01. Preliminary Articles

By David Ruffino

Copyright 2005/2010 David Ben Yakov / Delusion Resistance

Updated May 04, 2010

Thanks to William Tarbush for helping me to update this article in 2010.


Let me preface this story by telling you about something that I observed years ago when I was a teenager. I was good friends with a young lady whose mother was Japanese and her father was an American. Long before I had met Cathy, her father had left; for what reasons I really don’t know, but I do know that it hurt her that he wasn’t there. Because she didn’t have a father to love, she loved her mother and did all she could do to please her. The mother was a nice person to Cathy’s friends, but you could tell that deep down there was some sort of resentment toward Cathy. Perhaps she blamed Cathy for the departure of her husband; only God knows where the resentment was planted.

Cathy and her mother treated me like family and Cathy’s mother even tried to bring me and Cathy together in a boyfriend, girlfriend relationship. Cathy and I were just happy with our friendship and it remained just that. Our first Christmas together started out fine, especially on Christmas Eve when we drank a lot, had a great meal and talked quite a bit. We ended the night with an invite for me to come over the next morning to open the presents that we all bought for one another. Cathy had gone out of her way to buy nice things for her mother; things that any mother would be happy to get from their child. What I saw next made what was supposed to be a blessed time turn into a time of great sadness. One by one, Cathy’s mother opened the presents. The presents that I gave to her brought great praise of me from the mother. I was such a fine boy for thinking of her and for knowing just what she wanted. Cathy and I opened our gifts to each other; 8 track tapes, records, belts and even some paraphernalia. When Cathy’s mother opened Cathy’s gifts to her she would look at them, make some sort of snide comment and just throw them aside. The hurt I saw in Cathy’s eyes are something that I will never forget. She ran into her room and cried, her body heaving almost in convulsions because of the great sorrow that was inside her. I noticed that this not only happened on Christmas, but on birthdays and other gift giving events. Eventually, Cathy sank into a life of drug abuse. She needed the drugs to ease her pain. We eventually fell out contact and I haven’t seen nor heard from her in many years. At that time, none of us knew of Yeshua; his love, his caring and his healing for the soul. To this day I pray for Cathy, that perhaps she will find Yeshua and be healed of all of the hurt.

The Ministry Aspect:

I’ve had the sad opportunity to experience the same hurt that Cathy felt. After I came to faith in Yeshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus Christ) back in 1979, I sat in pews for quite a few years, soaking up the messages that the Lord was speaking through the pastors that led the flocks in the churches that I attended. The spiritual food that they fed me via the Holy Spirit nourished me but soon I started to become spiritually obese. I was taking in but not giving out and it was bothering me a great deal. Toward the end of that growth spurt I started to pray for the Lord to give me something to do. I did the whole church service routine; ushering, teaching Sunday School and I even lead a single’s ministry for a while. While all of those are wonderful things to do they didn’t satisfy me. I volunteered with Jews for Jesus and passed out broadsides (tracts) on the streets of San Francisco, and although I found it very rewarding, I never felt complete or any satisfaction of knowing that this was the niche that the Lord had for me.

One night I prayed that the Lord would give me a ministry. I acknowledged that I wasn’t a very good speaker, so I just let that go. But then, like a lightning bolt from out of the blue it hit me. I was pretty good at putting ideas down on paper; I could write. But what do I write about Lord, I asked? He then showed me my life before I became a believer in Yeshua. The two largest lies in my life back then were the belief in extraterrestrials, UFO’s and my belief in evolution. He explained that I had fairly good expertise in these two ideologies and that I could use that for the advantage of His Kingdom. So I kept in prayer, asking for the words to write. I prayed that whatever was written would be inspired by the Holy Spirit and that I would be a vessel for Him. I didn’t want any of the page content to be “Dave’s” thoughts, reflections or ideas; but only those of our Lord Yeshua.

Pretty soon the ideas started to flow into my head. God began to show me the deception of belief in extraterrestrials and evolution. All of the stuff that I had read in past years came back to mind, so that beliefs I once used to glorify myself and ultimately Satan; would now be used against the author of all lies, and for the glory of God Himself. It is such a happy feeling; almost indescribable, when one finally finds out what God’s life purpose is for them. I was elated and got started right away. The Lord began to bless me in ways that were incredible. He gave me a working knowledge of word processing, allowed me to attain skills in making web pages and gave me the finances to buy server space so that I could have a presence on the internet. He’s given me a godly adrenaline push many times when He’s given me my heavenly work assignments. Please understand that I hold down an 8 hour a day job that is quite mind challenging and many times, by the end of the workday, I’m really shot and would love to do nothing but pass out in my recliner. But, the Lord has other plans for me because when I get home I have a second wind. Many are the nights when I don’t stop typing until one or two o’clock in the morning. I do enjoy it so!!

