Simcha 06



Some trust in chariots, some trust in horses,

Some trust in the market or financial sources.

Some trust in silver and some trust in gold,

Some trust in real estate that they may hold,

Some trust in sexual worldly desire,

Some trust in drugs to get them much higher.

Some trust the stars to help show them the way,

Some trust a medium, every word that they say.

Some trust themselves thinking they’re god,

Some are foolish and don’t watch where they trod.

Yet some, though not many, have come to the light,

Have come to the knowledge that Jesus is right.

They’ve admitted that happiness they cannot buy,

And all worldly possessions will all someday die.

That having and holding can do no good thing,

And past this bleak life their possessions can’t bring,

They’ve realized that there’s a much higher ideal,

That love and compassion can strengthen and heal.

They know that all good comes from Jesus above,

Yes, through His forgiveness, His grace and His love.

So some trust in Jesus, and they are so sensible,

Shunning the world and things reprehensible.

And because of their faith they’ll be rewarded someday,

Yes, called up to heaven and forever to stay.

To walk streets of gold in a city of jewels,

With God as its light and devoid of all fools.

Yes with God at its center, and with Jesus its King,

In eternity blessed, of His praise we will sing.

Copyright April 2001, Holy Spirit and David Ben Yakov



OH Lord God, I praise and exalt your name for the ways that you have chosen to Speak to your servant David. To some you speak like roaring volcano in all it’s Beauty and majesty. But in your wonderful beauty and truth you choose to speak to me in subtle examples that speak to my heart and amaze my intellect. Truly you Know the heart of each man and how to approach each heart.

When our relationship was new and amazing you were all that I wanted and my only Aspiration. Friends and relations had their marriages and although most have failed, Some are still living in your love and blessings in the union that you have designed, all Unions bound together in the love of a wonderful and loving Father.

Time, in its infinite mystery began to show itself for what it really is, a mover and changer Of people who cannot master it. For I saw those who you united and how happy they were. And I saw the lovely children that you blessed them with. Then I thought to myself that I was Not blessed seeing that I didn’t have those things. I then petitioned you to find someone for me, So that I too could be blessed like my brothers and sisters. That night of our communion was one where I felt that I betrayed you. Remembering the vows that I took when we were new, how I Said that I only wanted you and you alone. Now I was the betrayer, asking for someone to Fill a void that wasn’t really there.

 The words echo in my mind and they cut my heart like a double-edged sword. Lord, give me someone Who is gentle and kind. Give me someone who hates to fight or quarrel is what I asked. With that I Started my journey, a voyage of lies, deceit and hurt that didn’t need to be. For in my search I could Find no genuine woman, no one with the qualities that I desired. My heart was fondled by many, only to be cast away like fisherman returns an unwanted fish back to its stream. Is there a woman who has the qualities I desire. Sadly that question returned void every time it was asked.

 But alas, the question had an answer. I never heard it because I had forgotten how to listen. In my search For near perfection on Earth, I missed the perfection of my Lord Jesus. Yes, he is the one faithful and true. He is the one who understands, loves and cares for His children, like a shepherd cares for his sheep. My Lord and Savior Jesus is gentle and kind. He doesn’t like to fight or quarrel. Finally, a love is found that is faithful and true; a friend that sticks closer than a brother. Thank you Jesus for being what I want, and What I need. Praise your Holy Name.

Copyright 02/03/2001 Holy Spirit and David Ben Yakov



Like a fool I walked away from a love divine,

Trading living water for some bitter tasting wine.

Knowing fully well within my faulty rotting heart,

The habits that have hindered me were tearing us apart.

How can I do those things I do, knowing that they’re wrong,

I could have heaven’s melody, but I have a worthless song.

I asked and asked you time again, Lord, what is wrong with me,

I know that I am doing wrong, yes this I plainly see.

Yet I lack all self-control and riot is my life,

My words like from the sewer and my tongue is like a knife.

My temper rages like a fire; to quench it takes some time,

And then the guilt comes strolling in, and I can’t pay the fine.

My life in now a shamble Lord, look what I’ve done to me,

This man who used to love you so, walked simple and carefree.

I’ve complicated everything; my love just can’t be found,

And any witness for you lies shattered on the ground.

The words I’ve said and things I’ve done not flattering to you,

It seems that at my best is just the worse that I can do.

