An Oracle of Yahweh Yeshua for Ban Ki-Moon

Word of Knowledge Date: January 15, 2012 – 20 Tevet, 5772


An Oracle of Yahweh Yeshua for Ban Ki-Moon

Hear the word of Yahweh, you high and exalted leader of The United Nations. Hear My Word for I am he who formed the heavens and the earth. I am he who created time and set all of the stars and planets in their ordained courses. I am He who brings rain and drought; who chases away the darkness with light and it is I who orchestrates the affairs of men.

I was there when your mother gave birth to you and although she didn’t know me I brought her comfort after her hard labor. Although you did not know me I protected you and preserved you from the invaders and occupiers of your homeland. I brought you up through the hardship and it is by my provision that you have grown strong and I have ordained that you hold your exalted position. I have sent my servants to you to witness about Me, to help you to know me but you have refused them. You have turned to gods of fortresses for strength and fortitude and have forsaken the one who has protected and loved you from the moment you were conceived until this very moment. I know you well Ban. You present yourself as a peaceful and confident man however inside your soul is in turmoil because you know deep within your being that I exist and that I have placed you at the heights. Yes Ban, I know you well. You show the world that you are a peaceful and contented soul; a man in control of his emotions, however your lust for power is known by me. Your need for adoration and recognition will be your undoing.

In millennia past I formed a Nation for myself through my servants Avraham, Yitzak and Ya’acov and I called that nation Israel. Like you they were full of pride, arrogance and lust for power and they fell away from me, denying me just like you do today. I sent them into Egypt to protect them from the ravages of drought and to protect them from the Nephilim that were in the land that I had promised to their fathers. In that land they were made slaves, but I grew them into a great nation that only I could number. At the proper time I freed them from the bondage of slavery and refined them in the desert. Forty years after their liberation from Egypt I brought them to the land which I had promised to their fathers and I gave them the land of Israel as MY Mandate. I blessed them there so that they prospered in their inheritance. Through my power they subdued that land and conquered peoples of cruel and evil nature; unnatural offspring that possessed a land not given to them. I gave the land to the Children of Israel and to no other people and it is a perpetual covenant administered by Me and only Me.

Over the course of time they rebelled against me yet again and I sent two tribes into exile in Babylon and scattered the other ten tribes throughout the earth. I gave them my promise, that one day I would bring them back to the land that I had mandated for them; the land that I promised Avraham, Yitzhak and Ya’acov they would always possess. I brought Judah and Benjamin back to the land after 70 years of exile and they remained there until the time when they rejected my Son and I let Rome lead them away into Diaspora where they remained until 1948. While in exile they suffered greatly in every nation on earth and it hurt me so to see them suffer in rejection of Me. However Ban, I am a God of mercy; a God of forgiveness and a God who remembers the promises and oaths that I issue unto men.

Ban, you are a man who understands principalities and powers and you are quite familiar with spiritual wickedness in the highest of places; this I know because you serve them; they are your masters. However Ban, these masters are in rebellion against me and the day is quickly approaching when I will bind these kings of wickedness and cast them into outer darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Ban, from the day that I swore to Avraham; from the day I swore to Yitzhak and from the night that I swore to Ya’acov their inheritance I established Yerushalayim as MY CITY; it is My Birthright and it is my dwelling place. No man; not Pharaoh of Egypt, Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, Cyrus of Persia, Antiochus of Grecia, Caesar of Rome or any earthly king or kingdom can lay claim to My City; no, not even you Ban. Only I hold the authority to dictate who administers Yerushalayim and until my return I have deeded my city to Judah and until I bring the rest of my people back to Israel, Judah will administer Judah, Samaria and all of the lands that Israel has held since I routed my enemies in 1967.

However Ban, you have taken upon yourself the authority to dictate that my people, my inheritance; my brothers should not administer My City, My Yerushalayim and you seek to make it a city of the nations. I will not tolerate this action Ban; I have not given you this authority and you have overstepped your bounds. You in your perceived power have usurped my power and authority and I cannot and will not allow this. However I know you Ban, and you will not recant; you will not yield to my voice and my dictates.

Because of your arrogance Ban, and because you seek to exert your pride and temporary authority I will show you a sign that will cause you to know what occupation really is. Very soon you will hear rumblings from the northern part of your homeland. With swift surprise the army’s of North Korea will cross the border and will attack and occupy South Korea. The south will be overtaken in slumber and will not be prepared. The American president will make noises and raise protests before you but he will not act to free your homeland for fear of entering into a world war. China and Russia will both aid the North and your people will again be enslaved. You mock Israel and call them occupiers, you call them usurpers and upstarts even though they grant humanitarian aid to their enemies and have made every attempt to live at peace with the Philistines in Gaza, yet to no avail. They are not occupiers, they have a mandate given to them by Me, through their fathers. Although I took them from the Land of Israel and dispersed them I have brought them back and will continue to return My People to their rightful inheritance. Never again will they be forced from their land; the land that I gave to them. Your land Ban will be occupied by your enemies for three and a half years and then I will cause both nations to be one nation and those who live in the south will no longer be slaves to those in the north because they will be one people.

I know the plans that are being made against my people Ban. Peoples from all of the Islamic world will band together to attack My Land and My People but I myself will fight for them. I knew your plans from before time ever existed and I had my servantYechezqel write the future history of what you plan for my people Israel. Before time existed I knew about the so called “Arab Spring,” and knew it would be consolidation of murderers aligning to attack Israel. It is all written and from my perspective it has already happened and I am always victorious! I will foil your plans and save My People although they will credit to another for their salvation through trickery and deceit. Ultimately they will return to me after three and a half years of troubles. My People Israel will endure forever. Nations will continue to rise and fall and their memories will fade away with time, but Israel will endure forever. Yes Ban, by your own decree against My People Israel you have brought disaster to your own people; by your mouth you have brought judgment to your own land. I will not be mocked, and I will not have My City Yerushalayim divided and although you try to populate My City with dogs and goyim, I will be triumphant. Let this oracle serve as a testimony to you as to who in reality dictates the affairs of mankind. While your handlers claim to own the world and all that dwell on Earth, it is I, El Elyon who plays the foolish ones like chess pieces and soon, very soon my son Yeshua who is called Mashiach; the King of Glory; the Aleph and Tau will return to reward the faithful and to cast the wicked into everlasting darkness and the fire that has been prepared for Lucifer and his minions. At that time Yerushalayim will not only be the Capital of Israel as I have ordained it, but will be the Capital of the whole world. Now you know that your secret plans are not secret and my servants will shout them from the housetops and the things that you do in secret will be brought out into the light for all to see. See, I show you ahead of time. I Am that I Am; I am worthy to be praised and I will save every human who calls upon my name from the utmost parts of the Earth.