The internet ministry that God has given to me has flourished. Some have become born again, others have overcome demonic oppression and many other have come to see God’s hand both in their lives and in the history of the human race. With all of this in mind, there is still one area where it is hard to make advances. Sadly enough, that area is in the Church Body of Believers. It is absolutely no exaggeration when I say that normal, Bible believing, Spirit Filled Christians; the ones who believe in casting out demons and healing the sick; give me the strangest look when I bring up the subject about extraterrestrials being demonic in nature. It’s almost like they see a sign on me proclaiming that I’m a leper when I bring up the subject. I experience the same disappointment and sadness that my friend Cathy felt all those years ago. My dear brothers and sisters are shown an area of great need, they possess the wherewithal to learn and minister, but they just reject it as worthless. I don’t know where you stand on the subjects of extraterrestrials and/or evolution, but it causes me great consternation when I see people who claim to have spiritual authority through the Blood of Yeshua; running away from something that the Church needs to address. It seems that the same mistake that the Church made when dealing with evolution is being made with the subject of the demonic nature of UFO’s and extraterrestrials.

Let’s Learn From History Rather Than Trial And Error:

We should take some time to look at the former and try to learn from those mistakes. When I was growing up my dad would use a term that we all have to come know and practice quite regularly. I would see a wasp nest near our front door and address the issue. My dad would tell me, “if you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you.” There is a great fallacy to that statement. Where the wasp’s were concerned, it did become a problem because the nest would become so large that the wasps would swarm around the front door and nobody could enter without fear of getting stung. Had my dad taken the wise approach, he would have nipped the problem in the butt and killed the wasp colony while it was yet small. As people, we tend to take the approach that if we ignore a problem, it will just go away. There are so many illustrations in history that this is a false assumption that I could write a series of books about all of them. Had Hitler been dealt with before he became strong, World War Two probably would not have happened, at least in the European theater. Place any despot, or dictator throughout history in that category and there are vast numbers of problems, chaos’s and holocaust’s that could have been prevented. Let’s look at a poem that is purported to have been written by a pastor who lived through Nazi Germany:


Poem by Martin Niemöller that was said to have been written in 1946.

First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a communist;

Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a socialist;

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a trade unionist;

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out – because I was not a Jew;

Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak out for me.


A modern equivalent to the ignorance of the church can be seen in the problem that evolution being taught to the populace. The majority of people in the United States before 1925 were Christian in affiliation and most of those people were God fearing Christians. In that year, the ACLU (yes, they were around then too) decided to test a new law, called the Butler Act; in a court of law. The Butler Act was a law passed on March 13, 1925, which forbade the teaching, in any state-funded educational establishment in Tennessee, of “any theory that denies the story of the Divine Creation of man as taught in the Bible, and to teach instead that man has descended from a lower order of animals.” This is often interpreted as meaning that the law forbade the teaching of any aspect of the theory of evolution. The victory was clearly won by the prosecution and the offending teacher was fined and released. But the victory was a hollow one because evolution theory had gained notoriety seeing that there were over two hundred members of the press there as well as WGN Radio that broadcast the trial over the whole country. Those with weak faith or rebellious hearts now knew that there was an opposing view and they flocked to it.

With the victory on the side of the Religious of the nation, Christians settled back into their lives and forgot about evolution. It never ceases to amaze me how believers in Yeshua read the Bible with such fervor, but they forget the object lessons that God gives us in His Word. Satan is prideful and he has the worse poker face around. If you look carefully at any situation in which he’s involved, he always shows his hand of cards before he ups the ante. For some reason, which only God knows, most of those in the corporate body of Messiah refuse to look at the cards when they’re shown. They are too busy concentrating on their own affairs to really notice what is going on around them. So, they either think that Satan is sitting this hand out or that he’s just bluffing again and he plans to fold his cards. So, most of us just ignore him, like he’s not a serious player. All too often the poker face turns out to be a bluff and the Christian, having been fooled suffers the consequence of not paying attention. Then they return to the card table and the process repeats itself again and again until finally the lesson is learned; hopefully.

