The Bride Becomes One In Messiah

Vision Date – Evening of August 03, 2010


Tonight was prayer time in our little church here in Sacramento. We get quite intense in prayer at times and as the Ruach Ha Kodesh comes upon us there are often manifestations of the Ruach in the way of visions, words and other things from the Ruach Ha Kodesh.

Tonight I felt the leading of the Ruach to pray against the hatred that is being manifested in the Body of Messiah by those who call themselves followers of Yeshua.

During part of the prayer I quoted the scripture:

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. 2 Corinthians 5:17 KJV

After I finished my prayer I just asking Yeshua to end the hatred in His Body and to bring true repentance and restoration to His People. What He showed me next was sort of bizarre, but turned out to be a wonderful blessing that I feel honored to have seen. Here is what I was shown:

I was taken to a room where there was what looked like a marble slab what I took to be a mortician’s table. On that slab lay a woman who was wearing a wedding dress but she was obviously dead, or mortally wounded. I looked at her dress and her body and she had the look of someone who had been thrown from a motorcycle that was doing one hundred miles per hour. Her dress was ripped and torn and had large gaping holes like what would happen when material scrapes along the pavement at high speeds. The dress was truly awful looking. The odor that came from the body was putrid, smelling like a refrigerator smells when meat goes bad inside of it. It was the smell of dead and rotting flesh.

I could only see the woman’s head and arms and they were badly bruised with many contusions and deep lacerations. Her face looked like she had gone ten rounds with a prize fighter who didn’t wear boxing gloves. As I looked at her face it morphed several times. At first the woman looked like she had been an upscale white woman with blond hair but then she had dark hair and looked Hispanic. As I continued to watch the woman then took on black African characteristics with very curly hair and then she looked like she was Asian with Mongol features, and then American Indian and then Asian Indian and then like she was aboriginal from Australia. She just kept morphing like she couldn’t decide who she wanted to be or she couldn’t control who she was.

The next thing that I remember seeing was Yeshua standing next to the table and although the woman looked more like road kill than a human He just looked at her and smiled. He touched her and she began to transform. The first thing that I noticed was that her dress was brand new, like she had just pulled it off of the rack. The bruises, contusions and lacerations were gone and the tone of her skin was glowing. She was still morphing into all of those people, but something started to happen. She began to take on all of the characteristics at the same time and although they were all sort of distinguishable they were all melded together. This is what I meant above when I said that the vision was bizarre.

Her eyes were blue and green and black and brown and hazel. They were almond shaped yet round. Her hair was straight but curly; fine but course and she was blond, brunette and redhead all at the same time. Her face looked delicate but strong. Her cheekbones were subdued but pronounced. Her nose was broad yet delicate and her lips were full yet dainty. Her skin color was dark as molasses yet red and yellow and brown as well as white as milk. The woman sat up on the slab and Yeshua looked at her like he was saying to himself, “finally, my bride is ready for me.”

Yeshua told me that when worldly people try to enact diversity it only leads to segregation. He told me that the pride problem in the human heart always leads to each group trying to become a little more equal than the other groups and it always leads to jealousy and petty quarreling which always leads to hatred and violence.

Yeshua explained to me that He is the only one that can make diversity work. His illustration of the woman was proof of that to me. He is the only one that can be a unifying factor because when people come to Him in faith they are new creatures. Since everyone who is born again is no longer what they once were they don’t have to strive to being everyone together because they are all together already…all are one in Messiah.

He told me that some in the Church know this already and they live by this ethic. But He said, many have let worldly ways creep into their hearts and then it creeps into His body and that causes the woman as I saw her in her first state. He wants to stress that if we’re in Him, we are new creatures; that old things have passed away and that all things are new. He wants to take hearts that have become hard and he wants to make them into hearts of flesh again. He wants people to realize that it is very easy and that all they have to do is to pray that He create a new heart in them; and he renew a right spirit in them. He said that it will become a reality because He wills it to be so and it fulfills His Holy Word; and He hopes that all will desire to repent and be renewed so that they can participate in being His Bride.