1990 Y’Shua


© 1982, Mitch Glaser


The blind men see, and the lame men walk.

In Y’shua’s name.

The dead are raised and sorrow turns to praise.

In Y’shua’s name.



Y’shua, Y’shua, Messiah He has come,

To live an die and rise again,

To save His people from their sins, Hallelujah.

To save His people from their sins.


Demons flee and captives are set free,

In Y’shua’s name.

Mercy’s found and the grace of God abounds,

In Y’shua’s name.




There’ll come a day when every knee shall bow,

To Y’shua’s name.

So call upon the God of Jacob now,

In Y’shua’s name.





© 1982 Stuart Dauermann


He’ll give you strength to go on,

When you feel you’re gonna stumble.

He’ll be your shelter and rock,

When the mountains crumble.


When earth and sky fade away,

He’ll turn your night into day.

Wherever you are Hell be there,

Mighty to save.


He’ll make your life over new,

If you’ll just receive Him.

You’ll find his promises true,

But you must believe Him.


You’ll find that every day,

He’s working in His own way.

He’ll always be there when you need him.

Mighty to save.



© 1982 Mitch Glaser


Create in me a clean heart, O God.

And renew my spirit within me.

Cast me not from Thy presence, Lord.

Take not Thy Spirit from me.


Restore to me the joy of Thy salvation.

Uphold me with Thy willing Spirit,

And I will teach Thy ways to Israel,

And many will return to Thee.


Be gracious unto me in Thy lovingkindness.

Blot my transgressions out by Thy great compassion.


O, cleanse me, Lord, from mine iniquity,

And I shall be pure before Thee.

Wash me, Lord, and I’ll be whiter than snow.

Cleanse me, O Lord



© 1982 Stuart Dauermann


I will praise Thee, O Lord my God.

I will praise Thee, with all my heart.

I will sing praises to Thy name.

And my enemies will all be turned away.


They who know Thy name will put their trust in Thee.

Lord You won’t forsake Your people who see Thee.

Sing praises to the Lord, who in Mount Zion dwells.

Go among the people and tell, tell, tell.

Go and tell the praises of the Lord.



© 1982 Stuart Dauermann


At all times I will bless Him, His praise will be in my mouth.

My soul makes its boast in the Lord.

The humble man will hear of Him, the afflicted will be glad,

And join with me to magnify the Lord.



Let us exalt His name together, forever.

I sought the Lord, He heard me and delivered me from my fears.

Let us exalt His name together, forever.

O sing His praises, magnify the Lord.


The angel of the Lord encamps ’round those who fear His Name,

To save them and deliver them from harm.

Tho’ lion roar with hunger, we lack for no good thing.

No wonder then we praise Him with our song.




Come children now and hear me, if you would see long life,

Just keep our lips from wickedness and lies.

Do good and turn from evil, seek peace instead of strife,

Love righteousness and God will hear your cry.


Chorus (2x)



© 1982 Andy Siditsky and Stuart Dauermann



May all who live believe in You,

And sanctify Thy name in truth (2x)


For You are our salvation,

Y’shua, Jesus, You’re the one (2x)


Y’shua HaMachiach,

You are Lord, yes, You are Lord (2x)



© 1982 Stuart Dauermann


Beyond the Jordan in Galilee, a shining Light appeared.

For sickness he brought healing, and joy instead of fear.

For bondage He gave freedom, for hatred He gave love.

His name is Jesus, the true Light from above.

The people in darkness have seen a holy LIght.

The gloom has turned to brightness and the blind receive their sight.

He’s multiplied the nation and added to our joy.

And we’re rejoicing like men dividing spoil.



He’s the Light of the World,

He’s the Light of the World.

We stumbled in darkness,

Now we’re walking in the light.

He’s the Light of the World, He’s the Light.


The Lord has called Messiah, yea, even from His birth,

To gather Jacob’s children, from each corner of the earth.

His standard is uplifted and His ensign is unfurled,

That all might honor Him, the King of all the world.

His house shall be exalted and in the latter days,

He’ll judge among the nations and He’ll  teach them of His ways.

Their swords will be refashioned, for peace instead of might,

Come house of Jacob, lets walk in the Light.




The Lord is coming quickly, He’s the faithful one and true.

The Alpha and Omega who’ll make all things new.

And in the New Jerusalem, the city foursquare,

There’ll be no Temple, for Jesus will be there.

The saved of all the nations will walk in its light.

The kings will bring their glory and their splendor and their might.

You can live there also, if you’re in the Book of Life.

So come receive Him, for Jesus is the Light.





© 1982 Janie-Sue Wertheim


Let’s sing a song of triumph to Jesus our King.

The Lord the King of Glory rules o’er everything.


The Lord is mighty in battle,

And glorious in majesty.

Has designed to dwell with us below,

His coming has made us free.


Y’shua came as a servant,

To redeem and heal and bless.

And every knee shall bow to Him,

And every tongue confess.



© 1982 Stuart Dauermann


Y’shua HaMashiach has come to Israel.

Moses and the prophets described Him very well.

If you’re looking for the Father, you’ll find Him in the Son.

Yes, Y’shua is God’s Anointed One (He’s the one).

Y’shua is God’s Anointed One.


Moses spoke to Israel.

He said, Some day there’ll be,

A prophet from among you,

Who’ll speak for God like me.

SO hear me now and hear Him then,

For God will speak to thee.

Thru Y’shua, obey Him when He comes (when He comes)

Y’shua is God’s Anointed One.


Long before Y’shua came,

To live upon the earth.

The prophet Micah had proclaimed,

The city of His birth.

In Bethlehem of Judah,

He’ll be born of David’s seed.

And ruler of Israel He’ll be (yes indeed)

Ruler of Israel He’ll be.


Isaiah said Messiah,

Would be King on David’s throne.

Though He would be the Son of Man,

He’d not be man alone.

He’s Wonder, He’s counselor,

The Mighty God is He.

Forever His kingdom will increase (It is He)

Y’shua the righteous Prince of Peace.


The prophets wrote that He would die,

To take away our sins.

They said that He’d be crucified,

And that He’d rise again.

It’s written in Psalm Twenty-two,

And Isaiah Fifty-three,

That Y’shua would die for you and me (come and see)

The prophets predicted it would be.




Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty.

Early in the morning, our song shall rise to Thee.

Holy, Holy, Holy, merciful and mighty.

God in three Persons, Blessed Trinity.



Kadosh, kadosh, kadosh,

Adonai Tz’vaot

Kadosh, kadosh, kadosh,

Adonai Tz’vaot


Holy Holy Holy, all the saints adore Thee.

Casting down their golden crowns beside the crystal sea.

Cherubim and seraphim, falling down before Thee.

Who wert and art and evermore shalt be.




Holy, Holy, Holy, tho’ the darkness hide Thee.

Tho’ the eye of sinful man Thy glory may not see.

Only Thou art holy, there is none beside Thee.

Perfect in power, in love and purity.




Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty.

All Thy works shall praise Thy Name in earth and sky and sea.

Holy, Holy, Holy, merciful and mighty.

God in Three Persons, Blessed Trinity