Disassociating myself from Joe Jordan, Guy and Nicole Malone And All of Their Disciples

The Last Straw

My Letter on Why I Must Disassociate Myself From
Joseph Jordan, Guy Malone, Nicole Malone And Their Disciples

By David Ruffino

Copyright 2011


This letter is being written in response to the plethora of false witness and deception that is being spread around various mediums of the internet in regard to beliefs that are held by myself and those who are ministry partners. This letter is not meant to be a he said vs. he said letter nor is it meant to cause division. I merely want to address issues and to make straight the crooked path. I also want those who read this letter to know that I am disassociating myself from those who have chosen to make that path crooked and have chosen to walk that crooked path. As for me and my house, we will serve Yahweh!

Sometimes during the course of events one finds it necessary to dissolve bonds that one has had with others. Unfortunately this is true in the Christian realm too. The history of the Church of Yeshua is fraught with schisms that at the time have seemed to be sad and awkward, but in the long run has served to enrich those who have loosed the bonds of wickedness so that they could continue on to the ultimate goal of bringing forth good fruit in Yahweh’s Kingdom.

We live in a season when Yahweh is pruning His vines; when the sheep are being separated from the goats and when the wheat is being separated from the chaff. Yahweh has, for quite a long time, allowed polar opposites to exist side by side within His Church. We don’t know the whole reason why He has decided to do this; but we know that he has a reason, and that there is a time for every purpose under the heavens.

The reason why I am writing this letter of disassociation is a painful one. For the period of four years or so I was leagued by way of ministry and/or mutual friendship, with people who I thought to be my friends; whom I thought were united with me in ministry and who I thought were running the race with me on a level playing field. Actions by these people over the past three or four years have showed me that this is not the case; and in many aspects, this is just like the Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy:

Alexander the metalworker did me a great deal of harm. The Lord will repay him for what he has done. You too should be on your guard against him, because he strongly opposed our message. At my first defense, no one came to my support, but everyone deserted me. May it not be held against them.

But the Lord stood at my side and gave me strength, so that through me the message might be fully proclaimed and all the Gentiles might hear it. And I was delivered from the lion’s mouth. The Lord will rescue me from every evil attack and will bring me safely to his heavenly kingdom. To him be glory for ever and ever. Amen. 2 Timothy 4:14-18

I feel a certain kinship with Paul because attempts have been made by several if not all of these individuals to ruin the ministry that Yahweh has given to me, and to personally ruin my name. Through all of this, Yahweh has preserved both me and the Ministry from harm by these nefarious people. Many years ago, when I was still very young in my faith in Yeshua, the brother who discipled me told me that I should put everything in Yahweh’s hands, and that He takes care of His own. I have found that advice to be good advice that has stood the test of time.

I think that everyone reading this can attest that there is nobody else in the whole world that holds to everything that others hold to. It can be something very trite and something that doesn’t mean a hill of beans, but we are all different. This is a good thing because Yahweh made us all different and that makes us all individuals; not robots or drones, but everyone is separate and distinct and each person has to answer to Yahweh for what he or she has done; and yes I mean even believers in Yeshua. It is the core values that make us united. Born Again Christians, along with some Catholics and some peoples from every Protestant denomination all believe that Yeshua was the son of God and also God in the flesh. We believe that Yeshua died for our sins and that Elohim raised Yeshua on the third day. These are all core beliefs that unite us. However, some people choose to focus on the trivial things and that is where trouble ensues.

In the Christian UFO Researcher Realm this very stigma has seemed to enter in and it has divided this community. Some have chosen to take the one or two trivial things where we differ and they have chosen to capitalize on them in order to become sort of “top dog” in this research realm. It is a sad thing that they have not chosen the thousand good things that we have in common and have chosen to ignore these things in order to beat the trivial issues to death.

The trivial issue, although not trivial in the long term scheme of things, could have been worked out. The issue that I am referring to is whether the alien abduction phenomenon is physical or spiritual in nature. It has always been my point of view, and that of other close associates (other than the nefarious people) that the answer to this question can only be found by considering each case individually.

