll tell her that I went with my friend to eat. We got a hamburger, some fries and a chocolate shake. The Bible does this repeatedly and people see it as being two events instead of an expounding of one event. Since the Book of Revelation first was written people have been speculating a timeline of events to happen in proper order. In all actuality, the events like the bowls, the seals, the trumpets and other things could be overlapping or all happening at the same time. The problem with prophecy is that people try to guess, and that never works. Prophecy is subject to the God of Prophecy, and thus we never see the fulfillment or order of a prophecy until after it is accomplished.

So, in closing, I state that people need to radically change the way that they look at scripture. They need to ask Yeshua to reveal thing through the Ruach Ha Kodesh in order to receive clarity. However, at the same time, there could be two occurrences or three meanings to one scripture, depending on how it is being approached. And, who here can say that they know the mind of Yahweh so that they can interpret correctly? NOBODY.

Well, time marches on, doesn’t it? When 2017 came to an end I prayed that 2018 would be a better year than 2017 and I guess that maybe I didn’t pray correctly, or as I often say, Yahweh has plans and they will be fulfilled no matter what we pray. Again I say that the best prayer is to pray, “your will be done Yahweh,” because we can rest assured that if we pray those words there is a 100% chance that they will be answered because His will is always fulfilled.

I had a wonderful birthday on the 3rd and things were cruising along just fine until early in the morning of the 7th when I woke up with excruciating pain in the abdomen. There was a stomach virus going around at that time so I just attributed the pain to that, even getting a confirmation from a coworker that my symptoms matched hers, she suffered through it for a day a few days prior. So I called in sick Sunday and sat around waiting to improve, but that was not the case, things worsened. I tried to eat a piece of toast only to have it come back up, not only the toast but a brownish liquid that smelled foul. After vomiting a couple of times I called my wife who was at work and expressed that we needed to go to the emergency room because this was clearly more than that flu bug.

We got to the hospital, my belly fully distended and I was nauseous. They brought me back into a room at the ER right away and started me on IV fluids, oh and I almost forgot to tell you that my heart had decided to go into Atrial Fibrillation late Sunday. So I was concerned that either my stomach would burst or I’d have that heart attack that I had always wondered would happen someday. They sent me for a CT Scan which confirmed that I was suffering from a bowel obstruction and I was admitted to the hospital right away. While in the ER a nurse placed a NasoGastric tube through my nose and down into my stomach. If you’re wondering if it hurt, yes it did. They wanted to start decompressing my stomach and getting that crap out that I had been throwing up, and yes, it was crap.

I sat there languishing while the doctors waited to see if the obstruction would fix itself but on Wednesday the decision was made to take me into emergency surgery. I came out of surgery and saw my wife standing there. I can always count on her to be there when I need her most. She told me that the Surgeon was upset because the nurse that placed the NG Tube (who claimed to be an expert at doing such things) had not placed it correctly and the surgery was delayed a little because they had to evacuate out of me 2 liters of the garbage that the tube should have gotten out before the surgery. Point being, the expert nurse didn’t place the tube correctly.

I woke up in my room, my belly still distended and in a great deal of discomfort. I have to say though that the anesthesiologist did a wonderful job. Before the surgery, he asked for permission to place some sort of extra painkiller all around my abdomen so that it would not be as painful as it normally would be when I came back to consciousness. A person would have to be an idiot to decline such a thing and I told him that I was more than willing to have such a thing done. So when I woke up I was relatively pain-free but with the discomfort of bloating. So, when they offered me morphine I gladly accepted. It took away the discomfort of bloating.

I looked at the NG Tube and noticed that it was working well so I asked the nurse to get me some ice chips. It was sort of cool to watch the tube and along with the brown junk I could see the water from the ice chips being sucked up. At one point I talked to one of the surgeons who was checking in on me and asked him to turn the suction up, which he did. The nurses couldn’t do it without an order.

Now, anyone that knows me knows that I like to eat. It is one of the finer things in my life, but when I was going on almost 7 days of not eating it was starting to wear on my nerves. Add to that that when the television is playing there are food commercials just about every 7 minutes, commercials that are showing barbecued ribs, pizza, spaghetti and all sorts of culinary delights. It was torture.

I prayed much of the time that I was in the hospital. I started to get very anxious. I had skirted around death thanks to Yahweh and the skill that he gave to the doctors and nurses and for that I was thankful. One nurse, a woman named Rochelle confided to me that I had been through a lot and had come close to going home. I told her that I knew that. She is a believer and we had many wonderful discussions about Yahweh Yeshua. Another nurse is a staunch conservative and we talked many times about the state of our state and nation, she is a kindred spirit. I felt humbled one day when she asked if she could wash my feet, it was a spiritual moment.

During the time I was in the hospital and watching the television I became spiritually nauseous. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like television much because it is a medium of programming people. Those of us who know can resist the allure that TV offers but I began to sense how the Elites are molding the minds of the general public with all of the crap that they have to offer. If you think that you’re ugly there is something to make you beautiful; if you’re hungry there are numerous places to get cheap food that will make you fat; if you’re fat there are ways to lose the extra weight. It reminded me a lot of the pharmaceutical world where every pill needs another pill to counteract the effects of the first pill and so on and so forth. I found myself turning off the TV to clear my mind and there was always another morphine shot to lull me back to sleep.

Now it is no secret that mathematics is the crux of the universe, speaking in a worldly manner. I know that Yeshua runs the universe and holds everything together, but mathematics can explain everything to those who seek worldly answers to life and existence. I also know about sacred geometry and how the occult uses numbers and I know that on the flip side Yahweh has given a mathematically perfect script (The Bible) to guide us through life. However what happened one night left me reeling and sort of scared.

Now you have to understand that I have the prophetic gift and I have seen some freaky things in dreams and visions but I have also seen and heard some wonderful things. For instance, while opining away at my situation in the hospital I asked Yahweh if I would get better or if I would die from what was happening to my health. I clearly heard, “seven days are determined for your illness after which you will get better.” On the seventh day, things did improve and I left the hospital on the eighth day. On day five or six, when I was still feeling terrible I fell asleep with the television on. In the dream that I had the television had changed to an older style television, not a flat screen, but more of a cathode ray tube sort of television. On that television long series of numbers were flashing across the screen and I began to think that this was interesting but that it was only in numbers and symbols that I could understand. Well, after that thought the numbers started to flash across in what I think was Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew and many other languages. I became scared and woke up from the dream feeling very uneasy. I also started to wonder if I was really saved and going to heaven. I repeated the apostle’s creed along with other words of affirmation that I do indeed accept Yeshua as my Lord and Savior and the final words were, “if you confess Yahweh Yeshua with your mouth and believe that Elohim has raised him from the dead then you are saved.” I ended with “yes I do, indeed I do.”

