Mexico Will Burn For God

Vision Date: March 31, 2008

Mexico Will Burn For God:

I went to Mexico during the end of March of 2008 to meet my fiancĂ©’s relatives and to see Mexico City and the surrounding area. We didn’t get to church on Sunday because she had eaten some tainted food, but we did get to go to her local Biblical Cell meeting on Monday. It was like a church service but in a home setting. While we sat there during the praise and worship time, Yahweh gave me the following vision.

I was looking into the blackness of what I assumed to be space and as I looked there was a star that approached where I was situated. I seemed to be above the earth and when I looked down I noticed that I was above Mexico. As the star approached it had a tail behind it, much like a comet. The star stopped above Mexico and when I examined it more closely I noticed that it wasn’t a star, but a large ball of fire, like the flames that would come from a large campfire.

When the ball of fire stopped it broke up into a lot of smaller fires and each of the flames fell on different parts of Mexico and I got the sense that there was one flame for every state in Mexico. The fires continued to burn and they increased in size. Yahweh told me that the flames represented the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) and that the flames on the land in Mexico were His ministry in that country.

I continued to look on and as I did my focus was on Mexico City where the biggest fire was burning. As I watched I noticed that there were airplanes; the kind that are used to drop water on forest fires, and these planes were dropping water on the fires that were burning. Yahweh told me that the planes represented the work of Satan, in effect trying to douse the fires of Yahweh. Somehow I instinctly knew that these efforts would fail and they did. They failed because as the planes dropped the water Yahweh took the water and turned it into an accelerant that made the fires burn hotter and spread where they otherwise would not have spread. Yahweh told me that the water was persecution that the enemy would send to the believers in Mexico, but just like persecution has done in all years past, it will only cause the Kingdom of Yahweh to grow bigger and stronger.

After a short while I was higher up in space again, looking down at North America. What I beheld amazed me. I saw all of Mexico on fire, no place was absent of fire. From Tijuana to Cancun, from Chiapas to Matamoros and even even Ciudad Juarez; all of the land was on fire. I happened to look farther north, toward the United States and while there were some fires burning there it did not compare to the brilliance of the fires that were engulfing Mexico.

I feel led to encourage believers in Yeshua worldwide to start praying for this revival in Mexico. Mexico is just the starting point and the fires will spread to all of Latin America and it will be a sign that the world will see and that cannot be ignored or brushed aside lightly.