Simcha 07



There lives a story from back in 47

That alien beings fell to us from heaven.

And whether it happened, as many did say,

Gives Satan the glory, and from God strips away.

So many unwilling to service our Lord,

Conspiracy notions they’d rather afford.

It’s so much more fun to believe in a fable,

Then to trust in the Lord, lay your cards on the table.

This alien craze brings the tourists around,

And brought again life to this sleepy old town.

It now is a Mecca for those so bizarre,

We draw them from near and we draw them from far.

But what have we done, have we sold our own souls,

For purse strings of silver and wallets of gold?

Corrupted our daughters, perverted our sons,

All in the name of some good harmless fun?

Now hear me O’ Roswell, for God sees your plan,

And you surely know where the troubles began.

It started back yonder in old “47”,

When you embraced evil and forfeited heaven.

But there’s a solution, turn back to the Lord,

In blessed repentance, all in one accord.

And you will feel joy as you walk in His light,

The joy that one feels when one does what is right.

Copyright Holy Spirit via Dave Ruffino 6/30/05



A throne sits alone in background so dark.

Made of find gold, not a scratch or a mark.

And on that throne I see myself set,

Dressed in fine garments; the best one can get.

At the front of the seat, I see a strange view.

A name written in language that to me is quite new.

But strangely I muse that I’ve seen it before.

Three simple letters that I can’t ignore.

And all of a sudden a thought comes to mind.

It’s my name in Hebrew, embossed oh so fine.

But as I sit viewing the visage seems lacking,

Importance so shallow, a dung hill in stacking.

For my sitting there makes the throne no great view,

The more that I see it, the more I eschew.

Then it is revealed that this throne is my heart,

The person who sits there a lacking upstart.

So I cry to Yeshua, “Come sit on this throne,”

That sits here in darkness, where light is not shone.

For although I’ve known you for so many years,

I’ve never thought of leaving from here.

And as I beheld, I stepped from the throne,

And Yeshua then sat there, Shekinah now shone.

His smile so loving as He looked down at me,

And said that now I was totally free.

He said He was proud of how much I had grown,

This true rightful heir of this heart that He owns.

So reign there forever my Messiah, my King,

And delight in your servant as your praises I sing.

Copyright March 13, 2004; Holy Spirit via David Ben Yakov



O Lord, your ways are amazing to me,

And your plans are beyond my comprehension.

When I was but a young man there were many changes.

My father and I were moved to a foreign yet familiar land.

To a land that those in this world said was filled with milk and honey.

But the world was wrong.

This land that they esteemed was filled with moral and spiritual corruption.

And as I lived in this desert, my soul became as dust,

Blown to and fro by the winds of whim and desire.

My soul dwelled with the scorpion and viper,

Of which they claimed to be my friends.

But when the dust of my life had become the driest,

You sent a brother who watered this land with Living Water.

And that water helped a seed to germinate.

A seed that, in your wisdom, you planted years before.

The seed grew in my heart in the dry and arid land,

Causing me to accept the seed planter as my Master.

You then opened my eyes and I beheld many things.

The land that the world touted as being one of milk and honey,

Was actually a land filled with thorns, thistles,

With sour milk and spoiled honey.

A land of rottenness and decay, where the fly and maggot rule.

And O, I cried to be delivered from this foul land,

But for so long my cry went unanswered.

But in your love you planted me with other trees,

Some planted firm and some with tender leaves.

And all the plants had intertwined roots,

Protecting us from the tempests that always seemed to blow,

And together, we lived as a forest planted by you.

But alas, I was planted near the edge of the forest,

And was exposed to the heat of the desert,

Constantly assailed by it’s hot dry winds.

But in your grace and mercy you answered my prayers.

You dug me up and moved me as on the wings of an eagle.

Like a majestic bird you clutched me in your jaw,

Carrying me far from the offensive wasteland.

And this tree was happy that the bird had carried it away.

The flight was long, four days in all.

We arrived at a new place and you planted me there.

A place where water flows freely, where rain is plentiful,

And where the soil is rich and deep.