Please take my hand and help me walk Lord each and every day,

And cleanse my heart and tongue so that your words I’ll only say,

Yes give me love for everyone and kill all hatred in my soul,

So all can see I walk with you and that you are my only goal.

And wash my through with living water, body, soul and mind,

So I can fix my eyes on you and to this world be blind.

Oh Lord please heal the hurt I’ve done, and fix the things I’ve broken,

Reverse all damage that I’ve done and bad words I have spoken.

These things I ask in earnest with a hungry thirsting heart,

And hear my prayer Oh precious Lord so we’ll never be apart.

Copyright 02/03/2001 Holy Spirit and David Ben Yakov



You have called me to this place O Lord, many a time. The creek that I have grown up with. The creek that I have fished since my teen years. The creek which has yielded to me many fish, some grand and other not so grand. This creek holds a special place in my life, and I feel as if it and I can never be separated.

It is early Spring and the creek is starting to come to life as it has at this time for so many years. The buds are starting to open and some tiny fragile leaves are starting their life, productive and with vigor. The fish, knowing that fishing season has not started are bold and they taunt me by jumping out of the water, right before my eyes. I will return later to even the score.

But of late Lord, you have me come here for other reasons. This is a place of solitude, a place where You and I can be intimate. This is a place where I can bear my soul to you and know that there is no one else to hear my cries, and my praises. The sun has barely peaked over the hills when I start to praise your name. It feels that you are using its warmth and light to assure me that you are listening to me, and that you will talk back too. As I sing my praise, it seems as if the birds pick up on the note and join with me. Then, I notice that the water joins in, joining our duet as it cascades over the rocks and rubs against the creek banks. The breeze has now started and it rustles the few leaves that have sprouted, making us a quartet to praise your name. It is truly fantastic how all of the nature around me has joined me in lifting your name on high. The fish cannot be silent, so they jump, dancing in the air as we sing our song.

While I enjoy this time with you, I am partly saddened. You see Lord, there are those in my fellowship that think I am sinning by not joining them in prayer. I can understand their thoughts, but they cannot join with mine. I have tried to tell them of our wonderful times of communion together, but they will not relent. They are like all men through the generations who have made praise and prayer into a religion, with all of its rules and regulations. Oh, that they could be with me this day and enjoy your beauty and companionship.

My sadness and pity for my brothers soon fades into obscurity though and I continue my time with you. The sun has now fully risen and has created a thousand little stars on the water. They seem accentuated by the tiny little wavelets that the breeze has made. Our conversation now moves from praise to prayer and you listen to what I have to ask you. I ask for grace for my brothers, love for those who harass me and many other things that are too numerous to number.

Our special time together has now come to an end. I would that it could remain this way all day, but life has its burdens and responsibilities. How about tomorrow Lord, then we will meet at the same place and have another special time together. I promise the birds and fish that I will return tomorrow so that we can continue our wonderful song of praise to you. I bid the creek and trees goodbye and take in the last breath of the soft breeze that is blowing. I leave to start my busy day, but will relish tomorrow’s start every arduous hour. Thank you Lord for our special place.

Copyright Holy Spirit 9/15/1998 David Ben Yakov.



I was sitting in a beach house, warm and safe on a cold New Jersey night. Reclined so peacefully with not a care in the world, except for the tugging that You were doing on my heart. No, I reasoned, I am comfortable here, there is nothing that I could do outside, but get cold and shiver in that cold New Jersey night.

Your tugging continued and I could not help but think that it was my imagination, some foolish idea that my mind is trying to convince me to do. I could not ration it away though, for I have felt that tug before and I recognize it as coming from my friend and Lord, my Jesus. Hard as it seemed at the time, I stumbled out of the chair that held me with such comfort and warmth. I must follow your call.

Knowing that it is frigid outside I dress in the proper attire. Exposed flesh has been known to freeze and die on others before who have been careless. I leave the house and start on my journey, not knowing exactly where I will go or what I will be asked to do.

Head toward the beach I hear, and I obey the call without hesitation. I walk the empty streets, thinking that others are in their safe and warm houses, doing the things that others do. The streets seem strangely quiet and not another soul can be seen or heard. The traffic light stands as a standard to the empty streets, guarding them like a lonely sentinel.

