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Temple Links


Biblical Proof – Scriptures that point to the rebuilding of the temple.

Recent Developments in the News – A large and informative page with articles over the past few years concerning the Temple and things relating to the Temple Site.

Penetrating Insights into the Temple Mount – A page by a man who uses various types of photographic imaging to see what lies under the Temple Mount. Pretty interesting.

The Location of the First and Second Temples – A page that examines the three suspected sites where the former Temples could have been located in Jerusalem.

Apocalypse soon – X-files – Time for a Temple? Jewish plans to rebuild the Temple – Yet another great article stating various things that are being done to prepare for Temple worship and sacrifice.

A Letter Regarding Solomon’s Stables – A letter from an architect to P.M. Netanyahu concerning the location of the temple.

The Temple Mount – Lots of Information for you to peruse.

Temple Mount & Land of Israel Faithful Movement – The group dedicated to building the Temple.

The Temple Institute – Dedicated to rebuilding the Temple. One Great Site!!






I hope that you found these links as interesting and informative as I have. Knowing that the temple is in the works assures me that the Messiah will come soon. Please join with me and other Christians and Jews who are praying for the soon fulfillment of these events. Remember, Yeshua told Israel “you will not see me again until you say ‘blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord'”, so we had better start saying it.