Mankind – Babylon – The Watchers



When I first saw this drawing it bothered me but I didn’t know why. I prayed about it many times and asked Yahweh for an interpretation and He told me that I should just put it aside and that when the time was right he would give me the interpretation. This week was the time for the interpretation. The picture as a whole symbolizes the end of mankind’s reign on earth as I will now illustrate.

The first focus is on the common man and the royal looking lady, one on each side of the eye that is crying.

The Common Man And The Light:

The light above the common man is a symbol of the light of the Ruach Ha Kodesh. The man is dressed with a large hat which shows that he wants shade from the light. Since it is a streetlight then there is no need to wear a hat and since the light is burning it means that he is standing in darkness with the light as his only illumination, but he wears the heat to keep the light from falling on his head. This is because as the scripture says:

And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and menloved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. John 3:19

His hair is long which further illustrates his rebellion toward Yahweh because as Paul said:

Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is ashame unto him? 1 Corinthians 11:14

His body is washing away in a flood of water, half of it already gone. With no legs he is not able to walk away from the judgment of waters that is washing him to oblivion.

The woman who looks like royalty also seems to take on a fairy look. This is because those who have power and wealth in this world are perishing as is illustrated by the whirlpool that she is disappearing into. Those with status and wealth live in what is commonly called a “fairy tale” life and they are self absorbed. You’ll notice that she has her eyes closed and the look on her face is as if she’s saying, “this really isn’t happening to me, and maybe if I keep my eyes closed and pretend that it isn’t happening, I will open my eyes and realize that this was all just a bad dream.” The fairy look of the woman also alludes to the fact most of the creme de la creme of society have been given their positions by what the Bible calls, “spiritual wickedness in high places,” or the principalities and rulers of darkness in spiritual places.

The Partridges On The Eye Brow:

The area of the brain directly behind the eyebrows is called the cerebral cortex. It is where we do our thinking, where we form our sentences and where we process word associations. Partridges are close relatives of quail. I reading of the Exodus account brings back to memory the time when the Israelites complained that they didn’t have any meat to eat and Yahweh’s response was to send quail into the camp. He said that they would eat so much quail that they would have it coming out of their nostrils and it would sicken them. Mankind has proclaimed its freedom from Yahweh and has complained how Yahweh’s ways are just too hard to follow. So, Yahweh’s answer to this condition is to allow mankind to have their own way; to let them wallow in their sin and rebellion until this sin and rebellion comes out of their nostrils and the mere thought of it sickens them. Unfortunately, this will not dissuade mankind from this activity.

The Crying Eye:

The crying eye symbolizes mankind as a whole. Notice that the eye seems to be looking upward; which symbolized mankind looking up at his creator. The tear is symbolic of hopelessness which is what mankind feels because like an unfaithful spouse there is remorse, but the pleasure that is brought about by the infidelity creates a condition that things can never be reconciled. The eye and the forehead are sinking into a body of water which is the result of all of the tears of mankind. Basically, mankind is dying in its own sin and sorrow.

The Open Door In The Head:

The open door in the head is symbolic of the open doors in everyone’s life. Open doors let in influences that people don’t necessarily want there. Notice that the door was not opened via the doorknob, but it appears that the door was taken off of the hinges to allow easy entrance to whoever or whatever might want to enter. Also notice that there is a light coming from inside the doorway. This is symbolic of mankind’s false sense of inner enlightenment and/or divinity.

The Woman In The Pit:

The hole that the woman is peering out from is the abyss, the pit of hell. The woman who is peering out of the pit is the Great Whore of Babylon. It isn’t just an economic system, but it is a religious system as old as time itself. It is system that leads men astray and convinces them that there is not God, no accountability, and no absolutes. The woman is peering out to take pride in the work that she has done. She is convinced that when all is said and done, the water that is washing away the man, the whirlpool that is swallowing the royal woman, and the waters that are drowning mankind will all drain into the abyss so that she can reign over them in hell.

The Plant In The Foreground:

There is a plant in the foreground of the drawing that goes unnoticed. It is symbolic of Mashiach Yeshua whom is mentioned several times in scripture as being a root, a branch, a vine and a tree. The plant in the foreground seems to take on all of those characteristics. The plant (or Mashiach) is the hope that all the symbols of mankind are looking for. While the drawing for the most part shows dire circumstances, the knowledge that the plant will grow and will subdue all of the earth brings comfort.

The Objects In The Upper Right-hand Corner:

There are two objects in the upper right-hand corner that are sort of curious. Interestingly enough, these two objects look much like the two most common UFO designs. The triangle looking objects are manmade with alien technology and the orb looking objects are thought to be alien, or fallen angelic. The fact that the two objects sit high above means that they are watching over the progress of the degeneration of mankind and the fact that one is alien and one is mankind mean that Satan and his human agents are both working to bring about the demise of mankind. The objects are near what appears to be a tear in reality, a rip in time and space.