At last I reach the beach. I hear the cold waves crashing against the shore, although they are barely visible. Their sound is mighty and the sound reminds me of the majesty of my God, a majesty that cannot be subdued by the human soul, or quelled by anything in this universe. In its vastness, it also reminds me of life and rebirth. It takes away and it returns, it destroys and yet it provides. The sea can be your friend, or your bitterest enemy.

Having thought about the sea, my attention in now drawn to my God. It is cold my Lord, what would you have me do on an empty beach, what could I say to no one? Just having finished that sentence, I realize that this is a perfect place to raise my voice to God. There is no fear of being heard by others as the waves drown out my voice with their vigorous roar. Then I muse that it would not matter if anyone heard my prayers and worship, or even if someone happened upon me and thought me a fool or lunatic. How many men since time immemorial have been thought of fools for speaking outright to the master, yet they all attained wonderful blessings from God On High. Lord, please make me a fool for you, please!

To my surprise, the hymns started to flow from my mouth, songs that I have never heard before. They were simple songs, but direct and powerful. My songs to my Father, given to me by His wonderful Spirit. Soon the songs ended and words came out of my mouth, words of another language, one which I have never heard and cannot understand. With the utterances of my lips I am praising my Father and His will is being wonderfully done. Happily I continue, never wanting to stop.

When the marvelous words come to an end I am disappointed. I never wanted it to stop. However, my Father had other plans for me now. Bend down He said, and scoop up a handful of sand and let if fall to the earth. Repeatedly I was instructed to do this and I obeyed dutifully. Having finished my chore, I asked my God what I had just done. In a still yet mighty voice He tells me that each grain of sand that fell from my hand was representative of a person who would find salvation on that beach. Realizing that hundreds of thousands of grains left my grip I became happy, yet did not understand how this would be accomplished. Some things are not meant to be understood I reason, but perhaps someday I could know.

I turned and returned to the warm house that I was compelled to leave, happy that I listened and obeyed. The next morning I awoke content and happy. I knew in my mind and heart that what I had done the night before would have a profound impact on the lives of many people, and in their eternal security. My mother came into the kitchen and to my surprise she asked me to pray for her household. I know that I had covered that prayer on the beach that night. I don’t remember praying for that, but I just know that it was mentioned in the myriad of foreign, but effective words that I uttered the night prior. I tell her about the prayer and she seems proud of her son. I have seen that look before, but never so loving and respectful, and I feel wonderful because of it.

It has been several years since that night on the lonely cold beach. I can’t help but wonder what ever happened there, or if anything has happened yet. Reports have come to me from my mother, telling me of Church services that are held on that very spot and that gladdens my heart. I still pray for that beach and what God will do there. Knowing that I did something that God directed, knowing that I left comfort and warmth to obey His will, and knowing that I might have changed that beach by being obedient, has changed my life and strengthened my relationship with Jesus and My Father. To obey is better than sacrifice.

Copyright Holy Spirit 9/15/1998 David Ben Yakov




I was the nail that they drove through your wrist.

I was the hammer held firm in that fist.

I am the whip that they brought to your back.

I ripped your skin with each torturous crack.

I was the vine that produced every thorn,

They used for your crown when they mocked you to scorn.

I was each word that they cried all the way,

When you walked to Golgotha, that hill far away.

I was the burden you carried that day.

From God’s perfect plan you never did stray.

The pain you endured was especially for me.

With love so unselfish you hung on that tree.

From time’s ancient beginning you knew of this plan.

You lowered yourself to become just a man.

To hang on the cross, yes to save my poor soul.

Then raise from the dead. This was your Holy Goal.

To call many people, yes many like me.

Who tired of sin and who yearned to be free.

So now we all love You and worship Your Name.

Now free from the sin, now free from the shame.

So thank you my Jesus, I love You, I do.

And to You alone will I ever be true.

Copyright 9/14/1998 Holy Spirit, David Ben Yakov



You shout from east, you shout from west,

Oh look what we have done,

Oh, who can stand against us now,

just show us even one.

Our might power tamed the Earth

and made all nations fear us,

No one can pluck us from our nest,

no evil will not come near us.

Our armies all around the globe,

our ships on ever sea,

No one on earth can conquer us,

we’re strong as we can be.

And when some petty ruler

tries to stand up in our way,

We kill his people, break his toys

and tell him he can’t play.

