Get Ready – A Change Is Coming

Dream Date: Early in the morning of March 15, 2011


In the dream I was travelling through jerkwater towns somewhere back east. It was one of the southern states. I was driving my current vehicle, a 2000 Toyota Prerunner pickup truck. As I was driving I got a flat tire.

A tow truck came and towed my truck to a Big-O tire store so the tire could be repaired. I thought this to be strange because I know that there are no Big-O tires stores in those states. Anyway, I felt strange because the men who were going to work on my tire looked to be dishonest; like the impression that many people get when they have car trouble in the deep south; I felt like the work would be shoddy and it would cost me a lot of money. I headed off to the waiting room but before I did I looked at one of the tires on the back of the truck and saw that it was clearly a truck tire on a truck.

The men called me into the garage after a period of time and showed me my new tire but things were very wrong. First of all I noticed that the tire was a worn out used tired, and that it was a tire that one would put on a passenger car. Then, I noticed that all four tires had been switched out for similar tires and I started to complain. The men just sort of ignored me. I turned my head and when I turned back to look at the truck it was no longer a truck, but an old Volkswagen Beetle; sort of a faded and/or rusted red color and it had those bad tires on it. I got angry and after a while of deliberation within myself I decided to call the police to report all of this. About four policemen came to the garage and I thought it funny because they were all dressed like the police in New York City dressed when I was a young child; the old style hat and overcoats. The lead cop went over and talked to the lead mechanic and it looked like they knew each other. After all, this was a small town in one of the southern states. That cop smiled as he looked at me and gave me the impression that I should not cause anymore trouble. I thought that I would be stranded forever in this little town. Then I remember that I felt that I needed to get out of there, so I started to climb into the Beetle so that I could leave. I felt like this was my new vehicle but that it would get me where I needed to go.  I awoke from the dream at this point.

I feel so strongly that this is a personal word for me and it is a scary word; it means my whole life changing around. I think that Yahweh is telling me that there is a change coming to my life that I might see as uncomfortable, but will keep me plugging on for Yahweh. The two different vehicles represent the new world and the old world; western hemisphere vs. eastern hemisphere. When it comes down to it, I see places like Europe as the old order, filled with decay and rust and my ancestors came from there to start a new life in a new place, free from the rust and the old way of doing things.

The flat tire represents a halting to what I see as progress. A feeling of helplessness in a strange place where I feel like an alien; a place where I instinctively know that I will have my possessions taken from me and where my life will be altered altogether. The mechanics and their games represent that during the transit to that new land I will be mistreated. The police who are in collusion with the mechanics show that they are of one order; comrades in a cause and the fact that I am told by the cop that not to cause anymore trouble is the illuminatists telling me that I have been a bad citizen by what I have done in my life’s journey; and that I shouldn’t complain about the service that they have been giving to me, although it is very evil.

Incidentally, Yahweh has spoken to several of us and we think that it is probable that our escape route from the US during a time of calamity is through Canada. The garage could possibly represent Canada. The tow truck driver would represent some sort of vehicle that would get me to Canada, maybe like an underground railroad of sorts.

Now I have had a love / hate relationship with Volkswagen cars over the years. I’ve owned the air-cooled Beetles before and I have found them to be good and reliable transportation but from experience, I know that they can catch fire and burn very easily. That I see the Volkswagen in the dream as a means of escape could signify that Europe will be that place of escape. Volkswagens are reliable cars but they are not fast cars by any means. So, perhaps this means that Europe will be a time when I will proceed forward, but at a slower rate of speed; but there is also, as I mentioned before that the cars are unpredictable and that they can be destroyed by fire in an instant. I don’t know if that will happen to this Volkswagen: will Europe burn, only Yahweh knows that answer.