Vision Date – January 17, 2012 FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION I was at our church prayer time held at the Union Gospel Mission. It was January 17, 2012 and approximately 5:15 PM. As I prayed I noticed that I was no longer at the Mission, but was sitting in a church, or what used to be a […]

Vision Date – October 21, 2010 FOR THE SAKE OF THESE FOUR THIS PLACE SHALL REMAIN Today I was working at my prepackaging machine at work and I was sort of lamenting. Without saying too much; my place of work is a den of iniquity; and a very hostile work environment for Christians and Jews […]

Vision Date – Evening of August 31, 2010 YAHWEH REBUILDS HIS ATALAYA Tonight my wife and I were praying at our home. Over the past two years our lives have been interesting. It seems that one thing right after another has happened to us; either one of us is sick or we are having some […]

Vision Date – Evening of August 03, 2010 THE BRIDE BECOMES ONE IN MESSIAH Tonight was prayer time in our little church here in Sacramento. We get quite intense in prayer at times and as the Ruach Ha Kodesh comes upon us there are often manifestations of the Ruach in the way of visions, words […]

Vision Date – Evening of January 10, 2010 All The Trees Were Burning: On Sunday evening it was time to do the weekly laundry. After removing the clothes from the dryers and folding them I walked slowly back to our apartment. I felt an overwhelming urge to stop and look around. It was a terrible […]

Vision Date: May 10, 2009 The Hole to Hell In The Church: I was in church today and during worship I was shown a short vision that I think is quite profound. As we were worshipping I was looking forward at the worship team and all of a sudden I was looking at a different […]

Vision Date: August 09, 2008 The Four Dimensional Bible And The Book of Life: I’d like to start off that I believe that there was a catalyst to this vision. I believe in my heart that the vision was an answer to a question that another brother and I had posed to Yahweh. Both Jim […]

Vision Date: June 29, 2008 The Sandaled Foot And Roswell’s Deliverance: We arrived in Roswell, New Mexico on Sunday night and had to talk to a group at a Christian Coffee House there. As we worshipped Yahweh He showed me the following vision and gave the following Word: As I watched, I saw the intersection […]

  Vision Date: June 23, 2008 Visions About Roswell Outreach: Lourdes and I were praying about the upcoming trip to Roswell and about Yahweh having His will in everything, especially in the ministry that He will have us to do. While I was praying Yahweh gave the following visions to Lourdes and He gave the […]

Vision Date: March 31, 2008 Mexico Will Burn For God: I went to Mexico during the end of March of 2008 to meet my fiancĂ©’s relatives and to see Mexico City and the surrounding area. We didn’t get to church on Sunday because she had eaten some tainted food, but we did get to go […]