The thing about the dream about television and numbers is that those of you reading this along with me tend to think of the New World Order from a western viewpoint. It’s like we see a western order being imposed on the whole world. This is a natural thing to do. However, the great deception is going to be a total worldwide and world involved event. It is going to be the whole world under a world delusion, not the whole world under a western delusion. It will be a delusion that will be mathematically explainable in every culture and every language. Since almost language is alphanumeric in nature than the number 666 will be translated out in every language. That is why it is foolhardy to look for the meaning of 666 in just English, as a matter of fact, that is a bombastic notion. No, the Number of The Beast will be understood by every culture on the face of the Earth.

Take for instance the name of Jesus in different languages. In English and Spanish, it is spelled the same with different accentuation. However that same name in Italian is Gesu, in Hebrew it is Yeshua and in Arabic it is Issa. There is something called the Gematria which assigns numbers to letters. If we put the name Jesus into the Gematria we get the following result:

Jesus in Jewish Gematria Equals: 985 ( j










Jesus in English Gematria Equals: 444 ( j










Jesus in Simple Gematria Equals: 74 ( j











If we put the Italian form of Jesus into the Gematria calculator we get the following:

Gesu in Jewish Gematria Equals: 302 ( g








Gesu in English Gematria Equals: 312 ( g








Gesu in Simple Gematria Equals: 52 ( g









Knowing that the Elites like to play with numbers they are going to ensure that when their false messiah comes on the scene he will be as mathematically perfect as he can possibly be AND they will try to make it so that their “Christ” matches the Christ that all nations know, in other words, a perfect counterfeit. Maybe I should say that they will present their Christ as the on that lives up to the expectation of the people of this world. The Elect will know him to be a fraud however because of the fruit that he bears.

Like I said, their Christ will be as mathematically perfect as one could possibly make him. The thing is that Yahweh is the Lord of numbers so the worlds’ Christ will be faulty. In addition, mathematics is part of the creation, a fallen creation and although this world looks at mathematics as the ends to all means it is really a house built on the sand because anyone can convince people that the rules of mathematics have changed and the world can be deceived. If you don’t believe that then just look at the crap that’s called Common Core Mathematics which is a debacle of the highest proportion. Teaching kids a convoluted way of calculating mathematics problems is putting the cart before the horse.

But let me come out of that rabbit hole to get back to the main subject of this journal entry. I’ve been through one hell of a ride this past twelvemonth, three surgeries with two of them being major. I’m asking Yahweh for a lull in the action for a while, a time of R&R where I can continue my work but not be hit with rocks from the sling and arrows from the bow. I turned 59 in January and would love to have at least twenty more years of good health and stamina. Yahweh willing he will answer that prayer.

As you probably know, the Delusion Resistance exists to act like Ezekiel’s model of the watchman on the wall. We see alarming trends, heresies, and dangerous worldly conditions and we warn people about them. If people decide to listen to the warning then they can ward off evil, or at least know how to cope with it. If they don’t listen and prepare, oh well, we hope that they fare well in what comes down the pike.

Back in 2010, I was 51 years old and my doctor convinced me that I should get a colonoscopy. I had taken one of those stool tests and they found occult (hidden) blood in the sample. The result of that test was that they found five polyps and they removed them all, giving me a clean bill of health because the polyps that they removed were all benign. The gastroenterologist told me that it would be a good idea for me to be checked in five years but other doctors told me that ten years was the norm. Later that year my wife Lourdes died rather suddenly so with all of the planning for her memorial service, and the other things that go along with such an event I became very busy. At about the same time Yahweh started to give me a lot of data that he wanted me to share with visitors to our web page and Jim Wilhelmsen and I had our Opposing The Matrix radio show. Add to this a forty hour a week job and fellowship with friends and family and eventually I forgot about checked with another colonoscopy.

I met my wife Barbara and we courted for about a year. When that year was up I moved up to Oregon and we were married. Barbara has three daughters from her previous marriage and being all three married they had children of their own, giving Barbara 11 grandchildren and me 11 step-grandchildren, the number now is 15 total. This is all added to the ministries which continued up here in Oregon. I attended an accelerated nursing school which took a year to complete. Really, there was not even time to think about normal daily things let alone my health. So in early 2016 I started to work for the State of Oregon and was given excellent health benefits. I bought into the Kaiser HMO plan. The first thing that my new physician told me was that I needed to have a colonoscopy, this warning came because of the polyps that I had removed back in 2010. Life was very busy and I kept putting off the colonoscopy. Sometime in April of this year

Sometime in April of this year (2017), I started to experience a discomfort in what I thought was my stomach. My first thoughts were that I had an ulcer. I figured that I would go to the doctor, get a medication to treat the ulcer and everything would be fine. I went to urgent care at Kaiser in Salem and the first thing that the doctor wanted me to do was to get a blood test to check my blood values. The test came back, the results being that I was very anemic, thus suggesting that I was bleeding internally. That very same day I was scheduled for a colonoscopy and also an upper GI scoping. When the procedure was finished my wife was standing next to me in recovery when the gastroenterologist announced to me that he had found cancer in my ascending colon. The doctor seemed concerned, but at the same time, he said that the prognosis looked good. He said that I would need surgery to remove part of my colon and any lymph nodes that might be affected. We had barely gotten onto the freeway when I received two phone calls, one to schedule me for a dye enhanced CT Scan and a date for surgery. Frankly, I had never seen Kaiser act so fast at something so it sort of concerned me, seeing that the doctor had said that it was a slow growing cancer. The surgery was scheduled for May 4th, but on the 3rd of May I came down with a fever and bad cough and was diagnosed with pneumonia in my right lung, so the surgery was put off until the 16th of May.

I met with the surgeon a couple of weeks before the surgery and came to the conclusion that I would be in good hands. She seemed very professional and said that she had performed this particular laparoscopy many times and had a good success rate. The gastroenterologist confirmed that she was a good surgeon, telling me that if he ever had to have the procedure he would want her to do it. So I jumped through all the hoops and through all of the red tape and paperwork to get the time off of work and work things out with the short term disability provider, thus on my surgery day I was very relaxed and I was not nervous at all. You know, when you have a relationship with Elohim through Yahweh Yeshua there is a peace that passes all understanding which allows us to face such things without worry. The staff at Salem Hospital I have to say were very professional. I sort of thought of the Pre-Op setting more akin to a NASA mission launch rather than a prep for surgery. They performed like a finely tuned watch, everything in order and everyone working with everyone else in a way that I sort of wish the world worked. The anesthesiologist was a great guy who explained everything to me and listened to me as I expressed my concern about not being given Versed, a benzodiazepine that does not work on me. I’ve had that drug before during procedures and endured watching and listening to doctors in the past as they worked on my first colonoscopy and a stapedectomy on my left ear, both times sort of cool, but I would have rather been out cold.

