I Will Avenge The Ones Whom You Have Murdered

Word of Knowledge Date: August 10, 2010 / 01, Elul 5770




O’ Faithless Nation; land of thieves, robbers and upstarts!

You who were birthed in Freedom; a land from where Liberty rang.

You have become a worthless harlot; a woman of pleasure and lustful pride.

Once grace flowed throughout your land; it was My grace; My love and My pleasure.

Once you honored me as a newlywed wife honors the husband of her dreams.

Once you called on My Name and I quickly responded, “here am I.”

However as you matured you grew tired of the simple and free love that we shared.

You saw what you perceived to be the wisdom of other husbands,

You lusted after the opulence of other lands and other cultures.

You invited them into your bed and made love to them and you forgot me.

In the arrogance of your pride you cast me away for other lovers.

They made you feel safe in their arms and they gave you the things of this world.

I warned you and showed you from the days of old what this world has to offer;

How its charms look like a hive of honey and how its milk tastes to be so sweet.

I warned you that these things are deceptions yet you did not listen to me.

When the honey turned bitter in your stomach you said that it would soon pass,

And when the milk curdled in your belly you explained away the nausea and vomiting.

And because you played the harlot with spirits that I warned you about,

And you slept with the fallen ones without a thought or a worry,

You turned sex into a recreation instead of the holy act of love that I ordained it to be.

One husband was not enough for you; a true love you did not seek.

You proclaimed a sexual revolution, both your men and women alike.

Who did you think that you were revolting against?

You never considered that when you revolted you revolted against me, your maker.

And what has this gotten you my harlot wife? What does it profit you whoring daughter?

You have done what is unnatural and you have totally perverted what I meant for holy union.

You proclaim free love and you say that you have turned back to nature.

Who is nature? Can Gaia really fulfill the deepest desires of your heart?

You deny that I have made you. You say that you have progressed through animals.

Well I tell you that animals are more holy then you are.

For in all of my creation it is known that males sleep with females and they do not depart from my laws.

Yes, you say that you descend from the lower animals; but they honor me and you do not?

Your lusts and your wanton desires to offend me are a stench in my nostrils.

I once told your forefathers to be fruitful and to multiply; and they obeyed me.

They subdued the land and with my help they made a nation like the world has never seen.

Yet in your new found wisdom you disobey me; you dishonor me by killing your very offspring.

When my people Israel offered their children to Molech I did not excuse them.

I had their neighbors put them to the sword and I slew them with famine, pestilence and disease.

I offered you my grace when you were young and you freely accepted me and loved me.

But now you reject me, so you have also rejected my grace.

Since you have rejected me and my grace I now withdraw my grace and place you under My Law.

Since you rejected my light burden and choose to carry the heavy load, so you shall carry it.

My grace dictated that one turn the other cheek when struck and to love those who hate you.

Since you turn me away, I will require an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and a life for a life.

You were slow to listen and quick to make rash decisions.

Children have become an inconvenience to you, something to discard when they are not wanted.

The elderly have become a burden to you; a people not to honor or care for.

My law commands that you care for the weak and defenseless, yet you cast them off.

I have pleaded with you for thirty seven years not to kill your unborn progeny, yet you turn a deaf ear.

I’ve sent messengers to show you just how much the act of abortion offends me.

And you have mocked and ridiculed my messengers and have even imprisoned them!

You have become as a poison to me; your abominations have brought me to nausea.

Now, I will vomit you from my stomach and I will not relent of my purging until my Law is satisfied.

You have murdered so many children for your convenience that you have lost accurate count.

However, I have not lost count. They are all with me and they cry for justice; for their blood to be avenged.

I cannot ignore their cries anymore and I will not relent any longer.

For I will require one life for every one of my precious ones that you have murdered!

Eye for eye, tooth for tooth and life for life from you because you have rejected me.

I will send disease, war, famine, flood and weather disasters upon you.

The earth will quake and bring down your proud but decaying cities.

Fervent heat will melt your great buildings like a prostitute’s paintings melt in the noonday sun!

You will cry out to me and I will not hear you.

You did not listen to the silent screams of the unborn that you murdered so I will not  listen to you.

If you pray to me from the housetops and shout at the top of your lungs I will turn a deaf ear.

I will not relent of this judgment until my Law is satisfied, until justice is served.

You have called the little ones unviable tissue mass and so shall you be.

Yes, you will be unviable because you will not survive my judgment.

I will also require life for life for the elders who have been cast away to die hopeless and alone.

My Law declared that honoring your elders would bring you a long life in your land.

You have offended my Law, ignored my words and acted like you could somehow evade my precepts.

Know this for sure, there are no loopholes in My Law and justice will be satisfied.

Eye for eye, tooth for tooth and life for life; justice will be served and deaths shall be avenged by ME!

I call to those who have offended Me and have ignored my law; repent before it is too late.

My judgment comes and I will not hold back the least of my judgment!

I will have mercy on the soul who repents from their heart; those who humble themselves before Me.

For those who approach me with contriteness I will relent from the judgment that now comes.

Come to me with a heavy heart and true repentance and you will live.

Weep and wail for the murder that you have committed and I will be found by you.

Seek me and cry out to me and you will receive my free grace yet again.

I will protect those whom I love and they will not taste of the winepress of my wrath,

But the evil doers who have murdered my little ones and my dear old souls will find no comfort!