This is true with the case of evolution. After the scopes trial we claimed a victory and figured that Satan was defeated both physically and morally. The trial did nothing but bring evolution into the limelight. As mentioned above, it whet the appetite of those who never really believed in God, but feigned belief in order to be found socially acceptable. After 1925 their numbers grew steadily until they were a large enough constituency to bring to force their agenda. By now, the Church had become so inept with the subject of evolution that it found itself powerless to fight against it. The sad part too is that many Christians, after being bombarded for years about the fallacious theory started to question the Biblical account of creation. Today, there are an alarming number of Christians who when asked, will tell you that they believe the earth to be millions if not billions of years old. Their faith is so weak that they have to try and meld science and the Bible. It’s so shameful that some think that God had to use countless of mutations in order to get the job done right; and that he used the death of countless of generations of animals before death became an issue at all. My Bible says that death came into the world as a result of the sin of Adam and Eve. Given a choice, I choose the testimony of God’s word over confused and misguided believers.

I thank the Lord for people like the late Henry Morris who fought the good fight through 2005; and Kent Hovind and others who are out in the trenches fighting against the fallacy of evolution. They’re taking back ground, but the warfront is a tough one and it might take quite a few years till any true headway is made. But again, there are just a few who are fighting a battle that millions could be fighting. Had evolution been preached against not only with Biblical proof, but with all of the geologic and scientific evidence that abounds everywhere, during all of those slack years, we might not be in the heavy battle we’re in today. There have always been scientists who disagreed with evolution; many of them Christians, but the subject was not allowed to be brought before the church congregation; for what ever reason, and there are probably many.

UFO’s and Extraterrestrials?

So many of us, who are trying to educate the Christian population about UFO’s, extraterrestrials and even alien abduction are given the same cold shoulder when it comes to these subjects. But why do people act like they do when this subject is addressed? There are several reasons. First, it wasn’t too long ago when people who brought up such things were considered to be on some sort of lunatic fringe, psychotic or perhaps the member of some strange UFO cult. Sure, there are people who believe in UFO’s who fall into all of those categories; but not everyone who experiences or studies this phenomena is crazy. Many notable scientists are studying the phenomena of UFO’s, their occupants and how they take people unwilling into the night. Former skeptic, the late J. Allen Hynek, who worked for the government in their study of UFO’s came to the conclusion way before his death that he thought that these beings were inter-dimensional, not from other planets, and that they aren’t here for our benefit. Jacques Valee a French UFOlogist (and not a Christian) has come out and declared that these entities are demonic. Those are strong words for a person who has no faith in God. Some noted Christians, such as Hal Lindsey, Zola Levitt, and Chuck Missler have all come to the conclusion that we’re not being visited by beings from other planets or galaxies; but are being introduced to the demons and fallen angels that were prevalent upon the earth before the flood of Noah’s time. And we cannot forget to mention Whitley Strieber, the poster child for alien abduction; who in one of his writings said that he recognized these beings as being evil and demons. So, if scientists, atheists, noted Christian researchers and even an abductee all ascribe a demonic title to these entities, why does the church have so much trouble addressing the subject?

Another reason is that so many Christians have been bombarded with the extraterrestrial agenda that they actually believe in it. If you don’t believe me, go up to twenty people in your church and ask them if they think we’re alone in the universe. If they answer honestly, you’ll get a pretty good percentage who will give you the common answer they have been indoctrinated to believe; that answer being, “I just think that the universe is too vast and diverse to contain just life on earth.” That opinion doesn’t come from God, but from the pits of hell via television, the news media, interest in science fiction and listening to the ever popular “Coast to Coast” radio program that night owls like me listen to all the time. Trust you me, that particular show should be avoided by anyone who has any questions about their faith and is not firmly grounded in Biblical theology.

You know, the Church has always seemed to me to be a day late and a dollar short when it comes to events coming upon the world. We mentioned the evolution lie above, and how it was ignored until it pervaded all aspects of society, even the Church. What many in the Christian realm don’t recognize is that the two lies are interwoven. They have to be because they have the same author; Satan. Anyone who would bother to keep up on current events can see that evolution in it’s current form is dying. Christians (aided by the Holy Spirit) are making important inroads into the evolution camp and the evolution lie is crumbling right before their eyes. So what do liars do when their lie is exposed? They make up another lie to cover the first one. Satan and his minions have been busy doing this since the late 1940’s where evolution and UFO’s are concerned. Slowly and methodically they’ve been introducing the extraterrestrial agenda to the public. And now that the evolution lie is finally starting to die, those who purport to channel messages from so called aliens and those who have had direct contact with them are all reporting that the aliens are saying that they were involved in our evolution. Some say that they were involved in what is called panspermia. That is the act of planting the rudimentary life forms here on earth. Others go a step farther and say that after they did that, they’d come back from time to time to manipulate the genes of the creatures here on earth until they finally arrived with humankind. Now their message is that mankind has to evolve again, and those who resist (Christians) will have to be eliminated.