A mask was placed over my nose and mouth and the next thing that I knew I was waking up in a considerable amount of pain in post-op. Now let me say that I have the ability to endure a great deal of pain if need be, but after having someone in my abdomen removing some of my guts and moving the rest around all over the place I opted for the morphine shots. When I got to my room I was put on a PCA which allowed me to receive morphine every 10 minutes if I needed it. On day one I found myself glaring at the clock, waiting for that ten-minute mark. They had me up and on my feet on day two, walking around the room at first (with a walker) and then down the hallway on the ward. About half an hour before a walk I would take two Norco tablets and then about two minutes before they got me out of bed I’d hit the PCA button. It worked out very well. One major concern that the doctor and nurses had was that getting so many narcotics would cause me to become constipated. I explained to them that with my IBS and the runs that I have with that condition, I was very sure that constipation would not happen, and I was sooo right about that.

I had the surgery on a Tuesday and I went home on the very next Saturday. I have to say that there quite a bit of discomfort, but again after what was done that was to be expected. Today is day 20 after the surgery and I’m slowly progressing. It seems that the discomfort is getting less and less every day. I have self-treated a stage zero pressure sore that I developed on my backside while laying in bed in the hospital, and I’m happy to report that it is 99 percent healed. I will be able to return to work early next month.

So why did I tell you all of this? Well, first of all, let me say that I do believe in Yahweh’s healing power. I have been healed of things in the past. Yahweh has been very faithful to me. He has given me the ability to know what to wait on in regard to healing and when I should seek out a doctor in a matter. Unlike the name it and claim it, crowd, I do believe that Yahweh gave us doctors for a reason. I also believe that when times eventually get bad in this country and we are not able to seek out medical help from doctors, nurses and other ancillary persons, he will perform miracles than he does right now. I don’t see it as a lack of faith to seek out medical care from a medical professional, the same as I don’t see it as a lack of faith to work for a living instead of waiting for the ravens to bring me food or wait for manna to rain down from heaven. There is a time and purpose for everything under heaven.

That having been said, I do believe it to be my job right now to encourage everyone reading this who has persistent bowel problems, or who have reached the age of 50 or so, to have some sort of colon cancer screening. Before my surgery and even after the only thing that I lamented about was the fact that had I had the colonoscopy that I was urged to have a year prior, I might not have had to go through what I’ve been through the past two months. I’m not going to lie, I am enjoying my forced vacation, but I’d rather be having a real vacation on some beach somewhere rather than cooped up in my home. Granted, it has been nice to be able to catch up on some things, this blog for instance.

So please, do not get so busy that you forget to take care of yourself. Remember that your body is the Temple of The Holy Spirit and that part of our jobs while alive is to make sure that the Temple is in good working order. Consider your ministry and what would happen if you weren’t around to tend to what Yahweh has for you in this life. Consider your family, your precious spouse, kids and grandkids that would be missing so much if you were not around anymore to bless them. Put aside the things of tomorrow and take care of today, because if you die there will be no tomorrow for you to spend with those who love you. We’re not in this world for ourselves, we’re here to be a blessing for others, but taking care of our health is the best way to ensure that we can continue to be that blessing.

I hope that these words have blessed you, but more importantly, I hope that these words will spur you on to better health and maintenance of the only you that you have. Shalom Alecheim.

By David Ruffino

Copyright 2005/2010 David Ben Yakov / Delusion Resistance

Updated May 04, 2010

Thanks to William Tarbush for helping me to update this article in 2010.


Let me preface this story by telling you about something that I observed years ago when I was a teenager. I was good friends with a young lady whose mother was Japanese and her father was an American. Long before I had met Cathy, her father had left; for what reasons I really don’t know, but I do know that it hurt her that he wasn’t there. Because she didn’t have a father to love, she loved her mother and did all she could do to please her. The mother was a nice person to Cathy’s friends, but you could tell that deep down there was some sort of resentment toward Cathy. Perhaps she blamed Cathy for the departure of her husband; only God knows where the resentment was planted.

Cathy and her mother treated me like family and Cathy’s mother even tried to bring me and Cathy together in a boyfriend, girlfriend relationship. Cathy and I were just happy with our friendship and it remained just that. Our first Christmas together started out fine, especially on Christmas Eve when we drank a lot, had a great meal and talked quite a bit. We ended the night with an invite for me to come over the next morning to open the presents that we all bought for one another. Cathy had gone out of her way to buy nice things for her mother; things that any mother would be happy to get from their child. What I saw next made what was supposed to be a blessed time turn into a time of great sadness. One by one, Cathy’s mother opened the presents. The presents that I gave to her brought great praise of me from the mother. I was such a fine boy for thinking of her and for knowing just what she wanted. Cathy and I opened our gifts to each other; 8 track tapes, records, belts and even some paraphernalia. When Cathy’s mother opened Cathy’s gifts to her she would look at them, make some sort of snide comment and just throw them aside. The hurt I saw in Cathy’s eyes are something that I will never forget. She ran into her room and cried, her body heaving almost in convulsions because of the great sorrow that was inside her. I noticed that this not only happened on Christmas, but on birthdays and other gift giving events. Eventually, Cathy sank into a life of drug abuse. She needed the drugs to ease her pain. We eventually fell out contact and I haven’t seen nor heard from her in many years. At that time, none of us knew of Yeshua; his love, his caring and his healing for the soul. To this day I pray for Cathy, that perhaps she will find Yeshua and be healed of all of the hurt.

The Ministry Aspect:

I’ve had the sad opportunity to experience the same hurt that Cathy felt. After I came to faith in Yeshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus Christ) back in 1979, I sat in pews for quite a few years, soaking up the messages that the Lord was speaking through the pastors that led the flocks in the churches that I attended. The spiritual food that they fed me via the Holy Spirit nourished me but soon I started to become spiritually obese. I was taking in but not giving out and it was bothering me a great deal. Toward the end of that growth spurt I started to pray for the Lord to give me something to do. I did the whole church service routine; ushering, teaching Sunday School and I even lead a single’s ministry for a while. While all of those are wonderful things to do they didn’t satisfy me. I volunteered with Jews for Jesus and passed out broadsides (tracts) on the streets of San Francisco, and although I found it very rewarding, I never felt complete or any satisfaction of knowing that this was the niche that the Lord had for me.

