The Hole To Hell In The Church

Vision Date: May 10, 2009

The Hole to Hell In The Church:

I was in church today and during worship I was shown a short vision that I think is quite profound.

As we were worshipping I was looking forward at the worship team and all of a sudden I was looking at a different stage in a different church. There was paneling on the wall in the back, but it was like 1×4 boards that were mounted on the wall in a 45 degree fashion, lower on the ends and higher at the middle with a frame around the two sides and also a frame up the center that separated the two sides of paneling. There was a cross on the center of the wall. There were seats on both sides of the stage (some call this area an altar) which is where the choir sat and the chairs were angled with the inside being farther back and the outside being closer to the front of the stage. The chairs were rust colored and appeared to be those locking chairs that so many churches are using.

In the vision I walked up upon the stage toward the back. Below the cross there was a square hole in the floor, the sides of the square being about four feet each. There was a grate covering the square that was akin to the grate that they put over air vents for large air units, or like the subway grates in the sidewalks in New York. As I looked I saw hideous looking creatures, all red in color with long teeth and they were snarling at me and I felt like if one of the would have gotten through the grate that it could do me a lot of harm. It didn’t take long to realize that these creatures were demons and that the hole reached from the floor of the church right into hell itself.

I remember walking away from hole and then being led to walk back to the hole. When I went back to the hole the grate was missing and the demons were not there anymore. I got the impression that they had been loosed to wreak havoc in the church.

I asked Yahweh what this all meant and the Ruach Ha Kodesh told me that the first view of the hole was the former condition of many churches. The grate was the gate of hell and although it tried hard to prevail against the Church it couldn’t do succeed. In the former state the demons could call out to individuals and try to influence them by whispering in their ears from the hold but they could not succeed very much although some did heed their calls.

However, there is a new state of affairs now in action. Since many in the church have abandoned their first love and have taken up the traditions of men they have allowed the grate to be removed. The pastoral office has been compromised in many churches and the men who are in leadership have a form of godliness but the deny the power thereof, and they are ministers of Satan rather than Yahweh. Many pastors, church workers and those in the congregation have opened doors by their actions and their lack of faith.

The Ruach Ha Kodesh explained to me that the Holy Bible is Yahweh’s Word and His Seal for His Church. Yet, many have questioned the validity of His Word. They have not believed that Yahweh says what He means and means what He says in His Word. Many have polluted and corrupted His Word by cutting and pasting scripture to fit the lusts and desires of their wicked hearts. Yahweh wants us to know that He is jealous for His Word and He will protect it at all cost. Those who corrupt His Word will be cut off and their eternal fate will be more than they can bear continually forever and ever.

Yahweh said that He has been patient and sat idly as many mocked Him and made a public display of their abominations, but now that ends. He will quickly intervene in the affairs of His Church and His intervention will leave no doubt that He loves and cares for His Bride. Those who mock Him and pervert His Word will die suddenly. Just as Yahweh took the breath from Ananias and Sapphira so will He take the breath of those who act wickedly. The very sins that they do will be their undoing. Yahweh says, “I will clean my Church and I will bring judgment upon those who bring abomination after abomination into My Body. I will judge the wicked shepherds and I will put to the sword the wolves that seek to destroy My People. I will repay them a thousand times over and they will not escape from me. Then everyone will fear Me and they will know that I am Yahweh.”

“I will succor those who have suffered under the false shepherds and I will raise them up in My fold and no man will ever deceive them again. I will remove the scales that the enemy has placed on their eyes and I will break the shackles that have been placed upon their hands and feet. I will feed them and bind their wounds and they will grow strong in me. The world will see this and the world will know that I live forevermore.” Rise up My People and seek Me. Walk with me and I will walk with you and together we will conquer victoriously. But a few more years and we will be together again. I will come and vanquish the enemy and place he who shackled you in my shackles and in the pit he will remain until the appointed time.”

“Arise form you slumber My Bride for soon I come to bring you to Myself and together we will live for eternity. Keep a watch for Me and listen very closely for my call. Do not fear in time of trial for this must come. Many of you will wear your robes stained in your martyr’s blood, but count it all joy because your death is precious in my sight and your reward is great in My Kingdom. Pain is but a short time but the elation that you have in Heaven will make you beam in joy everlasting. Look up for your redemption draws very near.”