Come Out Of Her My Remnant

Word of Knowledge Date: April 02, 2013 – 22 Nissan, 5773




My children seek me but they do not see me.

I cry out to them; “come and gather unto me, here I am,” yet most do not answer.

I cry out again, “here I am” and some raise their heads briefly, yet again bow.

I send my Spirit to convict, to speak softly into their ears; no effect.

I look to see that they are searching for me too, yet they cannot hear me.

I have made it so simple for them; just trust and obey my commands,

Yet somehow that seems too easy for them; they search for some method to reach me.

One arises, claiming to hear from me and my children run to him; run to hear,

Yet I have never commissioned these to talk to my children.

My Spirit is given freely to my beloved ones, yet they will not hear his voice.

Their enemy crouches in the bushes, seeking to destroy them, yet they cannot discern him.

They cry out to Me and I answer, yet they do not hear.

They ask for a sign; “prove to us that our faith is not in vain,” I hear their hearts cry out.

I cry out to them, “have faith!” Know that I am right beside you.

Give us a sign they cry out yet again; show us that you are there my Lord.

I have shown them that I am Spirit, and they must worship me in Spirit, yet they still seek a sign.

More lions crouch in the bush; spying out a wounded pray, a people without faith.

The lions reason, “let us chase them away from the living water, let us weaken them more.”

“Make them run into the desert where can kill them,” they reason together.

So I have allowed the lions to give you what appears to be real, but is a delusion.

As my people Israel wandered in the desert, perhaps my children need likewise.

Maybe if they hunger and thirst for me they will cry out again to me.

Remove them from the signs and wonders that they seek, teach them again what faith is.

There is no “holy laughter” in the desert, neither is there gold dust or diamonds.

Sands, burning hot and dry will be the lot of those who seek after false signs.

In that day you will again cry out to me, in faith, not by your vain devices.

In that day you will see the low yield of fruit that you have produced in your small faith.

In that day you will see that gold dust and diamonds cannot save you.

In that day you will see that formulas will not bring me into your presence.

You cannot summon me like the pagans do with their gods who do not answer.

My children have lost faith, they do not like to wait. They speak but will not listen.

Your games and your folly have proven you to the world as being just like them.

You wonder why they do not come in and blame it on “their” worldliness.

I tell you, your worldly ways supersede that of the worldly people you abhor.

You seek what the world seek and behold I gave you what they have.

I commanded you not to serve two masters, yet you have disobeyed my words.

Now I take away the wealth and prosperity of this world; what will you trust in now?

Your wealth is not there to save you. Your signs and wonders are vanishing.

Poor, naked and destitute, like the prodigal son are many of you.

You feed the swine while your masters live in luxury; they have devoured you.

The birds of prey feast at your tables and vermin eat what remains.

The day is coming when a sliver of bread and clean water will delight you.

Then again will some of you seek my face; then you will hear my voice crying to you.

I have mourned all of these years for you.

I laid down my life for you; suffered unimaginable agony to make you free.

I was separated from my father for you, bearing your sin once and for all.

I descended to hell to free the former ones who waited for me.

I gave to you my Spirit to give comfort you and to speak for me.

No other gods have done this, never has this been done since the world began.

Yet this is not enough for some of you; children always crying for more.

I am separating the faithful children from the unfaithful people.

I walk the threshing floor blowing a mighty wind as the chaff blows away.

The tares will no longer live alongside my wheat.

The time has arrived when I will remove the dross from the molten gold.

Come out from among them my children; come to me my brethren.

Only I can suffice what you are seeking for; only I have the answers.

Only I can solve your problems and give you everlasting reassurance.

I have called a remnant unto myself; those who have not bowed down to idols.

These I love because they have chosen to love me and to abide in me.

These have realized that I am the potter and they are the clay.

Draw ever closer to me my remnant; every day closer and closer, for the days are evil.

I have given you discernment so that you can warn the others.

Do not be surprised when they do not listen to your warning, for they are perishing.

You must warn, you must blow the trumpet and you must trust in me to work in you.

And, as I promised those so long ago, I will be with you always; even until the end of this world.