A Letter to My Fellows In The UFO Research Community

By David Ruffino

Written 2006 and Revised 2014

© 2006 and 2010 David Ben Yakov / Delusion Resistance


My name is David Ruffino and I was a MUFON field investigator for around five years. I now live in Western Oregon. Formally, I lived in Sacramento, California and lived in this area since I was transplanted here from New Jersey, at the age of fourteen. I am fifty-five eight years old at present.

I grew up in a household where UFO’s were a regular topic. My dad believed in the reality of UFO’s and from my earliest memories I can still see copies of Project Blue Book sitting on the coffee table next to other publications, such as Life Magazine and the now defunct “Look” magazine; as well as many publications on UFO’s. My dad had a strong interest in the subject but outside the family setting he shared it with only a few. He learned to keep things sort of discreet, mainly because of ridicule that he had thrust upon him by debunkers and skeptics. It was the 1960’s and people who talked about UFO’s were considered at best, poor fools who asked for scorn and mocking by broaching the subject.

It was no different for me. I had become known as the kid whose father believed in stupid things. I was constantly asked if I had seen any little green men, or if any UFO’s had landed in my yard the night before; always accompanied with a sarcastic laugh or a contemptuous little chuckle. But dad and I just kept our course and read all of the books and publications that we could get our hands on. We knew that there was something valid about all of the UFO sightings and did our best to disseminate the truth from fiction. By the time I was in my early teens I already had one UFO encounter and much to our delight, some of the neighbors had become believers; their belief brought about by their own UFO encounters.

I’ve written the above to illustrate to everyone that I am no stranger to the UFO community; no, as a matter of fact, I am the UFO community. I still hold fast to the reality of UFO’s and nobody will ever change my belief that they exist; although some of my perceptions have altered, as I have also been changed.

People in general tend to play little life’s games. If something is appealing and it makes sense to their preconceived notions, they readily accept it. But, throw something challenging, something that defies what they’ve always believed, and they will either debunk it or they’ll just ignore it and hope that it will just fade away in a vain attempt to avoid facing the challenge of dealing with it directly. We in the UFO Community have experienced both of these mind sets as we have dared to propose the reality of UFO’s to the populace. When presented with the facts, some have chosen to flat out call us lunatics or have taken the more passive approach as to find all sorts of explanations for what we have seen plainly with our own eyes, have heard with our own ears and have experienced in various ways with all of the senses that we possess. Still others tend to just stick their heads in the sand and wait for the fad to end; for the lunacy to run its course. I’m sorry to have to announce to those people that the reality of UFO’s is not going to go away, no matter how much it is debunked or ignored. It will only escalate as time marches on.

One thing that has always annoyed me is how, with all of the evidence that is readily available, much of it presented by extremely credible witnesses; is often brushed aside or swept under the carpet of denial. Recently, I found a website that is administered by a Mr. Pete Hartinger. Pete is a MUFON State Section Director in Ohio and he heads up the MUFON chapter for Fayette and Pickaway Counties, in the heartland of the United States. Mr. Hartinger is a very busy man and has been a researcher and UFO advocate for more than 30 years. Needless to say, he knows what he is talking about, right?

In one article, Hartinger is quoted as saying:

A big part of the evidence of the UFO phenomenon existence is the eyewitness testimony. Many people have been sent to prison just because of eyewitness reports to crimes committed. [Witness to an Unusual event – A UFO Sighting By Pete Hartinger  The Circleville Herald    Friday, July 7, 2006]

Hartinger hits the nail right on the head with that statement. We’re willing to send someone to jail if two people say that the accused person committed a crime. Yet, where the UFO phenomena is concerned, the testimony of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of witnesses is ignored by the press and by friends and family. This is prejudice in a very high degree. The skeptic, the debunker and the ostrich (the head in the sand person) are all willing to ignore such a vast testimony just because the testimony doesn’t fit into the precast mold that many adhere to.

