A Warning About A Course Correction

Dream Date: Early in the morning of December 02, 2010.

The following is a recounting of the dream:

I was driving my white Toyota Pickup truck heading in a northerly direction. For some reason the destination of Oregon sticks out in my mind. On my way I came into contact with a man who had a beautifully restored Chevrolet pickup that was the same style as the 1968 Chevy was. The man says that he wants to trade trucks and I agree to the trade, thinking that I am getting the better part of the deal.

I continue to drive and and I come to what appears to be a extremely small jerkwater town that only had a couple of buildings and a few homes. I end up at what looked like a small home; some might call it a shanty. It is much like the home that the Beverly Hillbilly’s lived in before they moved to California. In the home is a family that appears to be Latino; a father, mother and two beautiful daughters; one appeared to be in her teens and the other more of an adolescent age. The father looks worried and soon he warns me that it is not good for me to be there. He tells me that they are owned by a very evil man in that town. He tells me that if I stay much longer I will be in danger and they will too. He said that if I stayed I would be killed and they would be severely punished for entertaining me. I leave for their sake but I worry about them.

The next morning I am driving again and I get an overwhelming urge to go back to protect this family. When I arrive I find nothing there. All of the trees, bushes, the home and everything is gone, like it was never there. There are however telltale signs that something bad happened there. There are burned patches in the grass all over the area and I get the feeling that the people are dead.

While I am thinking about the family and feeling sad about them I hear a car motor and I look up and see that the evil man is standing nearby. He has other men with him and they look like they are up to no good. The man asked me what I was doing there and out of fear I run to my truck. There is something strange though because although the truck is the same truck, it is no longer beautiful. parts of it are painted, but the paint is faded and some parts are primer coated and there are some rusted areas on the body of the truck. I start the truck and try to flee but the motor is tired and worn out and it has no power. The man then extends a courtesy to me, telling me that he will take me to town where I can spend the night.

As we are driving I get the feeling that we are not going to town. The man explains to me that we are going elsewhere and that he plans to kill me. At this time I notice that I am not alone in my plight because next to me sits a blonde person; a man or a woman, I do not know. The evil man takes us to the outside of the entrance of a mine. It is a big mine and the building at the entrance is a faded gray in color with garage-like doors. I tell the person who is with me that when the time is right, they should run for their life and not look back; assuring them that I will keep the man busy while they escape. The evil man seems to sense that we are going to do something so he picks up a very large field phone, something like the walkie-talkie that they used in World War Two; but it is yellow in color. Somehow I manage to wrestle with the man and get the phone away from him at which time I start to beat him upside the head with the heavy phone and the man starts to stagger around disoriented. At this time I awaken from the dream.

The meaning of this dream is quite clear. The truck that I had was steadfast and reliable and I knew it well. I was bored with the truck so when the man offered to trade trucks it was a metaphor of my being bored with the ministry I had been pursuing and wanting to get into things in a deeper manner. The nice Latino family was being used to warn me not to branch off or go deeper into things like conspiracies and/or try to embellish the research that I have already done. There was a clear and present danger in doing this, and this has been illustrated by others who I personally know who have done just that, and now they are heretics; borderline cult member material. They warned me to go away and I did, but I revisited them again and by doing so revisited the notion of branching out again. They were also, metaphorically representative of people who have been caught in the lie of the heretics. I wanted to help them but they were not helpable and perished because they sold themselves over to the cult, to the evil system.

The fact that I revisited caused me to fall into trouble, to the point where the enemy wanted to murder me and my accomplice. Mines and caves represent evil and the entrance to hell. The evil man, whether he represents the heretics I know or perhaps the Illuminati was intent on ending my life but I hit him upside the head with a big field phone. Had the dream continued I am sure that I would have escaped his clutches. The phone represents of course prayer. I had called upon Yahweh for help and he injured the evil man so that I could make my escape.

I believe that this was a warning of what could happen if I had continued down the path of researching deeper into the UFO/Alien Abduction phenomenon. I think that had I done that I would have learned things that I don’t need to learn right now and it would have led to physical harm coming to me and my companion. Whether that person was representative of my spouse or a ministry partner I do not know. But I do know that I have changed course and heeded what I was being shown in the dream.