The desert was but a bad memory, and with your constant attention,

I began to bloom, my roots were deep and full of life giving nutrients.

And wonderful blossoms began to cover me,

To be later replaced by delicious fruit.

And although I am prosperous and happy I yet despair.

My roots remember the trees they were entangled with far away.

I pine for those who still feel the sting of the desert winds.

Send them water O Lord and sustain them.

Send your mighty eagle and transplant them too.

Bring them to this place by your grace and mercy

So that they too might be blessed and grow strong.

And O Lord, hear these words and by thy mercy act quickly.

And I trust you Lord, my maker, that you will honor this petition.

Copyright March 13, 2004 Holy Spirit via David Ben Yakov

My Potter



Oh God, You are my potter.

An artisan of glory and majesty.

The Master Potter,

Full of wisdom and purpose.

Your vessels are formed perfectly,

Beautiful to behold, flawless and priceless.

You work the clay, removing imperfections;

Compressing the clay, making a solid lump.

With holy feet you spin the wheel,

Never too fast and never too slow.

And as the wheel makes it revolutions,

Skillful hands gently begin their work,

With loving pressure and upswept motions.

You form a center depression to hold heavenly things;

Words and deeds that are precious to your heart.

Never, do you let the clay get off center,

Keeping the motion sure, the vessel true.

And as the clay dries you watch it ever so carefully,

Fixing cracks and other imperfections,

Preparing it for your holy fire.

Yet before the heat, you decorate your work with glazes,

In many wonderful colors, pleasing to your eyes.

And with steady hand you place the vessel into the fire,

Keeping a loving watch as the flames try your work.

Alas, the work now complete, you behold the beauty,

Presenting it as a gift to your precious Father.

You set this wonderful work of art in a place,

A wonderful place that you’ve prepared,

Prepared before time was ever conceived,

Made before the foundation of the world.

A place that has waited so patiently,

Knowing full well that someday it would be filled.

And this vessel, made with such love, sits not alone,

But with countless others all made with your skillful hands.

All filled to the rim with love and praises,

For their artisan, their maker.

For although they are but the dust of the earth,

They are all the possession of the Everlasting King.

Copyright March 13, 2004; Holy Spirit via David Ben Yakov



Oh, how my spirit longs to be with you my Lord.

It groans like a prisoner trying to be freed

From the bondage of capture and imprisonment.

Like a slave without hope, or a caged bird yearning to be free,

My soul cries to you from the confinement of this body.

Free me O Lord I cry,

Free me from the chains that bind.

Open the doors of this prison,

And set my poor soul free.

Let me be able to enjoy your cool waters;

To run in the free and open fields of heavens glorious realms.

Let me be able to breath the clean fresh air,

That’s never been tainted by sin and shame.

Take my hand and walk me through the streets

Of Your Holy City, and Your Glorious Realm.

Speak to me things never spoken before.

Answer all of those questions never before answered.

And bless the Lord O my soul.

Leap for joy my very being,

For the Lord has freed you.

No more will you be bound by iniquity.

No more will you have to groan to be freed.

For the Lord will come with a shout,

And your prison doors will swing open wide.

Your chains will be unshackled and banished forever.

Come my soul to the Holy Sanctuary and bless the Lord.

Sing with the countless others for your redemption.

Sing in adoration to the One who has freed you.

He saw your suffering, and heard your cry,

And answered you in your day of distress.

So fall at His feet; at the foot of his throne.

Worship with your brethren and all the heavenly hosts.

For the Lord is worthy to save.

Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of Hosts.

Heaven and earth are full of His glory.

He raised you from your grave and called the living to the skies.

No more to be burdened by the woes of this world.

To live with Him in eternal bliss and glorious rapture.

Bless the Lord – My Redeemer.

Copyright December 23, 2002 Holy Spirit via David Ben Yakov



We woke up to the news one day that many had just disappeared,

We didn’t know just what had happened and we all lived in fear.

But deep inside our very souls we knew our fears had all come true,

That Yeshua had snatched His people away, now what were we to do?


