Fundamental Transformation

Vision Date – January 17, 2012


I was at our church prayer time held at the Union Gospel Mission. It was January 17, 2012 and approximately 5:15 PM.

As I prayed I noticed that I was no longer at the Mission, but was sitting in a church, or what used to be a church. There was a pulpit at the front of the church and Barack Hussein Obama was speaking from the pulpit, but I could not hear what he was saying. I looked and the church had big and round stained glass windows and they all had pentagrams in them of various colors. As I looked around the room I noticed that there were black pentagrams floating in the air much like a two dimensional paper cutout of a pentagram would do and there were swastikas of black colors doing the same thing. I noticed that on the pulpit of the church was upside-down cross. Later I would realize that it was the cross from the top of the church belfry. To the right of Obama there was a menorah hanging probably two feet in length and one foot in height but it was hanging upside down and there were no candles in it. There was a set of candle holders, made of gold that had two white candles burning in them and they too were hanging upside down.

For some reason I could still tell that Obama was talking but now I was standing in the front of the church to Obama’s left side, way over on the left however and nowhere close to him. I noticed that there were drunkards in the church and it looked like every lowlife that could be found was invited to the service and they were cheering Obama on. The center aisle, the side aisles and the floor in front of the church were full of evil looking venomous snakes. Somehow I was able to walk down the aisles and I saw that the pew section floors were littered with used condoms and used needles. Also, there were two men sitting in the back of the church on two chairs against the wall facing the front of the church. They were both dressed the same, with black suits on, black ties, white shirts and they sat there as if they were spectators. I got a feeling that these men were not participating in the service, but were there to report back to Yahweh; these were holy men. I also noticed that Obama has placed armed guards at the rear doors and it seemed they were there to keep people both in and/or out.

The next thing that I knew I was outside the building and looking at it from a west perspective, meaning I was standing west looking east at the church. In many ways it reminded me of the old Christian Life Center church on Chandler Street in Vacaville, California. The church was in disrepair; the rooftops looked like they were made of wood shingles and there were some tiles missing and the rest of the roof looked like it was caving in and there was a lot of moss on the tiles. The side of the building was white but it looked like there was severe cracking all over the building, like it had been in a bad earthquake or something. There were angels warring on the roof and it was hard to tell which side was winning the battle. This is when the vision ended.

So, What does it all mean??

I have prayed long and hard about what this vision means because it seems to have many facets to it. This is what I am feeling that Yahweh is telling me the vision means.

The first thing that I saw was Obama speaking from the pulpit. His message has always been “change” and that is the crux of his mission. Everything else in the vision is a symptom of the “change.” The change in the vision isn’t political change, but the change of the Church itself; a “fundamental transformation” from what the Biblical dictates that have always been the foundation of the Body of Mashiach; into something that has an foreign foundation. We’ve seen the church fundamentally transforming for a while now; probably the last thirty years but it will accelerate now and it will dismay many people. The pentagrams as the stain glass windows are symbolic of where the change actually comes from; a change ordained and put forth by Satan, and one that will prevail against the Church. Those same stained glass windows not only let in light, a false light, but they also are symbols to those outside of the church that it is no longer a place of Yahweh, but a place of Satan. It could be compared to how Muslims build mosques on the holy places of other religions or in key places that they have conquered.

The upside-down cross is also a sign of satanic ritual and putting the cross in that position often accompanies that ritual. Having it on the outside of the pulpit, where the word is preached from is also a sign that the church is totally given over to the worship of Satan in place of Yahweh who used to be worshipped there. The fact that the cross had been pulled down from the belfry was a symbol to the neighborhood that there had been a total victory over everything Christian that the church had once stood for. I thought that it was interesting that the black pentagrams and swastikas were floating around the room. These symbols were actually the evil spirits that were holding the people captive in the church. Of course we know that the pentagrams are satanic and they represent Satanism and the leader of Satanism but that they were floating around was like they were seeking out anyone who was there that was not given over. The swastikas were evil spirits that were there to convince people that the speaker was there to bring order out of chaos, to effect the change that the people had been asking for and they too were seeking out people who might have been there who were doubting the speaker.