It is beyond me how any pastor or church leader can be out in the world for any amount of time and not stumble across these lies. If one watches television the alien agenda has been promoted for several years. If you watch documentary channels you can’t really miss the UFO specials that are constantly on. I’ve dealt with several people who claim to have been abducted. Some of them go to church every Sunday and the harassment (the demonic variety) continues because the person is too afraid to approach the pastor, or anyone for that matter, fearing that they will be labeled as some sort of weirdo or a person with a psychiatric disorder. How can you ask for help from people who don’t know what your problem is or won’t acknowledge that it exists. Several times a year there are Christian UFO conferences where these things are discussed and analyzed. Guy Malone from Alien Resistance organizes one of these in Roswell every July 4th. Guy offers his services to come and talk to churches about these things and gets very little response from those he contacts. Jim Wilhelmsen, is another brother who lives in Roswell, New Mexico. He operates a store that is right across from the parking lot of the International UFO Museum; the store’s title is “The Museum of Alternate Realities.” Before you judge the name of the store, you have to realize that what seems normal to the other 99 percent of America, is alternate reality to many in Roswell. Jim has had a lot of opposition from not only the city fathers of Roswell, but also the majority of the churches. When you consider that the building that houses the International UFO Museum is owned by a Baptist minister you can understand the problem; compromise runs rampant in Roswell. The truth cuts into the profits of Roswellians and isn’t tolerated very well. The thing that I really respect about the two individuals mentioned above is that they’re putting not only their finances, but also their reputations on the line. Like the Apostles of old and even Yeshua Himself, these two men know that there is a greater prize than what they can attain here on earth. They’re willing to put up with the ridicule and harassment from a hostile Roswell establishment in order to present people with the truth of Yeshua Ha Mashiach.

Knowing this, one has to question the motives of those who refuse to address this very real issue; one that is becoming more real every year and one that will become a undeniable reality as the time of the end draws closer. There are those like my pastor, Mike Fraga here in Carmichael. Mike is one of the most honest and forthright pastors I’ve ever met. When I presented Mike with my ministry and asked if he’s be willing to partake in helping people, he gave me an answer that was right from his heart. His answer to me was that he isn’t well read on the subject, but would be willing to learn more so that he can be a minister to those who come out of the UFO society. Mike is a very busy pastor with little staff, putting in upwards of 80 hours of service in a week, so I see that it would probably be a long time before he can truly study the information. But I know Mike, and he’ll do it sooner or later.

While at the Ancient of Days Conference down in Roswell this year (2005), Joe Jordan, Jim Wilhelmsen and myself had the opportunity to answer questions of those who had just watched Joe’s video. His video tells about how to end alien abduction for good. Anyway, one older gentleman got sort of agitated and wanted to know why he never heard our message preached from a pulpit. The man was really put off about that fact. When I later had a time to talk, I addressed that gentleman’s question with what I felt the Lord was wanting me to say. I told the guy the story about my pastor and basically told the group that many pastors just haven’t heard of nor studied the subject matter. It would be foolhardy to preach about something you know nothing about. Pastors; especially those of small congregations who have little or no staff, are so bogged down that they don’t have time to thinking about taking meals let alone studying about UFO’s, aliens and their implications on modern society. I truly believe that once my pastor becomes educated on the subject and after he prays to God about what to do, he’ll preach about it from the pulpit.

There is another type of church laity that take a different approach to the subject matter at hand. But before I write about that, I think it would be good to use an illustration that Joe Jordan speaks about in his DVD about his testimony and his ministry. Joe has studied UFO’s and alien abduction for a few years now. He’s the state section director of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) for Brevard County, Florida. During his studies he had the opportunity to talk to many well know researchers in the field of alien abduction. After running into a couple of case studies where Joe was told that the name of Yeshua (Jesus) when cried out for help, actually stopped the abduction from happening, he needed to know more. Joe wanted to know if other researchers had similar stories in their case files. He thought it odd that he was the only one to have such information. Joe was shocked to find out that all of the researchers (off the record) said that they had similar cases in their files. Joe asked them why they didn’t publish these cases with their other cases; and he got two answers. One answer was that the cases were just too bizarre to believe. The second reason for not publishing these findings, was that these researchers admitted that they thought that if they did, they would lose credibility in the research community. Their own reputation was more important than giving a cure that would end the torment of hundreds of thousands or maybe millions of people who are harassed by demons in alien disguise.

