Decision Time




Heather showed me this image in May of 2007. To her, it was just something that she drew, but I immediately saw a prophetic significance. This picture particularly ministered to me for reasons I will explain. All in all, the image speaks to two different camps, both to those saved by grace in Yeshua, and those not saved but who are searching for truth.

The Face:

The look on the face in the picture is one of contemplation. It is as if the young person received some information that has caused them to have an epiphany. It’s a look of wonder and amazement; one of a person who is trying to sort things out in their mind, but can’t quite get it because the information that they’ve received is of the deep nature of Yahweh.

Lack of Hands:

Hands are symbolic of doing work. They can be used for Yahweh’s purposes or the purpose of the individual of the person in question.

The fact that the individual in the picture has no hands symbolized that they are faced with a situation that they have no control over. They have been presented with some information that they need to act upon. Yahweh has presented them with a choice, and while they have the ability to walk away from that choice, should they choose to accept the invitation, their lack of hands means that they will not be able to tinker with His plans. They will not be able to steer the ship in the direction that they choose, but will have to accept by faith that Yeshua is in control.


The background of the place where this individual stands is plain white. It symbolizes a dreariness, or perhaps the status quo. For the believer in Yeshua, it symbolizes a heart that yearns for a renewing; one that one wants more from Yahweh, to have a refilling of their cup. For the unsaved, it symbolizes weariness; a sense of realizing that there is more to life; that a life outside of Yahweh tastes bland and lacks any seasoning.

The color to the right of course represent the opposite of the white. Red represents fire which in turn represents the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit). The Ruach brings renewing into the life of a believer. Fire also burns away chaff, an unusable part of a harvest and it always represents sin in scripture. Fire also refines metal, bringing up impurities which can then be removed.

For the unsaved, the red also represents the Ruach Ha Kodesh. It says that if that individual continues on they will be changed forever. Life will have meaning and a zest for them.


The person in the image is moving toward the colored area. In the picture, the person is leaning toward it. Looking at the picture, one can almost see that the person is thinking of taking their left arm and touching the red area and then walking through with their entire body. The picture suggests that this action in inevitable.

David Ben Yakov