Open Door and Dark Apartment

Dream Date – Early July 16, 2007

Open Door and Dark Apartment

In the dream it was daytime and I was returning home from somewhere, perhaps returning home from work. I really can’t remember that part of the dream. The front door of my apartment can be viewed while walking up the walk toward the stairs. In the dream I walked up the sidewalk and I noticed that the door of my apartment was open, probably about half the way open.

I remember looking at the open door and wondering if I should approach the door. I surmised that perhaps the intruder might still be in the apartment and he or she might be armed. I did climb the stairs but as I approached the door I got an ominous feeling, like I should not go inside. I turned around and walked down the stairs, feeling like a coward for not going inside and confronting anyone who might be in there.

I waited around for a while, keeping an eye on the door and after a time I figured that there was nobody in there. I climbed the stairs again and approached the apartment and cautiously entered inside. I looked around and didn’t see anyone else, so then I decided to see what was stolen and what was not. I was very surprised to see that nothing had been stolen; even my firearms were still there, and the one that I keep by the bed was there too. I remember feeling comforted that the revolver was still there; it is a prized possession.

What does this all mean?

In the past Yahweh has given me the interpretation of my own dreams and when presented to others they bear witness to that interpretation. But this dream was different. I prayed quite a few times for Yahweh to tell me what the dream meant and the only thing that I would get is that the dream had something to do with my spiritual condition.

I happen to be blessed in that I attend a fellowship where several people (like myself) are endowed with the office prophetic ministry. On Wednesday’s we usually break bread together at a local eatery before we head to prayer night. Since I wasn’t getting a clear message from Yahweh concerning the dream I decided to submit it to my brothers and sisters for their review and hopefully an answer.

Sister Glori was given the interpretation and she presented it to me toward the end of our dinner time together. She said that the dark apartment is representative of the secret places of my heart where I walk alone but where Yeshua desires to walk with me. She said that the things that I was glad weren’t stolen are the things that I run to in order to feel safe. The reason I was glad that those things were still there is because I’ve run to them for a long time whereas Yeshua desires that I give those things up and run to HIM for a safe haven. I bear witness with her interpretation of the dream. I’ve been praying for Yahweh to reveal all of the things that stand in the way.