The Hand of Mankind




Drawing by Heather



Heather presented this picture to me in May of 2007. She had drawn it recent to that date. Yahweh started to tell me things about the picture and I shared these things with Heather. She asked me if I interpret all pictures and I told her that Yahweh tells me things through pictures that have prophetic significance. I had to leave and go home soon afterward. The picture flashed in front of me from time to time and each time I saw the hand Yahweh would tell me something else about the image.

It’s The Left Hand:

The fact that the hand is the left hand has significance. In ancient Hebrew culture the right hand stood for righteousness. A prince sat at his father’s right hand. Yeshua sits at the right hand of El Shaddai. We see also that a time will come when Yeshua will separate the sheep (the righteous) and the goats (unrighteous) from each other and He gathers the sheep to his right hand. There are many examples. So, the left hand symbolizes unrighteousness, or something that doesn’t hit the mark with Yahweh. This is mankind in his fallen state. The hand is a map of sorts, of mankind’s futile attempts at living by his own sense of righteousness.

Basket weave forearm:

Represents in a way armor, protection for the components inside. Each strand by itself is weak, but when bound together it becomes strong. There’s an illusion in its strength in that it is subject to the elements, especially fire. The weave in the picture illustrates a human attempt to shore up the foundation for the hand. Yeshua warned us about unsure foundations and mankind didn’t listen to the warning.

Stonework Lower Hand:

Represent physical achievements of mankind – reminders of his self imposed majesty. The stonework in the picture is built upon a poor foundation, that of a basket weave. Any masonry work that is built on a weak foundation will crumble; the mortar crumbles, the stones dislodge and the wall falls.

Puzzled Upper Hand:

A puzzle is a mystery. In a puzzle the puzzle solver takes pieces and places them next to corresponding pieces; the result being a finished puzzle. The puzzle with missing pieces indicates that although mankind has searched for the mystery of iniquity it really hasn’t become clear to him. Notice also that all of the fingers have a foundation of puzzle, indicating that every plan that man comes up with is based upon understanding evil and cleaving to its ways.

Human Pinkie Finger With Ribbon:

Ribbons tied around a finger have been used for many years to remember a person or a task. A ring is nothing but a solid ribbon worn on a finger. When a person is engaged to be married, or is married, they wear a ring to remember their union and how special their union is.

For many centuries the Orthodox Jewish male has worn something known as Tefillin. One is a leather ribbon with a box that is attached to the person’s head and it contains a scroll of scripture. The other is a small leather box with a leather ribbon that ties to the left arm.  Exodus 13:16 and Deuteronomy 6:8, to name a couple. They are a memorial to remember Yahweh.

The ribbon on the hand above is symbolic of mankind’s reminder to remember Yahweh. It is wound tight at the base of the finger symbolizing devotion to Yahweh but at the end of the finger it is unwound, symbolizing that mankind isn’t interesting in keeping Yahweh around, but is allowing it to unwind and hopefully (for them) to let if fall off; casting away Yahweh for more worldly pursuits.

It’s also interesting to note that the two fingers used for maneuvering a carried load are the pinkie and the index fingers. I believe that this importance factors in to the decision of Yahweh to use that finger. All things considered, a person could probably cope more easy if they lost an index finger rather than a pinkie finger. Try lifting something while omitting each one and see which one aids direction more.

Furry Finger:

With the remembrance of Yahweh falling off, there has to be source of “origins” available for people to explain where they come from. Enter the next finger, the one that symbolized evolution. This finger is really a cooperative of the next finger. The next finger is humanism the furry finger is its religion; evolution.

Human Finger:

The normal human finger represents humanism. It is the finger that echoes rationalization and the fact that through the human ingenuity of science, mankind can explain everything. It is suggests the power of the mind; that mankind shapes its own destiny. On a more streetwise note, it is also the one digit that would be directed at Yahweh to show total profanity toward Him; a very human thing to do.

Index (pointing) Finger:

The black and white squares, spaced uniformly and equal in number is another way to express yin and yang. The premise is that right and wrong share prominence in all situations, negating sin as a viable option. It is an advancement in the humanist religion but is also an enigma because it introduces the eastern mystic religions into a secular setting; but as recent history has shown, it is a mix that is accepted by a perverse generation of people.

Thumb Puzzle:

The thumb is used to grasp. Therefore the thumb here represents grasping for the mystery of iniquity – holding onto Mystery Babylon. Since the human thumb is called “the opposable thumb;” it suggests that the human condition in the last days will be that mankind will grasp onto any religion, belief or thought system that opposes Yahweh. Notice that again there are puzzle pieces missing from the thumb. This shows that those who grasp with the thumb will never get the full picture and will cling to a incomplete and unsatisfying delusion.

The Ultimate Finish:

There have been contemporary prophets who have prophesied that soon Yahweh will send three things; a fire, a great wind, and a shaking. The effects of such things upon the image above would be akin to the demise of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream statue. The fire would burn up the wrist and the hand, turning it into dust. The great shaking would turn the rock and mortar to dust and the great wind would blow the whole heap away. Just something to keep in mind.

Other Thoughts:

As so many prophecies of Yahweh have two or more meanings, it is possible that something else needs to be revealed. It is entirely possible that the hand also talks about the condition of Yahweh’s Church or something of the like. I’ll listen extra careful.

David Ben Yakov