One night I prayed that the Lord would give me a ministry. I acknowledged that I wasn’t a very good speaker, so I just let that go. But then, like a lightning bolt from out of the blue it hit me. I was pretty good at putting ideas down on paper; I could write. But what do I write about Lord, I asked? He then showed me my life before I became a believer in Yeshua. The two largest lies in my life back then were the belief in extraterrestrials, UFO’s and my belief in evolution. He explained that I had fairly good expertise in these two ideologies and that I could use that for the advantage of His Kingdom. So I kept in prayer, asking for the words to write. I prayed that whatever was written would be inspired by the Holy Spirit and that I would be a vessel for Him. I didn’t want any of the page content to be “Dave’s” thoughts, reflections or ideas; but only those of our Lord Yeshua.

Pretty soon the ideas started to flow into my head. God began to show me the deception of belief in extraterrestrials and evolution. All of the stuff that I had read in past years came back to mind, so that beliefs I once used to glorify myself and ultimately Satan; would now be used against the author of all lies, and for the glory of God Himself. It is such a happy feeling; almost indescribable, when one finally finds out what God’s life purpose is for them. I was elated and got started right away. The Lord began to bless me in ways that were incredible. He gave me a working knowledge of word processing, allowed me to attain skills in making web pages and gave me the finances to buy server space so that I could have a presence on the internet. He’s given me a godly adrenaline push many times when He’s given me my heavenly work assignments. Please understand that I hold down an 8 hour a day job that is quite mind challenging and many times, by the end of the workday, I’m really shot and would love to do nothing but pass out in my recliner. But, the Lord has other plans for me because when I get home I have a second wind. Many are the nights when I don’t stop typing until one or two o’clock in the morning. I do enjoy it so!!

The internet ministry that God has given to me has flourished. Some have become born again, others have overcome demonic oppression and many other have come to see God’s hand both in their lives and in the history of the human race. With all of this in mind, there is still one area where it is hard to make advances. Sadly enough, that area is in the Church Body of Believers. It is absolutely no exaggeration when I say that normal, Bible believing, Spirit Filled Christians; the ones who believe in casting out demons and healing the sick; give me the strangest look when I bring up the subject about extraterrestrials being demonic in nature. It’s almost like they see a sign on me proclaiming that I’m a leper when I bring up the subject. I experience the same disappointment and sadness that my friend Cathy felt all those years ago. My dear brothers and sisters are shown an area of great need, they possess the wherewithal to learn and minister, but they just reject it as worthless. I don’t know where you stand on the subjects of extraterrestrials and/or evolution, but it causes me great consternation when I see people who claim to have spiritual authority through the Blood of Yeshua; running away from something that the Church needs to address. It seems that the same mistake that the Church made when dealing with evolution is being made with the subject of the demonic nature of UFO’s and extraterrestrials.

Let’s Learn From History Rather Than Trial And Error:

We should take some time to look at the former and try to learn from those mistakes. When I was growing up my dad would use a term that we all have to come know and practice quite regularly. I would see a wasp nest near our front door and address the issue. My dad would tell me, “if you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you.” There is a great fallacy to that statement. Where the wasp’s were concerned, it did become a problem because the nest would become so large that the wasps would swarm around the front door and nobody could enter without fear of getting stung. Had my dad taken the wise approach, he would have nipped the problem in the butt and killed the wasp colony while it was yet small. As people, we tend to take the approach that if we ignore a problem, it will just go away. There are so many illustrations in history that this is a false assumption that I could write a series of books about all of them. Had Hitler been dealt with before he became strong, World War Two probably would not have happened, at least in the European theater. Place any despot, or dictator throughout history in that category and there are vast numbers of problems, chaos’s and holocaust’s that could have been prevented. Let’s look at a poem that is purported to have been written by a pastor who lived through Nazi Germany:


Poem by Martin Niemöller that was said to have been written in 1946.

First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a communist;

Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a socialist;

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a trade unionist;

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out – because I was not a Jew;

Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak out for me.


A modern equivalent to the ignorance of the church can be seen in the problem that evolution being taught to the populace. The majority of people in the United States before 1925 were Christian in affiliation and most of those people were God fearing Christians. In that year, the ACLU (yes, they were around then too) decided to test a new law, called the Butler Act; in a court of law. The Butler Act was a law passed on March 13, 1925, which forbade the teaching, in any state-funded educational establishment in Tennessee, of “any theory that denies the story of the Divine Creation of man as taught in the Bible, and to teach instead that man has descended from a lower order of animals.” This is often interpreted as meaning that the law forbade the teaching of any aspect of the theory of evolution. The victory was clearly won by the prosecution and the offending teacher was fined and released. But the victory was a hollow one because evolution theory had gained notoriety seeing that there were over two hundred members of the press there as well as WGN Radio that broadcast the trial over the whole country. Those with weak faith or rebellious hearts now knew that there was an opposing view and they flocked to it.

With the victory on the side of the Religious of the nation, Christians settled back into their lives and forgot about evolution. It never ceases to amaze me how believers in Yeshua read the Bible with such fervor, but they forget the object lessons that God gives us in His Word. Satan is prideful and he has the worse poker face around. If you look carefully at any situation in which he’s involved, he always shows his hand of cards before he ups the ante. For some reason, which only God knows, most of those in the corporate body of Messiah refuse to look at the cards when they’re shown. They are too busy concentrating on their own affairs to really notice what is going on around them. So, they either think that Satan is sitting this hand out or that he’s just bluffing again and he plans to fold his cards. So, most of us just ignore him, like he’s not a serious player. All too often the poker face turns out to be a bluff and the Christian, having been fooled suffers the consequence of not paying attention. Then they return to the card table and the process repeats itself again and again until finally the lesson is learned; hopefully.

This is true with the case of evolution. After the scopes trial we claimed a victory and figured that Satan was defeated both physically and morally. The trial did nothing but bring evolution into the limelight. As mentioned above, it whet the appetite of those who never really believed in God, but feigned belief in order to be found socially acceptable. After 1925 their numbers grew steadily until they were a large enough constituency to bring to force their agenda. By now, the Church had become so inept with the subject of evolution that it found itself powerless to fight against it. The sad part too is that many Christians, after being bombarded for years about the fallacious theory started to question the Biblical account of creation. Today, there are an alarming number of Christians who when asked, will tell you that they believe the earth to be millions if not billions of years old. Their faith is so weak that they have to try and meld science and the Bible. It’s so shameful that some think that God had to use countless of mutations in order to get the job done right; and that he used the death of countless of generations of animals before death became an issue at all. My Bible says that death came into the world as a result of the sin of Adam and Eve. Given a choice, I choose the testimony of God’s word over confused and misguided believers.

