The Secret Base and Escape

Dream Date June 02, 2010

 The Secret Base and Our Escape

I had a dream the other night and I wanted to run it by you because I think it might be pertinent to something; what I do not know. 

I was with a group of men and women and we were out in the desert looking for a secret facility. We found one in a fenced in area and we gained access to the area. I don’t remember if we jumped the fence or got in somehow else.

We found a building that seemed to have only one floor and part of that floor was underground, sort of like a half basement in a home; not totally below the surface of the ground.  We found a green door that looked like some sort of maintenance access door that was about three feet square and we unlatched it. Some of the people went inside but I stayed outside. The tunnel-way wasn’t flat but like a slide and they slid down to the hallway floor of the building.  I felt like I was a lookout or something like that. I was able to see the people as they walked down a hallway and when they came to an intersecting “T” in the hallway they ran into gray aliens. They started to have what looked like a sword fight with the aliens and quickly the aliens turned into skeletons. It appeared like my friends were winning the fight but my attention was averted by the noise of trucks approaching.

I noticed that they were military trucks and I had the feeling that there was some very high brass on those trucks. I looked at myself and noticed that I was dressed in forestland camouflage attire and that I wore a black beret and had sergeant strips on my sleeve; six stripes I think. As the trucks drove by I saluted them and felt like I was trying to fool them into thinking that I was a guard or something like that. When the trucks passed they parked in front of the building and I looked down the hole again but nobody was in the hallway.

The rest of our group who didn’t go into the building were hiding out in the brush. After a while I felt like we needed to draw the attention of anyone outside of the fenced in area. I decided that we needed to set the brush and grass on fire to show people that something was out there in the desert. After we started the fire I looked south. Funny, the whole time I knew the directions. We approached the property from west to east. The building’s front door faced east and the property was on a rise that overlooked barren desert land. Anyway, I looked south and saw subdivisions of homes, brand new homes and the subdivision looked like nobody had moved into the homes yet. For some reason I felt that the homes were not a safe haven, but a ruse or maybe even a trap. At this point I woke up. Bizarre huh?

This dream was a warning against going too deep into research. For a long time Jim Wilhelmsen and I had toyed with the notion of looking for some secret underground base that we believed (and still believe) exists in the Arizona desert due west of Phoenix. I wish I had shared this dream with him before he went there in the spring of 2012. While nothing happened to my friend during his research expedition, things have happened afterward, things that he wishes not to disclose. Let’s just say that it’s wise to think about what you go out to look for because maybe, just maybe you’ll get a little too close to learning some things that you aren’t meant to know.