The Family, The Zebra and The Mule

Dream Date August 25, 2010

I had a very disturbing dream early this morning.

In the dream I walked through a door. It was an inside door. When I opened the door I saw a little girl; blonde and about six or seven years old sleeping on a mattress on the floor. The mattress had no sheets. I looked behind the girl and was taken aghast by what I saw. I saw a mule having sexual relations with a zebra. Both were laying on their sides, their backs toward me.

I saw this for a second and when I overcame my shock I asked a man who was standing there and whom I assumed was the girl’s father, “this doesn’t seem right; why are you letting your daughter sleep in the same room that this act is going on in?” He looked at me and said that there was nothing wrong and that it was natural and besides, his daughter was asleep and what she didn’t see wouldn’t bother her. The father was Caucasian with brown hair and he was clean shaven and his hair was short and parted on the side.

I saw a woman in the room; with blonde hair and I got the impression that this was the girl’s mother. I asked her the same question and she told me the same thing that her husband told me. The mule continued to do his thing and was quite involved in his task. I noticed that the father was looking at the action and I moved over to where he was. I asked him again why all of this didn’t bother him and I got the same response. I asked the mother again and this time she looked like it was finally sinking in that what was going on wasn’t right and there was a look of worry on her face, but still she didn’t do anything to make the donkey stop.

It was then that I noticed that the zebra was obviously dead. There was no movement and the animal just didn’t look right. I remember thinking that I had to call someone or tell someone what was going on in this home. I walked back out of the same door that I entered the room from and it was then that I woke up.

I’ve been praying about this dream for more than two weeks; for Yahweh to give me a meaning to it. I felt like I’ve been given bits and pieces to the meaning but nothing firm and final. This is unusual because usually Yahweh’s answers to such requests come very quickly.

Within recent weeks I’ve been getting the strong impression from Yahweh that the focus of the ministry that my wife and I are to take is going to change. I do not feel that we will pull totally out of the UFO/Alien Abduction research field, but that we’re only to act as counselors from now on. I feel Yahweh telling me that for right now, all that needs to be said has been said. A couple of years ago Yahweh gave me a vision where I was preaching to a church full of blue cows and when the dream was interpreted it meant that I would be used in some manner to call back those from the lost Tribes of Israel. I feel now that the dream that I mentioned at the start of this page deals with that, and now I will relate the meaning.

The little girl who is asleep on the bed is a symbol of those in the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. They were dispersed throughout all of the peoples of the earth. Most however ended up in what is now called Europe and Eurasia. The father represents the peoples where the lost tribes were dispersed into and the mother represents the original Israel that was dispersed. The father’s refusal to see that the mating of a sterile mule with a dead zebra represents the heathen blood that the descendents of the lost tribes has in their veins and the heathen heritage that they took on after their dispersal. The mother represents the purity of blood of Israel