So what is this all about anyway? Well, let me introduce myself. Hopefully you already know that person who speaks to me and gives me the dreams, visions and words of knowledge. Gentiles know him by various names. In Arabic he is called Issa; in Italian he is called Gesu’ and in the English language he is called Jesus. In Hebrew we call him Yeshua. Jesus Christ is Yeshua Ha Mashiach, or Yeshua the Messiah.

If you have ever been to any of the myriad of prophetic sites on the internet you have probably noticed that most of them are pretty eclectic and by the time that you are finished you have read ten different prophecies about the same person or event, and all of them contradict each other. Since Yahweh is the God of order and His Words are consistent yesterday, today and forever I have found it hard to reconcile those websites seem like some sort of Christian version of “What’s My Line.” For that reason I have never posted anything on those sites and will refuse to do so until I draw my last breath. Amongst other things, a true prophet of Yahweh is supposed to be contrite and humble and they should agonize at having to give a word of Yahweh’s judgment against a person, a people or a thing. That is lacking in just about every prophetic website that I have visited. Frankly, I usually end up leaving those sites feeling quite nauseous.

The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise. Psalm 51:17 KJV

Remembering as far back as I can it is easy to see that Yahweh has had a calling on my life. When I was rebellious and did things that others went to jail for I was always spared. Even before I was a believer in Yeshua I knew that it was my purpose to become one of His believers. As a young child I would watch Yeshua movies and would weep when I would see how much Yahweh loves us. Even my mother says that as far back as she can remember she knew that I had a calling from Yahweh. After I came to faith in Yeshua I prayed about which gift of the Ruach Ha Kodesh that Yahweh would bless me with. The prophetic gift scared me because I have never liked confrontation and I have never been the sort of person that would want to control people by giving them “orders,” or the like. There are some people that get off by giving people instruction and such. But the prophet has to bring messages to people that aren’t always pleasant and with some people it can be dangerous.

I am a firm believer that a person should not just jump into ministry immediately after they get saved. No, as a matter of fact I believe that they should take years, perhaps a decade before they are allowed to practice any of the Ruach Ha Kodesh gifts. In ancient Israel priests and prophets didn’t begin their ministries until around the age of thirty. My advice to new believers in Yeshua is that they pray to be led to a person who can disciple them and that they sit and learn for a few years. It is okay to be a helper in ministry during that time, as this is on the job training; but full blown ministry is to be left to those who have matured in their faith. And of course, it is not okay to go out into ministry when the student feels that he or she is ready, but only when they feel the release from Yahweh which is usually backed up by confirmation by some of the elders.

It was not easy to put the words, dreams and visions that Yahweh has given to me onto the internet. Frankly, I didn’t want to appear to be like the others who seem to crank out word after word and vision after vision or dream after dream like some sort of prophetic factory. After what seemed like an eternity of prayer about this matter I felt the gentle nudge of the Ruach Ha Kodesh, telling me that I needed to put His words there. After a very short while I started to get e-mail from people, telling me that the words that were on the website spoke to them. They said that the visions, words and dreams confirmed to them things that Yahweh was telling them. I knew then that this was the right choice, and the blessings have never stopped.

I want to state categorically that nothing that has been placed onto the website has gone there before I have submitted it to at least two other people with the prophetic calling. I never want to take the chance that my flesh could be talking or that the enemy slipped one past me.

I just want to give the glory to Yeshua for thinking me a worth vessel to use for His Kingdom. He chose this path for me, so He must think that I am worth the time and effort. I feel that I have grown over the years in faith and also in knowing His voice and I consider it an honor to be used in this capacity. I want NO status or recognition here on this earth, and I know that my obedience will to the ultimate prize of being called a “good and faithful servant,” on that day when Yahweh rewards us for our service.