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Posted: July 06, 2010
6:13 pm Eastern
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I well remember the pioneering research that my late friend, apologetics teacher David Lewis, used to present to eager audiences. David had many interests, but specialized in Israel.

When he told me once that he was preparing for a UFO conference, I was intrigued to say the least. The sight of this regal gentleman sitting with the tinfoil hats was comical and fascinating at the same time.

When David revealed to me that he had discovered a key to understanding the so-called “alien abductions,” I leaned in.

“Jim,” he said, “Christians who call on the name of the Lord are protected in these situations.”

Now, you can dismiss him (or us) as fundamentalist goofs, but I have since discussed the subject with quite a few researchers, and they reinforce David’s contention. An amazing new book adds further insight.

Authors/researchers David Ruffino and Joseph Jordan have crafted an incredibly absorbing book, “Unholy Communion: The Alien Abduction Phenomenon, Where It Originates and How It Stops.” Kudos to this duo for having the courage to take on such a topic. Those who think it fringe are not the audience, anyway.

Before we get into the meat of the book, note that there is a riveting section, in which personal testimonies add rich layers to the investigation. You’ll read this section in one sitting!

The subject of UFO encounters and abductions has permeated the culture: Everyone from secularists to the religious have embraced the subject. Ruffino and Jordan take an approach that sets them apart.

Both Jordan and Ruffino, in their early years, dabbled in New Age and various other philosophies before becoming Christians. They feel that the knowledge gained has aided their UFO research, from the opposite spectrum. Their conviction that UFO encounters have a decidedly sinister aspect is not totally unique, but, combined with the biblical approach taken, the whole phenomenon is presented in a compelling light.

The linchpin of “Unholy Communion” is the assertion that victims of these attacks from entities we don’t fully understand can end them by invoking the name of Jesus Christ. This adds credence to the notion that the entities are in fact demonic and not the product of higher intelligence elsewhere in the universe.

The authors are not afraid to take on the “sacred cows” of ufology:

“It is our contention that in excess of 60 years, those in defense of the ‘aliens,’ who have championed their cause and who have been in the spotlight for those decades have had more than adequate time to present their case,” the authors write. “The thing is that their clients, those same entities that claim to be extraterrestrial, have never made an attempt to come to court to speak for themselves.”

Obviously, one has only to watch History Channel specials on UFOs to realize there is quite a cottage industry related to the “aliens.” The major spokespersons do in fact have a stake in advancing the argument that these entities are from far-off planets. Even our government, with its bankrolling of odd projects like SETI, is advancing the idea that beings from beyond our “community” are attempting to contact us.

If Ruffino and Jordan are correct, this is a fatal error judgment.

“Unholy Communion” also makes the marvelous point that ancient Greek and Roman mythologies parallel quite well with the accounts of Noah and the “Nephilim” of his day. These beings, still shrouded somewhat in mystery, could very well have given rise to the myths of ancient civilizations. The question is, are they preparing to make a return into the realm inhabited by human beings?

Ruffino and Jordan make another compelling point: Those who are deceived about the true identity of the “aliens” are not confined to the secular or even atheistic philosophers (such as Carl Sagan) – they are populating the church, as well.

“The sad part is that even in the Christian church there is a growing delusion that holds to the same belief where UFOs and intelligent life in the universe is concerned,” the authors contend. “The lie has gone out for many years and many now believe it.”

This gullibility within the church is one of the chief reasons “Unholy Communion” was written, in an attempt to bring discernment at least to Christian believers.

Finally, the authors present very clearly the “antidote” to this blatant deception, and present a very clear gospel message.

In this age of mystery and uncertainty, “Unholy Communion” is perhaps one of the best exposures of evil on the market.



The problem with the bulk of our research is that we find it so very difficult to communicate them to people around us – including Christian brothers and sisters in local assemblies. We admit that we fear their censure and their questioning our very sanity should we even openly talk about 5% of our findings. It is with this frustration and shame (for our own failures) that I would openly commend to you the work by David Ruffino and Joe Jordan. Both of them have carried out years of research not unlike what my friend and I have done. The difference is that they have published their findings in a book and openly present them in public (such as in the annual Roswell Conferences). I sincerely thank God for their ministry and pray that they will awaken many to the dangers of false UFO religions (such as the tragic Heaven’s Gate cult previously and other related cults who believe in “Ascended Masters” like that led by Elizabeth Clare Prophet).

Ruffino’s and Jordan’s book is more than just another book on UFO and abductions. It is THE book on UFO and abductions. Truth be told, in all my years of research, I have not encountered another one like it – written from the perspective of sincere, Bible-believing, Christ-honouring Christianity. The book tells you more than just the origins and characteristics of these celestial liars, the authors drive home the point that the only way to stop them is by relying on the Name of Jesus Christ; on which every knee must bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord (Phil. 2:10-11)


By Josh

This is a very well written work that exposes the truth behind the alien agenda and the abduction phenomenon. The book contains numerous analogies that help one to understand what is really going on. Unfortunately, for the most part Christian churches have ignored this phenomenon for far too long.