In recent years people like Joe Jordan have contended that the event is strictly spiritual or psychic and I have not argued with him because in some cases there appears to be only a spiritual component. One of Joe’s cases, where a man never left his girlfriend’s side while he claimed to have been abducted bears out Joe’s assertion. Other cases bear out the undeniable fact that this phenomena starts out spiritual, becomes all too physical and then disappears back into the spiritual realm again. So my stance has always been to agree to disagree with Joe about this; but it appears that Joe, and his disciples Guy and Nicole (Paradox) Malone have gone on a witch hunt wherewith they feel it necessary to vilify those who see any sort of physical component to the alien abduction phenomenon.

Over the past few years I always though it hypocritical that Joe Jordan, a man who has always touted that, “the proof is in the testimonies,” lives by that notion until someone says that they believe their abduction event was physical in nature. Having been in his company on several occasions I have seen him defensively rise to a sharp and sarcastic anger when presented with a case that challenges his “spiritual only,” theory. I have been at the receiving end of that anger and I can attest that it is NOT a righteous anger, but an anger that someone gets when they are convicted of a wrong and they do not want to admit that they are wrong. This is not a godly behavior. This sort of behavior shows that there is a very big pride problem, those of us who know scripture know how Yahweh feels about pride; he equates it with iniquity and idolatry:

For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being king.1 Samuel 15:23

Recently, in an effort to ramp up their attack against me and others who believe in the physicality of the alien abduction event, Joe, Guy Malone and Nicole Malone have mounted a FaceBook campaign where they have chosen to malign us. They have recruited young and baby Christians in their holy war. People that we have never met and who do not know what we believe have begun to vilify us on FaceBook and this has also spilled over into the YouTube community. Myself, having come from Jewish heritage know all too well what happens when people start a vilification campaign and it is left unchecked. Up to and including the 20th Century we were blamed for every ill of society, and we have paid dearly with our spilled blood and our lives. In most cases the hatred started by whispers and murmurs that started like, “do you know what those Jews believe,” after which the purges, pogroms and inquisitions started. The murmurings of Joe, Guy, Nicole and their disciples of hate have already taken off like wildfires and like I said, people who have never met us, talked to us or even read our work seriously have called us heretics and false teachers and false prophets because the Florida Three have not agreed to disagree about the origins of alien abduction.

Also recently these three people along with their disciples have mounted a campaign where they are questioning what scripture really says about fallen angels, their offspring (the Nephilim) and whether there has been a Nephilim presence after the flood. They have twisted scripture to construe the notion that after the flood all of the giants that are mentioned are just normal humans with gigantism genetic traits. I guess that this should come as no surprise, as they have Guy Malone as their “biblical experts,” a man who in earlier days twisted scripture to try to convince people that nude photography was condoned by scripture; that being a Christian Bartender was scripturally plausible; and who even tried to start his own church, titled “the antichurch,” and who later changed the name “Mystery Fellowship,” because he received so much flack about the first title. According to him in his latter site, just about every Christian that attended a 501c3 church was deceived and lost. In addition to Guy, they have Nicole, a self proclaimed scripture expert who started ministry almost immediately after her conversion and had never sat under any sort of discipleship program. Unfortunately, this is a common setup for the makings of a cult.

These three persons, who hail themselves as the ultimate knowledge in all things relating to the alien abduction phenomena have denied some very basic and simple scriptures, or they have twisted them to fit their own agenda. Take for instance the report of the twelve spies who were sent out by Yehoshua to reconnoiter the land of Canaan. Ten of them came back from their mission in utter fear, stating that the Nephilim dwelled in the land. David went up against Goliath, whom Joe’s crowd would say was just a human suffering from gigantism. They neglect to see however that David brought extra stones with him and that was because Goliath had brothers, and the scripture tends to assert that they were giants too. As far as I can ascertain, gigantism doesn’t affect multiple members of a household or multiple siblings. Furthermore, Jordan and his crew fail to explain scripturally some tribes mentioned as living in the land of Canaan where the the whole tribe was equated as consisting of giants (Nephilim). We’re told in the New Testament that women should have a male spiritual covering over them on account of the angels. That could only mean that the angels were still a serious concern around the time that the Epistles were written.

