A Change In Course

Dream Date July 07, 2012

I was dreaming and in the dream I saw the following:

I was in a well lit room. The room was strange, meaning that the lumination seemed to come from behind and all around. I really could not tell where the floor ended and the wall started, if there was even a wall I do not know. I was pushing a grocery store basket in the dream. It wasn’t a full basket, but one of the short baskets like the markets have nowadays for people that are just going in for a few items. The basket was black or a very dark gray. As I pushed forward I approached two men who were well dressed; in black suits with white shirts and black ties. They held a leash that was attached to a collar that was on a full grown tiger. As I moved toward them the tiger seemed to get agitated and when I would stop moving he or she would calm down. Again, as I moved forward it would start to growl like it was quite mad. So after thinking for a minute both me and the two men mentioned at the same time that perhaps I should proceed without the basket. So I walked around the front of the basket and turned right, walking in front of the tiger and then away from it and the two men. I remember feeling fearful at first but afterward knowing that the decision I made was the right one and I would not have to fear the tiger.

This dream has a lot of significance. I have to say that I had to submit this dream to a couple of other people. I asked them to pray for a clear meaning for interpretation. I felt that this dream above many others had some profound influence in my ministry in these last days.

The one source that I consulted about this dream reminded me of another dream that I was where I was shown that a majority of Christian researchers of the UFO phenomenon would be led away by FBI agents while I was allowed to go free by way of the FBI agent who was guarding me just leaving me alone. You will see the correlation when you compare the two.

The interpretation of the dream is as follows. The basket that I was pushing was the ministry that I has been pursuing for a few years; the watchman ministry that was given to me by Yahweh where I exposed the UFO/Alien Abduction phenomena as being demonic and the act of fallen angels. The fact that the basket was empty didn’t mean that the ministry had been moot, but the basket has been used to stock the shelves, so to speak for people to stock their own baskets. In other words, it was empty because I had accomplished my job. The fulfillment of the job was also illustrated in another dream that I had about blue cattle, where I taught them about Yahweh Yeshua and was then asked to lead them to another place so that Yahweh could save them from destruction. In that dream I brought them to a desert land where ships were supposed to pick them up. Also in that dream, I heard that danger was coming and I felt frustrated in that the group of cattle would be ambushed and killed. Yahweh told me in that dream that I should just trust Him for their safety and move on to somewhere else.┬áSo in essence, up to the cart part of the current dream it was meant to mean that my job was complete.

The meaning of the two men dressed in black with black ties is that they are government types, sort of like the FBI in the first dream. They represent danger and the shadow government; those who can lead away and imprison a man and perhaps cause bodily harm. On the flip side, they could have been angels who were holding back danger from me. They could have been sent from Yahweh to warn me and the fact that I got the same message in my mind as they talked shows me that they were probably angels, verifying a message that Yahweh was already telling me. The meaning of the tiger is danger, the enemy of our souls. It growled when I was pushing my cart forward because it reminded him of the information that has been shared with people; the information that showed that the whole alien abduction thing is fallen angelic; a tool of the enemy to create the strong delusion, or further it along. It had been exposed and the sight of me with the cart angered the enemy. It was suggested to me by one of those interpreting the dream that perhaps proceeding with the cart would have put me in danger with the NWO or the Shadow Government or whoever they are. The fact that the men told me to leave the cart the same time that I heard another voice tell me through me that leaving the cart behind would be a good idea and would thwart the danger. Proceeding past the tiger without it getting agitated further confirmed this notion.

I honestly don’t know what sort of danger I would have been in should I have proceeded with the cart, but I frankly don’t care, although my curiosity does rise up from time to time. Jim and I have both talked over the past year and expressed that everything that Yahweh wanted us to reveal about the satanic alien abduction agenda had been revealed and that we both thought that moving on to other things was in Yahweh’s workings. There are more than enough people out there showing the truth about that whole aspect of the deception. There are however some who seem to be plants from the enemy who are trying to convince people otherwise and I do think that I will visit from time to time to dispel their notions. Perhaps walking past the lion without the cart was confirmation that I have the knowledge in my head and heart therefore I don’t need the cart anymore. I have ample supply of the truth when I see the need to minister using it.

I have felt the need for a while now to change course. Now that people know about the great delusion, their hearts, minds and attitudes need attending to. Our Yahweh is coming back soon and people need to be prepared. They also need to be prepared about how to correctly live in the days to come; how conduct themselves in a godly manner. I feel that this is the way that we need to look now; what we need to focus on. Yahweh has had a knack of bringing me to the furnace and then rescuing me from the heat while others have been hurt by the heat. I feel a kinship to Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah who were delivered from the fiery furnace that Nebuchadnezzar threw them into. Preparing brothers and sisters to cope and survive in an increasingly satanic world is more in order. They know what is coming if they’ve been listening, now they need to know how to fight and win.