Yahweh Rebuilds His Atalaya

Vision Date – Evening of August 31, 2010


Tonight my wife and I were praying at our home. Over the past two years our lives have been interesting. It seems that one thing right after another has happened to us; either one of us is sick or we are having some sort of small financial crisis or some interpersonal family crisis evolves. We do know where these things come from and we pray about them, and against the perpetrator of the things that come against us.

Without going into too much information, we’ll just say that my wife has been having a bad three month stretch and had come about to the end of her rope, so to speak. We know that we’re fighting a spiritual war and we know that our corporeal lives here on earth (aside from the false prosperity gospel preaching) aren’t supposed to be easy. We also know that when we are serving Yeshua we have a target painted on our backs and we become the focus of those who we are fighting against in this spiritual warfare. See Ephesians chapter six.

My wife was particularly sad this evening and I just held her and prayed for her and the Ruach Ha Kodesh gave me some songs to sing in worship and praise. After this time of worship Yahweh gave me a vision concerning my wife, and what he has been doing all of these months concerning her health and such.

In scripture we read about towers and how they are used in a time of war to fight the enemy and also to see the enemy when he approaches so that we can warn the people to arise and fight. In Spanish, that word for “tower,” is “atalaya,” pronounced (at-a-lie-ah). Several years back my wife had received a prophetic word from a prophet in Mexico that she is an Atalaya for Yahweh. She received this prophetic word, believes it and has told many people about her place in Yahweh’s Kingdom.

Anyone who knows my wife knows that she is very sensitive. By this, I mean that she is very emotional. She’ll cry during movies and when she thinks about family members who aren’t saved and such. She also cries when things affect she or I in a negative way. Her illness over the past couple of years has caused her a lot of angst and she has shed a lot of tears. Because of this I have always wondered why Yahweh would proclaim her to be a tower on the wall of a city. People who are on those towers are warriors, strong and with a lot of fortitude and sensitivity doesn’t fit into that scene, at least to me it doesn’t.

As we prayed I got the answer to the questions that we have been asking for the last two years. Yeshua showed me a tower, like the round tower at the corner of a wall of a city. This tower was made of bricks and stones but it lacked one thing. It did not have any cement holding the stones together. Whenever anything would come against this city the stones of the tower would creak and groan and chatter, like they threatened to collapse. This explained my wife to a tee. She has been through a lot during her whole life, but especially during the last five years or so. She cared for her sister while she died of cancer and lost her just before Christmas of 2007. She did however lead her sister to faith in Yeshua just before she went to heaven. Then three months later my wife lost her mother to emphysema but she led her to Yeshua on her deathbed. Then we married a few months later and she moved from Mexico to the States. That is a lot of stress. Upon getting here we found out that she has been hypothyroid for many years and she has other health concerns. That is a lot on the plate of anyone, and a lot of shaking of a tower that has no cement to hold it together. It is only by the grace of Yahweh that it did not collapse.

Having married me she has joined with me in what is a heavily battled spiritual warfare scenario. There was no way that she could survive the battle unless Yeshua intervened. In the vision Yeshua showed me that he is indeed intervening. The two years that we have been together has been a time when Yahweh has worked on a reconstruction of the Atalaya. He has had to remove every stone, brick by brick and stone by stone until there was no tower. Over the past two years he has been placing each rock and brick one by one and has been cementing them onto the foundation of the wall. He’s not finished yet, but He’s working feverishly (his words, not mine) on getting the job done. When He is finished his Atalaya will be able to withstand anything that the enemy can throw at her. She’ll no longer be a quaking pile of stones every time that adversity comes against her. No, she’ll be a strong and mighty tower because she has been reconstructed by the Creator of All Heaven and Earth.

I’ve been privileged to watch this. It has been extremely difficult to see someone torn down so that they can be rebuilt. Since I am an Atalaya on the other corner of the wall I have felt the pain as I saw her quake with every assault. What I do know however is that I can see the construction taking place on her tower. I know that soon the whole wall of the city will be fortified again and that when that happens the slings, arrows and darts of the enemy will have absolutely no effect at all on the tower’s, the walls and those inside the city.

We want to thank Yeshua for being faithful. Thank you Yeshua for showing us what your plan and purpose for all of the agony and pain in our lives has been. Knowing what has and is happening gives us a reassurance and a hope and faith for better days in spirit and strength. Thank you Father for your faithfulness and thank you for send the Ruach Ha Kodesh to reveal your plan and purpose to us….AMEN

Note: Lourdes went home to be with Yeshua on December 29, 2010, after a short illness. After reflection on this vision, I realize that Yeshua did rebuild His Atalaya. Lourdes came to me with a lot of junk theology in the way of false Charismatic doctrine (barking like dogs and, gold and diamonds appearing at services) but realized what the false doctrine was and went home to Yeshua rebuilt and whole. She also knew that she was going home before it happened.