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In the summer of 2006 David Ruffino and Joe Jordan were both in Roswell for the 59th Roswell Festival. They were both there to tell to anyone who would listen that Aliens that claimed to be from other worlds were not who they claimed to be. Many people listened and were amazed to hear what they had to present.

Toward the end of their time in Roswell, Joe said to David that they both had things that they could give to the world to educate them about the alien menace and about the true nature of alien abduction. Joe told David that he was a good writer and that he should write a book about the deceptive nature of the aliens and alien abduction. Both Joe and David had testimonies from people who overcame the alien beings by using the Name of Jesus Christ to thwart alien abduction.

David set out to write the book using testimonies that were sent to him and a few testimonies that Joe supplied. But this is not just the story of people who overcame alien abduction through the name of Jesus, and ended alien abduction as a life’s pattern. No, it is much more than that. It is also a primer on the nature of the deceptive alien beings. Using the testimonies of secular researchers as well as the testimony of Biblical passages “Unholy Communion” finally nails the coffin shut in regard to the alien abduction question; where it originates and how it is stopped.

In response to some who have asked for the Table of Contents of the book; it is as follows:





Chapter One:  What is Alien Abduction; A Brief Overview

Chapter Two: Secular View – Scientific View;  Nuts and Bolts of A Secular Religion Confusing

Chapter Three: Crossing Over – Secular Researchers with Inter-dimensional Views

Chapter Four: Psychics Channelers – What the New Age Has to Say About Alien Abduction


Chapter Five: So What About the Christian Church?

Chapter Six: Is There Life in The Universe – A Biblical View

Chapter Seven: Alien Abduction in Past Centuries

Chapter Eight: The Conflict and The Combatants

Chapter Nine: Three Basic Christian Views on The Alien Abduction Reality

Chapter Ten: Doors – Pathways and their consequences


Chapter Eleven: Importance of Testimonial Evidence

Chapter Twelve: Testimony of Joyce

Chapter Thirteen: Catherine’s Testimony

Chapter Fourteen: Bill’s Testimony

Chapter Fifteen: Matthew’s Testimony

Chapter Sixteen: Lyle’s Testimony

Chapter Seventeen: David’s Testimony

Chapter Eighteen: Lourdes’ Testimony

Chapter Nineteen: Jim’s Testimony

Chapter Twenty: Wade’s Testimony

Chapter Twenty One: Testimony of Lynn from Texas

Chapter Twenty Two: More Important Testimonies – Josef, Heather and Rob

Chapter Twenty Three: People Who Refuse Help And Their Outcome


Chapter Twenty Four: Christian Awakening – The Church Enters “Resistance Mode.”

Chapter Twenty Five: Official Disclosure – The First and Second Disclosures.




Everything considered, this book is a valuable addition to your library.  The book is inexpensive, it is a very informative read that offers perspectives that you probably haven’t thought of; or if you have, it might confirm what you’ve thought to be true all along. We recommend it for the person who has considered that there is something missing to the hollow answers about alien abduction. Many Christians have told us, “You know, I have always thought about what you have just told me, and now I know that my suspicions were right all along.”

We’ve even heard it from secular and non-religious people as they tell us,

“Well, that’s an interesting way to look at the phenomenon and I’ll have to examine that further.”

Unholy Communion has been endorsed by some of the best researchers in this field, who have said the following about the book:

“Dave Ruffino and Joe Jordan have written a book that is bound to be controversial. But whether to embrace or reject their views is only one issue that confronts the reader. More fundamental is the witness testimony they amass and toss into the ring for investigative combat. Like it or not, the bulk of UFO evidence put forth by any researcher is witness testimony. It is the human element, not empirical data, which initially produced and now sustains research into UFOs and alleged alien encounters. The reader needs to either conclude that all of Dave and Joe’s witnesses are lying or unreliable, or give them a sincere hearing. You can’t have it both ways—insisting that the only reliable witnesses are the ones that support your own view. If even ten percent of the witnesses in this book are honest about what happened to them and, in particular, how they were rescued from their torment, Dave and Joe have earned the right to be heard.” 
– Dr. Michael S. Heiser


“What Dave and Joe have to offer the reader in this book is much more than observable reporting or debatable theology which most quality books on this subject provide. This book gives the reader an additional dimension of personal experience and evolvement. With almost a decade of Christian ministry, both men have provided successful Biblical counseling and termination for many people plagued by this hushed up horrible experience. The end results speak for themselves if you have the courage to consider their claims and testimonies. I have known both men personally as associates and pioneers in this field. I am honored to say that Dave and Joe are trusted colleagues.. Both are motivated by the love of God which is in Christ Jesus and have paid the price as pioneers in this often misunderstood subject and ministry. This book promises to be a ground breaker for the Church and anyone else seeking the real truth about Alien Abduction.”  
– Rev. Jim Wilhelmsen


“Unholy Communion is the result of 65 combined years of original research into alien-abduction by veteran researchers, David Ruffino and Joseph Jordan. Using scores of eye witness and “experiencer” accounts given in person to the researchers, careful analysis of facts and findings confront preconceived notions about aliens—who they are and what they want—and ultimately unveils a hard-hitting reality so astonishing that your own future may be changed by it. For the first time in such research, analytical duplication using guidelines for redundancy similar to methods employed by scientists and investigators to illustrate repeatability and thus cause-and-effect, scores of experiencer-testimonies provide implications of the only known “cure” for “abduction.” The compelling evidence also connects dots between “the supernatural” and deliverance, in which the name of Jesus Christ emerges in a way that will shock some in the public while providing a confirmation of faith to others.” 
– Thomas R. Horn, Author of Apollyon Rising 2012.


“This book by Dave and Joe plumbs the depth of the incursion of the fallen angels which resulted in the human/fallen angel hybrid known as the Nephilim. They give us startling proof that they may be returning! For years we’ve had one sided evidence on this phenomenon but with this book the jury will be presented ALL of the evidence and now they can make knowledgeable judgment concerning this matter.”
– L.A. Marzulli Author of the Nephilim Trilogy

With all that has been said there is no doubt that this book is a must read for everyone, except of course the alien beings themselves; because it exposes their deception and cracks their secrets wide open.

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