Hartinger hits on another point that I think we should take a look at as it is vital to the dissemination of proof of the UFO phenomena:

On March 24, I gave a talk to the Pickaway County Bar Association. As part of my talk I gave a statement that a lawyer friend of mine from Cleveland gave me in regards to the UFO phenomenon. “The weight of evidence is now so strong that there is something unexplained going on that the burden of proof has switched to the skeptics to prove that there is nothing to it.” [2004 – A year in review for Pickaway UFO sightings By Pete Hartinger:  The Circleville Herald    Friday, February 4, 2005]

The evidence that Hartinger’s lawyer friend was referring to is the eyewitness testimony, along with other evidence that is out there for every serious researcher, debunker and seeker to the truth to view. With the advent of the internet this has become even truer. Information is more plentiful today than it ever has been. Hartinger and his lawyer friend have thrown out the gauntlet. In essence, they’ve said, “no, too many people have seen them and too much evidence exists, if you think you can, try to prove millions of people wrong.”

Hartinger again stresses the importance of witness testimonial in the following piece:

UFO sightings were still being recorded all over the world.  Two more were added to my Pickaway County Sighting List.  One occurred near Mt. Sterling on Oct. 17 and the other was a daylight sighting of a saucer shaped disc near Darbyville that was seen around 1972.  In both cases the witnesses said that I could use their names as the UFO phenomenon is becoming more and more accepted.  I commend witnesses who are willing to do this, as it attests to this phenomenon.  Their names are on file with RUFOS. [2005 – A year in review for UFO sightings By Pete Hartinger  The Circleville Herald    Friday, March 21, 2006]

So as Mr. Hartinger’s words have reinforced yet again, there is a prejudice against belief in UFO’s. This prejudice has been hard to fight, but if one looks closely, it can be seen that the walls of that prejudice have started to break down. It has been a hard road for UFO advocates. We have suffered years, and for some of us it has been decades of derision. The little snickers, the shaking of the heads of people we love and respect, and the patronizing looks and comments have taken their toll. But comfort comes in the realization that people are starting to take us seriously; that all of the talking and our presentation of the proof is starting to sink into a lot of minds. Keeping in mind all that we have gone through in our quest to present the truth, can we say that we are as tolerant as we had always hoped others would be toward us? I truly believe that many of us might be as intolerant or more so, as we found others to be with regard to us all of these years. Please allow me to explain.

Another View – History Repeated:

If you walked into a UFO convention and asked 25 people their opinion about UFO’s, you’d get a variety of different answers. If you asked the same people where they thought the alien visitors came from you would hear things such as: time travelers, inter-dimensional beings, entities from other star systems or galaxies, etc. If you asked what these people thought the purpose of the visitations are you would be told that perhaps they are here to help mankind while others would say that they are probably hostile, here to conquer and have dominion over us. If you asked them what a UFO actually is, some would say that they are nuts and bolts machines made in Area 51 while others would say that they are time machines and still others would say that they are craft that are piloted by extraterrestrial beings. Point here is, that there would be a variety of people with a variety of different views. All of these people would believe that they had the correct answer and would think that the others didn’t quite have it right, but they would all accept each other and would accept each other’s views. Modern society calls this “tolerance.”

Oh, but I almost forgot. One of those 25 people had a different opinion. We’ll call him number seven. His opinion was quite radical and it’s one that you’ve probably heard before. His opinion makes the other 24 people feel uncomfortable. They don’t really know why they feel ill at ease when they hear it, but then again, maybe they do. This strange opinion has to do with God. You and the others flash on the thought that perhaps what he means by God is that god was really an ancient astronaut; that he came to earth back in the distant past and by genetic manipulation, he created all the life forms that we know and see, but especially mankind. After all, you’ve heard of some people who claim to be in contact telepathically with extraterrestrials or you’ve heard the testimony of abductees; messages that claim that we are just an experiment, a large laboratory for our alien visitors. You surmise, yes, I can see the validity of this notion and I can accept this theory as an acceptable way to explain things.

You sit for a brief time relaxing, firm in the knowledge that all of those present again are in one accord. But number seven has more to say. He says that he believes in a personal God, a creator. He says that he thinks that there is also a Satan, one who rebelled against God. He says that he believes that the UFO phenomena is a product of God’s adversary and that the manifestation of UFO’s and their occupants is really a manifestation of fallen angels who are trying to deceive mankind. He says that he has proof. He says that he has testimonies of people who have thwarted alien abduction experiences simply by calling on the name of Jesus Christ. He says that he has testimonies of witnesses who have caused UFO’s to disappear using the same method. He points out that many of the witnesses have come to faith in Jesus and since that time, the abductions have completely stopped. He shows that there are many parallels between extraterrestrial and fallen angels or demonic entities. These are indisputable evidences that need to be considered by the whole UFO community, especially those who are being harassed by these entities posing themselves as life forms from other planets or star systems.

