Welcome To The Delusion Resistance Articles Page

On this page of the website you will find PDF files of articles that I have written over the years. This page was deemed necessary because someone had hacked the main website and along with it went all of these articles. Thankfully, Webnet77 made a backup of the site so it was saved from utter destruction. So for the sake of my peace of mind and for posterity, I have downloaded those articles and turned them into PDF files and uploaded them here. Those PDF files have been uploaded here and are available by clicking on a category on the top header and can be searched by using the search engine on the right. Actually, the hacker did me a favor because the articles were written over the years and to be honest, my writing skills have been honed over the years. So I have gone through the articles and correct grammatical errors and sentence syntax to the best of my ability.

Please understand that the articles are a compilation of writing from the mid 1990’s until fairly present. All of the articles are copyrighted, even if they do not have a copyright ascribed within the article itself. There are a scant few articles that have other authors. Those articles are used by permission from those authors and any use references and/or use should be addressed with them. You may use any of the articles on this site for research purposes and you may quote them fully or in part as long as you reference them back to The Delusion Resistance. You will not add to, take away or change the content in any form whatsoever. Many of the articles are editorial in nature and I claim editorial privilege to my articles. Both United States and International laws protect writing that is editorial in nature.

I hope that you enjoy the articles and I also hope that they will help you in your research efforts.