I thank the Lord for people like the late Henry Morris who fought the good fight through 2005; and Kent Hovind and others who are out in the trenches fighting against the fallacy of evolution. They’re taking back ground, but the warfront is a tough one and it might take quite a few years till any true headway is made. But again, there are just a few who are fighting a battle that millions could be fighting. Had evolution been preached against not only with Biblical proof, but with all of the geologic and scientific evidence that abounds everywhere, during all of those slack years, we might not be in the heavy battle we’re in today. There have always been scientists who disagreed with evolution; many of them Christians, but the subject was not allowed to be brought before the church congregation; for what ever reason, and there are probably many.

UFO’s and Extraterrestrials?

So many of us, who are trying to educate the Christian population about UFO’s, extraterrestrials and even alien abduction are given the same cold shoulder when it comes to these subjects. But why do people act like they do when this subject is addressed? There are several reasons. First, it wasn’t too long ago when people who brought up such things were considered to be on some sort of lunatic fringe, psychotic or perhaps the member of some strange UFO cult. Sure, there are people who believe in UFO’s who fall into all of those categories; but not everyone who experiences or studies this phenomena is crazy. Many notable scientists are studying the phenomena of UFO’s, their occupants and how they take people unwilling into the night. Former skeptic, the late J. Allen Hynek, who worked for the government in their study of UFO’s came to the conclusion way before his death that he thought that these beings were inter-dimensional, not from other planets, and that they aren’t here for our benefit. Jacques Valee a French UFOlogist (and not a Christian) has come out and declared that these entities are demonic. Those are strong words for a person who has no faith in God. Some noted Christians, such as Hal Lindsey, Zola Levitt, and Chuck Missler have all come to the conclusion that we’re not being visited by beings from other planets or galaxies; but are being introduced to the demons and fallen angels that were prevalent upon the earth before the flood of Noah’s time. And we cannot forget to mention Whitley Strieber, the poster child for alien abduction; who in one of his writings said that he recognized these beings as being evil and demons. So, if scientists, atheists, noted Christian researchers and even an abductee all ascribe a demonic title to these entities, why does the church have so much trouble addressing the subject?

Another reason is that so many Christians have been bombarded with the extraterrestrial agenda that they actually believe in it. If you don’t believe me, go up to twenty people in your church and ask them if they think we’re alone in the universe. If they answer honestly, you’ll get a pretty good percentage who will give you the common answer they have been indoctrinated to believe; that answer being, “I just think that the universe is too vast and diverse to contain just life on earth.” That opinion doesn’t come from God, but from the pits of hell via television, the news media, interest in science fiction and listening to the ever popular “Coast to Coast” radio program that night owls like me listen to all the time. Trust you me, that particular show should be avoided by anyone who has any questions about their faith and is not firmly grounded in Biblical theology.

You know, the Church has always seemed to me to be a day late and a dollar short when it comes to events coming upon the world. We mentioned the evolution lie above, and how it was ignored until it pervaded all aspects of society, even the Church. What many in the Christian realm don’t recognize is that the two lies are interwoven. They have to be because they have the same author; Satan. Anyone who would bother to keep up on current events can see that evolution in it’s current form is dying. Christians (aided by the Holy Spirit) are making important inroads into the evolution camp and the evolution lie is crumbling right before their eyes. So what do liars do when their lie is exposed? They make up another lie to cover the first one. Satan and his minions have been busy doing this since the late 1940’s where evolution and UFO’s are concerned. Slowly and methodically they’ve been introducing the extraterrestrial agenda to the public. And now that the evolution lie is finally starting to die, those who purport to channel messages from so called aliens and those who have had direct contact with them are all reporting that the aliens are saying that they were involved in our evolution. Some say that they were involved in what is called panspermia. That is the act of planting the rudimentary life forms here on earth. Others go a step farther and say that after they did that, they’d come back from time to time to manipulate the genes of the creatures here on earth until they finally arrived with humankind. Now their message is that mankind has to evolve again, and those who resist (Christians) will have to be eliminated.

It is beyond me how any pastor or church leader can be out in the world for any amount of time and not stumble across these lies. If one watches television the alien agenda has been promoted for several years. If you watch documentary channels you can’t really miss the UFO specials that are constantly on. I’ve dealt with several people who claim to have been abducted. Some of them go to church every Sunday and the harassment (the demonic variety) continues because the person is too afraid to approach the pastor, or anyone for that matter, fearing that they will be labeled as some sort of weirdo or a person with a psychiatric disorder. How can you ask for help from people who don’t know what your problem is or won’t acknowledge that it exists. Several times a year there are Christian UFO conferences where these things are discussed and analyzed. Guy Malone from Alien Resistance organizes one of these in Roswell every July 4th. Guy offers his services to come and talk to churches about these things and gets very little response from those he contacts. Jim Wilhelmsen, is another brother who lives in Roswell, New Mexico. He operates a store that is right across from the parking lot of the International UFO Museum; the store’s title is “The Museum of Alternate Realities.” Before you judge the name of the store, you have to realize that what seems normal to the other 99 percent of America, is alternate reality to many in Roswell. Jim has had a lot of opposition from not only the city fathers of Roswell, but also the majority of the churches. When you consider that the building that houses the International UFO Museum is owned by a Baptist minister you can understand the problem; compromise runs rampant in Roswell. The truth cuts into the profits of Roswellians and isn’t tolerated very well. The thing that I really respect about the two individuals mentioned above is that they’re putting not only their finances, but also their reputations on the line. Like the Apostles of old and even Yeshua Himself, these two men know that there is a greater prize than what they can attain here on earth. They’re willing to put up with the ridicule and harassment from a hostile Roswell establishment in order to present people with the truth of Yeshua Ha Mashiach.

Knowing this, one has to question the motives of those who refuse to address this very real issue; one that is becoming more real every year and one that will become a undeniable reality as the time of the end draws closer. There are those like my pastor, Mike Fraga here in Carmichael. Mike is one of the most honest and forthright pastors I’ve ever met. When I presented Mike with my ministry and asked if he’s be willing to partake in helping people, he gave me an answer that was right from his heart. His answer to me was that he isn’t well read on the subject, but would be willing to learn more so that he can be a minister to those who come out of the UFO society. Mike is a very busy pastor with little staff, putting in upwards of 80 hours of service in a week, so I see that it would probably be a long time before he can truly study the information. But I know Mike, and he’ll do it sooner or later.

