NATION BENT ON DESTRUCTION – A Word From Yahweh for America, The Church and True Believers of Yeshua

Word of Knowledge Date: July 24, 2012 – 05 Av, 5772


NATION BENT ON DESTRUCTION – A Word From Yahweh for America, The Church and True Believers of Yeshua


Oh nation bent on destruction what more can I say to you?

Oh people given over to self-determination, what can be done for you?

Time after time I’ve sent correction because of your haughtiness.

Season upon season I have sent you signs of my displeasure.

I have given you a divorce decree, thinking you would see my seriousness in this matter, yet you continue in your whoredom.

Can’t you see how I mock your self-proclaimed liberty?

Won’t you see how I disregard your sovereignty?

You sing “God Bless America,” but I have removed my blessing.

Your vehicle of trade proclaims, “In God We Trust,” but it is not Me whom you trust, it is other gods.

Your gods are idols, you trust in demons and their doctrines.

You proclaim My grace, but you deny my name??

I have given you wicked rulers because that is what you deserve.

Had you loved me I would have given you righteous rulers and would have healed your land.

You love your sin and you crave your disobedience, so I have given you likeminded men and women to lead you.

Your very own corruption has cried out against you and I have answered by giving you what a corrupt people deserve.

Your system is failing, your crops are failing and soon everything will crash down.

Soon the idol that you have set up will break apart and be carried away by the winds.

Soon, yes very soon, the peoples of the earth will denigrate you, crying out that Babylon has fallen.

Yes, you are Babylon, you are the corruptor of the earth. You have taken on the ways of Satan.

I cast him to the ground and so I will cast you to the ground.

You embroil yourselves in a great election controversy. You consider the better of two evils?

You choose between evils because I, yes I allow only evil for you to choose from.

Your choices oh rebellious and wicked people are what you deserve. Both choices are bad for you.

You mock the King of Heaven and Earth. You demand that I go far away from you. I have honored your demands.

Soon you will proclaim that I have cursed your nation. I do not curse, I offer blessing, yet you spurn me so I take the blessings with me and the vacuum leaves a curse upon you. You have led to your own demise.

Stiff necked people, do you really think that you have a choice of who will lead you? You had a choice and you chose to send me away. Now I turn you over to the wicked one. Now I send the devourer and he will take away everything that you have.

Now you will stand naked, but not ashamed.

Perhaps when your bellies swell from hunger you will cry out to me, but most will curse me.

Perhaps when they lead you away to the slaughter you will beg for my help, but most will raise their finger in my direction.

Yes, you will blame Me. The corrupt dregs of the vineyard will blame the vine dresser. You will curse the King of Righteousness as you draw your last breath.

I have sent prophets to you to warn you. I have sent people to cry out in the streets about your situation, yet you ignore them. You write them off has heretics, those devoid of correct scriptural interpretation. What more can I do but to let you go, to hand you over to the devourer.

There are those who follow me, who still honor me. These will I save in the day of trouble. These will I cover with the shadow of my wings; these will I hide in the rock.

These have waited upon me, have sought me out; and these trust me. I have promised to renew their strength, to mount them up on the wings of eagles. These will run and not tire; they will do great exploits and will not faint. They will call and I will answer; they will ask and I will give. They love Me and I love them.

Do not fear my people when persecution comes. Do not faint when they take you away. Know that I am El Elyon and I am with you. I will empower you when the time comes and I will speak through you when I deem it necessary. Know in your hearts that your persecution comes from the enemy and his disciples, and not from me. You are precious in my eyes. Every part of your life was preordained by Me and certified by my Father. From the foundation of the world you have suffered along with me. You will overcome this world just like I overcame. Be of good cheer, look to Me, trust in Me. Take up my yoke and know that my promises are true.

But for you of rebellious children; those who call yourselves by My Name but are far from Me; you have no part of Me or My inheritance. Your appointment is weeping and gnashing of teeth because you have chosen to fellowship with this world rather than with me. All will get what they deserve by way of whom they have chosen. Rebellious children, your assignment will be with those who opposed Moses and Aaron. Your home will be with the rebellious children who would not listen to Noah, those who mocked him and put him out of their fellowship.

You say that this cannot be true, this could not be the God of the Bible. Have you read My Word? Do you not know that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft? Do you not know that there is reciprocity for rebellion; that evil cannot enter into My Presence?

You say, we are under grace, not the law. You however have failed to see that love, My love, the love that I exemplified is the fulfillment of the Torah. The Torah is only fulfilled if you love, and you have not loved. When I spoke through my servant Yohanan did I not refer to My brothers, the leaders of My People as a Synagogue of Satan. Even so, I refer to you rebellious children as The Church of Satan. You have no part of me, and I will crush your head, see, I tell you ahead of time.

You say that America is a Godly nation, surely nothing will befall us in a wicked manner. The sons of Jacob said that many times and what befell them? No, I have turned you over to a national insanity. The fool says in his heart that there is no God, the rebellious know that I exist and yet mock me. So I turn you over to insanity.

You say, we are not insane, we are rational and we think clearly. Oh, do you I answer back? Do sane people walk away from a righteous God who will bless them if they are obedient? Do sane people murder defenseless children? Do sane people proceed tirelessly to break my most basic of commandments? Do sane people, after watching themselves being attacked by the adherents of the doctrines of the fallen angel Allah then elect one of his followers, one of his adherents a scant seven years later? No, you are insane, just like your new god, Lucifer, Satan.

So many years ago I had my servant Paul proclaim that if anyone, even an angel proclaiming to be from Me presents a Gospel other than My early servants proclaimed, then let them be accursed. Mohammed listened to a fallen angel who proclaimed a false gospel and Islam was the result. Joseph Smith listened to an angel named Moroni, again a fallen angel and Mormonism came into being.

Both of your choices oh rebellious people, both of those whom I’ve picked for you to “vote” for are foreigners to me, men of perdition, men who believe in false doctrine and practice them with devotions. I have made foreigners rulers over you. I will not be mocked. Your transgressions now visit you and will until you are no more a united people.

In the same way that I scattered those in Babylon during the days of Nimrod so will I scatter you. Your portion will be as servants to wicked masters and you will curse me. But the faithful will cry out to me and will be heard. Those who seek me with all of their hearts will find me. And all who call upon the name of Yahweh will be saved. My Word is true and My promises are eternal.