So, where am I going with that illustration. Frankly, I feel that there are many pastors who don’t want to touch the subject because they are concerned that they might freak out some of their parishioners and possibly lose some of the members of their church. Unlike Guy, Jim, Joe and myself who have secular jobs to support us, many pastors, reverends, ministers or whatever title one might use, depend on their church income for their sole support. Now I’m not saying that it’s wrong for people to be professional pastors; but it is wrong to keep information from people, who can use that knowledge to become free, in order to keep up the payments on the Cadillac or that fancy house that they were so blessed with. If a church leader finds themselves in such a situation then they should consider their eternal security, and that it might be in peril. God is a God of quality, not quantity.

Where Is This Going?

So, where am I going with all of this? I never intended this to be a mini-sermon or offensive to anyone. Being that it was written out of only concern, if anyone was offended I ask that they become circumspect and examine themselves. The whole reason for this document is to get the word out there that alien abduction is real, it is demonic and it’s not going to go away. It will get progressively worse as the days, months and years move along and society will need people who are willing to minister to those lost in its grip. We have started a new ministry, called “Alien Abduction Crisis Centers of America,” and we are up to the challenge of initial ministry of people seeking to become free from alien abduction. We could always use Holy Spirit filled people to help us in that part of the ministry. But more importantly, we need to have places to send these people once they’ve become free. They need Christian fellowship and solid Biblical teaching. They need to know that if they have a problem in the wee hours of the morning, they have someone local who can stay with them and pray with them. Our counselors cover a wide area of the nation and more are signing on all the time, but we can’t be everywhere. Please, if you have a Biblically sound church that believes in deliverance and practices the same than we’d like to put you on our list of places of refuge for these people.

If you need to learn more about our ministry and what we do then I implore you to visit our site at www.paapsi.org and look around. If more information is needed then we can send you DVD’s, documentation or other things that can help you to learn more about freeing people from alien abduction and helping them to remain free. If need be, one of our counselors might even be able to come to your fellowship to present the ministry to your congregation. Sometimes a lecture from a stranger is easier for a congregation to accept over one of their own pastors. Strange as it sounds that is true sometimes. At the very least, you could show our DVD’s at your church. There are many ways to convey the message. And finally, if you have people in your congregation who claim to have had such experiences, please don’t brush them off as being crazy or on the lunatic fringe. In all probability, they have had genuine experiences with demonic or fallen angelic entities and they need help. If you feel that you don’t have the expertise to help them then pass them on to us. We’re here to help in any way we can. Be blessed in the Name of Yeshua, as you minister to Him and through Him.

David Ben Yakov

By David Ben Yakov

The Delusion Resistance

There are many people who come to our Delusion Resistance website and they sometimes write to ask us why we use a lot of Hebrew words in our writings? Some have said that it confuses them a bit. For this reason we have put a page onto the site that lists the main words that we use in our writings so that the readers can refer to that page and see what or who we are talking about. In many of the writings we have put the English name within parenthesis so that people can identify with the names that we use. We try our best to be accommodating but still the question exists; why do we use these terms?

There is a threefold answer to that question. Come on now, you didn’t think that this was going to be easy, did you? Just kidding around a bit. People often accuse me of being long winded and some say that our articles and our Journal is too long, but I guess that folks have to accept us for who we are and in the Love of Yahweh they have to bear this burden.

The Name “God” is too generic anymore:

Living in California has many more bad points than it has good ones. We’re taxed to death and state governmental fees eat up the rest of anything that we could sock away for a rainy day. Although it is getting better, the air is polluted with smog and we’re plagued with allergies because things grow around here all year around shedding pollen and other allergens. Finally, one has to admit that there are quite a few people in California that aren’t wrapped to tightly. And before you blame us for the strange people just remember that they moved here from your state, so we did you a favor by letting them move here.

We have quite a diversity of people here in the Golden State. I think that I have met people from most of the nations of the Earth and they all live here it seems. Diversity has blessings but it also causes a lot of problems. For instance, lunchtime at work in quite interesting. In just one half hour you can here dialects from India, Laos, China, Iran, Afghanistan, Russia and the Philippines. When everyone is talking at the same time and it makes one want to go outside and pray that the confusion will somehow empty out before I go back to work.

The one thing that I took particular notice of is that there are people of many different religions at work. When you consider the ethnicities that I mentioned in the last paragraph it becomes clear that there are Hindu’s at work as well as Moslems, Buddhists and Russian Orthodox all added to the Catholics, lukewarm Christians, atheists and those of us who are Born Again Believers in Yeshua. Quite a mix for sure I would like to note.

