Word of Knowledge Date: May 16, 2011 – 12 Iyar, 5771



Via Yirmayahu

Oh stiffed necked and rebellious children of perdition; why do you think that you can mock my name and how is it that you think that your folly will continue. With your mouth you tell those under you that I am watching; that I am Lord; that I am the Holy One; but under your breath in the shadows of your private places you plot against me and against my remnant. I have seen all of your sins – ALL OF THEM – and because you are not in Me, your sins are not blotted out nor are you cleansed of them. No, you still wear filthy rags and the stench of your impurity rises before me; the odor of your infidelity like that of bulls and cows during their mating season. Yes, I have seen everything that the rebellious brood has done; all has been witnessed and all has been recorded. Do you actually think that you can escape from My judgments? Your willful ignorance is amusing but your end is tragic. How I hoped that you would have repented the many times I tried to talk to your hearts; the times I whispered into your ears and even when I came to you in dreams. Buy you ignore me; you make light of me and you have even laughed at those who have been sent to you to bring you my truth, and you have kicked them out of my synagogue, my house of worship.

I have removed the lead shepherd, but the under-shepherds show themselves to be much worse. You criticize the world for the ungodliness that lies within it, but your transgressions are exponentially worse. You have My written Word, yet you ignore it; you were offered my Spirit, but you despise Him and when I sent my prophets to you, you cast them away. Yes, you are reprobate children, born to perdition and I will not tolerate you any longer.

Henceforth, you will grow worse in your sin. You will trip over yourselves in your attempts to grow more wicked. Those who trust you the most, and those who are the most ignorant will see you for who you are. Yes I, the Lord God of Israel will remove the scales from their eyes and the stoppers from their ears. Although you try to hide your evil in the shadows I will expose them like with the noonday sun. Although you whisper in secret I will shout your transgressions from the housetops. The rottenness of your fruit will be habitation of the maggot and the stench thereof will be as that of dead things.

You will establish a new church to escape your name, to hide your deeds from people, but I will not let your plan succeed. You are harlots and will always be known as harlots. You have desired mammon over me, so mammon you shall have, and all of the ills that come with idolatry. You treat My Body like a business, but your business will fail. A people morally bankrupt will also be financially bankrupt, and not just for ten years, but forever!

How can I call such people my own people. The name of Jesus Christ will no longer rest upon your houses, nor in the abomination that you will say is dedicated to me. The foundations of everything that you have built are faulty and I will send winds and rains against your buildings and they will not be able to withstand. Henceforth I proclaim a divorce decree over you; you are not mine nor will I lay any claim to you. You have turned my house into a house of merchandise; a place to make business deals and to steal from my servants. I vomit you from the very depths of my stomach. Soon you’ll be bound with chains and shackles and you’ll be handed over to the jailer, both man and woman. I, The LORD will not rest until the last ounce of justice is meted out in your lives.

A wise man learns from the mistakes that he makes; and a wiser man learns from the mistakes of others; yet you, self appointed shepherds have learned nothing. You are not capable of learning; I have removed my Spirit from you. A reprobate gathering of rebels you are, men and women who were never anointed by me, usurpers, all of you!

Your shepherd infected the loaf with leaven and I have removed him; his leaven cast away; yet the leaven infects the whole loaf. All of you are worthless bread, unclean; molded over with the mold of crime and corruption. You have stolen My Sheep from Me and have fed them the poison of your lies and deception. They will return to me and I will heal them; but the jaws of torments will open wide to accept you. I will not hear your pleas for forgiveness; that time has passed. Weeping and gnashing of teeth is your reward. Continue in your folly; enjoy what you have extorted for your time is short. Sing about My Amazing Grace and My Atoning Blood; both are far from you. You are not real, you are actors in a production that you yourselves have written and you had a good run but I now shut the doors of the theater and I pull down the playbills and I close the ticket office. I will replace you with those who do not just believe in me, but who BELIEVE ME! When you sit in prison and you beckon to the jailer you will hear of my true shepherds; those who obey my voice. You will then weep and mourn, but it will be in vain for I will not hear you; I refuse to hear you any longer. Those whom you have robbed will be recompensed; those whom you have injured will be binded up and those whom you have brought to destruction will be raised up; but you will go down to the pit and you will no longer be a burden upon me or my sheep any longer.

You will mock this word to you; you will read it aloud and disavow that any of it is true; but my words will stand on their own; my justice will prevail and my judgment will come upon you no matter what you think or feel. Yes, by My Spirit I will accomplish my will. Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord God of Israel. Prepare yourselves, for the day is at hand; my Bride will be white as snow, and every stain that she has on her dress will be removed and she will be clean and ready for me. You, so called leaders of Mountain View Church are the stains and wrinkles on my bride; but soon no longer will you be a hindrance to me. Oh, would it have been wonderful had you listened to me and repented; but now it is too late and you go the way of your leader, who has already gone into bowels of perdition.