We came and tamed this mighty land

and brought it to its knee,

We tamed most every animal

and cultured every tree.

We conquered all the grasslands

and our farms are firmly planted,

And we’re so kind

that even land to Indians we granted.

And then we broke the mountains,

put a road in every pass,

We built a super highway system,

watched our wealth amass.

And then we built our shining cities,

our buildings scrape the sky,

Constructed super airports,

put the planes up in the sky.

 We built a monetary system,

and we gave it to the world,

And there is not a nation

where our flag is not unfurled.

So then we traveled to the moon,

to prove that we could do it,

Our prowess now in outer space

like there is nothing to it.

Our system a terrific one,

it is the best around,

Our government is always there,

to keep you safe and sound.

A great lighthouse of liberty,

yes we have come to be,

A haven for those suffering,

who want to be set free.

Have lots of children, yes we do,

and they’re so very healthy,

Each one to live our fondest dream,

to be happy and so wealthy.

And yes we have the finest schools,

we teach them oh so fine,

With teachers high in caliber,

we’ll leave the world behind.

 We took all credit for ourselves,

we have no need of God,

We have no need to seek His face

and do not fear his rod.

For we have prospered by ourselves,

no need for an assist,

For everything that we have done,

was done as we had wished.

Now that God was removed from the equation the poem continues:

We cry from east and cry from west,

oh look what we have done,

So many nations loath us,

almost every single one.

And though our power tamed the earth,

the nations all now jeer us,

The terrorists they roam our streets

and peace is no where near us.

Our armies serve around the world,

our ships sail every sea,

They’re not enough to quell the tide,

the world is not so free.

And when some petty rules tries

to stand right in our way,

We threaten him with petty words

and hollow threats we say.

We turned the land to toxic waste,

polluted every sea,

We killed most every animal

and killed most every tree.

We gave the grassland to the farmers

then ran them out of town,

We forced the native to a wasteland,

barren sterile ground.

And then we broke the mountains,

laid down roads most everywhere,

But they are all decaying

and nobody seems to care.

Our shining cities have long since dulled,

and gangs now rule the streets.

Our airports are like fortresses

against terroristic feats.

We built a monetary system,

and against us it has turned,

Our flag is now an instrument

to mangle and to burn.

And though we traveled to the moon,

what did it really prove?

That we can let the hungry die

for our fantasies to soothe.

Our system once terrific

is now all full of gaping cracks,

Our government is always there

to levy a new tax.

A great lighthouse of liberty,

yes we once really were,

But now we let in criminals

and other such manure.

Had lots of children at one time,

they were our greatest portion,

We murder them before their birth,

a sin that’s called abortion.

We used to have the finest schools,

they’re also in decline,

A battle-zone for juvenile

delinquents of every kind.

Yes you took God out from out nation,

cast Him far away,

And said we did it by ourselves,

but this I have to say.

By claiming all blessings,

you proved your foolish pride,

And sent away a Holy God,

and from His face you hide.

But very soon His judgment comes

to sweep across this land,

And He will test you seeing

if you are so very grand.

So pray that He’ll be merciful,

Oh you on bended knee,

Rebellious men will bow to Him

for all the world to see.

Copyright Holy Spirit 9/8/1998 David Ben Yakov



Seek the Lord and live, I hear the Holy Spirit cry,

Cause when you are just in yourself you’re barely getting by.

You’re tired, swimming in the sea, you cannot keep afloat,

Thrashing in the choppy water, praying for a boat,

The daunting ocean beckons you to join its very deep,

It overpowers all your strength and makes you want to sleep.

The chilly water numbs you now, you start to feel no pain,

You’re life is slipping from you now, your consciousness does wane.

You start to slip below the surface as you take your final gasp,

Knowing that your sorry days on earth have seen their last.

But then you cry out to the Lord, He is you friend of old.

He always helped you in the past, yes many times untold.

With every ounce of strength you have you lift your hand to Him,

Oh help me Lord, you cry out loud, my fate is rather grim.

Then in your sea soaked eyes you see a very welcome sight,

A hand is reaching out to you to pluck you from your plight.

He sets you down upon the shore and breathes His breath of life,

The Holy wind inflates your lungs and makes you come alive.

