Dream Date – Early June 01, 2007 Stomp The Mantis: This dream account is not complete; in that I remember the last of it and not the first. In the dream I was standing on top of what appeared to be a flying disk. It appeared to have crashed because it was lodged between some […]

Dream Date – Tuesday, February 13, 2007 Teresa And The Bible: This was a very short dream but quite impacting. In the dream I was in a meeting at what looked like a building that was being used for a church. The atmosphere sort of reminded me of Metro Calvary Church up in Rocklin when […]

Dream Date – Morning of October 24, 2006 Present For The Second Advent: In the dream I remember being hunkered down in what appeared to be a safe-house. I remember someone driving up in a pickup truck and being relieved that they had made it back alive. Then, thoughts of all of the persecutions of […]

Dream Date – October 04, 2006 Don’t Mock God or His Word: In the dream I was sitting in what appeared to be some sort of counsel chamber. In the front of the chamber sat four people; a spindly looking older man, a woman who looked like she was in her late 50’s or early […]

Dream Date – March 2006 Killer Hail At Work This dream was really strange and it sort of still haunts me at the time of this writing. I related it to the girl who was also in the dream and she still remembers me relating it to her. He says that it was “totally awesome.” […]

Dream Date – February 09, 1988 The Shepherd With The Gash In His Arm: On the evening of February 09, 1988. I had a dream where I saw a man standing still and he was not wearing a shirt. He had a large bleeding gash in his arm that went about half the way around […]

Dream Date – February 03, 1988: The Parachutist: The Master gave me a dream that He wanted me to share with the people who had been victims of what Satan was doing through Pastor Jerry Hanoum. Firstly, I would like to record what was going on at Christian Life Center. Pastor Hanoum has had for […]

Dream Date – Circa 1982 In The Enemy’s Camp, Literally: This dream wasn’t very clear and some of it has been blocked from revelation. I fell asleep one night and during the course of my dream cycle I started to dream a confusing dream. In the dream I was in a building made of cement […]

Dream Date – Circa Late 1979 Yeshua Appears And Gives Hope: At this time I was having a difficult time with my dad who had not yet become a believer. I was trying to be a good Christian while having to put up with a father who was presenting me with very difficult demands. I […]

The following dreams and visions were given to Me to show Lourdes and myself the plans that Yahweh Yeshua has for us. Vision Date – Early September 2007 The Two Cups: I was driving to work one morning in September of 2007 and while still in town I had a vision concerning the future of […]