And finally and perhaps most importantly, we have the testimony of Yeshua who said that upon his return it would be like it was during the days of Noah. Joe and his crowd assert that it will be just like life has always been, that people would marry and be given in marriage and that they will be wicked. Well first off, let’s look at this. These activities were also happening at the same time that Yeshua was preaching his Matthew 24 message so in essence things were the same then as they were during Noah’s time so why would Yeshua even accentuate the importance of Noah’s time with Yeshua’s return if everything was to be status quo? No, there has to be something strangely different happening when he will return and the only difference is that there will be a fallen angelic intrusion into our modern society and there will be Nephilim. And lest we not forget that Noah’s time reach well into the post flood era. Noah lived long enough to have communion with Abraham so it is entirely possible that in Noah’s post flood days that more incursions of fallen angels with human females occurred producing the Nephilim that infested Canaan up until Yahweh brought the Israeli armies to the land to eradicate them. Also, this would help to explain why a God of love would command Yehoshua and his armies to go into certain cities to slay every man, woman, child and animal in those cities. The only good reason would be that there were Nephilim there and that the fallen angels had corrupted the genetic pools of all of the persons in those cities. There is also new evidence appearing that shows that the Cities of The Plain, like Sodom and Gomorrah had ties with Nephilim populations. Notice how the population of Sodom turned down Lot’s offer of his maiden daughters and demanded to have sexual relations with Yahweh’s holy angels; many scholars thinking that one of those angels was actually a preincarnate theophany of Yeshua himself. Let’s face it, placing Nephilim after the flood explain many of Yahweh’s actions that without this notion make Yahweh out to be a wicked and cruel taskmaster with a thirst for blood; but placing the Nephilim into the mix causes one to realize that Yahweh did what he did to do away with a corrupted genetic bloodline; one that was again half angelic and half human, namely Nephilim.

Getting back to the antics of the Malone’s, I am one that takes scripture and Yahweh very seriously and I am vehemently opposed to false teaching, so I addressed these issues (bartending, nude photography and the “antichurch”) with Mr. Malone. I want it to be known that I was not the first to address these issues with him; I know of others and some of them alerted me to his heretical ways. I know for a fact that he had been approached in a Matthew 18 way and that he only dug his heels in deeper, rather than repent and pray for restoration after a period of humility and contriteness. For my efforts, which I still feel were led by Yahweh, Mr. Malone and his then common-law wife Nicole went through great lengths to bring me to the correction that they thought I needed. They instituted their own Matthew 18 correction process, trying to bring in as mediators Joe Jordan, my pastor and even an elder in my Church. Joe told them that they were not acting properly and opted out of the fracas and my pastor and elder answered them back, telling him that they knew me and my heart and would not get involved.

With their efforts frustrated, The Malone’s tried another tactic. Back then my web ministry had a membership that was open to all Christians. Nicole Malone came in under a pseudonym and I thought this person to be a genuine believer that wanted to be part of the ministry. Through this deception, Nicole was able to get the names and e-mail addresses of the other members wherewith she sent letters to each one telling them how I was a bad Christian and she made various accounts of false witness about me and the ministry. In an effort to do damage control, I wrote to everyone, asking them to forgive me for allowing this upstart to join and telling them about Nicole’s deception. Three good members left the ministry because of Nicole’s lies; but Yahweh was faithful and about nine people joined in the following month. This is what I mean about Yahweh always watching my back.

