The Boat On Fire

Dream Date – Early Morning March 17, 2010


The Boat On Fire:

In this dream I was on some sort of boat. The boat was probably two hundred feet long but it was made of wood. The bow and stern of the boat were higher than the middle and it was shaped like a banana. The boat had a center area where there was a structure and that is where most of the people were on the boat. There was a deck on the boat and it was about ten feet wide on port and starboard and it was made of wood; the planks running parallel with the length of the boat. There really were not rails per se, but there seemed to be a rise along the edge of probably six to eight inches and there appeared to be some sort of ornate molding that ran along that rise along the edge. The boat appeared to be anchored in what looked like a small bay in a mangrove swamp, or something of the like but because it was dark it was hard to see the surrounding area.

The people on the boat seemed to be partying but I was not. For some reason I felt uneasy on the boat and I walked the deck waiting for something ominous to happen. As I watched, what looked to be pirates (modern day pirates) came on board and I could hear screaming in the center area where the people were inside partying. As the raiders left they set fire to the boat, but only on the edges where the ornate raised edge was. The fire burned along the edge but didn’t seem to consume anything. The people inside became aware of the fire and they started to panic and everyone was wondering where we would get water to put out the fire. All of a sudden I noticed that there was a hose on the deck and some woman took the hose and turned the water on and extinguished the fire. I remember thinking that since the hose was there the whole time it was foolish for the people to wonder how to put the fire out and that their angst was not founded. After this I woke up.


I was seeking Yahweh for a meaning of this dream and after a couple of days the meaning came to me and also to our brother Jim. This dream has two meanings and I will list each one separately. Before I go into those meanings, one has to understand that there have been people who have been coming against me both at work and in the ministry arena. The people at work don’t like Jews and/or Christians and sadly, some of them don’t like white people. I fit into all of these categories. In the ministry scene, there are people in the Christian UFO Research and Ministry arena who do not walk humbly and circumspectly with Yeshua. They are into the research in order to make a name for themselves and to reap rewards monetarily and in a notoriety manner. Of course they don’t like real Christians who just want to minister to people and give all of the credit to Yeshua and our Father in Heaven. With that in mind we can move on to the interpretations.

Meaning One:

In the workplace setting the boat is me and my work ethic, which I really prize. The partiers in the boat are the people at work of a variety of cultures who are basically fellowshipping with each other in a cheerful and careless manner. My unsettled mood is the fact that I constantly wonder what kind of ambush my enemies will set for me next either to defame me or the work that I do, or to try to get me fired. The pirates are the four people at work that hate me and would be very happy to see me leave, either voluntarily or through their destructive behavior towards me. The fires at the edge of the boat are their deeds, but the fact that the fire doesn’t burn the boat means that their attempts will not succeed. The fact that the other people on the boat can not figure out a way to put out the fire means that they don’t want to rock the boat and would rather see the boat burn rather than risk their own necks to help me out. The Woman that picks up the hose is the Church and the water that comes out of the hose is the prayers of my brothers and sisters that enables Yahweh to extinguish the fires. The fact that the boat is located in a mangrove swamp means that it is not the best place for a boat (me and my skills) to be, but the fact that it is anchored there means that I have to stay there until Yahweh pulls up my anchor and allows me to move.

Meaning Two:

The boat in this scenario is the ministry that Yahweh has given to me. The people inside of the boat are the people who have been delivered from demonic oppression and such. They are like new people who are celebrating their new life. The fact that I am not with them and I am on the deck of the boat awaiting problems is the fact that there are people in the CUFORC (Christian UFO Research Community) who are worldly and they don’t like the fact that I operate out of righteousness and a devotion to Yahweh. They come onto the boat (the pirates) and try to destroy the boat and they harass the people inside. The people inside start to scream because they see that there is a division in the camp and they start to become confused as to what the pirates are doing, and they wonder that why if these people claim to be believers in Yahweh they go about creating problems and division. After the pirates molest the passengers they leave but set fire to the ministry. They spread rumor and innuendo and some bring persecution. They set fire to the boat, meaning they try to destroy it but as the dream showed, the fire does nothing to the boat. The Woman again here is the Church; the Christian supporters of the ministry who keep it in prayer and supplication. The waters are the individual people that pray and stamp out the fires that the enemy started. The fact that the boat is in a isolated location means that it is being kept away from wickedness and protected from evil so that it can be used when Yahweh needs to take up its anchor and use it in service after the pirates have been eliminated.


Notice that the boat isn’t destroyed nor is it consumed. This was a dream from Yahweh to show me that He is with me and that He will protect me and the ministry that HE has given to me, from harm. There was no loss of life or property in the dream which means that Yahweh will preserve everything. The dream also showed me that both Lourdes and myself, and the ministry that Yahweh has given to us will remain intact and that there are many true believers in Yeshua who stand with us in prayer. We’re thankful for all of our supporters and we bless you. Finally, we believe that the dream also extends to the PAAPSI ministry and includes our brother Jim Wilhelmsen who has undergone several attacks against himself and his ministry. The people and things that Yahweh establishes, He upholds, and we’re thankful that from time to time He uses things like this dream to again remind us that He is alongside of us all the way.