NOT ONE NATION UNDER GOD – A Word From Yahweh for American and for His People in America

Word of Knowledge Date: November 06, 2012 – 21 Cheshvan, 5773


NOT ONE NATION UNDER GOD – A Word From Yahweh for American and for His People in America


Thus Says Yahweh:

One Nation Under God you declare;

In God We Trust you inscribe on your currency.

Yes, I have called you rebellious and a stiff-necked people, yet you did not listen.

I declared to you my divorce decree, yet you still carry my name?

Whoremongering nation filled with idols and idolatry, I reject you.

The sins of your nation rise up to heaven, the stench of abomination.

Your candidates cry from their pulpits that you will rebuild?

I declare from my throne that you will continue in decay; you will grow in rebellion.

For every building that you raise in rebellion to me, ten buildings will fall until all is destroyed.

I have sent disasters to your shores and you call them Acts of God, which they are.

You have ignored my attempts of storms, tempests, fires, droughts and ground trembling.

Had you not been decayed, rotten to the core of your being you too would tremble.

You too would cry to Me to heal your land and bring you peace.

You have rejected me and I have rejected you; it can be no other way.

The Prince of Babylon now hovers over your land, yet you still call yourselves my people?

Know for sure that I have allowed a strong spirit of insanity; a national insanity to overtake you.

Your decisions will never again be those of a people with sound minds and humble hearts.

Behold war approaches your land, brother against brother, family against family.

I will bring foreigners to further your distress and you will not know who is for you,

Nor will you know who is against you. Your minds will reel in agony and distress,

You will remember the days of confusion and long for them; your hearts will fail you.

You claim that you can rebuild, that you can overcome the calamity that will come to you,

Yet, this will only be a delusion that I will allow; one that I will cast upon your land.

You will turn against the nation that you have shadowed under your wings, my people Israel.

You will make alliances with the enemies of my people and you yourself will seek to destroy Jacob.

You will align with the armies that I have chosen to come against My People, My Heritage.

You will die with them on the hills of Israel, your bodies food for the wild birds.

You will no longer be safe in your haven beyond the sea and across the great ocean.

Fire will rain down on your cities and a vast many will be consumed.

The foolish will try to hide in the mountains but the mountains will be their tombs.

There is no place where you can escape from my judgments oh militant children;

In the heavens I will seek you out and in the depths of the earth I will find you.

Even in the depths of the sea I will put you to the sword.

Those remaining will be herded into pens like sheep being readied for the slaughter.

There you will wilt away as the flower in the drought, there you will blow away like the chaff on the threshing floor.


I have prepared a remnant that has not bowed down to the idols that infest your land,

I have sanctified a people who have given themselves to me.

These will I tend to like a shepherd and these I will move to my glorious land.

Soon, many who never knew that they were of my ancient family will go to Israel.

They will go at first weeping for the great loss that has occurred,

But, I will turn their sorrow to joy and replace their sackcloth will fine linen, and will shoe their bare feet.


The times of the Goyim are over I have decreed and now the recompense must occur.

For all that they have done to my people Israel there will be retribution; hell will literally rise to Earth’s surface,

For all that they have done to my remnant, my sanctified sheep, there will be retribution; a time of great sorrow,

Blood and fire and billows of smoke will be the end of many.

See America, a once proud nation, once filled with children that once loved and served me.

See that it has become Babylon, the Harlot of Nations.

I have shouted my last cry to bring you to repentance; I have given you wicked rulers to rule over you.

I have caused YOU to ask them to serve you and you have gladly placed their yoke upon yourselves.

So now you are beasts of burden for a harsh task master, however your sorrows will be greatly multiplied.

Perhaps when he legislates that you have to bow down to his idol Allah you will then understand.

Perhaps when he takes all that you own and gives it to others you will remember who I am and how I once loved you.

Now your insanity causes you to love the one who places his heavy yoke on you.

Wear that yoke rebellious people, wear it until your knees buckle under the strain.

Feel the sting of his whip on your back when you are too weak to move.

Then you will remember a husband that truly loved you; one that you ignored while you cavorted with so many others.

Then you will cry and your teeth will gnash because you will realize that you have betrayed your only true lover.

Go to the pit in regret; enter torments cursing Me because of your unfaithfulness.

Blame me in your rebelliousness for the light of my love for you snuffed out several years back.

I divorced you, not you me and I left you only your shame and nakedness, and you rejoiced.

You’ll find no rest, no sleep and no comfort with the one that you have chosen,

And you will have nothing but misery as you drink sour milk from the tit of your keeper.

You will run to him to heal your sores and he will heal them but at what price?

You will ask him to take away your infirmities, but at what price?

In your old age he will not listen to you, you will be of no use to him.

On your deathbed he will cast you away, a burden to his society will you be.


I have kept a remnant, and have preserved a people who love me with an undying love.

These I will reward with rewards that they could have never imagined,

Rewards that the mind of men cannot possibly fathom will rain down on them.

Be comforted my dear ones as you live amongst those who receive my punishment.

For a day will come for me to steal you away from this wicked world.

You will have to endure their cruelty, but look to me for comfort for in me will you find rest.

In me will you stay the storm and come out unharmed. In me the wind will not harm you.

In me the heat will not harm you nor will any of my punishments and retributions touch you.

Very soon the Son of Perdition will be revealed, wicked and full of fury.

The world will wonder after him, they will accept him and they will murder for him.

Through me you will do wonderful exploits that will amaze even this most wicked of creature,

And, you will confound him even to the point of welling up in him great anger at your deeds.

Stay fast those that I love and keep your faith in me.

Though men will hate you and seek to destroy you, it is but for a short time and the trumpet will sound.

And then and only then, when you are out of the way will I rain my vengeance against a wicked world.

Though they harm you a time, times and half a time they will not have the satisfaction of winning;

For my judgments on Sodom and Gomorrah and all of the Cities of The Plain will be considered trite

When compared to what lies in state for a world that rebels against me and nations that spurn me.

For after that time it will no longer be said, “Just as Yahweh destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah…”

But in the stead it will be said, “Just as Yahweh judged a rebellious world…”

The day is coming when My Glory, and My Glory alone will be spoken of and I, only I will be worshipped.

Remember this those of you who love Me, that this world is not your home nor is it your kingdom.

If any man is in Me, Yeshua Ha Mashiach, he or she is a new creature; you are citizens of My Kingdom.

There is no longer any division, all are one in Me.

Love one another because this is what the world sees and this is what convicts the world of sin.

The love that you exhibit allows the Ruach Ha Kodesh to convict and to bring many to faith in Me.

Talk to me often, trust in me and always remember that this world is temporary,

But your life in My Kingdom is eternal. I will wipe every tear from every eye and My Love Endures Forever.

Yeshua Ha Mashiach.