There is a sad follow-up to all of this. I cannot remember if it was in 2007 or 2008, but one of those years during my time in Roswell, New Mexico, I was alone with Joe Jordan and I asked him a question point blank. I expressed to him that I thought that Guy Malone was a problem and that he does nothing but try to cause division and that he has at best of a questionable character. I asked Joe why he hangs out with this man, seeing that he is one of the more ungodly people that I know. Joe sort of got a half grin on his face and said to me, “I know that he’s a problem, and believe me I know enough bad stuff about Alien Resistance and Guy that I could put an end to it in a week’s time.” Of course I asked him why he didn’t do the right thing and do what he just said he could do. He told me that he thought that Guy was basically a good guy who was all messed up and that he thought that Guy would turn around. I told Joe that he better hope that Guy turns around because if he didn’t, he would take Joe down with him. The fulfillment of that word will happen, but only Yahweh knows when.

Recently a video has surfaced on YouTube that is chock full of false witness. In that video the speakers Joe Jordan and Guy Malone assert that me and my associates believe that there are real Nephilim in our current society and world. We do hold to that belief and we believe that there is enough evidence scripturally to prove that point. I encourage any of you to read my website, or Jim Wilhelmsen’s website, or to read the works of Dante Fortson and Wilhelmsen’s “Beyond Science Fiction” book to get more clarity. These resources can show you the scriptures that would take up too much room in this letter, which started out to be a simple letter and has gotten longer than I anticipated. It is the assertion of the Florida Three and their disciples that we hold to some sort of strange doctrine that holds that we feel that certain people are Nephilim, and since they are not totally human they are beyond the salvation of Yeshua Ha Mashiach. This is hogwash in its highest degree. We take quite seriously the scripture where Yeshua tells us to preach the His Gospel to ALL CREATURES. There is a reason why Yeshua used the word creatures. He could have said “all men,” but he didn’t. The whole reason why Yeshua said, “all creatures,” is because in our latter days the Nephilim would be so similar and so undistinguishable from genuine human beings that He didn’t want us to make a differentiation between lest we make an error and dismiss a wrong person as being a Nephilim. I believe emphatically that we are to plant the seeds and let Yahweh water and tend the garden. So I categorically deny the false witness of Jordan and the Malone’s and call them for what they are; liars and deceivers and of course I call on them to recant what they have said but I firmly believe I will see swine flying past my front window before that happens.

I know that this letter is long, but please hang in there; I am almost done. There are a few more things that I would like to address, and I feel that it would be appropriate to address the questions that people have written me concerning some issues related to all of this. Since I have cut and pasted this section I ask you in advance to excuse any redundancy:

Question: If Joe is a founder of PAAPSI like it says in your book then how come he isn’t one of your counselors or contact persons?

Answer: That is one of only two errors in the book and it was put there by the publisher, not me. Actually, Joe was a cofounder of AACCOA (Alien Abduction Crisis Centers of America) which preceded PAAPSI. The AACCOA was founded by Jim Wilhelmsen, Joe Jordan and Myself. Jim and I realized that the scope of our ministry wasn’t just for the America’s but for the whole world and we also realized that paranormal activity was akin to UFO’s and alien abduction, because they have the same author. When different names were submitted to the three of us both Jim and I liked PAAPSI (Paranormal and Alien Abduction Problem Solvers International) but Joe didn’t like the name very much. In addition, Joe was starting another counseling ministry aside from ours and when he wanted us to funnel all of our contacts to him so that he could dole them out to people and we resisted that idea then Joe bowed out of PAAPSI. So the answer is that Joe didn’t get his way and left so he is NOT a cofounder of PAAPSI. By the way, the second error in the book is that it states that I was a member of CE4 Research, which I have NEVER been and I don’t have plans to ever be one either.

Question: (This one asked several times) – I see that your name is on the Unholy Communion book as the other author. However, after reading it it seems like you are the primary author. I heard Joe say/infer that he told you what to write and you wrote the book for him. What’s up?

Answer: This is quite involved so bear with me as I explain. First of all, let me say that the book was really written by the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) and He used me as His pen. The ideas presented in the book aren’t unique to anyone, except for certain stories of experiences told by abductees and by me, the primary human author. The ideas presented in the book were disseminated to several individuals who were ALL given these thoughts by the Ruach Ha Kodesh. For Joe to take credit for the book is wrong on several accounts; the first mentioned above. Joe is responsible for obtaining three or four of the testimonies of the book and that’s about it and even then the testimonies were on videotape and I was the one who sat through the tapes typing as I listened to the attesters speak. So here is the way it is. The Holy Spirit penned the book through me and used me to inject my own thoughts into the book. Joe is at best a minor contributor to the book but I gave Joe the title of author as a friendly gesture which I now regret.

