THE CHURCH OF LAODICEA I have to say that when I first saw this drawing it bothered me. I almost didn’t download it and I almost just blew it off as being “just another drawing.” But as I went through the day the Ruach Ha Kodesh kept telling me things about this drawing and as […]

FALLEN ANGEL AT HIS JUDGMENT         This is another image that Heather painted that I found very interesting. The meaning of the main character in the image was shown to me by the Ruach Ha Kodesh right at the start, as was the backdrop, but the others required prayer. This image is […]

IN THE BEGINNING – THE INTRICACIES This picture really blesses me because it shows the simplicity of Yahweh. Nobody, aside from Yahweh Himself knows exactly he planned out the creation of the universe but we know that he did a wonderful work. Although we live in a fallen universe, there are still laws that govern […]

TIME vs. THE BEAUTY OF MAJESTY THE FLOWER: The flower in the picture represents the “Rose of Sharon,” Yahweh Yeshua. Although it is drawn wonderfully, it is sort of bland because it is drawn in gray pencil. Just like the scripture about Yeshua found in Isaiah: For he shall grow up before him as a […]

THE ANGEL OF THE CHURCHOF ROSWELL   Drawing by Heather INTERPRETATION: Heather gave me this picture while we were down in Roswell, New Mexico during the beginning of July. She gave me the drawing on July 07, 2007; saying that she drew it while her group drove to Roswell from Sacramento, California. I felt impressed […]

DECISION TIME INTERPRETATION: Heather showed me this image in May of 2007. To her, it was just something that she drew, but I immediately saw a prophetic significance. This picture particularly ministered to me for reasons I will explain. All in all, the image speaks to two different camps, both to those saved by grace […]

THE HAND OF MANKIND   Drawing by Heather   INTERPRETATION: Heather presented this picture to me in May of 2007. She had drawn it recent to that date. Yahweh started to tell me things about the picture and I shared these things with Heather. She asked me if I interpret all pictures and I told […]

Word of Knowledge Date: April 02, 2013 – 22 Nissan, 5773   COME OUT FROM HER MY REMNANT!   My children seek me but they do not see me. I cry out to them; “come and gather unto me, here I am,” yet most do not answer. I cry out again, “here I am” and […]