1979 Who Hath Believe Our Report


(Psalm 121)
Steffi Rubin/Rich Robinson © 1977


Unto the hills I will lift up mine eyes,

From whence does my help come?

My help cometh from the Lord,

Maker of heaven and earth.


He will not suffer they foot to move,

He will not slumber nor sleep.

He that keeps watch over Israel,

Never shall slumber nor sleep.


Sun shall not smite thee by the day,

Nor the moon, the moon by night.

God shall preserve thee from evil’s way.

He shall preserve thy soul.


The Lord shall preserve thy going out,

And thy coming in.

Even for now and from this time forth,

Even forevermore.


Lai, lai, lai, lai, lai….



(Psalm 113)
Stuart Dauermann © 1978


Praise the Lord.

Praise O servants of the Lord.

O praise the name of the Lord.


Bless be the name,

The name of the Lord,

Form this time forth and forever more.


From the rising of the sun unto its setting,

The name of the Lord shall be praised.

The Lord is high above all nations,

Above heaven His glory is raised.


Hallelujah, hallelu avday Adonai

Hallelu et shem Adonai.



(Psalm 73)
Ceil Rosen/Mitch Glaser/Stuart Dauermann © 1979


When I looked upon the wicked men,

I was filled with jealousy.

They prosper in their wickedness,

And they don’t seem to suffer like me, O Lord.

No, they don’t seem to suffer like me.


See the wicked, their wealth secure,

They live a life of ease.

In vain O Lord, my heart is pure,

What’s the use if I keep my hands clean, O Lord,

What’s the use if I keep my hands clean?


But when I came into Thy sanctuary,

I understood their fate:

In the judgment they will perish utterly,

Like a dream when one awakes, O Lord,

Like a dream when one awakes.


None upon the earth, O Lord,

Do I desire but thee,

And whom have I in heaven,

Whom have I but thee, O Lord,

Whom have I but thee?


Though my heart and my strength may fail,

Thou my portion wilt bee;

My strength of heart forever more,

Thou my portion wilt be, O Lord,

Thou my portion wilt be.


And when I come into the day of judgment,

I need not fear what comes;

In the judgment day I’ll find redemption,

Through Jesus Thy Son, my Lord,

Through Jesus, Thy Son.



(Psalm 89)
Benyomin Ellegant © 1979


I have sworn to David my servant,

“Your seed shall reign forever.

Your throne shall prevail through all generations,

My covenant holds true.”



David Melech Yisrael,

Chai, Chai v’kayam!


Like the sun that stands before Me,

Like the moon, it course eternal,

I have given an oath to David My servant,

His blessings shall never end.



(Isaiah 53)
Steffi Rubin/Stuart Dauermann © 1978


He grew up before us, as a root from dry ground.

And in his appearance no beauty was found.

Despised and rejected, a sorrowful man.

The grief that he carried accomplished God’s plan.


Oppressed and afflicted, his lips did not tell.

Like a sheep to the slaughter, he followed so well.

Condemned with the wicked, with rich men in death.

In love and forgiveness, he breathed His last breath.


For the wounds that he bore,

He bore for our sins,

The sins that those bruises revealed,

The chastening of man,

He carried within,

And now, by His stripes we are healed.


Indeed the Lord willed it to bring Him this pain,

To offer Him up and revive us again,

His seed be triumphant, His name glorified,

And many be righteous because Jesus died.

Who hath believed our report?



(Romans 8)
Steffi Rubin/Stuart Dauermann © 1978


There is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus,

Whose Spirit has freed us from sin and death.

When the law could not save us,

In mercy God gave us His Son,

As an offering to pay our debt




So, indebted to Him, by His Spirit within,

We’re an offering to give Him in thankfulness:

Take our bodies and our minds,

And we willingly bind them,

With love, to the altar of holiness.


So we thank Thee O Lord,

For the love and accord,

You have given your people, Through all the earth;

That, though different we be,

By your Spirit we’re free,

To grow in the fullness of our new birth.



(Isaiah 53)
Mitch Glaser © 1979


Kulanu katson tainu,

Ish l’darko paninu,

V’Adonai hifgiya bo et avon Kulanu.


All we like sheep have gone astray;

We have turned every one to his own way,

And the Lord hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all.



(Matthew 23)
Steffi Rubin/Rich Robinson © 1979


O Jerusalem, thou that stonest them,

I have sent to thee.

O Jerusalem, the blood of godly men,

Cries from the midst of thee.

O Jerusalem, O Jerusalem,

Have you no eyes to see;


That I so often would have gathered you unto me,

As a hen doth gather her chicks unto her.

But ye would not – But ye would not.


O Jerusalem, thy children shall be gone,

Thy house shall barren be.

O Jerusalem, I’ll not be back again,

Till ye shall say to me:


Blessed be he who comes,

In the name of the Lord.

Blessed be he who comes,

In the name of the Lord.

Baruch haba bashem Adonai!



(Isaiah 53)
Cynthia Goldstein © 1979


Who hath believe, this, our report?

Whose eyes have seen the Lord?

Slowly he grew, tender young plant,

Through Israel’s parched ground.


His face did we despise,

Our sorrows he bore,

His glory did we deny – And so He died.


Lashed for our wounds, crushed for our strength,

Pierced, He paid for sin.

Silent He stood, silent He died,

Bringing the world to Him.


Come the third day, empty the tomb.

Echoes of victory:

He’s not there, He’s alive,

Come Israel and see


There in the clouds He comes,

House of David, now learn,

This, your Redeemer,

Has returned,

Has returned,

He has returned.



(Revelation 1/Deuteronomy 18/Psalm 110)
Susan Perlman/Mitch Glaser © 1979


The Lord Himself will raise up unto you,

A Prophet, like your Moses he’ll be – Hallelujah!

From your own brothers the Mighty One shall come,

Listen to His Holy Words – Hallelujah!


Look up, He’s coming!

Coming in the clouds!

Every eye shall see.

Tell all the people,

The people of the earth,

Every eye shall see!


The Lord your God said unto my Lord,

“Come and sit at my right hand,” – Hallelujah!

For He has sworn and promised to my Lord,

Forever a priest he’ll be – Hallelujah.


“The end of day is coming,” declares the Lord of Hosts;

“The King of Kings shall reign,” – Hallelujah!

“His arm of grace extended to rule forevermore;

Judah shall be saved!” – Hallelujah!