The FBI Raid

Dream Date – Early March 07, 2009

The FBI Raid:

In the dream I was with an associate and others all of us were in a very high hotel on the top floor, probably the penthouse suite or something of the like. I remember looking over the side and seeing that the part of the building we were in was out farther than the other parts of the building, sort of like the horizontal part of the letter “t” hangs out over the vertical part. I was looking down over the edge to see if there was an escape for us but the shape of the building made that impossible, plus the height was very very high. We were trapped on the top floor and we knew that the FBI was looking for us and that they had the hotel surrounded and they were on every floor.

We finally decided that we should give up and surrender to the FBI. We opened the door and we were escorted by the FBI down a stairwell to one of the floors where everyone but me was handcuffed. This particular floor didn’t look like a hotel floor because the floors were tiled and the walls were white, almost like a hospital setting. As we walked I put my hands behind my back so that the officer could handcuff me whereupon he told me that he would handcuff me after he went to the bathroom. He and another agent went to the bathroom and left me out in the hallway. I watched as the other men were escorted away and I was all by myself  in the hallway. I waited and waited for the agents to come out of the bathroom while I contemplated that I should make an escape, but at the same time I felt that I didn’t need to escape. So I waited for a while longer and started to walk down the hallway by myself and then I woke up.

I asked the Lord what this dream meant because for a while I was confused as to its meaning. It came to me that the dream meant that I would be separated from the current associate and others in the UFO research field so that when whatever is going to happen finally happens I would not be associated or led away in chains like the others were. The FBI agents symbolized Holy angels and the handcuffs symbolized the bondage of pride. The reason why I was not handcuffed is that Yahweh wants me to know that the bondage that the others are involved in doesn’t bound me and that Yahweh was allowing me to be free so that I can do the will that He has for me in my life. The fact that the angels brought us down from the highest floor symbolizes that the loftiness that many Christians in the UFO field happen to feel will cause them to be brought low and the fact that the floor that I was left on was like a hospital means that I will be free to minister to the sick (those who need spiritual help and salvation).

When I was telling the dream to my pastor today I told him that I wasn’t very clear about the dream and that perhaps it meant that I am being separated from my associate and the others and while I was telling him that he was shaking his head in a “yes” motion and the Lord impressed on me that this was the answer right at that time too. The rest of the interpretation came after prayer this night.


I shared this dream with a brother in whom I trust to give interpretations. He agreed to pray to Yahweh and to ask for any interpretation that He might give to him. He felt led to share the following with me.

In the dream I was standing on the top floor and the part of the building where I was standing had no building under it. The interpretation of being up at the top with the men I was with means that I have been with the so called “top dogs” of the UFO investigatory field. The part of the building where there was no building under where we were standing means that those who were standing in the same area really don’t have a firm foundation in Yahweh. The fact that the others were led away and I was left means that I would be parting company with these people. The fact that I was in what appeared to be a hospital means that after the separation either I will be brought a healing or that I would help others to heal. More to come if it warrants.