It should also be noted that there was a time when Joe wanted to end his affiliation with the book. Both Joe and I were sent contracts by the publisher and he asked us to sign and return them. At first Joe misunderstood one of the provision of the contract and thought that by signing the contract he would be restricted from using the contents of the book in future talks and seminars. With this in his mind he called me and asked me to remove him from the contract, which I did. After Joe contacted the publisher and it was explained to him that he could use any of the content of the book at such events as mentioned above Joe again called me and begged me to put his name back on the contract. Again my good will worked against me and I agreed; another thing that I now regret. One has to ask that if Joe was the real impetus behind the book why then be so eager to disassociate himself from it during that period? The simple answer is that he is not an author nor was he the impetus for writing the Unholy Communion Book, but merely a minor contributor.

Question: Your book bears a remarkable resemblance to the talk in Roswell in 2008 which Joe claims to be his talk and video. Why would the book be different?

Answer: I was a speaker along with Joe in 2008 in Roswell. He asked me to speak alongside of him. You probably noticed that the content of the talk, which was read from the slides on the screen were the same as in the book. There is a simple answer for that. I was the one who wrote the whole Microsoft Powerpoint file for the talk. I did all of the research, both biblical and secular. It took me a couple of weeks to put the presentation together. On the day before the talk I worked until two o’clock in the morning so that the talk could be complete. That gave me the right to use the material in the Unholy Communion book. The slide presentation is copyrighted under my name and is available to view on the Delusion Resistance Website.

The video rights of the talk in Roswell do belong to Joe’s and his CE4 Research Group. Joe asked me in 2007 to speak in Roswell in 2008. CE4 Research flew my fiancé and I to Roswell and provided lodging for the event. And for those who would try to write something into that, she and I stayed in separate rooms. I received a speaker’s fee from the City of Roswell which I claimed as income on my 2008 Federal Income Tax. Some have asked that since the talk belongs to Joe and that the title of the talk is Unholy Communion, that he owns rights to the Unholy Communion book. It is true that both the talk and the book are called Unholy Communion; however the subtitles differentiate the two. Joe’s talk in Roswell is called; Unholy Communion – The Unwanted Piece of The UFO Puzzle.” The name of the book is; “Unholy Communion – The Alien Abduction Phenomenon, Where it Originates and How it Stops.” To my knowledge, there are at least two other books with the title Unholy Communion, but the subtitles show that they are of different genre. There even exists one heavy metal Satanic group named Unholy Communion, and I bear no kinship to their mission and purpose; as a matter of fact I am diametrically opposed to what they stand for, however I cannot speak for Joe in that regard. For the record, Unholy Communion – The Alien Abduction Phenomenon, Where it Originates and How it Stops,” is copyrighted to 2010 to David Ruffino, this author. I do not know if Joe has used the contents of the book in his talks and I will not restrict him from doing so but I reserve the right to make those restrictions should I see the need to do so, except for the minor content that he contributed to the book of course.

Question: What brought about this schism anyway?

Answer: I can answer this question only in part because delving too deeply would be redundant as a lot of it was mentioned earlier in this letter. There are people involved on the other side of this whole thing that like to twist things and blow them completely out of proportion and sadly, these people are key players in the Christian UFO Research Community, so much so that a lot of people would pick and choose sides at the word of the testimony of these people irregardless of the fact that they would be telling untruths. Again, this is not the aim of this letter. I only want to explain why I am totally disassociating myself from Jordan, the Malone’s and all of their little sycophants.