Well, immediately you become like the Starship Enterprise. You perceive a threat, a voice inside starts saying “red alert, red alert,” and your shields come up while the weapon systems automatically come online. Number seven is no longer a fellow researcher. In your eyes he’s an intruder, a hideous alien life form that has entered your space. Your shields keep you from accepting his message and his thoughts. Some of what he has said has already entered your data banks and you start to purge your files. Your weapons engage the supposed enemy. They come in the way of snide remarks, condescending retorts and the half smile that says that you think that number seven is some poor fool that is deluded in thought; not worthy of your time of day.

So do we see a pattern here? What we see is that those who were once considered abnormal, kooks and on the fringe, have now become pretty much the norm. Those who promote the UFO phenomena have pretty much been accepted, not so much by the government, but by the populace. We see that the media (outside the US) has picked up on the notion of extraterrestrial life and they have run with it. Hollywood has made numerous movies pertaining to the phenomena in what is probably a conditioning of the masses for a future stark reality. Basically, the UFO community has come into our own and we’re making headway. We’ve become the norm, the popular opinion, the status quo where this subject is concerned. When disclosure comes, we’ll be the ones who stand on the housetops and shout, “see, I told you so.”

But in all of this pride, after attaining the puffed up psyche, what have a lot of us become? We’ve become the intolerant ones. We’re no better than the very persons who harassed us, belittled us and embarrassed us in front of our peers way back in the sixties. Oh how quick we are to forget how it felt back then. We forget how we had to whisper in secret to each other when others were present and how we were ignored as lunatics are ignored. We forget how we felt like the rejected prophet; like an educator whose students pay little or not attention to what we feel is a very serious lesson plan.

So how do I approach you on this matter. Well, I do so by introducing myself. I am number seven. If you think that things were hard for you where acceptance is concerned then you need to walk a mile in my moccasins. Not only do I (and people like me) have to walk around with the “religious fanatic” stigma ascribed to us by those in the UFO Community, but we have also been ascribed the “lunatic fringe” definition by many who call themselves Bible believing Christians. People who have no trouble believing in demons and devils, who just can’t come to the realization that alien entities are just that; the adversaries of God. Fortunately, there is a remnant of believers who do accept our message and our numbers are growing every day.

Yes, I’m number seven and I’ve come to see how everything in this field seems to parallel the malevolent entities mentioned in the Bible. From personal experience, I have seen how the name of Jesus stops abductions; I’ve stopped a few myself, and it is incredible. On our website we have numerous accounts of similar experiences by a variety of different people; people who, like Mr. Hartinger said concerning his contacts, like to keep anonymous; but also some who want to proclaim it from the housetops. We present the proof, and you can choose to accept it or you can deny it, the choice is up to each individual. But think for one moment about something. What if I and my colleagues are right. What if there is a creator God and what if the Bible is correct. Can your preconceived notions about Him be beneficial? Are you willing to bet against him? Are you willing to forfeit contentment and peace for eternity because you choose to ignore His existence; because He doesn’t fit comfortably into your safety zone? Please keep your mind open to this possibility too, because it is an oh so very important one.

It is my hope and prayer that since you’ve made it this far in this letter that you will attempt to keep an open mind and consider what I have written. True research consists of studying ALL possibilities. True science dictates that in order for something to be factual, it has to be observable in the laboratory. The laboratory in this instance is the lives of so many individuals who have thwarted abductions by calling on the name of Jesus. Their testimonies are the successful lab results. Those lab results are the cure for anyone who wants to be freed from alien intrusion into their lives.

Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even by him doth this man stand here before you whole. This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner. Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. [Acts 4:10-12]

Please feel free to write me at verdad@delusionresistance.org and visit The Delusion Resistance at www.delusionresistance.org . You can visit the Paranormal and Alien Abduction Problem Solvers International at www.paapsi.org and read the testimonies there. Thank You.




David Ruffino