All The Trees Were Burning

Vision Date – Evening of January 10, 2010

All The Trees Were Burning:

On Sunday evening it was time to do the weekly laundry. After removing the clothes from the dryers and folding them I walked slowly back to our apartment. I felt an overwhelming urge to stop and look around. It was a terrible night weather wise; fog was setting in and there was a dampness in the air.

As I looked around it appeared to me that the two redwood trees across the parking lot were on fire. I knew that they weren’t really on fire, but I could see them burning. They looked like torches; the flames engulfing the whole of each tree and the flames licking the sky. As I looked around the redwood tree near where I was standing appeared to be on fire, as were the olive tree nearby and other trees that stood in the area. The bushes were aflame too; every living plant was ablaze.

I proceeded to walk to our apartment and wondered what this vision meant. I fell asleep and forgot about the vision until two days later. It really bothered me that only the plants were lit and the structures around me all seemed to be untouched as were the cars, carports and other things that were all manmade.

I prayed and asked Yeshua what the vision meant and He told me to look at the significance of trees in scripture. Almost always trees and vine bushes and such referred to mankind in some way and in most of the cases, they referred to believers in Yahweh and Yeshua. While I was happy for this part of the answer to the vision, I began to grow sad.

Yahweh explained to me that the structures, the cars and all of the manmade stuff was the world, and the people of the world; in essence those who did not worship Yahweh. The trees were believers in Yahweh and also believers in Yeshua. This was explained to me to mean that it wasn’t only true believers in Yeshua, but those who were faithful to Judaism; the orthodox and some of the conservative Jewish people.

The trees of a neighborhood make it beautiful and without them there would just be buildings, roads, telephone poles and other manmade things. It became clear to me that Yahweh was telling me that soon the enemy will come and destroy the trees and bushes of the neighborhood and leave only the manmade things. This means that the true Christians and the Torah observant Jews would be rounded up and destroyed by the enemy; leaving only manmade (unholy) people.

Whether this means that believers will be martyred by fire I do not know. It could mean that we will be rounded up like the Jews in Nazi Europe and taken away to camps to be disposed of. Any way that you look at it, believers will be taken by the enemy so that only the secular people remain.

There is however one thing that often gets overlooked when a forest fire happens. When trees are on fire they drop their seeds which fall into the earth, germinate and produce other trees. When the worldly people see us taken away they will awaken to realize that what we told them was right and they will get saved and replace the trees that have been razed.