The people that I mentioned above have done their best to try to destroy the ministries of both Jim Wilhelmsen and myself; but Yahweh in His grace and justice has preserved us. The first problem is that Mr. Jordan is good friends with these people and ministerial partners with them. In a past phone conversation I informed Mr. Jordan that since he was friends with these people, that I didn’t want to come between their friendship and that if Mr. Jordan thought it best, he should let our friendship fall by the wayside. I made my decision based on a few reasons. The first reason is that I really didn’t want to come between Joe and these other people simply because he knew them for a long time and if I did come between them it would only lead to a unfruitful break in ties because I knew that he would choose them over me without much thought. In many ways they all have a symbiotic relationship and they feed off of each other.

The second reason is that since these other people were bearing bad fruit, in a biblical sense, I really didn’t want to be associated in any way with them. A minister of the Gospel of Yeshua Ha Mashiach has to be very cautious of any and all ties that they make because any sort of problems with other people will always be transferred to any and all associates of the person in trouble; otherwise called “guilt by association.” I cannot nor will I ever put my association with Yeshua in a questionable light by associating with people who associate with reprobates and upstarts.

Thirdly, Yahweh gave me at least two visions or dreams that He wanted me to share with Mr. Jordan; which I was faithful to do. These visions and dreams were allegories which spoke about making wrong decisions where alliances were concerned and although Mr. Jordan acknowledge that he understood these revelations that were given to him, he still chose the wrong route; meaning that he was just paying me lip service and didn’t take me or Yahweh’s revelations seriously.

Fourth; Mr. Jordan and I have differing thoughts as to the realities of the alien abduction phenomenon. This was addressed earlier in this letter.

Fifth: Having spent a good deal of time with Mr. Jordan I have noticed that there is a critical spirit about him. When everything is going his way he is a very congenial person; very giving and polite. However, when someone is on his radar screen he can act with a sarcasm that can be very demeaning. Granted, most of humanity share the same attributes; but a minister of the Gospel of Yeshua Ha Mashiach needs to be of a humble and contrite nature and I’ve seen very little of those two attributes in Joe. I could not continue to associate myself with narcissism.

And lastly, for now at least, there was the last straw. As I  mentioned earlier on this page I attribute the authorship of the Unholy Communion Book to the Holy Spirit; and that He used me to pen the words that He wanted people to read and know. And also as I mentioned above, I wrote the content of the book and Joe only added three or four testimonies that I had to type from video interviews. Just before the book went to print, I received the following e-mail from Joe on March 18, 2009:

Hi Guys, I gotta say, great job. Dave , you really did a great job putting it all together for me. As I said before, I can talk it, but I could never put it together in written words like you did. I am glad the Lord led us to meet back in 05′. I believe there will be many blessing from finally being able to share this with the world…… GOD Bless Joe [Note that the letter was addressed to another person whom I don’t want to involve in this document]

I wrote back to Joe, explaining to him that what I did, I did for Yahweh, and not for Joe. I tried to explain to him that all things that are done to bring glory to Yahweh come from Yahweh. I explained to him that many of the stories, allegories and such that are in the book are things that I either lived or was given by Yahweh and that Joe had no part or interest in those things. I also felt led to warn him about his pride and such and that he should realize who was really in control, namely Yahweh Yeshua. Below is the letter that I sent to Joe:

From: David Ruffino <david-ben-yaakov@********>
Subject: RE: David and Joseph, ***************
To: “‘Joseph Jordan'” <ce4president@*******>
Date: Friday, March 19, 2010, 1:05 AM

Hi Joe,

Hope everything is going well for you. Well, I don’t know what to say. Frankly, I never thought that I was putting it together for you. I know that we have collaborated on a lot of things and that there are things in the book that Yahweh enlightened you with. But on the other hand there are a lot of unique things that Yahweh gave to me that are in the book. The last time that I read through the book I noticed that there is a lot of sentence structure that seems like it is something that I could not have thought of on my own and there are words that were given to me that I normally would not use. So what I am trying to say is that the book is Holy Spirit inspired and anything that you or I might attribute to ourselves really originally came from Yahweh anyway, so I am calling it His book. To say that any of the work that I have done is my own would be akin to plagiarizing the Almighty Himself, which is a road that I will not travel down.