I hope many Christians will read this book and become wise in how to help people struggling with these entities in their lives and also to be alert to the coming great deception. This book clearly and forthrightly declares the truth that can set many people free.


By John W.
July 18, 2010

This book takes you into the U.F.O. scene and by deduction you come to realize that these beings are nothing new but the same beings who rebelled against Christ from the beginning, read the testimonies and conclude for yourself, all things are subject to the name of Christ!!


By Lyle
August 16, 2010
I just read the book! Wow! Everything is right there within the pages. You guys accurately covered everything too. Anyone seeking the truth needs this book because it leaves no room for confusion and exposes the phenomenon for what it is exactly. Thank you so much for the copy! I hope all is going well with you. Take care!


By Darcy
July 20, 2010


I probably shouldn’t be emailing you until I’ve finished your book. Your book is amazing and a God-send …. and I’m only half way through it! I hope you don’t mind me emailing you so soon. I’ve waited approximately 30 years to ‘talk’ to someone and I’ve been waiting on ‘pins and needles’ since I emailed you yesterday … hoping that I’d hear from you!! I only came across your website and then your contact info after purchasing your book and finding that information in your book. Yesterday was my first time on your website and I spent about half my day reading on it…..



Phyllis R.

In reading your book “Unholy Communion”, I cannot tell you how pleased I was to see that you agree that elves/fairies/jinn etc. are demonic fallen angels. I have been trying to convince good Christian people of this for years, at least that these creatures were “real” in the sense they were demons. I experienced them early in life.

I am also glad you see you refer to the legends in the story books (like Paul Bunyun, Jack and the Beanstalk, Hansel and Gretel) are based on reality. I knew this as a child that all this was real, long before I became a Christian. I was raised in a New Age home, where Jesus was a cuss word, Masons were “normal”, and was even started in “Job’s Daughters”. I sensed it was evil, and quit. Years later, when I was 36, I was saved by the Lord Jesus Christ. Sadly, my mom, dad, and brother were never saved.

Try telling good Baptists that elves and fairies are real demons…that Smurfs, Tele Tubbies, and that Purple dinosaur on kids’ shows. I have been mocked, ridiculed, and ignored as “kinda crazy” for many years, in several churches. I am now 67. At least I was allowed to teach my four grandkids that Santa is not real. (God actually spoke to me in His still small voice on that one….”I hate Santa Claus, and Christmas is his religion!” I will never forget it. That hanged my life.)

We need more folks like you speaking out. You have my gratitude for a book very well written, that any level of Christian can grasp. I took special time last night in the section of your book dealing with the godhood of our Lord Jesus. Thank you, thank you. I know He is God, but that was so hard for me to grasp when first learning about Him so many years ago. He is not a man empowered by God (too much New Age history), but God Almighty, Creator and Savior.

God bless you.

Phyllis R.



Hi David,

My name is Kevin X. XXXXXXX. I am a born again Christian. I have read your book The Unholy Communion. I have long believed that the sons of God in Genesis referred to angels who actually had sex with women and had long suspected UFO’s as demonic along with elves, fairies, etc. As I have studied more and more on this subject over the years, I came upon your book and think it is one of the best on the subject. I have tried to tell Christians that UFO’s are real and of demonic origin, but most just laugh at me and think I am crazy. Most pastors don’t believe that the sons of God refers to angels and refuse to believe they had sex with women producing the giants along with many scholars. They have all been brainwashed into the Seth-Cain theory by Satan.

The book I would like you to read is called “He Came to Set the Captives Free” by Rebecca Brown. Rebecca was a doctor at a hospital in the midwest and met a lady named Elaine Moses who had been a high priestess in the Satanic cult “The Brotherhood”. Rebecca was a believer and later helped Elaine be free of the devils and demonic possession and grow as a Christian. The book shows how people open doors to the demonic world just as you said. She mentions some of the same things as you such as the Roman Catholic Church, Masonry, Rock and Roll music, ouija boards, role playing games, yoga, drugs, sex, etc. and speaks of many physical battles with devils. Some of what she says backs up what you said about physical and spiritual attack and how weak Christians who have not made Jesus as their Master can still be possessed just as you showed some of them in your book were still abducted. Elaine was very heavily involved in Satanism and this book helps explain many things including Black Sabbaths. Rebecca also wrote a second book called “Prepare for War” and this book shows how many things in the Roman Catholic Church are of demonic origin such as the rosary beads. These books were written in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s and were published by Chick Publications and several Chick tracts used her references for them. They were later published by another publisher and are now out of print. I hope you are able to get a copy of these books and read them. I believe you will find them interesting and maybe helpful in backing up your research and maybe a future update of your great book “The Unholy Communion”.

I believe you are right and that Joe Jordan is fighting the wrong battle. Jesus told Peter don’t fight those who are fighting for Jesus even if they are doing it differently. Thank you for using the true Holy Bible in the King James Bible and thank you for your great work. Keep it up and may God bless you and keep you healthy and safe. Some day maybe I will get to meet you, but if not then I will see you in heaven.

Your brother in Christ,