Word of Knowledge Date: February 21, 2013 – 11 Adar, 5773


Choose You This Day Whom You Shall Serve.


A people called by My Name, that is all that I seek.

A people called by my name, that is all I desire.

For many are called by the name of another, many choose other paths.

My Children living in Babylon, why are you in confusion?

My people living where Satan dwells, where is your understanding?

Didn’t I tell you to ask me for wisdom and I would give it liberally?

Haven’t you heard that My Word is what you need to live?

I have filled you with My Spirit so that you could understand,

And I’ve given Him to you so that you can lack nothing that you need.

Yet some of you put your trust in the documents of men,

Some of you hold fast to papers that will someday burn in the fire.

Your land was once a beautiful land, filled with people that yearned to be free.

I heard their cries and allowed them to overcome King George of England.

I saw the oppression that the tyrant placed upon your necks and loosed you.

You prospered when you loved Me and when you loved My Word.

Me and My Word are one, eternally together and never separated.

You grew strong when you placed your faith in me.

And though there were ungodly men in your government I ignored their deeds,

For the sake of the Elect your land prospered despite their unrighteousness.

I blessed your land because you called yourselves by My Name.

My Word was to you like a Letter of Marriage, a bond we held together.

It was the love song that we sang together, My song written to you in My Blood

You sent witnesses throughout the world to proclaim My Grace and Salvation,

And you sent out armies to suppress the suppressors.

I have knocked down walls for you; helped you to conquer oceans and mountains.

Through you I brought a quality of life upon the Earth and a yearning for that quality.

I made you a light to the nations and many were drawn to that light.

I increased your storehouses so that you fed yourselves and the world.

But as you grew older you became vain, conceited and full of pride.

The freedom that you were given became an idol to you, and sadly, your first love.

Your Constitution became your holy document and my Word was put upon your shelf.

It has gathered dust for many years; when will you take it down and seek me again?

Your Constitution says you are guaranteed rights;

My Word guarantees privileges to those who love Me.

Your Constitution guarantees freedom and liberty,

My Word guarantees the same, but only through Me.

Your Constitution suggests that each person is a sovereign.

My Word declares that you must lay down your sovereignty and give it to me,

And My Word declares that you must take my easy yoke upon you.

Your Declaration declares that men are endowed with Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness.

Have you not read My Word??

My Word proclaims that you will have strife, sorrow and sadness,

And that happiness only comes through knowing Me and your obedience to me.

Your Constitution was given to you by men, and now it shall be taken away by men.

My Children, many of you have left Me, your first love, and you defend a piece of paper.

You once traded in Gold, and then silver; but now you trade in worthless paper.

You once revered My Word as your foundation, the litmus test of all truth,

But now you revere a document of men, and many will die to protect that document.

Will you die for My Word? Will you die to defend me and stand with me?

Sadly, I tell you that many of you will not speak for me, so I will not speak for you to my Father.

Soon, yes very soon many will take to the street in rebellion against the tyrant.

And thought it seems that you are winning many will be destroyed.

From every corner of Earth they will come to the aid of the tyrant and they’ll cause you to hide in the hills.

Your mighty men will quake in their boots and fear will be the end of many.

Your freedom will be taken away from you; you will become subjects of the tyrant.

Many who swore to defend your Constitution only spoke the words,

They will hide in the caverns of cowardice in the day of battle.

Others will side with the tyrant. Who can honor an oath in a land of disobedience?

It is time that My People make a decision; the time is now to decide.

Who will you side with? To which kingdom to you belong?

Will you honor My Word and honor Me as the only guarantor of everything good?

Or, will you honor a document of men that is being destroyed by men because of your disobedience.

Will you honor a document of men that cannot guarantee you anything,

Who is the guarantor? See your rights, stolen from you one by one; the scales tip for the tyrant.

Or, will you honor Me, My Word and the truth that can set you free forever?

It is decision time My People, Those Who Call Themselves By My Name.

You can choose Me, or you can choose certain destruction.

Do not cast blame those who steal away your freedom,

It is your disobedience that has caused them to seemingly disappear from before your eyes.

Do not cast blame on the ungodly, for you did not stand against their unrighteousness.

Your laziness and lack of purpose has brought about your nation’s downfall.

I offer you a remedy; there is a cure for the remnant that I will preserve.

One more time I will show you my Elect what must be done; the remedy that I have echoed for millennia.

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.