The Word of Yahweh through Yirmayahu, For Jerry Hanoum

Word of Knowledge Date: December 05, 2010 / 28 Kislev, 5771

The Word of Yahweh through Yirmayahu, For Jerry Hanoum:

Jerry Hanoum, the son of perdition. You have not learned and have ignored all of the words that My Spirit has spoken to your heart. Seventy times Seven I have spoken to you and showed you your rebellious ways, yet you ignored me. I will not knock at the door to your heart anymore and very soon I will send you to torments. Yes, you will no longer pervert My Word nor will you bite at the heels of My Sheep anymore. Your memory will blow away like chaff on the threshing floor and your name will be a byword for future generations. Your children will deny their heritage and your children’s children will know another as their patriarch. Did you think that you could mock My Name and not pay a price? Soon, you will beg for my mercy and I will not be found by you. Soon your heresies will be put away along with you and your sycophants will come to ruin also. Your consumption starts now and will not cease until you are fully consumed. I Yahweh, will not be mocked, especially by you, son of perdition.

Note: Pastor Jerry Hanoum came to a tragic end in May of 2011. I cannot verify if Pastor Jerry read the word from Yahweh when it was sent to him.

Coroner: Oakley pastor dead of self-inflicted gunshot wound



MARTINEZ — Jerry Hanoum, the Oakley pastor investigated over accusations that he defrauded church members, fatally shot himself in the head, the Contra Costa Coroner’s Office confirmed Thursday.

Hanoum, 61, who led Mountain View Christian Center in Oakley, was found dead in a car in front of the house where he was living in the 7600 block of Balfour Road in Brentwood just after noon Wednesday.

Sheriff’s spokesman Jimmy Lee said investigators found a suicide note, but he would not comment on what it said.

Hanoum was under investigation by Rio Vista and Brentwood police, and two lawsuits had been filed against him in Contra Costa Superior Court. A Rio Vista woman was suing Hanoum and Jerry Dellinger, an associate, alleging financial and psychological elder abuse stemming from loans she made totaling $230,000 that she said weren’t repaid.

The second lawsuit regarding another loan from a former churchgoer was recently settled.