Because he saved your lowly life, you know He cares for you,

To serve Him now with all your heart, the least that you can do.

No more to fight the angry sea, or fight against it’s fury,

Because you are a Holy child, you never have to worry.

And when a trial comes you way, He’ll always fight for you,

To love Him yes, with all your heart, is all you have to do.

So seek the Lord and live my friend, eternity is yours,

You are a child of the King, the one that he adores.

Copyright Holy Spirit 9/8/98 David Ben Yakov



I was walking down a country path on a sunny summer day. Behind me were all of the hardships that hinder my life. All of the cares of this world are growing smaller behind me and I am in ecstasy. In front of me is a brilliant light, much brighter than the sun. The sun’s light could never compare to this light, a light of purity, that has never been touched by man’s wickedness or the creation’s curse.

As I walk along I hear the sound of many that are walking the same path. Some of the people I can recognize but many others I cannot. I know though that we are walking toward the same goal, the same Shekinah glory that is in front of us. Those who are accompanying me are peaceful, and joy fills their voices as they sing praise to God, the same praise that utters from my lips. Funny, my lips feel pure, as though they have never spoken evil or malice. As though they were just created, they seem virginal.

Still walking in glory, I notice a noise, dark, evil, so loud that it hurts my ears. I start to hear profanities, words that should not be in this beautiful place. Suddenly and without notice a large boulder falls right in my path, blocking my way to the wonderful excellence before me. I notice that the one who has placed it there is called the accuser. He has gone by many other names, Lucifer, Satan and many other names that he has created for himself to bring himself glory, or so he thinks.

The proportions of the boulder are staggering. It totally blocks my view of the wonderful place that I seek. My Lord tells me that it is a sin that has beset me for many years and has hindered my walk with the Lord of all Creation. The boulder moves as I do and does not impede my walk, but it keeps me from seeing my destined journey. I start to wonder if the light is still in front of me and if I will ever attain what is mine by adoption. Some of the others who walked with me before have progressed further, their faces bathed with the glory that grows ever nearer. I start to worry and fret. What if the boulder never moves? What if I can never surmount the large piece of granite? My faith starts to wane.

I have to do something to remove this boulder, but what? The boulder, though large and intimidating is after all only rock, and it has it’s weaknesses, like all other things in this creation. I now realize that I have been walking for many days and that the rock has moved in front of me for that whole time. I realize that the boulder must be broken so that I can again focus on the beauty of majesty. The boulder is too big for any one man to chisel. How can I chisel down such an enormous piece of earth in one lifetime? Who will save me?

Ah, call on the Lord, the God of my salvation, I hear a gentle voice say to my soul. Oh Master of the Universe, deliver me from this monolith which has impeded me. Within what seems like only a few short minutes I hear a rumbling in the eastern sky. The rumbling grows stronger and a sight grows closer. It is in the appearance of a hand, a mighty hand. It’s very presence makes the trees bow down in worship, and the waters of the lake dance with joy. The others along with myself bow in homage to the hand of the Lord, a hand mighty in power. With one touch, the mountainous rock crumbles and turns to sand under my feet. A once mighty mountain obliterated by God.

I had been so focused on myself that I did not notice until this time that some of the others who walked in the same path as me were also walking on granules of sand. They too had been hindered by giant rocks, boulders and mountains, but were now free. Shamefully I admit that I was too absorbed in my own mountain to notice the mountains that blocked their view. When we all realize that our hindrances were gone we raised up our voices in one loud chorus, giving praise to the God of Salvation who freed us from our burdens and allowed us again to view our goal.

As we walked on I noticed that some of us had grown older than others, at least in appearance as we grew closer to the light. After what seemed like a lifetime, which is what it was, I touched the light. When I did, I noticed that the only thing that mattered this whole time was God. I became aware that this was the true reality, and nothing else really mattered.

I noticed that when in the light there was no distance. I could not get closer to the light or farther from it. The light went on for eternity all around me. I also noticed that my Father had made this heaven much like the earth, or visa-versa. There were trees, flowers, grassy hills and everything was perfect. The plants, the ground and the sky all sang the glory of God. A very familiar voice then spoke to me and I listened intently for it was a voice of authority and love. It was a voice that was very ancient and rays of wisdom and over abundant love shot through my being as He spoke. He told me that we had to review my life as He wanted to give me my crown. Now, I had always thought that I would be lucky to get a copper crown because I never thought that I did much on Earth to please my God. But when I was before Him who is faithful and true, I couldn’t remember any bad that I did. There was absolutely no consciousness of my having done anything but good. Then I heard Him say “My Son” and Jesus stood before me. He bore the wounds that He received on earth to heal and save me. I then reckoned that was why there was no evil or wrongdoing to remember. With Jesus there, no sin existed in my life. I looked perfect to My Father.