They came one day in massive ships,

To bring us lasting peace.

Enlightened minds they promised us,

And Spiritual release.

The day they came the world was warring,

Great hatred both east and west,

They put an end to every conflict,

And offered perfect rest.

T’was then he came, their highest master,

He said that he was lord.

His promise was to heal the Earth,

To put us all in one accord.

And if we chose to do his will and give him all our praise,

He’d make the world a garden and prolong our living days.


He made a  pact with Israel for seven years of peace,

In utter awe they signed the paper and sighed in great relief.

His craft and beings went to and fro, patrolling all the world,

In every city, town and glen his banner was unfurled.

The world paid homage to the man that soon became a beast,

He had the whole world in his pocket, His conquest was complete.


He proclaimed his edict to the world that they would have to keep,

They could not back out now, they were in this thing too deep.

He said that every man, his wife and daughter and his son,

Should take a mark upon themselves so they could all be one.

At first the seal was voluntary to prove allegiance sure,

And soon he forced it on them all, their survival the allure.

But there were some who refused to take his seal upon their souls,

They knew that God forbade this act and they had higher goals.

So then the Beast declared a war against the Holy People,

He hunted all that he could find and tore down every steeple.

There really was no place to hide, his eyes were everywhere.

His demons scoured every wood, his ships engulfed the air.


Now God On High had seen these things and His plan He did deploy,

To rid the world of Satan’s son and the evil hosts he did employ.

God sent them every malady, all plagues, disease and strife,

But men did not repent of sin, they loved too much their lives.

They formed a coalition now to fight the Lord Most High,

Who soon would be returning with His millions in the sky.

And then a blessing happened, a tide he couldn’t stop,

The Jews saw Yeshua as Messiah, and Satan blew his top.


He marshaled his armies so numerous to take the blessed land,

And kill all of Jerusalem and take his final stand.

But God had known this prior and had caused the Jews to flee,

To Moab’s land and Ammon where He’d keep them safe and free.

The beast had followed close behind with every eager sword,

But they could not advance against the Angels of The Lord.

Then all at once the sky grew dark and rolled up like a scroll,

And with a flash Yeshua had appeared now through that hole.

He came with all His Holy Ones and fought the men of sin,

He cleaved the Mount of Olives where Mission did begin.

They had no chance, His holy words destroyed them in short time,

Made food for every scavenger and birds of every kinds.

He bound the Beast and Prophet who tried to make their flight,

And threw them in the Lake of Fire to burn both day and night.

Then He took Satan and his angels, locked them safe away,

In Tartarus a thousand years in torment they will stay.

And finally He blessed the Earth and called all men to Him,

To live a life of peaceful bliss free from the bonds of sin.


Now looking back in retrospect I wish that we had seen,

That UFO’s and aliens were devils all unseen.

Revealed themselves as aliens to turn men’s hearts from God,

Prepared men’s hearts then for the Beast and Satan’s evil plot.


Copyright December 05, 2002 Holy Spirit via David Ben Yakov



Take me away Lord, to a place far from here,

To Your City on High, far from sadness and fear,

To a place filled with Angels and streets paved with gold,

To pastures all green where I’ll graze with your fold,

Where I’ll run and I’ll jump and I’ll sing all day long,

And worship You Lord with a beautiful song,

How I long to hear You,

How I long to see Your face,

How I long to hold You,

Behold You in Your Holy Place,


Oh take me to my mansion,

The place You’ve built for me,

With every wall so crystal clear,

So that only You I can see,

And take me now before Your throne,

So I can worship You,

To fall on my face right at Your feet,

And bathe them with my tears of thanksgiving,

And then I’ll rise and hug you Lord, and never let You go,

Then tell You Lord ten trillion times of how I love You so.


Oh, how I long for Your embrace,

How I long for You to transplant me from this dry desert,

To your lovely splendid garden,

How I long for your everlasting river to cool and refresh my soul,

And my roots will be planted deep in your Holy Soil,

And they will rejoice as they drink from Your sustenance,

No more to be hindered by weeds or malcontents,

And no more will the locust or weevil try to hinder me,

For I will dwell in the house of the Lord,

For the Lord has proclaimed it, and His Word is true.

