Resistance Pics

Here at the Resistance we believe in getting the word out so that people can know about us. We take pictures and place them here so that you can see our creativity and how serious we take our responsibility to fight the Great Delusion and proclaim the Name of our Lord Yeshua Ha Mashiach.



On Famous wall in Gainesville Florida
Artwork by Resistance Member Bladei




Same Wall, Different Perspective




Anti-Alien Sticker on J-I-B Sign at Undisclosed
Restaurant Somewhere in Sacramento, CA.


Picture of The Current Resistance U.A.V. (urban assault vehicle)
Has Lots of Ground Clearance in Case I Get to Run The E.T. Bastards Over:)



The Resistance Spreads to The Peoples Republic of Oregon


This is a picture that a coworker (Miles) drew
on my countertop workspace one day when
I was not at the jobsite.


This Picture drawn by a coworker’s daughter
whose name is Bree. Good job Bree. See, even kids
understand what “aliens” [sic] are all about!!


Placed our little Resistance Logo on some
“Earth Goddess” clothes collection site. This
is the second one of these I’ve tagged