Thank You for coming to our Delusion Resistance Blog; BAI-YA-MIM. This word is Hebrew for “In Those Days.” This blog will replace the Delusion Resistance Journal which has been featured on our website for quite a few years. We include a link for you to visit our old Journal site. There are many interesting articles there and we’d hate for you to miss any of them. The link is above here, in the menu bar.

This Blog will be updated as time permits. The times that we live in are quite hectic and there are many thing happening on personal levels, local levels, worldly levels and Kingdom levels so we’re pulled in many directions at all times. We might post every month or bimonthly as time permits. Please check back often so as to keep up with what is going on with our ministry and also what is happening on the world scene as it relates to Biblical reference to these Last Days.

Oh, and if you’re a spammer, please know in advance that we don’t do comments on this blog. All comments go right into the trash bin, so save yourself the bother, you will not be seen.

Shalom to all of you.


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