One particular day I had returned to work after the worse ravages of a virus had abated but I still had the sniffles and I sneezed from time to time. At one point I sneezed and I was blessed with a “God Bless You,” from several different people. I went back to my work station and realized that members of several different religions blessed me in the name of their God. I am certain that when they blessed me they weren’t thinking about the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as their image of god. The Hindu might have been thinking of Vishnu, or Shiva or one of their countless number of gods. The Hindu’s were probably thinking of Buddha or the force of the universe when they blessed; the Russian Orthodox lady probably thought of a different Jesus when she blessed me and the Moslem was probably thinking of Allah when they bestowed their blessing.

This “multicultural” god fits in very well with the aspirations of globalists. They have conditioned the people of America to believe that God is some multifaceted diamond sort of god who has different faces but they all belong to the one stone. They try to assert that all religions have the same foundational truths and in some cases this might be true, but when we get down to brass tacks, only one belief stands out on its own; because its author had the honesty to point out that He is the way, the truth and the life, and that no man can come to the Father except through Him.

Well, this multicultural workplace with all of its flavor and flair leaves me with a problem. When sneezing I am going to get blessings from those who adhere to other gods, or who mistakenly think that the Judeo/Christian God is one and the same with Allah; which is a bold face lie and as far from the truth as east is from west. Don’t get me wrong; I realize that when my coworkers bless me they are sincere and they think that they are doing a nice thing. It is a wonderful gesture and it shows that they regard me with esteem, but blessings given out in the name of other gods aren’t necessarily blessings. For instance, when a Hindu or a Buddhist blesses you they want you to prosper in the the things that their religion holds sacred. The ultimate goals of these two religions are for its adherents to go through successful lifetimes of karma so that they can reach Nirvana or its equivalent as the case may be. Frankly, wishing something akin to that upon someone isn’t a blessing, but a curse. Again, this is not willingly done nor is their intent evil, but the ends to their blessings is just what I have illustrated.

These things have caused me to do two things in regard to what I have spoken about thus far at work. When the need arises for one of my coworkers to bless me I thank them because they truly mean to bless me and that is a wonderful thing to do. I slip away to a quiet area and I renounce the blessing, ask Yahweh to bless the one who blessed me and then I ask Yahweh to bless me in His Name.

I have started to use the name Yahweh and the name Yeshua when I talk to people. Sure they look at me like I am strange but after I explain who Yahweh is and who Yeshua is they seem to understand better and they accept things. I want my coworkers to know that there is a great distinction between their gods and my God who is the only true God. I want them to know that I don’t buy into the melding of religions to fit into a one world religion. But while I feel that perhaps the Buddhists and Hindu’s realize that there is a difference, the Muslims don’t. They believe that they are serving the God of the Bible and that their revelation of Him is new and fresh and that it supersedes any of the prior revelations of Yahweh. It also causes them to ask questions and when they ask questions it opens up the door for me to tell them about salvation through the Blood of Yeshua Ha Mashiach. They may not agree with me, but the seed is planted and I can pray thereafter that Yahweh will water the fertile land of their heart where that seed now resides.

What I have illustrated above is a very important reason for using the Hebrew words for God and other things. As the one world religion becomes more of a reality we will need to make the distinction; and why not start now when it is easy and not against the law.

We’re Jews That Believe in Yeshua (Jesus):

Another reason why we like to use the Hebrew names of Yeshua and Yahweh and even more of the names like Elohim, El Shaddai and others is to identify ourselves in our physical heritage. While we recognize and accept that there is no ethnicity in the Kingdom of Yahweh we do recognize that there are those in our lineages that do not know or they do not accept that belief.

For millennia the Jewish people have been the victim of gentiles. They’ve been kicked out of countries, forced to survive Inquisitions, pogroms and genocides. It is sort of hard for people who have been through these things, many of them done by false Christians in the name of Jesus, to accept a message brought in that name. To many Jews the name of Jesus equals persecution and it just isn’t productive in bringing some Jews to salvation. Unless a person has endured persecution or constant malevolent behavior from another person or people they really cannot understand the fear that comes with words, pictures, smells and other things that bring back the memories of what was actually experienced.

If one understands that being Jewish isn’t just a religion, but it is a kinship that goes right down to the bone. For this reason it is easier for a Jewish person to listen to a message from anyone who brings the gospel to them in our ancestral vernacular. For this reason we use Yeshua for “Jesus” and Ha Mashiach for “Christ,” Adonai for “Lord,” and Yahweh for “LORD.” It is not different than using Gesú when talking to an Italian about Yeshua or using Isa when talking to someone who speaks Arabic. The person behind the name is the same but the idiom is different.

