Dream Date July 07, 2012 I was dreaming and in the dream I saw the following: I was in a well lit room. The room was strange, meaning that the lumination seemed to come from behind and all around. I really could not tell where the floor ended and the wall started, if there was […]

Dream Date: Early in the morning of March 15, 2011   In the dream I was travelling through jerkwater towns somewhere back east. It was one of the southern states. I was driving my current vehicle, a 2000 Toyota Prerunner pickup truck. As I was driving I got a flat tire. A tow truck came […]

Dream Date: Early in the morning of December 02, 2010. The following is a recounting of the dream: I was driving my white Toyota Pickup truck heading in a northerly direction. For some reason the destination of Oregon sticks out in my mind. On my way I came into contact with a man who had […]

Dream Date August 25, 2010 I had a very disturbing dream early this morning. In the dream I walked through a door. It was an inside door. When I opened the door I saw a little girl; blonde and about six or seven years old sleeping on a mattress on the floor. The mattress had […]

Dream Date June 02, 2010  The Secret Base and Our Escape I had a dream the other night and I wanted to run it by you because I think it might be pertinent to something; what I do not know.  I was with a group of men and women and we were out in the […]

Dream Date – Early Morning March 17, 2010   The Boat On Fire: In this dream I was on some sort of boat. The boat was probably two hundred feet long but it was made of wood. The bow and stern of the boat were higher than the middle and it was shaped like a […]

Dream Date – Early Tuesday Morning January 12, 2010 Fear Not The Reptilian: In this dream I was trying to talk to a man about Yeshua. The man was about my height with short blond hair which was combed from right to left, parted on the side. As I talked to the man he didn’t […]

Dream Date – Early March 07, 2009 The FBI Raid: In the dream I was with an associate and others all of us were in a very high hotel on the top floor, probably the penthouse suite or something of the like. I remember looking over the side and seeing that the part of the […]

Dream Date – Early August 06, 2008 The Blue Cattle: Last night I had a dream that still has me confounded. I was with another person, I believe that this person was a male. We were given a chore, I think from Yeshua. The next thing I know we were in what looked like a […]

Dream Date – Early July 16, 2007 Open Door and Dark Apartment In the dream it was daytime and I was returning home from somewhere, perhaps returning home from work. I really can’t remember that part of the dream. The front door of my apartment can be viewed while walking up the walk toward the […]