For The Sake of These, This Place Shall Remain

Vision Date – October 21, 2010


Today I was working at my prepackaging machine at work and I was sort of lamenting. Without saying too much; my place of work is a den of iniquity; and a very hostile work environment for Christians and Jews and even worse if a person is a Jewish Christian.

Today I was seeking Yahweh. I was asking Him why he allowed the business to stay open. I told him that the place was indeed a den of iniquity with people who are very hostile to the Gospel of Yeshua. I told Him that I was tired of all of the garbage and that it seems like only the evil people prosper in this place and the good people are constantly harangued and harassed. I see the faces of Christians; Gloria, Jennifer, Steve and myself and our smiles are all but gone and each one spends our day working hard and waiting with great expectation for our time to walk out the back door and go home yet again. Again I asked; “why do you allow this place to even stay open Yeshua?”

Not long after my question was asked I was shown something that blessed me. As I watched I saw my friend Gloria and I walking out the back door of the workplace and we were holding hands and smiling like two kids that just got out of school and were heading toward the playground. As I watched, two more joined us; Steve and Jennifer and all four held hands and walked away from the building. As we walked to what would be the center of the parking lot I saw the building (our workplace) start to implode. I heard what sounded like a rumble and in very quick succession the roof collapsed and the walls fell into the inside, causing a large cloud of dust to ascend into the air.

I immediately asked Yahweh to bring some clarity to this vision; to explain what He was trying to show me. Why would the four of us walk out and then the building collapse? Expecting a long explanation of why’s and how’s I was surprised to hear just one sentence. In what almost sounded like King James biblical tone Yahweh told me; “for the sake of My Four this place shall remain.” It then became so clear to me that the only reason why our workplace still was in operation was because of the four righteous people who worked there. I was also given the impression that as long as one of the four worked at the place Yahweh would bless all of the people there with employment; however once the last of the four leaves, the operation would shut down.

You see, I have been perplexed about one thing. We used to work for one company that was so good to both the employees and the clients. We were known for our caring nature and we had a good name in the medical community. However, close to two years ago we were merged into another company in what was a hostile takeover. The company that took us over is known as predatory and their sole focus is on how the company can make money, even if it means sacrificing the welfare of employees and our clients.

The thing that has perplexed me is that this predatory company has another location less than an hour from our location and both locations are still in operation. This is very atypical of this company who usually combines close locations and then lays off the employees in the “prey” location. This has not happened in our regard though. Various reasons have been brought out as to why there has not been a merger of our two locations, but none of them makes sense because the history and nature of our “new” company is always stupid, even if it means that they lose money initially as they ruin the lives of their “prey” and their clientele.

It all starts to make sense however when Yahweh presented His will and purpose to me today. Just like He promised Abraham that he would not destroy the Cities of The Plain if he found a number of righteous people living there, so too is He acting for “his four” in our present situation. Cities like Sodom and Gomorrah did not fare so well and were destroyed, but Yahweh sees the righteousness of “His Four” working at our workplace and He refuses to bring it to an end as long as we are there. What a blessing it is to serve such an awesome God and it is an honor to receive His plans for us in such an incredible fashion. Blessed  be His Glorious Name for Ever!!