Because of Jesus there was no need to review my life. You see, since Jesus was my Lord and my life was perfect I was in line for a wonderful crown, although I still did not know what I did to deserve it. The crown was magnificent. It was a translucent gold and in it were set jewels. There were diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and other gems, which I never saw on earth. Jesus himself placed the crown on my head and I felt honored, but still undeserving. After that, I was led to a large table that stretched what seemed like forever. At the table were seated many people, more than I could ever count. They had crowns like myself, all beautiful works of art. We all sang hymns at the table and very little talking went on between us. Finally, there was the blow of many trumpets and Jesus came down to the table and took his place at the head of the table. He called us friends and welcomed us to His feast. There we ate the finest food and its supply was never ending. There was no getting full either and each of us ate as we desired. Then, the Lord raised a cup, saluted us, and welcomed us. I felt honored that the Son of God would toast every one of us there.

The dinner finished, we all instinctively headed in one direction. There were so many of us there that we looked like a sea of people, like a glass sea. We separated into two groups and Jesus walked down the center of both groups. An urge came over me to take my crown off and cast it in front of Him. I knew that I didn’t deserve the ornate headwear because everything good that I ever did in my life I did because of Him. He deserved my crown, not me. My attention was drawn the center isle where I saw innumerable crowns. You see, everyone else thought the same as I and we all honored Him together with our action. Jesus was visibly moved by the action and you could tell that He was proud of us. I shot a glance to my right and saw a throne that was glorious. It was like every gem ever made covered this throne. On it sat the Father in all of His Glory. His glory was so bright that I couldn’t even look at it, even in my glorified body. I thought that if I looked at Him, that every atom of my existence would explode and I would be spread throughout eternity. I fell on my face, as did all the others, both human and angels alike and we worshipped Him who is on the Throne. Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come!!

It might have sounded strange when I was in my earthly form, that I would worship God for eternity. I suppose that it would have sounded boring and redundant. Now that I am in heaven though it seems like the only thing to do. All of the earthly concerns were just trivial at best. When I consider that Jesus saved me from a fate where I would be in torment for eternity, I have to say that I prefer this much more. So, should this piece of literature reach anyone on earth who is still tethered to that life I would encourage them to consider a life in Jesus. It might be hard now, but the rewards and blessings in this afterlife are worth every pain and all of the toil. Perhaps I will see you here someday.

Copyright Holy Spirit 9/9/98 David Ben Yakov



At times it’s hard to fight a sin,

For two mighty powers are fighting within,

One with all evil and worldly desire,

The other with pureness of heaven’s aspire.

The flesh seems so strong and spirit so weak,

It appears I have fallen before I can speak.

For a season it’s fun, but then kindles my anger,

How long in this sin will I suffer and languor.

This not the first time I’ve stumbled this way,

Oh, Jesus please save me and cast it away.

For so many years I’ve been plagued by this curse,

And the more that I fight it, it seems to get worse.

Can’t you see Jesus, I tire of battle,

For so many years I have fought from this saddle.

I’ve slashed and I’ve taken the enemy down,

And though he seems dead, yet again he’ll be found.

But I know for certain, the war has been won,

And Satan defeated by Jesus God’s Son,

For though there are times I have lost in this war,

And my battle wounds many, and hard to ignore.

When a battle is lost, I still run to you,

And then you refresh me and make me anew.

So the battle decision’s a win then for you,

In you I have hidden, so Satan is through.

For he wanted me beaten and cast to the ground,

To feel almost dead and not utter a sound.

But by turning to you now the victory’s won,

With confession, forgiveness then Satan is done.

So though there are times when a sin might afflict me,

And soul versus flesh again may restrict me,

I’ll never forget to come running to you,

Cause I know you’re loving and righteous and true.

Copyright Holy Spirit 9/07/1998 David Ben Yakov