Fear Not The Reptilian

Dream Date – Early Tuesday Morning January 12, 2010

Fear Not The Reptilian:

In this dream I was trying to talk to a man about Yeshua.

The man was about my height with short blond hair which was combed from right to left, parted on the side. As I talked to the man he didn’t appear to be interested and he was basically ignoring me. It occurred to me that since I wasn’t getting anywhere with this man I would leave. I looked at the man’s eyes and I noticed that he pupils of his eyes weren’t normal but catlike or reptilian. It occurred to me that this man, although of human appearance wasn’t really human but a reptile in human form. It seemed like he was trying to project fear at me and I knew that I should be afraid of this otherworldly person. However, I felt a sense of calm and peace and I knew that Yahweh was giving me that feeling. I felt like although this being was menacing, it could not harm me in any way.

I feel that this dream wasn’t just for me, but for all followers of Yahweh Yeshua. In the days to come we will see some very frightening things in the way of beings that are not human, but have the form of humans. If we are walking in a sold out relationship with Yeshua then we will not fear these beings; but will feel the reassuring love and peace that comes from the indwelling of the Ruach Ha Kodesh.