The Blue Cattle

Dream Date – Early August 06, 2008

The Blue Cattle:

Last night I had a dream that still has me confounded. I was with another person, I believe that this person was a male. We were given a chore, I think from Yeshua. The next thing I know we were in what looked like a very large church and there were blue cattle in the place. They were sitting like people sit and the place was crowded with them.

The next thing I know we were in a field and as far as the eye could see there were blue cattle. I then got the impression that we and the cattle were in imminent danger and that we needed to get out of where we were. We were to move all of the cattle to safety. We walked through the wilderness until we got to a large body of water and we were waiting for some boats that someone had promised us. They were no boats really, but were ships, sort of like the Queen Mary. The ships never arrived and I started to get worried. It was then that I said that I wasn’t going to wait but instead that we would build boats, much like Noah’s Ark. It was then that I heard a voice tell me that we should not worry and that Yahweh would provide a way for us to get ourselves and all of the cattle out of danger’s way. I then woke up.

There is an interpretation to this dream but I am not allowed to share it at this time. The interpretation will be played out by Yahweh when the time for fulfillment has come.