The Sandaled Foot And Roswell’s Deliverance

Vision Date: June 29, 2008

The Sandaled Foot And Roswell’s Deliverance:

We arrived in Roswell, New Mexico on Sunday night and had to talk to a group at a Christian Coffee House there. As we worshipped Yahweh He showed me the following vision and gave the following Word:

As I watched, I saw the intersection of Second Street and Main Street in Roswell. I saw a foot come down from the sky which was first dressed with a military boot, much like a combat boot but it morphed into a foot dressed in a sandal. The foot belonged to Yeshua. It came down with a lot of force and as it struck the ground it made a great shockwave. The buildings remained intact, but the shockwave killed many of the enemy and also those who didn’t take Yahweh seriously. It should be emphasized that the killing was in the spiritual, not the physical.

The shockwave pushed or blew the rest of the enemy out of Roswell and to the town’s perimeter. Great tears came from Yeshua’s face. These were tears of gladness because Yeshua knew that victory would soon happen and that Roswell would be liberated from the enemy. His tears caused a flood and those waters washed away all debris and filth.

The churches in Roswell will unite and they will become strong. They will fight against the masses of the enemy that are around the perimeter of the city. When the churches successfully withstand then Yahweh Yeshua will kill the enemy, much in the same way that He killed the Assyrian army outside the walls of Jerusalem.

The day is coming when the people of Roswell will be able to go out into the desert and they will find the enemy no more.

So unite My People and fight. You want freedom and you will have it if you unite in prayer. Then you will see the Glory of your Adonai and experience the liberty of His Salvation. Behold how good and how pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity.

I will appoint four churches to administer My Will. One church for the north, one church for the south, one church for the east and one church for the west. You will all covenant with each other and will unite in prayer, worship and protection.