Visions Concerning The Roswell Outreach


Vision Date: June 23, 2008

Visions About Roswell Outreach:

Lourdes and I were praying about the upcoming trip to Roswell and about Yahweh having His will in everything, especially in the ministry that He will have us to do. While I was praying Yahweh gave the following visions to Lourdes and He gave the interpretations about the visions:

The Scorpion/Alien Creature and The River:

In the first vision Yahweh showed Lourdes a very powerful river. She said that it flowed very fast but it lacked rapids. As she watched, she saw creatures that she said looked like they had the bodies of scorpions but they had the faces of ants, or like the typical gray alien. She got the impression that the river was our prayers and it also was the ministry of the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit). She said that the scorpion was swimming upstream, like it was trying to go against the flow, which would make sense when given the meaning of the river. When she told me this vision I saw it too, but I also saw that the scorpion creature would soon get tired and would succumb to the river and be swept away by the river’s flow.

The Open Wound:

After we prayed about the first vision Lourdes was shown another one. In this one she saw an open wound. When she looked inside the wound she saw maggots and other things feeding on the wound. She said that the sight made her sick to her stomach. Then she saw the Ruach Ha Kodesh come to the wound and He killed the maggots and they all died. She said that it was like insecticide. The Ruach then cleaned out the wound. As we prayed about this vision I saw the rest of it. After the wound was cleaned out, Yahweh sewed it closed and then as I looked at it the wound and the scar totally disappeared and it looked like there had never been a wound there. We were both impressed that this was a vision about the city of Roswell and its spiritual condition.

The Evil Eye:

As I prayed about the open wound vision Lourdes was given another one. This time she was shown an evil eye, just an eye. She said that she didn’t know what the significance of this eye was but Yahweh told me and we started praying. I was told that the eye was the eye of the enemy and that he would be watching us very carefully. I got the feeling that he would be watching us in order to find fault or something of the like so that he could bring it up to use against us. I also felt that the eye was significant of things like Kabbalah and the Masonic Order, both things that or occult nature and both things that aren’t too happy with our ministry. As I prayed I saw the eye, and then I saw a finger come from in back of me and it stuck right into the eye. I told Lourdes and she said that she saw the same thing. Then Yeshua told me that it was His finger and that He would blind the evil eye. The eye would die and would never open again.

A Mouth With a Serpent’s Tongue:

As we prayed about the evil eye, Lourdes was shown something else. She said that she was shown a pair of lips and that as the mouth opened she could see a serpent’s tongue come out of it. As we prayed about this Yahweh told me that the human mouth with a serpent’s tongue meant that there were going to be humans who work for Satan who will try to tell lies about us and that they might also come against us down in Roswell to try to trip us up in our talk or that they might bring up other theories and assumptions about our subject matter in order to dispel the message of our talk. He then gave me a scripture:

No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD. Isaiah 54:17