Copyright December 04, 2002; Holy Spirit via David Ben Yakov



We hid ourselves in Petra’s dry Land

From the Evil One’s oppressive and murderous hand.

For more than three years he did us harm,

And caused concern and great alarm.

He took our women and killed our men,

While he laid his claim on Jerusalem.

Then almost as instinct – a knowledge we gained,

And on all of the faithful this message had rained.

To flee the great city, our homes and our stores,

Through a cleft in a mountain, our God did afford.

We walked though the desert of great fervent heat,

But God supplied water, some bread and some meat.

And then we arrived at the gate of this land,

Where God did protect us with His Holy Hand.

The safety we felt was so peaceful and sure,

That it had to be God, and it had to endure.

But evil had followed us from the great city,

With evil intentions and lacking all pity.

So we called on Yeshua, one Holy in name,

And begged Him to save us – we acknowledged our shame.

So our cry rose to Heaven in one great accord,

Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord.

And as we yet shouted there were clouds in East,

With each prayerful word its size and speed did increase.

With it’s reaches enormous, the cloud had filled the sky,

It was Yeshua, Messiah, with His saints from on high.

They then turned their horses and galloped away,

To a land titled “Bozrah,” where he’d battle that day.

But later that day he returned to our place,

With blood spattered garments, and blood spattered face.

He’d killed all the wicked with the sword of His word,

Their bodies a feast for the scavenger bird.

Now in our presence, this Ancient of Years,

Was greeted with gladness, our praises and cheers.

Our Yeshua, Messiah, was with us at last,

The Hope of so many who had died in the past.

He’s now here to dwell with us all of our days,

And gladly in righteousness we’ll follow His ways.

For generations uncounted we sang a sad dirge,

In a world filled with darkness, we seemed always the scourge,

But now we are righteous and holy and pure,

No longer in shame will we have to endure.

Yeshua, Messiah, is with us at last,

And we’ll look toward the future and forsake the past.

Copyright April 19, 2002 Holy Spirit via David Ben Yakov



Oh, how I declare your praises

The Holy One of Israel who sets my spirit free,

Those of the Earth have cast me aside, heaping guilt and anguish,

To any burdens that I already bear.

But like a refreshing Summer rain, is your forgiveness to my soul.

Your living water renews my soul and spirit,

And your grace gives me freedom and liberty.

I see in your face the very essence of love,

And compassion with a brilliance that outshines a thousand suns.

Your hand of love guides me in the way that is right,

And your rod of instruction is always welcome with gladness.

Oh, how my heart and soul soar like a bird in flight,

Whenever I see your face or hear your name.

And oh, how I long for the day when we can walk

On Heaven’s glorious streets of gold together.

That day when all things will become so very clear and all the

Hindrances that have kept me from seeing you in focus are removed.

That will be the time when I will physically embrace you Jesus,

Like a little boy who has missed his father for oh so long,

And I’ll find it hard to relinquish that firm hold.

But for eternity I will continue to sing your praises.

Sweet Lord Jesus, call us home soon I exhort you.

Copyright June 10, 2001 Holy Spirit and David Ben Yakov



Blood of Forgiveness come wash over me,

With holy sanctity now set my soul free

Cleanse me and free me both inside and out,

Removing all sorrow, all sin and all doubt

Now mold me and make me afresh and anew,

So I can fulfill your purpose in all that I do

A life that is righteous You’ve called me to seek,

To grab firmly Your hand whenever I’m weak

So I purpose my life Lord to cleave unto You,

And forsake this whole world for the One Who Is True

No more to grasp for some worldly aspire,

I’ll follow the “Just One”, whose ideals are much higher

Now I end this short discourse, saying it’s You that I love,

With my eyes transfixed on You, my soul soars like a dove.

Copyright April 30, 2001 – Holy Spirit and David Ben Yakov