I sincerely hope and pray that you will take the same attitude that I am taking about this book. I know that you like to title things as being yours and that is okay to a certain extent, but when it comes to this book, I would appreciate that when you are at your events, or talks or any such things that you will take the humble and contrite approach and give credit to Yahweh as the true author who used his servants to get the word out to both the Church and all others. Of course you are free to do whatever you want in such situations, but I pray that you put Yeshua first; because that is where He belongs.

I really hope that you didn’t find any harshness in this letter. Yeshua dealt with me early on about this authorship thing and it has raised up its ugly head time and time again; but like Yeshua told me just two weeks ago, “David, this is MY BOOK and although you did the lion’s share of the work, I am the author.” I truly believe that Yahweh is going to guard this book with a jealousy that only He can exhibit and I want to warn you like He warned me that I don’t get on the wrong side of His jealousy. Thanks for understanding Joe, and I pray Yahweh Yeshua’s blessing on you, as long as you work His purposes through His will.

Only By The Blood of Yeshua,


For this I got the following sarcastic reply on March 19, 2009:

Dave, lets try this one more time, THANK YOU.

After this communication I again wrote to Jordan, again stressing what I elaborated on above, but I never got an answer.

Another evidence that Joe had very little to do with the writing of Unholy Communion is the fact that by his own mouth, he knows very little if anything concerning scripture. In the recent video of Joe Jordan, Guy Malone and Mike Tatar, where all three of them chime in on the persecution of their perceived enemies, Joe clearly says to Guy Malone (at 9 minutes and 27 seconds into the video) the following where the supposed spiritual proof of their belief system is concerned:

“I’m not going to get into the scriptural aspect, I don’t know enough of it to address it that way..”

So you can see that when it comes to just about anything concerning scripture, Joe is in no way a learned scholar and the only scripture that he knows is a scripture here and a scripture there that he can use to bolster the perception that he knows what he is talking about. When I told him that I was going to write the Unholy Communion book Joe stated that it was a good idea the I write a book because he could not formulate into words what would need to be said and he said that I had a good scriptural foundation and he did not. These are not the words of someone who can take credit for writing a book, especially when they lack the skill and scriptural basis for doing so; and just a cursory look at Unholy Communion shows that its texts are inundated with scriptural references and even word studies in Greek and Hebrew.

So now I am at the end of this letter. I feel that I have fully explained why I feel the need to make this public proclamation of disassociation with Joe Jordan, CE4 Research and any and all things concerning the above. I also proclaim that any affiliation with that I was perceived to have with Guy Malone, Nicole Malone, or any other person or entity associated with Alien Resistance or any subset of that organization or any mention of any affiliation is retroactively rescinded and dissolved.

It is also my hope and desire that people not judge my book, Unholy Communion unfairly simply because Joe Jordan is listed as an author. He was not an author, but a minor contributor who probably hasn’t even read the book because if he had he would see that his beliefs about the origins and activities as of the evil entities involved in alien abduction are almost a polar opposite of what Unholy Communion exhibits in its pages. I deeply regret naming him as an author and it is a mistake that I will have to live with for a long time, or until I can revise the book and remove him from it entirely. It is a great book and explains in easy to read terms all about the biblical aspect of who the aliens are and what their agenda is in these last days of human history.

And finally, I know that Joe and his cabal are doing their best to ruin the lives of abductees by telling them that they were all part of some cosmic fantasy, but I make myself and all of PAAPSI available to minister like a true and caring minister of the Gospel of Yeshua Ha Mashiach to all who need and want our services. You’ve gone through a horrible ordeal that was real, both spiritually and physically and we won’t turn you away no matter what you think your ordeal was. Joe and his disciples want to cherry pick who they want to help, but we make ourselves available to everyone and we’ll love you with the love of Yeshua, not like those who are turned aside to fables and who use worldly wisdom.

Thank you for reading this letter, for your understanding and of course for your prayers during this time of a battle that we did not want but are forced to fight.

Your Brother In Mashiach Yeshua

David Ruffino (AKA David Ben Ya’akov)