While at the Ancient of Days Conference down in Roswell this year (2005), Joe Jordan, Jim Wilhelmsen and myself had the opportunity to answer questions of those who had just watched Joe’s video. His video tells about how to end alien abduction for good. Anyway, one older gentleman got sort of agitated and wanted to know why he never heard our message preached from a pulpit. The man was really put off about that fact. When I later had a time to talk, I addressed that gentleman’s question with what I felt the Lord was wanting me to say. I told the guy the story about my pastor and basically told the group that many pastors just haven’t heard of nor studied the subject matter. It would be foolhardy to preach about something you know nothing about. Pastors; especially those of small congregations who have little or no staff, are so bogged down that they don’t have time to thinking about taking meals let alone studying about UFO’s, aliens and their implications on modern society. I truly believe that once my pastor becomes educated on the subject and after he prays to God about what to do, he’ll preach about it from the pulpit.

There is another type of church laity that take a different approach to the subject matter at hand. But before I write about that, I think it would be good to use an illustration that Joe Jordan speaks about in his DVD about his testimony and his ministry. Joe has studied UFO’s and alien abduction for a few years now. He’s the state section director of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) for Brevard County, Florida. During his studies he had the opportunity to talk to many well know researchers in the field of alien abduction. After running into a couple of case studies where Joe was told that the name of Yeshua (Jesus) when cried out for help, actually stopped the abduction from happening, he needed to know more. Joe wanted to know if other researchers had similar stories in their case files. He thought it odd that he was the only one to have such information. Joe was shocked to find out that all of the researchers (off the record) said that they had similar cases in their files. Joe asked them why they didn’t publish these cases with their other cases; and he got two answers. One answer was that the cases were just too bizarre to believe. The second reason for not publishing these findings, was that these researchers admitted that they thought that if they did, they would lose credibility in the research community. Their own reputation was more important than giving a cure that would end the torment of hundreds of thousands or maybe millions of people who are harassed by demons in alien disguise.

So, where am I going with that illustration. Frankly, I feel that there are many pastors who don’t want to touch the subject because they are concerned that they might freak out some of their parishioners and possibly lose some of the members of their church. Unlike Guy, Jim, Joe and myself who have secular jobs to support us, many pastors, reverends, ministers or whatever title one might use, depend on their church income for their sole support. Now I’m not saying that it’s wrong for people to be professional pastors; but it is wrong to keep information from people, who can use that knowledge to become free, in order to keep up the payments on the Cadillac or that fancy house that they were so blessed with. If a church leader finds themselves in such a situation then they should consider their eternal security, and that it might be in peril. God is a God of quality, not quantity.

Where Is This Going?

So, where am I going with all of this? I never intended this to be a mini-sermon or offensive to anyone. Being that it was written out of only concern, if anyone was offended I ask that they become circumspect and examine themselves. The whole reason for this document is to get the word out there that alien abduction is real, it is demonic and it’s not going to go away. It will get progressively worse as the days, months and years move along and society will need people who are willing to minister to those lost in its grip. We have started a new ministry, called “Alien Abduction Crisis Centers of America,” and we are up to the challenge of initial ministry of people seeking to become free from alien abduction. We could always use Holy Spirit filled people to help us in that part of the ministry. But more importantly, we need to have places to send these people once they’ve become free. They need Christian fellowship and solid Biblical teaching. They need to know that if they have a problem in the wee hours of the morning, they have someone local who can stay with them and pray with them. Our counselors cover a wide area of the nation and more are signing on all the time, but we can’t be everywhere. Please, if you have a Biblically sound church that believes in deliverance and practices the same than we’d like to put you on our list of places of refuge for these people.

If you need to learn more about our ministry and what we do then I implore you to visit our site at www.paapsi.org and look around. If more information is needed then we can send you DVD’s, documentation or other things that can help you to learn more about freeing people from alien abduction and helping them to remain free. If need be, one of our counselors might even be able to come to your fellowship to present the ministry to your congregation. Sometimes a lecture from a stranger is easier for a congregation to accept over one of their own pastors. Strange as it sounds that is true sometimes. At the very least, you could show our DVD’s at your church. There are many ways to convey the message. And finally, if you have people in your congregation who claim to have had such experiences, please don’t brush them off as being crazy or on the lunatic fringe. In all probability, they have had genuine experiences with demonic or fallen angelic entities and they need help. If you feel that you don’t have the expertise to help them then pass them on to us. We’re here to help in any way we can. Be blessed in the Name of Yeshua, as you minister to Him and through Him.

David Ben Yakov

By David Ben Yakov

The Delusion Resistance

There are many people who come to our Delusion Resistance website and they sometimes write to ask us why we use a lot of Hebrew words in our writings? Some have said that it confuses them a bit. For this reason we have put a page onto the site that lists the main words that we use in our writings so that the readers can refer to that page and see what or who we are talking about. In many of the writings we have put the English name within parenthesis so that people can identify with the names that we use. We try our best to be accommodating but still the question exists; why do we use these terms?

There is a threefold answer to that question. Come on now, you didn’t think that this was going to be easy, did you? Just kidding around a bit. People often accuse me of being long winded and some say that our articles and our Journal is too long, but I guess that folks have to accept us for who we are and in the Love of Yahweh they have to bear this burden.

The Name “God” is too generic anymore:

Living in California has many more bad points than it has good ones. We’re taxed to death and state governmental fees eat up the rest of anything that we could sock away for a rainy day. Although it is getting better, the air is polluted with smog and we’re plagued with allergies because things grow around here all year around shedding pollen and other allergens. Finally, one has to admit that there are quite a few people in California that aren’t wrapped to tightly. And before you blame us for the strange people just remember that they moved here from your state, so we did you a favor by letting them move here.

We have quite a diversity of people here in the Golden State. I think that I have met people from most of the nations of the Earth and they all live here it seems. Diversity has blessings but it also causes a lot of problems. For instance, lunchtime at work in quite interesting. In just one half hour you can here dialects from India, Laos, China, Iran, Afghanistan, Russia and the Philippines. When everyone is talking at the same time and it makes one want to go outside and pray that the confusion will somehow empty out before I go back to work.

The one thing that I took particular notice of is that there are people of many different religions at work. When you consider the ethnicities that I mentioned in the last paragraph it becomes clear that there are Hindu’s at work as well as Moslems, Buddhists and Russian Orthodox all added to the Catholics, lukewarm Christians, atheists and those of us who are Born Again Believers in Yeshua. Quite a mix for sure I would like to note.

One particular day I had returned to work after the worse ravages of a virus had abated but I still had the sniffles and I sneezed from time to time. At one point I sneezed and I was blessed with a “God Bless You,” from several different people. I went back to my work station and realized that members of several different religions blessed me in the name of their God. I am certain that when they blessed me they weren’t thinking about the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as their image of god. The Hindu might have been thinking of Vishnu, or Shiva or one of their countless number of gods. The Hindu’s were probably thinking of Buddha or the force of the universe when they blessed; the Russian Orthodox lady probably thought of a different Jesus when she blessed me and the Moslem was probably thinking of Allah when they bestowed their blessing.