The fact that the participants were cheering-on the speaker had shown that they were totally given over to the message. They were hearing something that they had never heard before; promises that would bless them and would come very quickly to lift them out of their sadness and the mire that they perceived to be in. Their drunkenness was indicative of the that promise of power that they would soon have; being drunk with power so to speak. It also symbolized that they were not thinking in a right mind; like they say; after a few drinks even the ugliest man/woman looks good. To them, it was a good thing that the supposed restrictions imposed on them by Biblical Christianity had been released and they could truly have that form of Godliness but deny the power thereof.

I questioned the menorah turned upside-down with no candles and it was explained to me that this was done to proclaim in triumph that the doctrine of Replacement Theology had totally taken over the church and that as far as anyone was concerned, Israel was dead and that the church was the fulfillment of everything referring to the prophecies about Israel in scripture. It was in effect, a symbol of Satan’s triumph and destruction of the Jewish people as a race in addition to a religion. It was another reason why the flying swastikas were there. The two candles hung upside down but burning were a symbol that the light of the real church would soon be entirely extinguished according to Obama. When the candles had finally burned up his transformation would have been entirely and fully complete.

I wondered why Yahweh had moved me from being within the number of people to the far left of Obama at the front of the church. Well first of all, the church where this was all taking place; a place where I had once attended years ago had an exit door there and there were no guards at that door. Second of all, the right side of a person is a place of honor and the left side is a place of dishonor so my placement there meant that in Obama’s eyes I was a dishonorable person, which is okay for me. I was symbolic in the vision, of someone who would not accept the fundamental transformation of the church and he was graciously going to allow me to leave by the only door that was not guarded.

The snakes on the floor are indicative of all of the lies and deception that were spewing forth from Obama’s mouth. I was reminded of how, in the Garden of Eden, Chava had been lied to by the serpent and the big lie was that she could become like God; and that is the main focus and lie of the fundamental transformation that was being preached at the church. The used condoms and needles on the floor were symbolic of the “feel good” gospel that is being taught by those like Joel Olsteen; that all is permissible and nobody had to feel like they had to worry about dying in their sins as long as they go to church and know of Jesus. However, they were not being taught to “know Jesus,” which is what happens when one is born again in the Ruach Ha Kodesh. According to the fundamental transformation, everything was permissible as long as you believed the lie and submitted to the liar. When you come to think of it, the two things, aside from money and power, that the populace is allowed to have is free love and drugs. Those are the two things that keep people so doped up that they cannot see the truth. It is a fundamental transformation that allows everything that isn’t true faith in Yahweh; the following of Torah and the grace and Gospel of Yeshua Ha Mashiach.

The two men at the back of the church, who looked holy were two men who stood for the truth. They had been placed in the back of the room so that the congregation could not see them but they were still there. But one thing stood out is that that when people got up to leave, they would have to walk by these men and they would have to see righteousness and holiness before they left. They were allowed to stay in the church as a witness and Obama was not allowed to throw them out; they could not be harmed by him or anyone else. I also got the distinct notion that these men were interceding before Yahweh for the church so there must have been one person at least who was redeemable.

The disrepair of the building that I saw symbolized that spiritual sickness on the inside always manifests on the outside. The cracking of the white walls of the building symbolized a loss of purity; a crumbling of what was once beautiful and also that the foundation was faulty. The roof’s disrepair was symbolic that the fundamental transformation has no covering; it is open to the elements and decay. It also symbolized that two things; light and rain could get into the inside of the building. Light always stands for truth and it chases away darkness and rain is symbolic of the Ruach Ha Kodesh and revival. This showed me that all of the new doctrines that are rushing into the church; dominionism, replacement theology, prosperity message, word of faith message and many other heresy’s will prosper for a little while but will later succumb to the light of Yahweh’s truth and the powerful flow of His Ruach.

And finally, the angels warring on the roof were proof to me that Yahweh hadn’t turned over the church entirely to the enemy; that He thinks it worthy to fight over. And yes, while it was hard to tell which side was winning where the angels were concerned, all of the other things showed me that although it will be an uphill battle, Yahweh will preserve a remnant of the church that will not fall for the lies of the enemy (either in the world scene or where spiritual matters are concerned) and that there will be a preserved few that will march on to final victory.