We’ve found that using the Hebraic terms tends to enrich reading the Word of Elohim. When one uses the original words and one studies those words it adds spice to the Bible. The meanings are accentuated. For instance, when we read in Exodus that God tells Moshe that His Name is I Am that I Am it is wonderful but to me it left things sort of unexplained. If however one studies the Hebrew “Ehyeh asher Ehyeh one comes to discover that this name is really translated to mean; “I Am what I was and I was what I will be,” or “What I was in the beginning I Am now and I will always be.” In the phrase Yahweh was telling Moshe and all of Israel that He was the eternal God; The God of Gods! See how the flavor of even the Name of Yahweh is accentuated when we use the original language?

Many Believers in Mashiach Are From The Lost Tribes of Israel:

Don’t worry, we’re not Jehovah’s Witnesses or anything of the like. We just happen to think that (for many biblical reasons) that those who have come to a Born Again faith in Yeshua just so happen to also be descendants of the Lost Ten tribes of Israel. We won’t try to explain it in this document, but if you are interested in learning more you can visit some pages that we have placed on the internet that talk about such things. The page on the Resistance site is located at: http://www.delusionresistance.org/wp3 .

Believe it or not, there are many believers who feel the calling back to the Torah, to practice the Feasts of Israel and to return to their Israelite roots. These people grew up in Gentile families that have supposedly no ties to anything Jewish, but after they are saved they feel the urge to be Jewish, so to speak. Knowing that Yahweh will number the seed of Abraham like the stars of the sky and the grains of sand of the seashore it would make sense that the limited number of Jewish (Tribe of Judah’s descents) could possibly be numbered. However, if the Ten Lost Tribes were scattered throughout the Earth, then their descendants would could be innumerable.

Anyway, seeing that so many people get Saved in the Blood of Yeshua and then they want to be identified as being children of Israel, then it would seem obvious that they would want to learn at least some of the vocabulary of the Hebrew Language, and to speak it especially in times of Praise and Worship.

We’re Heading Toward A Showdown:

And finally we have to consider that this world is heading for a showdown. The things that I mentioned earlier about the diversity in my workplace will someday be a national and international problem. There will be some in the multicultural religion that will use the name of Jesus simply they will be worshipping a perverted form of the true Jesus. All over the earth people will be using the name “God,” but they will be talking about their local gods or the man of perdition who will rule the world, or perhaps they will be ascribing the word “God” to Satan, whom they will ultimately worship.

It would only make sense that those who follow, love and live for Yeshua would make a very clear distinction of who they place in charge of their eternal security. Since we worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and he has a distinctive name, then perhaps in honor of Him we should use that name. The New Age has a Jesus and a Christ Consciousness, but they do not have a Yeshua Ha Mashiach. They have various gods, but they do not have a Yahweh.

We know that there are those out there (they visit our chatroom constantly) who think that using the name of Jesus is a pagan tradition. They say that anyone who uses that name is blasphemous and such. Well, throughout the ages Christendom has used that name and as long as they were using it to describe Yeshua that is okay. We do not cast condemnation or dispersion toward those who still choose to use the name Jesus Christ if their faith proves that they follow Yeshua Ha Mashiach. To us at the Delusion Resistance, any person or group that tries to Judaize through force or coercion anyone else are no better than those in 15th century Spain who tried to convert Jews to Christianity. Like our good friend Jim often says about this matter. “I choose to use the name Jesus when talking about my Lord. Someday we might to have to start using the name Yeshua in order to bring clarity and when that time comes I will say Yeshua. Until then I see nothing wrong with using the name Jesus in conversation and I will continue to do so.”



In an effort to get back to the Hebraic roots of Christianity, we at The Delusion Resistance have incorporated the use of Hebrew terms into a lot of our articles. So in order to make things clear we have included this page so that those reading our articles can know the terms that we use, and to know that they are just the words and terms used the original Hebrew form.


Aveinu – (ah-vey-nu) Literally means, “our Father.”

Adonai – (ah-doe-ny) The modern way that Jewish people say “lord.” Said in this form because Jews think that it’s not permitted to say Yahweh, or Jehovah because God’s name is too holy to utter. Rarely written on our web pages because we think we have permission to utter Yahweh, YHWH or Jehovah since we are heirs to the Kingdom of God and have a personal relationship with God through recognition and acknowledgement or the blood atoning sacrifice of Jesus.

Baruch – (bah-rook) Hebrew for “blessed,” or “bless.”

Baruch Ha Shem – (bah-rook ha Shem) Hebrew for “praise the Lord.” Translates out, “blessed be The Name.”