This “multicultural” god fits in very well with the aspirations of globalists. They have conditioned the people of America to believe that God is some multifaceted diamond sort of god who has different faces but they all belong to the one stone. They try to assert that all religions have the same foundational truths and in some cases this might be true, but when we get down to brass tacks, only one belief stands out on its own; because its author had the honesty to point out that He is the way, the truth and the life, and that no man can come to the Father except through Him.

Well, this multicultural workplace with all of its flavor and flair leaves me with a problem. When sneezing I am going to get blessings from those who adhere to other gods, or who mistakenly think that the Judeo/Christian God is one and the same with Allah; which is a bold face lie and as far from the truth as east is from west. Don’t get me wrong; I realize that when my coworkers bless me they are sincere and they think that they are doing a nice thing. It is a wonderful gesture and it shows that they regard me with esteem, but blessings given out in the name of other gods aren’t necessarily blessings. For instance, when a Hindu or a Buddhist blesses you they want you to prosper in the the things that their religion holds sacred. The ultimate goals of these two religions are for its adherents to go through successful lifetimes of karma so that they can reach Nirvana or its equivalent as the case may be. Frankly, wishing something akin to that upon someone isn’t a blessing, but a curse. Again, this is not willingly done nor is their intent evil, but the ends to their blessings is just what I have illustrated.

These things have caused me to do two things in regard to what I have spoken about thus far at work. When the need arises for one of my coworkers to bless me I thank them because they truly mean to bless me and that is a wonderful thing to do. I slip away to a quiet area and I renounce the blessing, ask Yahweh to bless the one who blessed me and then I ask Yahweh to bless me in His Name.

I have started to use the name Yahweh and the name Yeshua when I talk to people. Sure they look at me like I am strange but after I explain who Yahweh is and who Yeshua is they seem to understand better and they accept things. I want my coworkers to know that there is a great distinction between their gods and my God who is the only true God. I want them to know that I don’t buy into the melding of religions to fit into a one world religion. But while I feel that perhaps the Buddhists and Hindu’s realize that there is a difference, the Muslims don’t. They believe that they are serving the God of the Bible and that their revelation of Him is new and fresh and that it supersedes any of the prior revelations of Yahweh. It also causes them to ask questions and when they ask questions it opens up the door for me to tell them about salvation through the Blood of Yeshua Ha Mashiach. They may not agree with me, but the seed is planted and I can pray thereafter that Yahweh will water the fertile land of their heart where that seed now resides.

What I have illustrated above is a very important reason for using the Hebrew words for God and other things. As the one world religion becomes more of a reality we will need to make the distinction; and why not start now when it is easy and not against the law.

We’re Jews That Believe in Yeshua (Jesus):

Another reason why we like to use the Hebrew names of Yeshua and Yahweh and even more of the names like Elohim, El Shaddai and others is to identify ourselves in our physical heritage. While we recognize and accept that there is no ethnicity in the Kingdom of Yahweh we do recognize that there are those in our lineages that do not know or they do not accept that belief.

For millennia the Jewish people have been the victim of gentiles. They’ve been kicked out of countries, forced to survive Inquisitions, pogroms and genocides. It is sort of hard for people who have been through these things, many of them done by false Christians in the name of Jesus, to accept a message brought in that name. To many Jews the name of Jesus equals persecution and it just isn’t productive in bringing some Jews to salvation. Unless a person has endured persecution or constant malevolent behavior from another person or people they really cannot understand the fear that comes with words, pictures, smells and other things that bring back the memories of what was actually experienced.

If one understands that being Jewish isn’t just a religion, but it is a kinship that goes right down to the bone. For this reason it is easier for a Jewish person to listen to a message from anyone who brings the gospel to them in our ancestral vernacular. For this reason we use Yeshua for “Jesus” and Ha Mashiach for “Christ,” Adonai for “Lord,” and Yahweh for “LORD.” It is not different than using Gesú when talking to an Italian about Yeshua or using Isa when talking to someone who speaks Arabic. The person behind the name is the same but the idiom is different.

We’ve found that using the Hebraic terms tends to enrich reading the Word of Elohim. When one uses the original words and one studies those words it adds spice to the Bible. The meanings are accentuated. For instance, when we read in Exodus that God tells Moshe that His Name is I Am that I Am it is wonderful but to me it left things sort of unexplained. If however one studies the Hebrew “Ehyeh asher Ehyeh one comes to discover that this name is really translated to mean; “I Am what I was and I was what I will be,” or “What I was in the beginning I Am now and I will always be.” In the phrase Yahweh was telling Moshe and all of Israel that He was the eternal God; The God of Gods! See how the flavor of even the Name of Yahweh is accentuated when we use the original language?

Many Believers in Mashiach Are From The Lost Tribes of Israel:

Don’t worry, we’re not Jehovah’s Witnesses or anything of the like. We just happen to think that (for many biblical reasons) that those who have come to a Born Again faith in Yeshua just so happen to also be descendants of the Lost Ten tribes of Israel. We won’t try to explain it in this document, but if you are interested in learning more you can visit some pages that we have placed on the internet that talk about such things. The page on the Resistance site is located at: http://www.delusionresistance.org/wp3 .

Believe it or not, there are many believers who feel the calling back to the Torah, to practice the Feasts of Israel and to return to their Israelite roots. These people grew up in Gentile families that have supposedly no ties to anything Jewish, but after they are saved they feel the urge to be Jewish, so to speak. Knowing that Yahweh will number the seed of Abraham like the stars of the sky and the grains of sand of the seashore it would make sense that the limited number of Jewish (Tribe of Judah’s descents) could possibly be numbered. However, if the Ten Lost Tribes were scattered throughout the Earth, then their descendants would could be innumerable.

Anyway, seeing that so many people get Saved in the Blood of Yeshua and then they want to be identified as being children of Israel, then it would seem obvious that they would want to learn at least some of the vocabulary of the Hebrew Language, and to speak it especially in times of Praise and Worship.

We’re Heading Toward A Showdown:

And finally we have to consider that this world is heading for a showdown. The things that I mentioned earlier about the diversity in my workplace will someday be a national and international problem. There will be some in the multicultural religion that will use the name of Jesus simply they will be worshipping a perverted form of the true Jesus. All over the earth people will be using the name “God,” but they will be talking about their local gods or the man of perdition who will rule the world, or perhaps they will be ascribing the word “God” to Satan, whom they will ultimately worship.