Bat – Daughter

Beit HaMikdash – (bey-et Ha Mick-dosh) “The Holy House” or simply the Temple. The Temple in Jerusalem.

Beit Lehem – (bay-it leh-chem) Bethlehem – Means “House of Bread”

Ben – Son

B’Nai – (ben-eye) Sons

B’Nai Elohim – (ben-eye el-o-him ‘el-low-he-im) Sons of God – Denotes “angels” in the Tenach (Old Testament).

Brit Hadasha – (brit hah-dah-sha) Hebrew for “The New Covenant.”

Chava (kha-vah) Eve

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh – (a-yah ah-sher a-yah) Hebrew for “I Am that I AM,” The name that God gave of Himself to Moses to present to Israel.

El Elyon – (El El-yown) God Most High. We use this on The Delusion Resistance when referring to God in the highest form possible.

Eloheem or Elohim – (El-low-he-im) Simply, God, but in the pluralistic form; sometimes spelled Elohim – Denotes Trinity. God’s title in Genesis chapter one.

El Shaddai – (El Shad-dy) Hebrew for God Almighty.

Eretz Yisrael – (Eh-rets Yis-ra-el) The Land of Israel

Goyim – (goy-im) means Gentiles, or non Jews. Singular form is Goy.

Hallel Yahweh – (Hal-ale Yahweh) Hallelujah – Praise The LORD

Ha Shem – Means “The Name.” Used by many Jewish people who think that the name of God is too reverent to pronounce.

Hosheinu – (ho-shee-ay-nu) Hosannah – save us.

Ketuviim – (Ket-too-vee-im) All the books of the Old Covenant that aren’t prophetic or Law. The singular form is Ketuvah (ket-too-vah) or “writing.”

Malack – (Mal-ak) Angel or Messenger.

Mashiach – (Ma-shee-ach) Hebrew for “Messiah.”

Melech or Melekh – (Mel-eck) King

Melech David – (Mel-eck David) King David

Miriam – (Meer-e-am) Mary

Mishpochah – (mish-po-khah) means brothers or brethren. A group of Jews who are all in one accord.

Moshe (Mo-sha) Moses.

Nephilim – (nef-a-leem) The Fallen Ones – Denotes the giants of the Old Testament – Offspring of fallen angels and human women. See Genesis 6.

Neviim – (Neh-vee-im) is the Hebrew word for Prophets. Singular version is Nevi.

Pesach – (Pess-ach) “Passover.”

Ruach – (roo-ach) means “spirit.” Used in the lower case form (ruach) it stands for the human spirit or any spirit that isn’t God’s spirit. Used in the upper case (Ruach) it is a shortened form of The Holy Spirit.

Ruach Ha Kodesh – (Roo-Ach Haa Ko-desh) is the Hebrew way to say “The Holy Spirit.” It translates out, “The Spirit of Holiness.”

Shabbat – (shah-bot) The Sabbath – Saturday

Shabbat Shalom – (shah-bot Sha-lowm) “Sabbath Peace.” A greeting said on the Sabbath.

Shalom – (Sha-lowm) means “peace.” It is a greeting in both coming and going also.

Shalom Alecheim – (Sha-lowm alec-kime) Peace be unto you.

Shul – (shull) Another word for Synagogue.

Tenach or Tenakh – (ten-ach) All of the books of the Old Covenant. The Complete Jewish Bible; what Christians call “The Old Testament.”

Torah – (tore-ah) The Five Books of Moses – The Law.

Yacov or Ya’akov – (ya-kov) Jacob or James. Sometimes pronounced Ya-a-kov.

Yahweh – (yah-way) Sometimes written YHWH or Jehovah is found in the Old Covenant. Whenever you see the word “LORD” written in upper case letters in the Old Covenant it literally means, “The Lord God of Israel.”

Yehoshua – (yeh-hoe-shoo-ah) Joshua

Yehovah – (yeh-ho-va) Rarely used on this website. It is the Hebrew way to say Jehovah. We prefer Yahweh.

Yehudeem – (yeh-hoo-deem) Hebrew for “The Jews.” Singular is “Yehud”

Yerushalayim – (Yeh-roo-sha-lie-eem) Jerusalem

Yeshua – (yeh-shoo-ah) The Hebrew way to say Jesus. It means Salvation.

Yisrael – (yis-ra-el) Israel

Yitzak – (Yit-zack) Issac

Yosef – Joseph

* If you’re wondering why many words here that normally start with a “J” in the English alphabet start with a “Y” in the Hebrew text the answer is simply that Hebrew doesn’t have a letter that has the “J” sound to it.