It would only make sense that those who follow, love and live for Yeshua would make a very clear distinction of who they place in charge of their eternal security. Since we worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and he has a distinctive name, then perhaps in honor of Him we should use that name. The New Age has a Jesus and a Christ Consciousness, but they do not have a Yeshua Ha Mashiach. They have various gods, but they do not have a Yahweh.

We know that there are those out there (they visit our chatroom constantly) who think that using the name of Jesus is a pagan tradition. They say that anyone who uses that name is blasphemous and such. Well, throughout the ages Christendom has used that name and as long as they were using it to describe Yeshua that is okay. We do not cast condemnation or dispersion toward those who still choose to use the name Jesus Christ if their faith proves that they follow Yeshua Ha Mashiach. To us at the Delusion Resistance, any person or group that tries to Judaize through force or coercion anyone else are no better than those in 15th century Spain who tried to convert Jews to Christianity. Like our good friend Jim often says about this matter. “I choose to use the name Jesus when talking about my Lord. Someday we might to have to start using the name Yeshua in order to bring clarity and when that time comes I will say Yeshua. Until then I see nothing wrong with using the name Jesus in conversation and I will continue to do so.”



In an effort to get back to the Hebraic roots of Christianity, we at The Delusion Resistance have incorporated the use of Hebrew terms into a lot of our articles. So in order to make things clear we have included this page so that those reading our articles can know the terms that we use, and to know that they are just the words and terms used the original Hebrew form.


Aveinu – (ah-vey-nu) Literally means, “our Father.”

Adonai – (ah-doe-ny) The modern way that Jewish people say “lord.” Said in this form because Jews think that it’s not permitted to say Yahweh, or Jehovah because God’s name is too holy to utter. Rarely written on our web pages because we think we have permission to utter Yahweh, YHWH or Jehovah since we are heirs to the Kingdom of God and have a personal relationship with God through recognition and acknowledgement or the blood atoning sacrifice of Jesus.

Baruch – (bah-rook) Hebrew for “blessed,” or “bless.”

Baruch Ha Shem – (bah-rook ha Shem) Hebrew for “praise the Lord.” Translates out, “blessed be The Name.”

Bat – Daughter

Beit HaMikdash – (bey-et Ha Mick-dosh) “The Holy House” or simply the Temple. The Temple in Jerusalem.

Beit Lehem – (bay-it leh-chem) Bethlehem – Means “House of Bread”

Ben – Son

B’Nai – (ben-eye) Sons

B’Nai Elohim – (ben-eye el-o-him ‘el-low-he-im) Sons of God – Denotes “angels” in the Tenach (Old Testament).

Brit Hadasha – (brit hah-dah-sha) Hebrew for “The New Covenant.”

Chava (kha-vah) Eve

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh – (a-yah ah-sher a-yah) Hebrew for “I Am that I AM,” The name that God gave of Himself to Moses to present to Israel.

El Elyon – (El El-yown) God Most High. We use this on The Delusion Resistance when referring to God in the highest form possible.

Eloheem or Elohim – (El-low-he-im) Simply, God, but in the pluralistic form; sometimes spelled Elohim – Denotes Trinity. God’s title in Genesis chapter one.

El Shaddai – (El Shad-dy) Hebrew for God Almighty.

Eretz Yisrael – (Eh-rets Yis-ra-el) The Land of Israel

Goyim – (goy-im) means Gentiles, or non Jews. Singular form is Goy.

Hallel Yahweh – (Hal-ale Yahweh) Hallelujah – Praise The LORD

Ha Shem – Means “The Name.” Used by many Jewish people who think that the name of God is too reverent to pronounce.

Hosheinu – (ho-shee-ay-nu) Hosannah – save us.

Ketuviim – (Ket-too-vee-im) All the books of the Old Covenant that aren’t prophetic or Law. The singular form is Ketuvah (ket-too-vah) or “writing.”

Malack – (Mal-ak) Angel or Messenger.

Mashiach – (Ma-shee-ach) Hebrew for “Messiah.”

Melech or Melekh – (Mel-eck) King

Melech David – (Mel-eck David) King David

Miriam – (Meer-e-am) Mary

Mishpochah – (mish-po-khah) means brothers or brethren. A group of Jews who are all in one accord.

Moshe (Mo-sha) Moses.

Nephilim – (nef-a-leem) The Fallen Ones – Denotes the giants of the Old Testament – Offspring of fallen angels and human women. See Genesis 6.

Neviim – (Neh-vee-im) is the Hebrew word for Prophets. Singular version is Nevi.

Pesach – (Pess-ach) “Passover.”

Ruach – (roo-ach) means “spirit.” Used in the lower case form (ruach) it stands for the human spirit or any spirit that isn’t God’s spirit. Used in the upper case (Ruach) it is a shortened form of The Holy Spirit.

Ruach Ha Kodesh – (Roo-Ach Haa Ko-desh) is the Hebrew way to say “The Holy Spirit.” It translates out, “The Spirit of Holiness.”

Shabbat – (shah-bot) The Sabbath – Saturday

Shabbat Shalom – (shah-bot Sha-lowm) “Sabbath Peace.” A greeting said on the Sabbath.

Shalom – (Sha-lowm) means “peace.” It is a greeting in both coming and going also.

Shalom Alecheim – (Sha-lowm alec-kime) Peace be unto you.

Shul – (shull) Another word for Synagogue.

Tenach or Tenakh – (ten-ach) All of the books of the Old Covenant. The Complete Jewish Bible; what Christians call “The Old Testament.”

Torah – (tore-ah) The Five Books of Moses – The Law.

Yacov or Ya’akov – (ya-kov) Jacob or James. Sometimes pronounced Ya-a-kov.

Yahweh – (yah-way) Sometimes written YHWH or Jehovah is found in the Old Covenant. Whenever you see the word “LORD” written in upper case letters in the Old Covenant it literally means, “The Lord God of Israel.”

Yehoshua – (yeh-hoe-shoo-ah) Joshua

Yehovah – (yeh-ho-va) Rarely used on this website. It is the Hebrew way to say Jehovah. We prefer Yahweh.

Yehudeem – (yeh-hoo-deem) Hebrew for “The Jews.” Singular is “Yehud”

Yerushalayim – (Yeh-roo-sha-lie-eem) Jerusalem

Yeshua – (yeh-shoo-ah) The Hebrew way to say Jesus. It means Salvation.

YHVH – The Tetragrammaton of the name of the God of Israel. Pronounced Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh. 

Yisrael – (yis-ra-el) Israel

Yitzak – (Yit-zack) Issac

Yosef – Joseph

* If you’re wondering why many words here that normally start with a “J” in the English alphabet start with a “Y” in the Hebrew text the answer is simply that Hebrew doesn’t have a letter that has the “J” sound to it.